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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Noah and Fancy hear the sound of the water getting louder. Fancy finds this be great fun. Noah knows that something strange is going on with the weather. Fancy says that they should go and look for seashells. She goes running off.

Noah shouts for her to return, but she is gone. That is when Noah sees it. It is a giant wave coming right at them. The wave hits. The last thing that Noah hears is Fancy screaming.

Spike and Jessica are watching the dead body that they just put out to see come back riding a wave. Jessica screams as she watches it. She has no idea what is scarier. The body returning to haunt them, or the giant wave. Then it hits. They are covered with water and swimming for their lives.

The body rolls in and hits the dock at the same time the wave does.

Sam and Ivy I am really frightened now. Ivy has been very brave but she can’t keep up the front anymore. She screams as the water hits them.

Rain is falling into the Blue Note. Julian finds that rather strange. Isn’t there a water tank on this roof? Julian wonders. He starts walking through the club to the doors, but is stopped when water comes rushing through the windows at everyone inside.

“Run Eve! Run for your life!” She has just turned around and she sees the wave coming at them. They start running but are hit.

Ethan and Theresa are out on land wondering where that irritating noise is coming from. What on earth? They are hit and separated in the process.

Edna was up but she passes out again. Edna had been watching the screen on the wall but quickly is out again due to all the knocks she has taken in the head.

Tabitha laughs and turns to Endora. “Wait until she gets up and sees that she has been watching the real deal. I guess this is what they mean when they refer to ‘a happy accident’. Almost everyone in this town is going to die and that makes her happy.

Sheridan floats to the surface of the water which is quite high in Maureen’s house. She is able to wade her way through the house although the water is quite high. She sees that she is alone. “Maureen where is your little boy? Maureen! Mark! Where are you?” She can’t find either Maureen or Mark right away and she gets worried. Suddenly, Mark is visible to Sheridan. she breathes a sigh of relief. She goes over to him and picks him up in her arms giving him her biggest smile. Now she just has to find Maureen. She hopes for the best.

Jessica is screaming and trying to keep from drowning. She grabs a post near the dock and holds on for dear life. She can’t see Spike anywhere. She worries about him, calling out to him so that she knows that he is safe.

She sees Spike trying to stay above water but he is not close to her. There is a lot of water rushing by between them. She screams at him to come to her. Spike is having enough trouble trying to keep his own head over the water. He is flailing around like a beached flounder. Jessica screams as she watches him try to keep himself afloat. She is afraid for herself but also for him. She can’t bear the thought of anything happening to him. The dock is in a shambles. There is broken wood everywhere. The dock where they were just safely standing now is several feet under water.

Sam and Ivy are swimming for their lives. Sam calls to her. Fox and Kay also are with them when the wave hit. Now they are all submerged in water, and the water pushes them along.

At the Blue Note, Julian and Liz swim as hard as they can. They are unable to get out of the club because the rushing water came in too fast and is quickly filling up all the rooms in the club, forcing whoever are in those rooms to the ceiling. The rushing water forces them into a room. Julian and Liz are alone in this room, and Liz sees the end for them. “We are going to drown,” she says.

TC and Eve are swimming but the current is very strong. If they don’t hold on, they will be swept away and maybe killed. TC gets a hold of Eve telling her that she can’t let go of him no matter what she does. He knows that she is afraid and he comforts her as much as he can. He gets her to a light pole and she hangs on. For the moment she is safe. Eve knows that TC will stick by her through this, but she can’t ask him t do that for her. It is every man for himself and she understands that. Eve tells him to save himself. TC would rather die than leave Eve.

Martin and Pilar look out the window and see that their house is the only one not damaged for as far as they can see. They are really blessed.

Martin takes Little Ethan off into the other room. He is wrapped in a towel and safe with his grandparents.

Pilar says a prayer for Theresa wherever she is.

Ethan and Theresa are in the same place approximately. The wave hit them by surprise and they were separated for a minute. Ethan calls out to her but she doesn’t answer. She is knocked out and floating on the surface of the water on her back.

Fancy is trying to free herself for a heavy object that has trapped her underwater. She is holding her breath until she can get out from under. She is running out time. She can’t hold her breath much longer. Noah calls out for her searching everywhere while he swims but he can’t see her anywhere. If he can’t see her atop the water then the other alternative might not be so good. It is getting dark out now, and it is getting harder to see. Still he treads water and looks from side to side to see if she is somewhere he missed looking the time before.

Noah struggles to keep afloat. He is exhausted on his own. “I just had her with me and now she is nowhere. Please be okay Fancy. I just need a clue as to where you are. He sees one of her sandals floating by. “She is still down there.”

Noah dives down and then he sees her.

She is caught in something. Her foot is stuck under something heavy. It looks like a big rock. Noah tries to free her but he can’t. The object is too heavy even for him to move.

Sheridan has found Mark all safe and sound. “I am so glad I found you Mark. You are going to be okay. I can’t lose another child. It would be like when I lost my little boy all over again.”

Julian and Liz are still in the room of the Blue Note and the water is rising higher and higher. If it gets to the ceiling, they will drown for sure.

Eve is alone holding on to the pole. She can’t see anyone else around her anywhere. “TC! Where are you?”

TC appears from under water. He was trying to make leeway by swimming but the currents are too strong. He can’t go where he wants to go. He reaches for Eve’s outstretched hand but can’t reach her and he is swept away.

Ethan hears Theresa screaming now. She has awakened and is shocked at her surroundings. He shouts to her to keep her head up and out of the water. She flails around and then suddenly, Ethan has her in his arms. They cling to each other as the waters rush by. They are moving along at a pretty good clip now. The water is dragging them along down an incline. The way is perilous. Theresa panics. She sees something ahead. It is a clump of trees ahead in the path. “If we hit those trees ahead we will be dead.”

Katherine is with Alistair in his study. She is angry that he is letting his family die in this terrible storm. He has her tied to a chair as she was about to warn the townspeople of the storm. Alistair didn’t want that. “You could have warned the people and their lives would have been spared. you should behave more like a human being instead of like a monster. You are a cold-blooded murderer Alistair.” He is bad but he finds that Mother Nature is really something in comparison to him. Alistair is in awe of Mother Nature. she is more powerful than even he is on his best day. “I know that you want to know how it makes me feel to cause destruction. I will tell you. It makes me horny.” He grabs his wife. She is trapped. She is tied to the chair and he wants her.

Ivy grabs Kay’s hand and drags her but she whacks her head on a broken wooden shutter floating by and she sinks after getting knocked out.

Ivy is getting swept away but Sam grabs her in time and saves her.

Fox sees when Kay goes under, and he gets to her bringing her to the top of the water and reviving her. They see a ladder up ahead. Sam sees a chance to find safety. “Grab that!” Sam shouts to everyone behind him. All have stopped moving now. They are up against a wall and are not being pushed forward anymore by the water. Ivy is the first to climb out of the murky water and up the ladder, then Kay, then Sam and finally Fox climbs out.

When they get to the roof, they find a soccer coach with most of his players. He hasn’t done a head count yet of his team. He hopes though that he has everyone.

Kay worries about her sister. Sam promises that they will say a prayer for her. Kay hopes that Jessica takes care of herself cause she knows that Spike won’t take care of her.

Jessica is trying to hold on to a piece of wood on the dock. It is a beam that goes straight into the roof of the dock. She screams for help, but none comes. Spike is nearby but he isn’t making a move to come and get Jessica. She wonders why. Spike is only worried about his own skin. He won’t risk his life for Jessica. “Good luck baby!” Then he heads off to a safer area and soon he is out of Jessica’s sight.

Noah is still with Fancy underwater trying to get her free. He will not leave her there. He breathes into her mouth to give her air. She thinks that he is just trying to kiss her and she pushes him away roughly.

At the Blue Note, the water is to the top of the club now. Julian and Liz can hardly breath and they push their faces up towards the ceiling. There is a glass window at the top of the room, and Julian breaks it. He reaches up and pushes his head out to breathe the air freely. Next he feels around under the water. Liz is under there. She is unable to breathe now. Julian yanks her out of the water, pulling her head up through the window in the ceiling. She gulps in the fresh air. She turns to him. “You saved my life.”

Eve can’t find TC anywhere. She decides to let go of her pole and go and get him wherever he is. “TC! TC!” Nobody answers. She willfully floats now to go and finds TC risking her own life in the process.

Tabitha and Endora watch the giant screen on the wall and see all that is going on in Harmony.

Edna wakes again and thinks that she has been having a terrible dream. “There was this giant wave that ruined the town and people were devastated. Tabitha enlightens her. “It wasn’t a dream. All that really happened.” Edna worries at first, but then realizes that nothing will happen to them since Tabitha has special powers to keep them all safe. Edna worries about her house though. “I wonder what shape it is in.” Tabitha tells her that her house is all but gone now. “There is nothing left of it.” She hopes that Edna is grateful to be in her house now with the babies instead of outside where she could easily be killed by the storm.

Tabitha takes Edna to the door and opens it to show her the devastation that she is safe from. Edna looks out and is horrified at what has become of the town.

Julian and Liz are still in the room but feeling more comfortable. The water level is getting low and the danger is not that much of a concern anymore. The water seems to be receding. Liz can’t get over the fact that Julian saved her when she was being such a cow to him. He saved her but he isn’t feeling warm to her at all, not after what she tried to pull on her earlier. She said that he did make love to her before, and she will make him do it again just like he did so long ago. She kisses him before he realizes what she is doing.

Eve floats and floats along, then TC sees her and calls to her. She pushes herself in his direction and he grabs her taking her in his arms. They have both made it. They are now propped up behind a fence and are safe for the moment. Eve kisses his lips grateful to see him alive.

Alistair has finished having sex with his wife. She is still tied to the chair, but most of her clothes are missing. He is putting his clothes on now. She can’t stand him. He touches her face and she bites his fingers drawing blood. He gets angry with her for that. “You will do what I want, when I want it. Do you hear me?”

Sheridan holds Mark as they search the rubble in the house for Maureen.

Fancy is still underwater. She is almost unconscious now.

Noah can feel that the storm is drying out. He sees a large piece of wood go by and dives under water to avoid being hit by it.

Martin and Pilar are safe in their house from the storm. They have no idea how their family is doing out there in the storm. Martin hopes that Theresa made it to the Cranes. “That is the only place where people will be safe this night.

Out in the storm, Ethan and Theresa have hit the clump of trees and they were sent flying. They are both unconscious now and tangled up high in a tree.

Katherine tells Alistair that she is sorry for biting him. He is surprised at that. She knows that she has to keep up her end of the bargain with him and she hasn’t. “I know that there is a price to be paid for your silence. I may not like what I have to do, but I will not fight you anymore. you didn’t tell Sheridan the truth and you didn’t kill Martin, so I will keep my end of the deal. Seeing the suffering of all those people makes me realize how short life is. We must protect who we love and I love Sheridan. Please treat me like a human being and untie me.” Why should he, he wonders. She tells him that he can be the man that she knows he can be by releasing her and giving her some dignity. Alistair unties her, telling her that when they go up to his bedroom tonight, she will do as she is told. She gives her word to do whatever he tells her to. When Alistair is working on the knots in her ropes, Katherine grabs the heavy crystal ashtray on the table beside her chair and she smashes Alistair in the head with it.

She jumps up over his unconscious body free at last. “I should kill you, you bastard,” Katherine spits at Alistair’s still body.

Sheridan has found Maureen. She is unconscious. “She might die,” Sheridan realizes. “I must revive her.

Jessica is still holding on to the pole and watches as the water level gets lower and lower. She is going to be safe.

Noah brings Fancy more air, but she pushes him away again when his lips touch hers. Noah loses his air and passes out. He floats to the top of the water leaving Fancy behind.

Fancy fights and fights and finally she is free.

She rises to the top of the water and she finds Noah floating there with his eyes closed. He is unconscious. “You better not die. This is all my fault. I am sorry. I am sorry,” Fancy says. She is crying now. She will get him to safety. She reaches out for some wood that is floating by.

Julian pushes Liz off him when she tries to get close to him again. “I have never made love to you Liz and I never will. I find you hateful and mean. What else do you want from Liz? You have her husband and her children. Why aren’t you happy? What else is there to take?” Liz will not rest until Eve has suffered as much as she can. What the hell else is there to take from Eve? Liz would like to strip ever glimmer of hope from Eve. “I will not rest until I destroy the relationship that Eve has with you.”

Out in the water, TC and Eve are still hugging and kissing now that they have found each other.

Ethan wakes up first looking around. He is in a tree of all places. He calls for Theresa. Where is she?

Theresa is nearby Ethan but unconscious and unable to hear Ethan calling to her.

Fancy gets Noah to the beach and lies him on his back.

He wakes up glad to see that the both of them are okay. He is looking out at the water from the beach now and a scary look comes to his face. She sees that he looks worried and she tells him to relax. “Things are going to be fine now.” Fancy assures him that the worst is over. The storm is over. They are on dry land. Noah panics as he looks towards the water. Fancy is encouraged by the fact that the wave has receded. Noah isn’t. “There is only one reason why a wave like that would recede like this one has. It is going to make another wave and come again. Noah and Fancy turn to the water and see another wave building and starting to rush in to them again. Noah and Fancy hightail it out of there.

Fox sees that the water is low now and he decides that he should get out of there and go and check on some others. Sam sees differently. There is still danger.“ The wave is coming back. Everyone secure yourselves!”

Ethan and Theresa are stuck in a tree and can’t get down. Theresa is awake now and wants out of that tree. She worries. “How are we going to get out of here Ethan?” Suddenly the branch breaks and she and Ethan fall to the ground.

Julian and Liz are arguing in the Blue Note over Liz’s revenge on her sister. They suddenly stop talking. They hear a noise. “What is that?”

TC and Eve hear another sound like the one that came before the wave hit before. They try to get to a safer place in case another wave hits them.

Katherine is out with a flashlight searching for her family and friends. She is in the streets and no one is around. She hears a noise and then is immediately hit by a wave which sends her sprawling down the street. She swims the best she can to control herself and not get taken by the rushing water.

Suddenly from out of nowhere a coffin comes floating down the street atop the water. She makes her way to it and climbs atop the floating box and pushes her way through the streets using the casket as a raft.

Martin and Pilar worry that their loved ones are killed or soon will be. Pilar wonders if he is thinking about Katherine when he expresses what is in his heart.

Sheridan revives Maureen who takes her little boy from Sheridan when she is able. Maureen coughs up a lot of water, but she seems fine. They hear the noise again and then they are hit by another wave which come crashing through the windows soaking them again.

Jessica is on the wooden floor of the dock now. She looks around the dock and sees that she is still alone. Jessica considers her family and decides to do the right thing. “I have to get home to dad, Kay and Noah right away.” She turns to head home, but is hit by another wave. She lets out a scream as she falls to the floor again about to relive this horrible experience all over again.

Edna has had her fill of evil. First Beth and now Tabitha. “I have had it with you all. I am not staying in this evil house a second later.” Edna walks out of the house and into the night against Tabitha’s advice.

Endora squawks after Edna leaves the house. Tabitha knows that her daughter wants Edna to be brought back into the house for safety. Endora seems to have a soft spot for Edna and really doesn’t want the woman hurt in the storm. Tabitha actually couldn’t care less.

Edna is outside the house shouting at Tabitha’s door that she can hear them talking in there, and that she will not be returning to the house so it is of no use trying to get her back in there.

While she is talking, gallons of water hit Edna, slamming her into the door. She has been hit by the Tsunami and she doesn’t like it.

Tabitha is outside knowing that Edna has been hit. She and Endora watch from inside the house as Edna swims around signaling to be let back in. Tabitha just laughs and waves at the silly old woman through the window.

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