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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

TC and Eve try to make it to Whitney who is at Chad’s apartment and ill. Somehow she made it all the way to Chad’s house, but seems to have taken a beating getting there. They would do anything for Whitney. She is TC’s and Eve’s oldest child. Eve is sorry that things turned out so bad for their marriage but Eve really loves their daughters. “There isn’t any reason to talk about that now though,” she says. That is all water under the bridge for them. It isn’t for TC. He wants to talk about this. TC asks Eve not to marry Julian and to come back to him.

The earthquake starts again and TC and Eve start bouncing around light lightweight balls in the street. He tries to hold her to keep her safe

Julian is with Liz and he can't believe his ears. Liz seems to be coming on to him. She asked him to come into the back office with her and have his way with her. He was disgusted by the offer.

The earthquake starts and the club starts rocking again but not in the right way.

Chad and Whitney are at his apartment and they hover over the playpen where the baby is lying. They try to stay calm as the earthquake rumbles around them.

Noah and Fancy are out in the open. The man that tried to kill them has falling into the crack of the earth, but now they still have a problem as the earthquake starts up again and threatens to put them in danger once more. They start moving looking for somewhere that will be safe.

Theresa at the waterfront. She is on her way to the Cranes to see Jane. She has no vehicle and so she is walking. She passes the waterfront and suddenly the earthquake starts up again. Theresa trips and falls to the ground getting knocked out.

Ethan is at the waterfront as well but he sees Theresa before she sees him. He sees when she falls and loses consciousness.

As she lies there, Ethan sees that a heavy metal sign has come loose over Theresa’s head and is about to fall on her, possibly killing her. Ethan tries to warn her. “Theresa!” She doesn't move. She can’t hear him. Ethan swings into action running to Theresa to move her before the sign falls on her head. He gets to her and picks her up in his arms running from the danger site.

Fox and Kay are outside together when the earthquake starts up again. Poles and signs fall like toy pieces making every move that they make a gamble with danger, as something could fall on them at any moment.

Martin and Pilar are in their house when the storm hits. They stand in the center of the main room while their things roll from out of their usual places.

TC and Eve are still in the same place outside. However, there is a light pole over them that just went out and is now shaking precariously over Eve’s body.

Fox and Kay are waiting out the tremors in the earthquake that are hitting now. They have no control over their movements during this time. The earth shakes uncontrollably.

Tabitha and Endora are peeking outside and they see that the earthquake is not over yet. Tabitha giggles with glee. She isn’t all that worried. She hasn’t any danger where she is. As she told Jessica earlier. “This house is the safest place to be at a time like this.”

Edna is on the floor of the living room at Tabitha and Endora’s feet. Endora knocked her out when she wouldn’t cooperate and keep her mouth shut. She also made the mistake of threatening Tabitha and Endora and that is what cost her big time. Edna giggles now as she lies on the floor. The earthquake starts again and she dreams that she is with someone in bed bouncing around. “Ooh yeah baby…” Edna smiles as she dreams.

Tabitha conjures up the movie screen for the wall. She really needs to see what is going on in Harmony with the other citizens.

Alistair and Katherine are in his study now. Katherine promised him sexual favors and so Alistair is trying to collect. That is up until one of Harmony’s scientific types calls Alistair to tell him what is going on in the town.

Eddie gives Alistair all the details and then says that he is going to make a warning for the public so that they can be prepared for the disaster that is about to come on the town. “You will do nothing of the sort,” Alistair orders. “No one is to know about the Tsunami hitting town. That is the way that I want it.”

As Alistair is talking on the phone, Katherine makes her way to the computer where Alistair is looking so that she can see what the big hoopla is all about. She sees the screen and that it shows a public warning that there is a Tsunami on the way. Alistair gets off the phone. “We must warn the people,” Katherine says. Alistair will not do that. He couldn’t care less about the people of Harmony. “Let them all die.” Katherine will warn the people if Alistair will not. She starts running to the door, but Alistair catches up to her and grabs her to stop her from leaving the room. “You will not tell anyone about this disaster.”

Outside in Harmony, light poles are falling all over town; electrical wires are flying wild and broken in the streets.

The Scientists decide to save lives with their public announcement. Eddie knows however that Alistair will not let the announcement reach anyone. The other scientist believes that the message is out, but it really isn’t.

Noah and Fancy see that they are in the thick of it again. The storm rages around them as they run for safety, not really know where to go or whether the earth will open up again under their feet.

Ethan has Theresa and he holds her in his arms as the storm rages. They have to simply wait and pray for it to stop soon.

Fox and Kay fall as they run for cover. Fox sees an electrical cord that has been ripped from a pole in the street. It freely whips around in the air with sparks flying from it. It is about to fall on Kay, and so he picks Kay up and moves her before the live wire lands on her which would have been certain death for her. Kay sees that again Fox has saved her life. Kay looks around and sees her father’s house. She decides that she should go there. She runs off.

Fox disagrees with Kay’s spontaneous idea and runs after her to stop her from getting into anymore danger.

Ivy and Sam are together and they shout to everyone to stay calm when the earthquake starts again. Sam grabs Ivy to support her in the storm. Ivy is more scared than she thought she would be. She tries to be brave for the others who she is helping, but it is getting difficult. Sam looks around hoping to see Jessica appear somewhere in the distance, but there is no one there. Ivy hopes that Jessica didn’t actually go through with the sexual act she was picked up for. There is always that chance that she changed her mind and didn’t do anything.

Spike and Jessica are in the car and they are shaking around in the quake. They have the john in the trunk and are transporting him across town to get rid of him. Jessica is still upset that she killed the john, when in fact she didn’t. Spike actually killed but man but he wants Jessica in this state of mind so that he can better control her and destroy Sam.

Spike remembers having to kill the man and making Jessica think that she did it. He stabbed the man in the same place where Jessica lightly hurt him in the first place, but Spike made sure that his stab did the trick.

Chad and Whitney are rocking in the apartment. Whitney can’t take her eyes off her sweet child. “Don’t worry Miles.” As long as she can stare into his innocent perfect face, she knows that nothing else will matter to her.

Chad can see that Whitney loves her child. He still can’t figure out why she can’t just admit it and come clean. It would benefit her baby and herself most of all.

Liz tries to hold on to Julian as the club bounces it patrons around like marionettes on strings. Liz clings to Julian in a lewd manner, but he pushes her away. She says that she was only trying to keep standing but he doesn’t believe anything that this woman says. She is not to be trusted. He doesn’t want her and he has to wonder what it is that makes her think that he does. Liz glares at Julian after he rejects her advances. “My whore of a sister is good enough for you but I am not?”

TC and Eve are still out in the street, trying to keep their balance as the ground shakes. Eve heard what he said to her but she just can’t believe it. “No TC. You don’t really mean what you are saying right now. You really don’t want me back.”

Luis and Sheridan are in Maureen’s house and they are trying to stand in spite of the storm. Sheridan can’t wait to find out if Marty has been found or not. She talks as the earthquake continues. “Did you find him? Did you find Marty for me?”

Alistair ties Katherine to a chair in his study. She has said that she will tell everyone of the Tsunami if she gets the chance and he doesn’t want that. He will do things his way, and she will watch him do it. He has her in a chair facing the wall to the right of his desk. He wanted to use the ropes holding her for sex later, but he needs to control Katherine now so that she will not tell anyone about the Tsunami and spoil his fun. He goes to his computer and deletes the public warning about the Tsunami.

Julian helps the patrons that are still in the Blue Note while the place shakes uncontrollably. Liz still tries to get him to come with her and enjoy some time alone with her.

Liz asks Julian to take her into her office and to make love with her. She promises to rock his world. He will not do that. Back some years ago, he might have taken her up on that offer but not now. He is a different man now. She won’t accept ‘no’ for an answer. Not when he is seeing her whore of a sister. She throws herself on him kissing his lips against his will.

Eve is in danger of being hit by a light pole as she talks with TC. TC sees that it is about to fall on Eve, and he throws himself at her, knocking her out of the way and taking the hit for her. The pole falls on him, pinning him to the ground. Eve sees that he has been hit and that he doesn't move anymore. She is frightened hoping that this doesn’t mean that he is dead. She runs to him to see how she can help him. He is unconscious and lying on his back with blood on his face. Eve fears the worst. “No TC… No!”

In Spike’s car, Jessica and Spike wait and soon the earthquake is over. Jessica breathes a sigh of relief. Some things fell on the car during the earthquake but nothing really has damaged it beyond use. They still have the dead guy in the trunk and they have to get rid of him soon. The town is busy dealing with the earthquake but soon they will have to get back to normal life and they can’t be tied to this guy when that happens. Spike and Jessica get out of the car and have a look at the body. The car is not that beat up which is good. They are going to need it.

Spike opens the trunk where the dead body is. Jessica’s sees the opened eye stare of the corpse that is staring up at them from the trunk. She shudders. Now for the next step in their plan. Spike announces what it is. “It is time for a scuba diving lesson.”

The other scientist that Eddie works with goes home. He feels good about the work that they did that night. He leaves. He is going to check on his family and make sure that everyone is okay over there.

Eddie worries after his associate is gone. “God help me.” He knows that a Tsunami is coming and that the citizens don’t know about it. He will have to live with the guilt of not helping.

Noah and Fancy stop to rest now that the earthquake is over. They are still in the open but in a new location. They are miles from town on a secluded beach now. Noah is sure that their luck is going to change now. “Nothing can happen to us here.”

Ethan has carried Theresa and held her until the earthquake stopped. He puts her down but she doesn’t let go of him. Not until he promises her several times that it is safe now. She reluctantly lets go of him. She sees that he saved her life again. She assumes immediately that he was on his way to her house to see her and to make sure that she and Little Ethan were okay. “You came down to see me because I am the one that you love. I am the one in your heart right Ethan? It was never Gwen. Never, never Gwen!.” Ethan tells her that the reason that he is there is because he was on his way to help others in town, and not necessarily to be with her. Theresa doesn’t believe him. She believes that she knows him better than he knows himself. Crisis always brings out the truth in people and the truth to Theresa is that she is the one that he really wants to be with. She just can’t understand why he fights it so.

Chad and Whitney are fine now that the earthquake has stopped. Whitney holds her baby and sits comfortably on the couch. Chad asks her to give it up and stop fighting her maternal feelings for her baby. “Admit that you love that baby and that you made a mistake giving up that baby. You want him back Whitney. Say it.”

Julian pushes Liz off him. He is really confused seeing Liz this way. “Why do you want to sleep with me now Liz? What has gotten into you? You are depraved. I wouldn’t ever sleep with you Liz so get that horrible thought out of your head.” She laughs at him. He has forgotten. “You don’t remember do you? A night long ago. A night that I will never forget although you seem to have.”

Eve is standing beside TC who is trapped under a light pole. She watches him feeling helpless. She cries out for help but there is no one around. Everyone is busy with their own emergencies tonight. She looks down at TC begging him to live. He hasn’t opened his eye, or said anything yet. Suddenly, he starts breathing heavily. “Eve.” TC looks up into her face. Eve is overjoyed to see that he is alright. She smiles down at him.

Sheridan demands to know about Marty now and where he is. The earthquake is over and there is nothing standing in the way of a conversation with Luis. “Where is Marty? You said that you wouldn’t return until you had Marty to return to me. Is he here?”

“Mama.” Sheridan looks to the side and sees Marty. “He is here!” She looks up into Luis’s smiling face.

Sheridan picks up the boy and holds him close to her. “Mommy will never leave you again.” Luis tells Sheridan that he only wanted her to be happy. “That is all that I ever wanted.”

Katherine tries to make her horrible husband see that he has to warn the town or he will be up on charges for allowing people to be killed when he could have stopped their deaths. Alistair isnít afraid of anyone. "Who will go after me? No one will be left." Katherine really does hate her husband. He is taking joy in seeing the people of Harmony suffer. Alistair watches the people on the monitors that he has built into the walls. He really is a monster. Alistair knows that some of his family members are out in the storm and will undoubtedly be in danger, but he sees no reason why that should matter to him. They donít care about him anyway. He doesnít find them important in the least. Katherine really marvels at what a horrible destructive person Alistair really is. He knows that compared to Mother Nature, he is nothing.

Tabitha has been watching Alistair and Katherine and Alistair is horrible enough to make even Tabitha shiver a little bit. Witches could learn a lot from a person like him. She and Endora look over at Edna. She has been more out of it than in, but the witches know that Edna is just sleeping and not really in any danger. Kay on the other hand is out there where it isnít safe at all. When she left, she just meant to return Foxís cell phone. That was outside the house, but Kay hasnít returned. Tabitha starts to worry about Kay.

Kay and Fox are at her house, and she is experiencing some feelings about seeing it all destroyed. "I moved out of the house a long time ago, but this is still home to me. Fox understands what she is saying. They hear a noise nearby. Both become quiet and try to hear more about what is around them. Kay starts to talk but Fox makes her quiet down. He worries that there are people in Harmony that are looking to take advantage of the situation that people are in right now by stealing their things. I wonít let anyone take stuff out of your house because of the earthquake and Tsunami making you vulnerable. Fox makes a brave move and calls out to whoever is there asking who it is.

Theresa is taking a chance again to try and get Ethan to see that they belong together. She feels that since he took the time to help her out in the storm it means something. He really doesnít mean to send out any double signals. He just bumped into her by accident. However, now that he has found Theresa out wandering around, he will escort her to her house and make sure that she is safe. He knows that she must be worried about Little Ethan. "No!" She wants to see Jane. That was the reason that she left her house that night and she wonít go home now. Ethan assures her that Jane is fine. She has Rebecca and Gwen watching out for her and they are not going to be pleased at seeing Theresa in the mansion even in an emergency. Theresa cares nothing about what Rebecca and Gwen think. She needs to see Jane and that is what she means to do. She leaves that subject and turns again to the love that she is sure that she and Ethan shares. "I know that you love me Ethan. I will wait. One day you are going to see that you love me and then we will be together."

Sirens can be heard in the distance.

Spike is spooked and the tells Jessica to drop the body and run off with him. The cops might be on to them and he canít stand the idea of getting caught with this body. Jessica isnít as afraid but that is just her naivetť showing through. She isnít happy dragging this body all over town. She was under the impression that they were going to just hide the body under some debris somewhere. Spike says that is not a good idea. "The guy has been stabbed. The body has to get messed up a little bit so that the stab wounds are not noticeable anymore.

The sirens seem to be getting closer and closer now as the sound of them get louder.

The cops are not looking for them and for that, Spike is eternally grateful. He tells Jessica that the authorities are just dealing with regular stuff going wrong from the storm that you might expect to happen. "But in a few days, they will start checking things out properly and if this guy is found with what look to be stab wounds, there will be an investigation and that could bring problems." Spike would really like to put this guy somewhere where a shark might get at him. That way if the body is found the stabbing would be hard to figure out. The shark would just pick at the guy bit by bit and make a mess of him. Jessica really canít believe how morbid they are being with all this. Something really seems terribly wrong with what they are doing. Spike sees that she is weakening over the idea again. He plays his act with her again. "Sugar. You know that I only care about you and I am only trying to hide what you did. We canít have people finding out what a violent person you are." Jessica hates when he talks like this. she keeps telling him how things really were, but he still talks about her like she was an evil person and she doesnít like that. "I have told you that the guy fell on the scissors and that is all. I didnít set out to kill him intentionally." Spike knows that she is telling the truth. He really was the one that wanted the man dead. Jessica says again that this wasnít about her killing someone. "He fell on the scissors. The earthquake made him do fall on it," Jessica says. Spike tells her that her story is really hard to believe and that the cops will not buy it. Jessica still holds out hope that there is something else that they can do here about what has happened besides manipulating the body any further but Spike assures her that there isnít. Jessica starts hysterically crying. Spike sees that this is going to be his ticket to keeping Jessica under his thumb forever. Jessica cries repeatedly that she never did mean to hurt anyone. Spike refers to Jessica as a murderer and that really hits home making her almost hysterical.

Spike thinks to himself how this is going to make her a slave to him for the rest of her life.

They have wasted enough time talking about this. They are out in the open with a dead body in a carpet. It is time to get moving now. "One, two, and lift!" They are off again on their way.

Spike and Jessica have arrived at the waterfront. This is where they plan to dump the body that they have wrapped up in the trunk of the car. Jessica hates to do it but she has to help carry the body to dump it. She and Spike take opposite ends of the carpet and head to the water.

Ethan and Theresa see them and walk over there. “Hey Jessica. Why are you carrying that carpet?” Theresa asks. Jessica looks over at Spike.

Sheridan holds Marty but he won’t stop crying. She cuddles him and cuddles him, but all he does is cry. “Why won’t he stop crying?” Luis walks away from them to leave. “Where are you going Luis?” Sheridan demands to know. He tells her that no matter what happens, she has to know that he loves her. He walks out.

Sheridan wakes up and realizes that she has been dreaming all along. Maureen is standing over her with Mark in her hands. “That was some dream that you were having. You should have seen the smile on your face.”

Sam and Ivy show up when Fox calls out to whoever is making noise in the dark near the Bennett house. Fox and Kay are relived to see them.

Kay has a moment with her father and learns that no one has seen Jessica yet. They promise to say a prayer for her safety.

Ethan moves to hurt Spike who is with his sister once again. She has different clothes on from the last time that he saw her, but he can tell that she is still hooking. Theresa tells her that she looks really cheap dressed like that. Jessica cares nothing of what Theresa thinks. She has made some stupid choices herself in the past. Jessica stops Ethan from hurting her boyfriend. “I had a restraining order put on daddy and I will put one on you too,” she says. Theresa knows nothing of what she is speaking of. Ethan tells her that he will explain this later. Ethan wants to know what is in the carpet that they are carrying. Spike and Jessica. make up some story about dead dogs. Ethan would still like to see them, but isn’t allowed. Jessica and Spike stop him from opening the rug by stepping in front of it. Theresa tells Ethan that he just needs to leave Jessica alone. “Just play it cool or you will lose your sister forever.” Ethan warns Spike that this is not the end of things between the both of them. Theresa tells Jessica that she is making a big mistake by hanging out with this guy looking the way that she does. Jessica reminds Theresa that she made a big mistake having Julian Crane’s bastard. That is enough. Ethan and Theresa leave.

Spike and Jessica get back to work and they push the body in the carpet over the rail, and into the water. The body is moving really fast for some reason. “The body is way out to sea now! Wow that was fast.”

Noah and Fancy are happy that they are not in danger anymore. They lie on their backs and look up into the sky. Free at last. Noah hopes that their luck lasts.

The noise they hear is getting louder and louder. At first it sounds just like the sea crashing but then it gets louder and louder. They look out to the tide and see that it is moving really fast. Fancy hasn’t ever seen it like that before.

Chad is pushing Whitney to tell how she really feels about her son, but she begs him not to push her. The night is hard enough for her to deal with. He agrees to leave her and the child alone for now.

Chad knows in his heart that Whitney wants her baby back.

Eve tries to lift the light pole and manages to get TC free from under it. Moves out of the way when he gets the chance and Eve lets the pole drop with a heavy thud on the ground. He can barely move although he has been freed. He tells Eve to go and take care of Whitney. She doesn’t want to leave him. He needs her. He shouldn’t be alone. He will be fine he tells her, encouraging her to go on without him. Eve agrees that she should go to Whitney.

Liz can’t believe that Julian can’t remember the night that he made love to her. It was a long time ago, but she still remembers it vividly.

Eddie pours himself a drink as he sits in front of his monitor watching the oncoming Tsunami, that only he and Alistair know will devastate the town very soon.. “The wave is almost to Harmony now. “My God! What am I a part of?”

Maureen puts her son to bed as Sheridan watches. Sheridan finds the boy so sweet. Maureen is very Lucky to have Mark and she knows it. Sheridan rubs her head in pain. Maureen knows that Sheridan really hit it hard when she feel from the sound of it. Maureen remembers that Sheridan was so happy when she was dreaming earlier. Maureen is curious about what the dream was about. Too bad Sheridan can’t have what was in her dream, she says. Maureen can tell that the dream must have been about a man. Why else would a woman have a look on her face like that? Sheridan admits that her dream had something like that in it. Maureen tells her that she shouldn’t ever put her trust in a man. “Not ever. They will break your heart every time.” Sheridan catches the bitterness with which Maureen makes her statement.

They suddenly hear a roaring noise that sounds like it is outside by near the house. “Oh my God. What was that?” the ladies wonder as they turn their heads to the ceiling.

Liz tells Julian that if would only give in to her, she would be sure to rock his world like he wouldn’t believe. Julian has no interest in Liz this way, or any way for that matter.

TC is on his feet now. He and Eve suddenly hear a roar in the distance. They have never heard anything like that before, and both get puzzled looks on their faces.

Sam and Ivy are still helping the townspeople, but stop what they are doing when they hear a roar in the distance. The turn their heads to the sky.

Ethan and Theresa are out walking and they hear a terrible noise. Theresa looks up and sees that the birds are flying as if their lives depended on it. Ethan finds that funny. This is like a Hitchcock movie. Ethan knows that only owls fly at night. Something is wrong with nature.

Jessica hears the noise of the Tsunami but doesn’t understand it. She and Spike are right near the water, but still the noise is far too loud. They look off into the distance. Jessica is getting a creepy feeling now.

Jessica sees something in the distance now that she didn’t see before. Spike is getting uncomfortable. He links his arm with Jessica’s telling that they have to get out of there. Something isn’t right here.

Jessica can’t leave yet. “What is that in the distance?” Spike has a look. Jessica recognizes what she is looking at. “Oh my God! It is the body of the john he is coming back to haunt us.” Jessica starts screaming uncontrollably.

The body of the dead man is still wrapped in the carpet, but instead of continuing to roll out to sea, it rides a wave and seems to be speeding its way back to Jessica and Spike at the waterfront. The carpet seems to float on top of the wave. Much like a surfer would on his way back to shore.

Chad and Whitney hear roaring from outside the building. Seems like there is more to deal with although the earthquake is over. The couple brace themselves for whatever that sound might mean.

Katherine asks Alistair how he can let this happen to innocent people. He knows that most of all, Katherine is worried about Martin and he hates that. Alistair laughs at her. Everyone that we know in Harmony will die when this thing hits. He loves it.

Tabitha worries about Kay. She should be back in the house now. There are not many places besides Tabitha’s house where Kay will be safe tonight. She warned the girl about that. “Where is she? At least Maria is with us here, so she will be safe.”

Edna gets up to a sitting position on the floor. She looks at the giant screen on the wall. “Hey! Great! What is going on with those people in the picture? Looks like Poseidon Adventure.” Edna seems to think that they are watching a movie instead of the end of Harmony as everyone knows it. Tabitha rolls her eyes at the old woman.

Noah and Fancy hear the roaring noise now louder than ever before and then the wave is visible to them and it is coming in fast. Fancy runs forward in awe of it. Noah starts running to Fancy, but is thrown backwards when the wave hits him. Noah is immediately hidden from view. The water is over him and everything around him like a blanket.

Spike and Jessica don’t get time to think. The see the wave, and when it occurs to them to turn and run, they are under water. The wave hits them on the wooden platform and swallows them whole.

Sam and Ivy are with the others as the sound of the Tsunami becomes unbearable. They and the others they were helping are all taken by the wave of water.

Julian and Liz are in the Blue Note. The earthquake has stopped but now they have another problem. It seems to be raining from the inside of the club. Julian remarks that there must be a problem with the roof. “It is raining outside and your roof is leaking.” That is all that is said. Then the windows break and water floods the club immediately filling the club from floor to ceiling. Everyone screams from the shock and surprise of what is happening.

TC and Eve are still looking up to the sky, trying to figure out what the noise is that they hear. TC is the first to see it. He has no time to explain. He only shouts two words. “Run Eve!” That is when Eve sees it, but it is too late. The water rushes at them and consumes them before they have even taken 3 steps away from it.

Ethan and Theresa are really confused by this noise now. Theresa talks. “What on earth…” Then the Tsunami claims them too and covers them entirely, as well as the others in town that were nearby.

Sheridan and Maureen stand frozen waiting for something that will make them understand what is going on with that sound that they have been hearing. There is no time for them to figure this out. The windows crash open and the house is immediately flooded in a matter of seconds.

Katherine is upset. “Everyone in town will die because of this Alistair. How could you do this? How could you do this?” He really couldn’t care less about anyone but himself. In answer to his question, he simply puts his head back and blows out donuts of smoke from having inhaled on his cigar.

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