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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Sheridan is sitting with Mark on the bed with Maureen at her feet. The woman is out cold. Sheridan wonders why Mark’s mother will not go to the hospital. She clearly needs help. Why doesn’t this woman have any identification on her? What is she hiding? Why won’t she go to the hospital?

Fox has re-entered Kay’s house and he looks shocked.

Kay and Tabitha are sitting on the couch with Endora, but just now there was some supernatural movement in the room thanks to lazy Tabitha who wanted sandwiches and drinks, but didn’t want to get them herself. Kay whispers to Tabitha that Fox probably saw some of the magic that was just going on in the house.

Chad is with Miles alone in the apartment. He hasn’t gotten any word yet on how anyone else is doing. He worries for Whitney’s safety.

Whitney is out on the street. She was trying to make her way to Chad’s house and got hit with flying debris. She now lays unconscious in the street.

A the Blue Note, Julian wants to marry Eve even more after seeing her help all those people. He and Eve smile at each other happy that they are so in love.

TC is across the room and Liz happens to see him looking at Eve longingly. He seems to be looking at Eve more and more like that.

Theresa calls home to report that she is okay and that she will be home too. She knows that Little Ethan is fine and she is happy to hear that. An officer has given Theresa his phone to use and she is grateful to him for that.

Gwen takes the phone next to see if Jane is okay at the mansion. Theresa tells Gwen that her daughter will be just fine. “There is no need for you to be calling over there to see about my daughter.

Ethan comes over to the group. He is ready to go now. He has arranged transportation for them all. Gwen tells him that she would like to go home now and see Jane. “Come on Ethan let’s go.” Theresa chimes in that she needs first to be taken to Little Ethan and Jane.

Pilar is angry that Katherine will not back off so that she can rebuild her marriage. Her front door was flung open a few minutes ago and Katherine ran in throwing herself at Martin. Right in front of Pilar. It was too much to watch and it got Pilar very angry.

Outside of the Lopez-Fitzgerald’s house, Alistair has found Katherine exiting the house. He is furious and he tells Katherine that because she has broken her promise to him over and over by seeing Martin, he has no choice now but to tell Sheridan the truth and ruin her life. Katherine begs him not to do this, but he will not listen. That is until she tells him that she will do whatever he wants. Then he has the nerve to demand sex from her. Immediately! Right in front of Martin and Pilar’s house.

At the crack in the earth, Noah seems to be a goner for sure. HE has been pushed over the edge of the hole in the world. Fancy saw the whole thing. Now it is just she and the thug who wants her dead as well. Fancy closes her eyes and hopes for the best. That is when Noah climbs out of the ground like a character in the Thriller video. He makes his way out of the earth and starts his fight with the thug again. Fancy watches, screaming all the while for Noah to win. Noah loses control again though and he falls into the hole one more. This time he isn’t down for the count either. He is hanging on just near the lip of the hole. He has a good grip on the plants coming out of the earth, but he knows that if the thug doesn’t move out of his way, he can never get back up on solid ground.

The two scientists check their equipment and they can see that there is trouble brewing and it is heading straight for Harmony. There is a Tsunami heading moving and it is picking up speed. One of the men feels that they should warn everyone in the town, but the other scientist thinks that they should just keep quiet about this for now.

Sheridan assures Mark that his mother will be okay in time. She is out cold. Suddenly Maureen wakes. Sheridan tells her that they have to get her to a hospital. Sheridan isn’t equipped to deal with this. She still will not go there. “No hospitals!” She says. Sheridan helps her into bed where she can rest some more. Sheridan offers to take care of everything for her and Mark. Sheridan offers to make Mark a sandwich. “You must be hungry by now.” She picks up the child and heads to the kitchen to make the boy something to eat.

She puts Mark in a chair and gets bread along with peanut butter and jelly to make the child a sandwich. There is a candle sitting on the table between them as the electricity isn’t working.

Sheridan can’t help thinking back to feeding her own son when she had the chance. He used to make a mess of himself, just like the cookie monster. By the end of his meal, he was covered with it.

Sheridan knows that Mark is lucky to have his mommy, unlike Marty. Sheridan will never get to see her son again. She gets up from the chair and trips when she tries to walk forward. She is knocked out easily and she just lies on the ground while Mark continues sitting in his chair.

Chad and Miles are alone in the apartment still. Chad worries that Whitney might not be okay. He has no way to get to Whitney and he can’t take the baby out. It just wouldn’t be safe.

Whitney has awakened for a moment. She is not quite ready to get up and start walking again to get to her baby. She is about to fall out of it again, and before she does, she calls the one word that means the most to her. “Miles…”

Rebecca is angry that Theresa is trying to get Ethan to take care of her before Gwen. Rebecca tells Ethan that he should be taking care of his wife and no one else. Theresa keeps up her fight to be taken to see both her children before Gwen. After all, they are her children.

Theresa sees that there are two cars out front. She thinks to herself quickly and calms down. There is no need to worry. Ethan has arranged for two cars to be available for them all to leave in.

She tells Ethan and the others that she doesn’t mind about making Ethan take her to her children. Rebecca and Gwen find her backing off like that a little strange all of a sudden.

Rebecca sees Julian and Eve together making eyes at each other. He dutifully helps her tend to the wounded and she gives him instructions on how he can be of help to her. “So you want to marry Eve do you? This is going to cost you cookie. Big time.”

Eve tells Julian to et hr more towels for the injured. He moves away to get the towels.

That is when he finds Rebecca staring at him from across the room. Her look isn’t one that is very friendly looking. It is disturbing. Julian hastily looks away from Rebecca and moves on.

TC is on his way out to look for Whitney, but Eve stops him. She tells him that it isn’t safe now to be out and walking about. Whitney is a smart girl. If there is a way that she can stay safe, she will find it. TC going out will just add more worry to the whole issue. TC shakes his head when he stops to think about the predicament that they are suddenly in.

“Can you believe that we were worried about Simone going off on her trip and now Whitney is in danger right at home with her parents nearby?” Life sure is strange. Eve starts crying over what he has said. TC holds her and comforts her to stop her crying.

Liz sees Eve with her man and she is not pleased. They are getting along better and better all the time.

After TC leaves the area, Liz comes over to Eve and reminds her sister that according to that big rock on her finger, she is getting married to Julian and needs to stay away from TC now.

The thug slowly walks over to the edge of the hole where Noah is hanging on for his life. He points his gun down into the hole in the earth aimed right at Noah who is looking up at him. Like shooting fish in a barrel. Noah is right at the edge holding on with everything that he has. It is of no use. The thug points his gun and fires one shot. Noah falls straight down this time. The thug laughs. There is no way that he can survive that one. This time he has to be dead for sure.

The man turns towards Fancy now. She knows that her chances at survival are sunk without Noah. He tells her that finally her boyfriend is dead. She is sitting on the ground now looking up at the man. He moves closer to Fancy as he talks. The man points his gun at Fancy. It is her turn to die. She closes her eyes to wait for the shot that is sure to kill her.

Fox comes into the living room where Tabitha and Kay are. Kay worries that Fox will figure out that there are witches in his midst. She has no idea how much of the magic Tabitha just did has been seen by him. This would be really hard to explain.

Fox doesn’t seem to be concerned with having seen anything that he shouldn’t have. Kay and Tabitha breathe a sigh of relief. Their secrets have been spared again. Fox worries that Edna is not okay. He goes over to her and looks down at her laying on the floor on her back. Tabitha assures him that she is just fine. “She will be up in a while.”

Fox wants to check on his son. He still has no service on his cell phone which he puts down on the table nearby. He picks up Tabitha’s phone to call and check on his son, but it isn’t working. No dial tone. Fox replaces the phone and goes over to Kay. He looks at Tabitha strangely.

Fox whispers to Kay that he isn’t sure about Tabitha. “She is a little strange isn’t she?” Kay says nothing.

Fox leaves the house now. He has to make his way to his son.

As soon as Fox is gone, Kay goes to Tabitha’s phone and picks it up. “There is a dial tone. Why did you make him think that the phone wasn’t working Tabitha?” She just felt that Fox needed to get on his way.

Mumbling can be heard. It is Edna from the floor. She is talking about something but she isn’t fully coherent yet. “Tabitha… Endora… earthquake…”

Kay hears what Edna is saying and she turns to Tabitha clearly angry with her. “Are you responsible for that earthquake that we just had?”

Ethan tells Julian and Eve that he is leaving now but that he will send rescue teams as soon as he can to help those in trouble. They are all grateful for that. Ethan leaves with Gwen, Theresa and Rebecca behind him.

Julian walks off to help the others, and Liz sends TC with him. TC gladly assists.

Eve laughs. Liz has been staring at TC as he has been leaving her side, and she isn’t aware of her sister eyeing her the way that she has been. Now Eve seems to be laughing at her.

“Just what is so funny Eve?” Liz asks. She tells Liz that she sees that there is a fear in her eyes that TC will want his wife back. Liz doesn’t care what Eve thinks. Liz has another spin no things that Eve seems to have forgotten about. “You tried to kill me remember Eve? You are going to jail for a very long time. Looks to me that Whitney just might be walking down that same path that you took with her drinking too. It is that same old story. Like mother, like daughter.”

Whitney is coming awake now. She remembers what happened to her and that she was on her way to see her son. She tries to get up but it is difficult in the sandals that she is wearing.

A man comes over to help her. He is cut and bruised but in better shake than Whitney is. He gets her standing on her feet. She is limping now. The man then offers to go get a doctor for her. “You wait here ma’am.”

After he runs off, Whitney decides that she can’t wait for a doctor to come. She might be too late as it is. She starts limping on to get to her son and Chad.

The scientists are torn about this freak of nature storm that is coming to Harmony. One wants to warn the citizens of the Tsunami, but the other doesn’t for some reason which he will not reveal.

Once alone, the scientist who doesn't want to warn Harmony citizens of the Tsunami gets his phone out. “I will not make a move to alert anyone about the Tsunami until I talk to Alistair first.” The man dials.

Alistair is angry with Katherine. She always has an excuse for being around Martin. This time it is because she was worried about him. That is enough. He wants something from her now for her refusal to keep her end of the bargain to him. He wants to have her now. Right out in front of Pilar’s house. He would even like Martin to come out and watch. Alistair gets his gun out. Katherine covers her mouth with her hands. Alistair seems to have gone totally mad. “Martin! Come out here!” Alistair then turns back to Katherine telling her that when Martin comes out of the house, Alistair will shoot him dead. Katherine shakes her head ‘no’. “No Alistair. I mean it. Let’s leave now. Let’s go home. I told you that I would do anything that you asked and I still will.”

Martin and Pilar are in the house talking about the storm. Martin thinks that he hears something. “Did you hear that?” Pilar listens but she hears nothing. Martin goes to the front window of the house and looks out. Martin pauses.

“Oh my God”.

Pilar comes to the window too and looks out. She sees that Martin is marveling at the house and how it has stayed together through the earthquake. “This house has really been built well to stand up the way that it has to the storm today.” Pilar has to agree. “This house will always protect us Martin and our family.”

Alistair takes Katherine to his car. She willfully goes with him. “Back to the mansion Robert,” Alistair orders his driver. He and Katherine get in the car.

Alistair tells Katherine that when they get home, she will do anything that he wants, just like she promised him. Katherine thanks him for allowing her to be able to do that for him.

Katherine will do anything to protect Martin, just like she will do anything to protect Sheridan.

Sheridan wakes from her fall to the floor and she sees that Mark is in the same place where she left him before she got knocked out from her fall. “Time for bed honey, come on.”

Sheridan takes the boy to the bedroom. His mother is sleeping on the bed nearby. Mark indicates that he would like to have a story before bed. Sheridan is glad to comply. She used to read stories to Marty whenever she could.

Sheridan puts the boy’s head on her lap and she reads about George the Monkey. Sheridan starts getting tired and soon she falls asleep.

While Sheridan is sleeping, the door opens and a man enters the house. She has no idea that she is not alone with Maureen and her son. The man stands before Sheridan who doesn’t wake up.

Liz wonders if Julian will have another bastard baby with her when they marry. Eve only shakes her head at the bitter woman. Liz will never be happy. Eve sees nothing but hatred in her sister’s face. “Haven’t I offered the olive branch only to have it thrown back in my face Liz? You should be happy. You have TC and my family now just leave me alone, and shut the hell up.” Eve marches off.

Whitney keeps moving. She limps as she makes her way. The gown that she is wearing isn’t helping her at all. She passes people on the way. They don’t talk to each other. They just pass each other and move on.

Suddenly, Whitney can see the windows to the studio of Chad’s apartment. “Finally! I’m coming Miles!” A smile lights up Whitney’s face and she finds the strength to rush forward.

The thug is about to shoot Fancy, but instead, he has another thought. “I am going to shoot you, but first, I really want to know why they call you Fancy first.” Fancy realizes in horror that this man is going to take advantage of her before killing her.

Noah has done it again. He has climbed out of the bowels of the bottom of the earth once more. He grabs the man from behind and gets him off balance so that he can try to get control of the man and the gun once more. The continue to fight until it looks like they are going to continue forever. Fancy can only watch. This time however, she is cheering. “Go Noah! Get him!”

Tabitha tells Kay that Edna was the one that caused the earthquake not her. She was being too demanding and Tabitha had to do what she was told or her secret would have been out. Kay is not happy with this at all. Kay’s family’s house has been ruined. Tabitha knows. She is sorry for that. She has been watching from her own private big screen on the wall.

Speaking of that, Tabitha puts another screen on the wall and she watches the destruction of Harmony as it unfolds. Kay really finds Tabitha to be incredible and she shakes her head at what the woman finds to be entertainment.

Kay sees that Fox has left his cell phone on the table in front of them. She picks it up. “I will return it to him and be right back.” Tabitha smiles her knowing smile. Tabitha knows that Kay is only doing this to spend more time with Fox. Kay denies that. “I am only bringing the phone to him so that he will not show up here again and keep bothering me.” Tabitha warns her that this house is the safest place to be right now while this storm is going on. She rushes out the door.

Kay has the phone in her hand and is halfway up the walk when she bumps into Fox. When she realizes who it is that she has bumped into, they smile at each other.

Fancy watches as Noah and the thug fight to the death. They are near the hole in the earth again. Noah fights with the man, and then finally there is a chance for him to win. The thug is now the one teetering near the edge of the bottomless hole in the earth. Noah doesn’t really mean for the man to fall into the hole, but he does after being unable to keep his balance. He falls the wrong way and plunges to his death.

TC gets off his phone and announces that he has to go now. Liz tells him to stay. “I need you here TC.” TC knows that isn’t really true. There are others that need him more than she needs him. He goes back to his call.

Chad is talking to TC over the phone. He tells that he is worried about Whitney and how she is doing. TC hasn’t seen her in a while either and no one knows where she is. They will have to find her.

As Chad is talking to TC on the phone, the door opens and Whitney enters the apartment limp and battered. Chad tells TC that Whitney is there and that she looks really beat up.

Theresa enters her parents’ house. She was driven there in one of Alistair’s cars. The house looks just fine and her parents explain that due to the great workmanship of the house, they don’t have much to repair. Theresa only came to make sure that Little Ethan is fine and to change her clothes. “I have to check on Jane mama. I am going to walk to the mansion.”

Ethan and Gwen arrive at home and go straight to Jane in her room. The little baby coos and gurgles at Ethan and Gwen when they pick her up.

Rebecca enters the nursery announcing that her jewels are just fine so everyone can stop worrying now. Rebecca is so shallow that her baubles were all that she was concerned about. Gwen is only worried about Jane and now that she sees that the child is safe, she isn’t worried anymore. Rebecca assures her that babies are fine in times like this. “They bounce and then they are okay. You certainly did when you were a baby.” Gwen wants to take the baby downstairs and relax with the family for a bit. Ethan can’t do that. He says that he has to get going. Gwen is concerned. “Where could you be going after all that we have been through tonight?” Ethan says that he needs to help out there.

Alistair has Katherine by the wrist and he drags her into the study closing the door behind them. He takes her to the couch and he is on her in a minute. “You said that you would do anything. That is fine because I want you. If you don’t do what I want, then I will hurt Sheridan and Martin. Don’t forget that Katherine.” Katherine knows that Alistair means what he says. She will have to cooperate with his animal lusts to control what he does.

Over at Maureen’s house, Sheridan is sleeping as she sits in a chair with her head back against the wall.

She has a dream of being with Marty and reading him, “Curious George.” In the dream, she, Marty and Luis would be a family. Luis would be at work while Sheridan would stay home with the baby.

Then Luis would come home. When Sheridan would hear Luis pull up to the front of the cottage, Sheridan and the baby would run off to greet him at the door.”

In the house, Sheridan suddenly is aware that someone is standing before her as she sleeps. She opens her eyes and looks at the figure before her. She pulls her breath in sharply. “It’s you!”

Alistair lets Katherine go now. He knows that he has her where he wants her. “If you want Sheridan to stay safe Katherine, then you will give me the pleasure that I deserve.”

The phone rings and Alistair looks on the display and sees that it is a man that Alistair hasn’t spoken to in years. “What the hell does Eddie want now?”

Alistair answers the phone. “Yes, what is it Eddie?” Eddie tells Alistair about the Tsunami and how it is going to hit Harmony very soon. “If the people are not warned, they could all die.”

Julian looks at his computer screen and taps a few keys. He sees that what Eddie is telling him is the truth. Harmony is in for even more devastation than the earthquake brought to town.

Chad is on the phone with TC decides that he will be right over to see to his daughter. It sounds like Whitney needs a doctor.

Chad holds Whitney and she falls asleep exhausted while leaning on his shoulder.

Chad misjudged Whitney thinking that she really didn’t care. She almost killed herself to get to him and the baby tonight. Not even an earthquake could have stopped her.

Eve wants to go and see her daughter when she hears of her condition, and that she might need a doctor. She and TC will go over to Chad’s to check on Whitney. Liz panics at the thought of TC going off with Eve. Julian offers to stay with Liz at the club and help out there. Liz is frantic about Eve and TC being alone. TC would like Liz to understand that Whitney is ill and needs a doctor. Eve is the best one in town and she is the girl’s mother. Liz knows that he is right about this and gives up her fight to keep him with her.

Once alone, Liz turns to Julian with a smirk on her face. “Well Julian. Seems that we have a little time to kill on our hands. What do you say I take you back to my private office in the back?” Julian can hardly believe what he is seeing here. “Are you trying to seduce me Liz?” Liz tells him that she already has.

Pilar tries to stop her daughter from going over to the mansion to see Jane. Tempers are flaring and this really isn’t the right time to be doing this. She might be thrown out of the mansion or arrested. Pilar questions what happened with Julian on the date. Theresa tells that Alistair left without her. That does not surprise Martin. “That man only cares to save his own skin when it comes down to it.” Martin offers to come with her to the mansion to keep her safe, but Theresa says that they have to stay home and take care of her son. She rushes off to change before leaving.

Ethan wants to go back out and help the people that need help. Rebecca is skeptical of why he is really going out alone again. Gwen understands what he is trying to do for the community and is fine with it. “Just be careful okay?” Ethan leaves.

Rebecca is sure that Ethan just lied to his wife. “He is on his way to see Theresa, Gwen. I know it.”

Luis stands before Sheridan. It is as if he came out of a dream. Sheridan wants to know how he found her. He tells her that she is the love of his life. “I will always find you Sheridan. No matter where you go.”

Sheridan asks Luis why he is there. “Have you found Marty?” He smiles at her.

Suddenly an after shock comes and the house starts shaking again. Luis doesn’t get to answer Sheridan at this time. They are too busy concentrating on standing.

TC and Eve make their way to Chad’s house. The exes talk as they walk about their lives and how they used to be a family. They both love their daughters, and that is something that they will always have in common. They were a family for a lot of years before Eve and TC split up. Eve stops talking about the past. “That is all water under the bridge now, so let’s not talk about it. We have both moved on, and we are both with other people now.” She starts walking again. TC runs to catch up with Eve. He gets in front of her to stop her from walking so that she will listen to him. “Eve. Don’t marry Julian.” Eve looks up into TC’s face. “What?” Eve asks, not believing what she has heard come out of TC’s mouth. He repeats himself. “Don’t marry Julian.”

Liz questions Julian asking if she isn’t good enough for him. “After all, I am the sister of the woman that you say you love.” Julian says that he wouldn’t ever touch her. Liz tells him that he already has.

The after shocks come and Julian and Liz are thrown around again as well as the others who are still in the club with them.

AT Chad’s, Whitney has her head on Chad’s shoulder as she rests. The shaking of the town starts again, and Whitney rushes to the playpen where her precious, helpless son lies. Chad goes to her and Miles, covering them with his arms as the apartment become disheveled.

Noah and Fancy peep over the edge of the hole, and they see that they have escaped death narrowly for the umpteen time. The pair decide that it is time to get out of the area, and they start heading out. Then an aftershock comes making it difficult for them to even walk straight.

Theresa has changed and she is now making her way over to the Crane mansion. She is at the waterfront walking by when the tremors start. Theresa trips and falls on the wooden floor. She is immediately knocked out.

Ethan is walking by and sees Theresa fall and get knocked out. “Theresa!” He starts running to her to help her in case she is badly hurt.

As Ethan runs to Theresa, a sign is coming undone. It is hanging over the area where Ethan and Theresa are. Neither are aware of the danger that they are in. The heavy sign is big enough to seriously harm them, or even kill them.

Fox and Kay are out in front of the house, when the tremors start again. They bump up against each other unable to control their movements.

Tabitha and Endora are in their house and Tabitha laughs with glee as she peers out of the door at the disaster working itself out. “This could be a very bad storm indeed Endora,” Tabitha predicts.

Alistair listens as Eddie the scientist gives him information on the Tsunami and the damage that it will do when it hits. Alistair wants the whole thing kept quiet. “Do you hear me? Follow my orders.”

After Eddie hangs up the phone, the shaking starts where he is. The office is destroyed and he is bounced around like a rag doll.

Katherine looks at Alistair’s computer after hearing his conversation on the phone. “A Tsunami is coming? We have to warn everyone Alistair. People will be killed.” Alistair cares nothing about the citizens of Harmony. “Let them all die. Who cares?”

Martin and Pilar are holding on to their things as the tremors shake everything that they own loose. The house may be sturdy but the things in it get tossed around easily.

Fox and Kay still battle to keep their footing outside the house while the earthquake continues.

Chad and Whitney are together with their baby now, and they sit and wait for the shaking to stop.

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