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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Tabitha is in the living room. She laughs as she and Endora watch television seeing the damage that they have caused with their accident.

Tabitha remembers when Edna angered her by threatening Endora’s secret of being a witch. Tabitha and Endora threw zaps meant for Edna, but their magic beams crossed each other and caused and earthquake in Harmony. The shaking was unbearable. Tabitha and Endora weren’t able to stop this catastrophe.

The physical damage is nothing compared to the emotional damage that the people of Harmony will be suffering soon.

Martin and Pilar are together and Pilar is glad that he was with her during the earthquake. Pilar checked the phones but nothing is working. They have no idea where Theresa is. Martin is sure that she will find a way home. Pilar picks up a memento that Antonio gave her. “It is broken.”

“Martin! Martin! Are you alright?” Pilar stands by and watches as Katherine runs to her husband throwing her arms around his neck.

Sheridan and Maureen are together. Maureen has been badly hurt but she will not go to the hospital. Sheridan tells her that they don’t know how much damage has been done to her and that she needs to get checked out but Maureen will not hear of it. She wants to stay home. She is sure that she will be fine.

Sam and Ivy watch the devastation that is left of their town. A building has collapsed and Sam and Ivy help seeing as there are people being taken out of there. The firefighters and the police officers listen to Sam’s instructions as he knows what to do in a situation like this.

A car drives up and Alistair gets out of a car with another man. The man tells Sam that he is not Chief of Police anymore so he needs to start behaving like a civilian. That man is the mayor. Alistair wants Sam to stop ordering people around to help with the earthquake devastation immediately.

Spike tells Jessica that the john is dead now. Jessica can’t believe that. “How can he be dead?”

Spike thinks back to how he killed the man but in a way so that Jessica thinks that she is the one that killed the man.

Spike lies to Jessica so that he can get more control of her and so that he can torture Sam at the same time.

Fox and Kay are about to leave Sam’s house when Kay says that she would like to return and get her daughter’s toy. Fox finds it too unsafe for her to be in there. “Can’t this wait?” She isn’t worried about going into her father’s house. “It was built a few years ago, it is pretty sturdy.” She turns and walks in on her own as Fox watches. Suddenly, Kay falls through a hole in the floor. Fox gets there in time to grab her hand. She hangs suspended by one arm.

Noah and Fancy are about to walk off but they meet up with one of the thugs who was hired to kill them. Fancy offers the man money to get away from them and let them live. The man can’t do that. Noah explains that they just found the man that was dead in the hotel room and that was all. The money is missing though. The man thanks that Noah and Fancy have taken the money from them. Fancy promises to replace the money and give the man more than that to make him a rich man. This thug has a code of ethics and he can’t disappoint the people that he works for. Sorry. “Now I have to kill you. Who is going to go first?”

Jessica can’t believe that the man that she was going to have sex with is dead. Spike explains that she stabbed the man. Jessica knows that the man fell into the scissors that she was holding. She didn’t intentionally kill the man. Spike tells her that she will be okay if she listens to him. “You trust me don’t you? I am the only one that believes in you, you know that right? You can count on me. Everything is going to be fine. This will be our little secret.” He hugs Jessica.

In his mind, Spike knows that he has just set up Jessica to be indebted to him from now on.

The mayor is upset that the firefighters and the police officers are listening to Sam’s orders. He threatens the workers with their jobs if they don’t stop listening to Sam. Alistair wants the men to head over to Crane Industries and forget about the people in this building. He cares more about his art in his business building than these people. Alistair threatens to make mincemeat of Sam and his whore daughters.

The thug has his gun on Noah and Fancy. “Who wants to go first?” Noah asks the man if he knows who the girl with them is. “She has connections.” Fancy tells that she is Fancy Crane, the granddaughter of Alistair Crane. The man could be making a big mistake here. Fancy knows that her grandfather will make this man rich if he will just let them go. The man lowers his gun.

Fox is holding onto Kay by the arm. She has fallen into the wooden floor of her house. There are dangerous lawn tools in the basement that could kill Kay is she drops from Fox’s grip. She starts flailing and panicking at her situation. Fox begs her to stop. She is trying to grab a hold of Fox with her other hand, but it is making her swing, which makes it harder for Fox to hold on to her. Suddenly she falls screaming from his grip. Fox looks into the hole. “Kay!”

Katherine had one of the drivers come to the house to see if Martin is okay.

Pilar runs up to Katherine and tells her that she is with her husband and she was told over and over that she has to stop it. Katherine only wanted to help. She has water in the car if they need it. Pilar orders Katherine out of the house.

Tabitha and Endora watch the television seeing that the old folks home has been devastated. “We have outdone ourselves this time. Where is Kay? She only went next door. Let me have a look.”

Tabitha sees out the window that the Bennett house has suffered some damaged. Tabitha should check on Kay. She turns to go over and see to her.

Edna is behind her. “Kay may have kept your secret, but I won’t. I will tell everyone that you and your daughter are witches.”

Fox sees that Kay is unconscious in the basement. “Hold on. I am coming.”

Sheridan offers to go with Maureen to the hospital, but she still will not go. Her house is a mess but she will feel safer at home. She looks at her son; “You must be hungry sweetie. I will get you something to eat.” Maureen gets up and she is woozy. She tries to walk and get her child something to eat, but she falls to the floor instead. Sheridan runs to her.

Fancy tells the thug where she has her money hidden. The thug will give them a chance. He has to go to the Crane mansion to get the money. Noah and Fancy breathe a sigh of relief. They feel that they have saved themselves from certain death. They start walking. The man asks the kids where they are going. Fancy tells the man that they are taking him to the money in the mansion. The thug knows where the money is, so he really doesn’t need them to take him to it. Noah and Fancy see that they are still in danger here. Nothing has changed.

Fox gets down to the basement using the stairs. He goes to Kay who is moaning. He is glad that she isn’t dead. She missed falling on the shears beside her. That would have killed her. She is fine. He tells her that she is bruised but she will be alright. She responds. “Yeah, I will be alright but no thanks to you.” She slaps the man in the face.

Spike tells Jessica that the first thing that they have to do is wipe everything down so that there are no fingerprints of hers anywhere. Jessica can’t help thinking that she killed that poor man. Spike kicks the corpse. “He deserved it. Now we have to get rid of him. That is the only way that you will be safe. If we don’t do this, you will go to jail.”

Ivy asks Alistair to stop this. Alistair tells that this is all because of what Fancy told him about Noah. Alistair warns Ivy that she is to watch herself, or she will be in trouble too. Alistair gets in his car and drives off.

Sam tells Ivy that she shouldn’t worry about Alistair threatening her. One day Alistair will get his.

“Help! Help!” A tiny voice comes from some wooden beams piled on top of each other. Sam and Ivy runs to the pile.

The thug decides that he will kill Noah and Fancy anyway, whether he gets extra money from them or not. Whatever he does, he can’t disappoint his bosses. He knows that would a really high price for him to pay. He decides that he will kill Fancy first. He aims his gun at her. Noah suddenly shouts out. “Look! The earth is opening up!” The man turns to see if this in fact happening. There is nothing happening back there. Before the thug can turn around again, Noah is on him fighting him to get the gun away. Fancy stands back and watches with her hands over her mouth.

Pilar tells Katherine to get out of her house right now. She sees that Martin has been trying to make things right but not Katherine. “This woman has come into my house and thrown herself at my husband. Now get out.” Katherine turns and heads out the door.

Outside, she tells herself that she shouldn’t have come to Pilar’s house and now she is sorry that she did.

“Hello slut!” You have seen him again haven’t you? I am going to tell Sheridan everything. I am going to ruin her life.

Sheridan is over Maureen who is on the floor unconscious having just passed out from her injuries. The phone is still not working. Sheridan tries the cell phone again but that doesn’t work either. “How can I get this woman to a hospital?”

Edna will not let Tabitha get away with what she has done to Harmony. “You and that child has caused all of this to happen.” Endora doesn’t like the way that Edna talks to her mommy and she starts following Edna around the room with a heavy vase. She tries to hit the woman in the head again. She waves her hands and doesn’t stop until she hits Edna who goes out again and lies flat on her back in la-la land.

Tabitha thanks Endora for her help with Edna. “Now let’s see what Kay is up to with Fox. Endora project a picture for mummy up on the wall will ya?” Endora does her toddler magic and a big screen appears on the wall.

Tabitha can see Fox and Kay on the wall now as big as life and she notices that Kay isn’t very happy at all.

Kay is telling Fox that he is just like Alistair. “You only care about yourself. You dropped me.” Fox tells her that he didn’t drop her. She fell on her own. She wants to be left alone now. She starts walking away to go and check on Maria, but she stumbles and Fox is there to catch her before she falls. Their faces are entirely too close now.

Fancy screams and shouts for help as the thug fights with Noah for control of the situation. Noah is losing the fight. The thug manages to get away from Noah and push him backward on the ground. That is when the thug levels his gun and fires. Noah rolls over in pain. Fancy runs to him. “Noah!” The thug now trains his gun on Fancy.

Spike gets a blanket to roll the john up in. Then they will dump him. Jessica has no choice but to help. She wonders where they are going to hide the man. Spike says that this will be easy. “We can even cut him up a little bit before we dump him. The whole town is going to be a dumpster now. Trust me Jessica. I am looking out for you.”

Spike moves away from her to get ready to move the body. He knows that he has Jessica now. He owns her body and soul.

Fox lets go of Kay saying that he was only stopping her from falling again. They quickly move away from each other. She asks him to stop doing her favors. She seems a little woozy. “I feel dizzy but I will be fine. Just leave me alone Fox.”

Sam is busy removing the rubble to rescue whomever is under the pile where he and Ivy heard a voice just now.

Ivy takes a moment to ask God to give Sam a break for a change. It wasn’t his fault that Fancy caused Noah all this trouble. Please help him.

Noah lies with his eyes closed. Fancy picks up his head, but when she lets go of it, it falls to the ground with a lifeless thud. Fancy can see the blood on her hands after having touched him. She is angry now. “You bastard! You killed him. Look what you have done.” The man with the gun says that he was only doing his job. “And now it is your turn pretty lady. The man points the gun on Fancy and is ready to shoot. She cringes, cowering on the ground beside Noah.

Pilar is angry that Katherine has come to the house again. “How can we rebuild our marriage?”

Katherine begs Alistair not to tell Sheridan that she killed her aunt. Alistair feels that Sheridan really needs to know the truth. Sheridan will be destroyed. “You have no one to blame but yourself. Come on. Let’s find Sheridan and tell her the juicy details.” Katherine offers to do anything to keep Alistair from telling the truth. Alistair likes that. “Have sex with me, right here, right now. Let’s do it in the dirt. You obviously like it. You have been doing it with Martin for years. Now come on!” Alistair grabs his wife roughly.

Sheridan opens the door to Maureen’s house and shouts out for help. They need to do something. Sheridan realizes that she knows nothing really about this woman. She looks in the woman’s purse but she finds no identification. “Who are you?” Sheridan looks down at the sleeping body. “Who are you?”

Sam gets a woman from under some pieces of wood and brings her to Ivy who is waiting.

The woman thanks Sam and Ivy. She feels fine. She knows that she would be dead if Sam hadn’t heard her. Ivy tells Sam that he was wonderful.

Sam takes a moment to wonder if his daughters are okay.

Spike and Jessica are carrying the body wrapped up in a blanket. Spike drops his end of the body by accident and kicks him in anger when Jessica sounds sympathetic about him being dead. They get to Spike’s car and put the body in the trunk.

“Oh my God Spike. What have I done?”

He hugs her. He knows that Jessica will do whatever he wants when he wants.

Fox follows Kay to her house. At the door she tells him that she is fine now. She leaves him in the front of the house.

Kay comes in asking where Maria is. Tabitha tells her that Maria is in her crib.

Kay looks beside herself and sees juice and sandwiches floating in the air. Kay grabs the tray and puts it bedside Tabitha. “You better cut this out or Fox will see that you are a witch.”

They hear knocking on the door. Kay is sure that has to be Fox. “Tabitha you have to stop all this or Fox will figure things out pretty fast.”

The door opens. Fox peeks into the house. “Hello!” He looks over to where Tabitha and Kay are sitting and can't believe his eyes. “Oh man!”

The thug is about to shoot Fancy. He has his gun on her and he is ready to shoot.

Suddenly, Noah gets up and kicks the gunman over him, knocking him off balance. The fight is on again, but this time, the thug gets Noah in a position where he can easily be kicked. Noah falls after he is kicked, right into the crack of the earth that opened up during the earthquake.

Fancy sees what has happened and she screams when she sees Noah fall into the hole.

Scientists are studying what has just happened in Harmony. They check their equipment and see the inevitable. “It is a Tsunami. It is a Tsunami and it is heading straight at Harmony.” The men look at each other. The devastation is only beginning.

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