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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Kay tells Tabitha that she will go up and see Maria and then go next door to her dad’s house. Tabitha offers to watch Maria when she is gone.

After Kay leaves, Edna turns on Tabitha. she wants a man for the night. She wants Brad Pitt. “Conjure him up. I don’t want a look-alike. The real deal and I don’t want a rat like the last 2 men. I want to be wined and dined.” Tabitha says that she can’t do that. Edna threatens to call the police and the media. Tabitha hates that Edna threatens her child. Edna picks up the phone and Tabitha and Endora both throws out a zap, but they cross paths and cause catastrophe. The globe at the other end of the room rises and hits Edna in the head, knocking her out. Tabitha can see that there is going to be a natural disaster now. “A supernatural disaster.” The house starts to shake. “Oh Endora. This will be the big one.”

Edna gets up from the floor and asks what has happened. Tabitha tells her that she as worked them too much with the magic. “You are hell to live with Edna, you know that?”

All of Harmony is shaking now. Fox is outside after just having left Kay’s house, and he sees that something is wrong here. He can tell that this is probably an earthquake, but there is no time to really think about it. Buildings are moving. He can see it with his own eyes. He thinks about Kay, but first he has to check on Miles. “I have to get to Chad to make sure that my son is okay before I help Kay.”

Fox gets his phone out and starts dialing.

Kay is in her father’s house now. No one is home. She is there when the earthquake starts shaking the very foundations of her father’s house. She has no idea what is going on, but knows that she has to get out of there as quickly as possible. She watches as her father’s trinkets, books and figurines fall from the walls.

Sheridan is at Maureen’s house. She is a new friend that Sheridan made in the park a few hours ago. She borught Sheridan home with her and her son to have a visit. Sheridan was just on her way out the door when the earthquake started. she and Maureen both ran to Maureen and got him out of bed, running to the door. They didn’t make it. Pieces of the ceiling fell on them all, knocking them all out. They all lie motionless on the floor while the earthquake rumbles on.

Jessica is with her john at his apartment. The man is insisting that Jessica have sex with him although she told him that she had changed her mind. He wouldn’t off her. The earthquake is making everything shake, Jessica included and she can’t get away from the man who is still sex-driven in spite of the earthquake. while they are bouncing around, Jessica accidentally stabs the man. He stops moving up against her when he feels the pain, but he isn’t dead yet.

Outside, Noah and Fancy see the ground open up before them as Fancy argues about what they are going to do. They are out in the open but in just as much danger as those that are in buildings. “What are we going to do?” Fancy asks him as she stares at the shaking landscape.

In the Blue Note, Alistair has pulled a gun on Ethan because he refuses to get out of the way to let he and Theresa pass to leave the club together. That is when the club starts shaking uncontrollably. Theresa can’t believe that Alistair has pulled a gun on Ethan. She moves away from him and stands with Gwen and Ethan. As the ground shakes, Alistair loses his ability to keep his balance. He has his finger on the trigger and the unthinkable happens. The gun goes off. Theresa falls to the floor.

TC and Liz hold on to each other as the club starts shaking. They have no idea what is happening and Liz watches as her dream crumbles before her.

Whitney is on stage when the shaking starts. She wisely gets down from her pedestal and goes to her mother and Julian. They try to hold her close to them but she moves away seeming to have a destination in mind.

Ethan goes to Theresa trying to see if she can be helped or not. He needs help with this. Gwen watches helplessly as her husband attends to another woman instead of her in a time of danger. “Dr. Russell!” Ethan calls out. Theresa needs a doctor.

Rebecca goes to Alistair as he seems to have a good place to stand while the shaking is going on. She grabs a hold of the banister that he is holding on to as the earthquake works itself out. They both watch as Ethan looks over Theresa who is still unconscious and bleeding on the ground. He turns to Alistair, knowing that the is responsible for this. “You bastard, you could have killed her just now”. Rebecca is surprised at Ethan’s angry comment. He should be looking after his wife and not this other woman who shouldn’t be in his life anymore.

All of Harmony shakes. The sign that hangs on the way into town, announcing the arrival to Harmony jerks roughly on its hinges.

In the Blue Note, Ethan is angry that Alistair has shot Theresa. “You killed her.” They have to get out of there but Ethan doesn’t move from Theresa’s side. Eve and Julian try to move Theresa but they can’t. The shaking won’t let them. Rebecca tells them all to just leave her so that they can get out. She would prefer that Theresa were dead anyway. Theresa lies unconscious still not knowing what is going on around her and that her life is in danger. Beams fall from the ceiling as the patrons of the Blue Note scuttle for cover.

Liz shouts for TC to hold her as they try to make their way. He does his best but it is really difficult.

Whitney has made it to the doorway to exit the club. “If the world is going to end tonight, then I want to be with Chad and Miles when it happens.” She goes rushing out into the night trying her best to keep her balance.

After she leaves, a man tries running out to safety too, but he is hit by part of the building. It falls on his head and he hits the ground not moving anymore. Others see him fall and the run past his body and out of the club.

Rebecca and Alistair are holding on inside the club for dear life. They watch as the building falls to bits around them, and Ethan bravely ignores the danger around him and tries to assist Theresa. He tells Alistair that he may have cost Theresa her life tonight.

In Tabitha’s house, Edna is trying to stand up and not be hit from falling debris. She is surprised to see that this shaking of the house is still going on. She argues with Tabitha, over what has happened thinking that she has the ability to stop this. Edna feels that Tabitha is doing this on purpose and she babbles on and on about how she and Endora better get control of this or the world will be told about the witch her child.

Endora has heard enough of this, and really doesn’t appreciate Edna’s threats to her mother and herself. She uses her magic to get another vase that hasn’t broken. It rises all by itself it seems and knocks Edna out again. No more talking.

Outside in Harmony, the top of the church goes flying off as the storm continues to rage. The strength of the quake threatens all in its path.

Fox manages to get to Chad over the cell phone and he learns that both he and Miles are fine. Chad is glad to have had contact with someone, at least someone knows they are okay. Fox promises to come over there and check on them later, but first he needs to see how Kay is doing. He knows that she is over at her father’s house, and she may need help.

As soon as Fox’s call has ended with Chad, he is unable to get any service on his phone. Calling for help will be out of the question for the next little while.

Fox goes into Sam’s house where Kay is and finds her in there. She is across the room from where he enters, but she tries to get to him after he calls to her. The ceiling falls on her while she is in transit, and she is knocked out cold and hidden from view under the several beams that have fallen on her. Fox knows that he has to get to her.

The man is angry that Jessica will not give him sex. Although he has been stabbed and there is an earthquake, he demands to get what he has paid for. She promised to get him his money back, but that will not do. He moved towards her again determined to have sex with her, even if it is the last time for him.

Noah tries to get Fancy to come with him out of the area. He grabs her hand, but she won’t let him touch her. “Get away from me!” she shouts. “Let me get you out of here,” Noah pleads. There is no time for her to answer him.

The ground nearby where Fancy is standing opens up and Fancy slides into it easily as it is too close to where she is standing. Noah watches in horror.

Sheridan, Maureen and Mark are on the floor of the house unconscious. Sheridan gets up first and looks around. The lights are off and the earthquake is still happening around them. She calls to Maureen but Maureen doesn’t answer. She is not awake. She must have taken a really bad hit. Mark is awake and Sheridan picks him up. He is easy to handle for her as he is the same size and age as Marty is. The boy goes to her sensing that something is wrong here. She knows that the boy is confused and explains things to him so that he can understand. “Your mother is just having a nap Mark.”

The man who paid for sex from Jessica is trying to get his money’s worth. Even in the throes of a horrible earthquake.

Spike enters the room. He is Jessica’s protection and he has come to the john’s home, knowing who he is and where he lives. He sees that Jessica is in trouble, but he gets knocked out by falling debris on his way to getting the man off Jessica.

The man sees that Spike is out of the way, at least for the moment and he heads back to Jessica to get what he brought her there for. The stab wound is superficial and doesn’t really bother him. He will take care of that later. But now, first things first.

Spike wakes again and sees that the man with Jessica is still trying to work out his deal. That is just wrong at this stage of the game. He goes to the john and pulls him off Jessica, throwing him to the bed. The man is exhausted at this point and the earthquake has shaken loose items from the wall that have hit him and weakened him. He lies with his eyes closed, but alive on the bed, on his back. Jessica apologizes to Spike for things going wrong. She tells him that she stabbed the man when he tried to force her to have sex and that she didn’t mean to. “Is he dead? Is he dead Spike? Did I kill him?”

At the Blue Note, the shaking stopped now. Everyone is relieved and all stand up straight now that they are able. Gwen says that Ethan should thank Alistair for shooting Theresa instead of helping her out. Ethan hovers over Theresa like a mother hen waiting from word from Eve that she will be okay. Eve checks on Theresa and confirms that she is still alive. Ethan hears that but still asks, “Is she going to be alright in spite of just being alive?”

Fancy is hanging on inside one of the cracks made in the earth by the earthquake. Noah has her by the hand but has nothing holding him back from falling into the crack with Fancy sending both of them to their deaths. He uses his feet to try to dig into the earth so that he will have something to hold him and Fancy from falling into the crack. Their weight could pull them the wrong way thanks to gravity. He caught her just in time before she plunged to her death in the hot molten lava-like fluid slowly moving deep in the crack of the middle of the earth. The one-handed grip that Noah has on Fancy is all that keeps her from sudden death. Fancy asks Noah if he has her hand tightly. He does. She wonders if she can trust him to save her and get her out of this. He assures her that he can do this.

Ethan asks about Theresa’s wound and how bad it is. Eve tells that the bullet has just grazed her luckily. “Theresa will be just fine.”

TC thinks about the high school and what is left of it. He would really like to get over there and see how things are, and if anyone is hurt. Julian tries his phone for help, but there is no cell service right now.

Ethan leans over Theresa trying to revive her now that he knows that she will be okay. Gwen walks off in a huff. Of all the people that are there, why should her husband once again be the one to save Theresa? She will not watch this.

Rebecca tells Julian that he could have been more interested in her welfare instead of Eve’s. She is still his wife and feels that she deserved this consideration.

Gwen wants to go and check on Jane at the house, Ethan heads to the door with her. They have to go and see how Jane is doing. Theresa has gotten up now and she begs to go with Ethan and Gwen to see her daughter. Gwen tells her to check on Little Ethan and they will take are of Jane. Alistair finds it a little selfish not to let Theresa be with her daughter during such an ordeal. He would like Theresa to see her child who is at his house where she is currently living.

Sheridan returns to Maureen to see how she is doing. Maureen isn’t awake yet and Sheridan has no idea really how bad her condition is. She carries Mark in her arms as she checks on things. Maureen is in really bad shape. She has blood on her head. She must have taken a really hard bang on the head. Sheridan looks for the phone to get help. She finds it and tries to get a dial tone. “The line is dead.” She uses her cell phone but there is no service to make a call out or to receive one in. “How can I get Maureen to the hospital?” Sheridan wonders.

Whitney arrives at Chad’s apartment building and looks up instinctively. The earthquake has taken its toll on the building. Most of it is still standing but there is a lot of rubble around. “How could anyone survive this mess?” Whitney wonders.

A man comes walking by looking for his family member and calling out to her. Whitney watches the man’s face and sees that he is looking down. The person must be under the rubble beneath their feet. The woman answers from somewhere when she hears her name, but the man can’t see where she is. He rushes off in the direction of where he thinks that voice is coming from. Whitney panics. This could be worse than she hoped.

“I have to get to Chad and Miles,” Whitney says. She goes running off to find them.

“Oh Endora! will you help mummy clean this mess up?” She looks around the house and sees that the room is damaged beyond their wildest fears. Tabitha grabs Endora’s fingers in hers and they wave their magic fingers. The room is brought back to its prior state and looks like new. They go to check on Edna now who has been out for some time due to the witches inability to deal with her orders and constant yapping.

Edna wakes immediately. She looks around and starts babbling about her booze upstairs and how each bottle must be broken because of this catastrophe. Uh oh, she is at it again. Endora does the honors. Another flying vase rises from the table and whacks Edna in the head again knocking her out again.

There is crying now. It is little Maria. Tabitha has forgotten all about Maria during the earthquake. She has to go and see about her. She puts Endora down on the ground and turns to go and check on Maria.

Fox goes over to where Kay fell. He can’t see her but he knows that Kay is under the beams before him and he will get her out. “You can’t die on me now Kay.”

Noah is trying to pull Fancy up out of the crack of the earth and save her life. “I won’t drop you Fancy. I am trying my best to save you but the ground is slick and my body is being pulled into the hole with you. I am sliding into the crack with you!”

Whitney searches the rubble around Chad’s building. “Thank God Simone isn’t around. I am so glad that she is out of town and isn’t suffering in this earthquake like everyone else in Harmony.”

A woman comes to Whitney with a picture in her hand. “Have you seen my daughter?” The woman shows the picture of her daughter to Whitney, but Whitney hasn’t seen her. The woman continues on to see if she can find her daughter or someone else who might have seen her.

Whitney sees more than ever that she has to get to Chad and Miles. She pushes on.

Chad is at the apartment with Miles and he hears the radio announcement. His apartment is still intact luckily, but he is dying to know how others in town are doing with the earthquake. On the radio, he hears that the Blue Note is in danger of falling to the ground. That worries Chad.

Chad thinks about Whitney and how she may be doing. He would like to go and see if she is okay, but he couldn't do that with an infant, and the can’t leave the child alone there. He will just have to wait for news.

Alistair tells Theresa that he will get her home and then figure this whole thing out from his home later. Ethan says that Theresa is not going anywhere with this man. He stands before Alistair just as strongly as he did before the earthquake. Gwen is furious at the care that Ethan is showing Theresa. Who cares what she does? Alistair has had enough of Ethan’s impudence. He has had enough of everyone there as a matter of fact. Theresa seems interested in prolonging this conversation with Ethan and Gwen, and so Alistair will have to leave her. “I am going home! To my safe home!” He walks off alone.

Now that Alistair has left, Ethan turns to other matters. Damage in town has to be assessed. People are going to need help and he would like to be a part of organizing that.

Fox finds Kay under all the rubble. He has moved most of the obstacles out of his way so that he can work on her and get her up and out of there. “Can you hear me Kay?” She doesn’t answer. He checks for breathing but can’t find any sign of any breathing. He starts doing CPR on her to get her up and moving again. He pushes on her chest in short, quick thrusts to force her to start breathing again.

Spike wants to go now. He has Jessica with him and the john has been stabbed. He will be fine. Once the city has dealt with the damage to the town, this guy will be sure to get into the hospital and get stitched up. He doesn’t care about he john. He should know better anyway. He shouldn’t trust anyone if he is going to mess with these girls. Jessica will not leave with Spike. She feels responsible for what happened to him. “We have to get the man to a hospital Spike. I don’t know how seriously he has been hurt. What if he dies? We have to do something.” Spike has a thought. A light goes on in his had. Spike says that she is right about doing something. They have to do something for the man. Spike turns to the man.

He heads to the man while thinking to himself that if he handles this situation right, then Jessica will be indebted to him forever. Jessica has her back to Spike and the john. She can’t bear to see the damage that she has done to him. The man is on his back. He is alive and breathing fine. He has his eyes close but soon opens them. He looks up into the eyes of Spike the pimp. Spike straddles the man making sure that Jessica can’t see him or what he is doing. “I think something is wrong and that the man is going to die Jessica.” The man’s eyes get as big as ever. He is hurt but he doesn’t feel like he is going to die.

Ethan can’t get any cell service on his phone to call for help. He wants to help these people, but Gwen wants to check on her daughter instead. “Let someone else take care of this.” To her, his family should come first. “Take me home so that I can check on my daughter Ethan!” Theresa overhears Gwen’s command and reminds Gwen that Jane is her daughter. Gwen turns to her husband to settle this and do what is right.

TC comes to Eve who is helping one of the patrons of the club. The woman has a cut and he had gone off to find some alcohol for Eve to use on the cut. He found some and dutifully brings it to Eve.

Liz is standing nearby and hears TC congratulate Eve on her engagement to Julian. There is something in his voice that makes her concerned. He isn’t angry or rude to Eve. He has softened to Eve. The woman who Eve has just patched up walks off, thankful for Eve’s assistance.

Liz hears as TC continues his conversation with his ex. “I wish that I could have bought you a ring like that when we were engaged. It really is beautiful Eve.” She smiles at him, happy that he is talking to her nicely for a change.

Liz makes her presence known finally by coming up to the two and hugging TC claiming her territory. She sends TC off to do something for her.

Once alone, Eve turns to her sister with a not-so-friendly look. Eve is used to her sister’s games now. Liz should be happy. She has done everything that she set out to do. “Seems that you have gotten everything that you wanted Liz. My husband and my daughters. I know that you would be happy to see Whitney follow in my footsteps ruining her life if that would get you more revenge on me as well.” Liz denies that she wants Whitney to become what Whitney once was. “I only want you to suffer Eve, nothing else.”

Julian comes to tell Eve that there are others that need her attention. Julian has saved her from having more of a conversation with Liz, but still Eve knows that this isn’t over yet. Liz knows that too. Liz tells her sister that this will not be over until Eve is in jail serving finishing out the rest of her life.

Sheridan has Mark in her arms as she tries to figure out a way to get help for Maureen. She can hear sirens in the distance but there are bound to be others that need assistance too. “I have to find some way to get some help for Maureen.”

Maureen wakes and sits up asking what has happened. Sheridan tells her that she had an accident and that they will get some help soon enough. She wants the woman to just sit and relax for a while.

Fox finally finds a pulse in Kay’s neck but she isn’t awake yet. He decides that he needs to give her mouth-to-mouth to help her even more but when he does that, she immediately gets up. “Hey!” “I was giving you mouth to mouth,” he tells her. She slaps his face in thanks. “Get away from me you bastard!”

Jessica is waiting while Spike is sitting over the man’s body on the bed. He told her that he would check on the man and make sure that he was okay before they left, but Spike has other things in mind.

Jessica can’t see what Spike is doing. He has his back the Jessica and he holds one hand over the man’s mouth and the other in his jacket pocket. The man can’t scream or make a sound.

Fancy is still hanging over the edge of the crack in the earth. She has her arm intertwined with Noah’s. “Get me up!” He is trying but can’t exactly do that just yet. She shouts for him to try harder. He pulls with all his might and Fancy starts slowly moving upwards towards him.

Spike finishes off the job and kills the john while Jessica is none the wiser. Spike plunges his knife deep into the man’s stomach area where Jessica stabbed him earlier but Spike makes this stab really count. Spike has the man’s mouth covered and so he makes no noise as he is being killed. Spike waits for the killing to be complete before getting off the man.

Jessica worries that the cops will not believe her if they find out that she stabbed the man and that it was accidental. “Please help me Spike!” Jessica cries. Spike comes to her and tells her that the man is dead as she had feared. She is crying now. “Sorry Jessica. You killed him and that makes you a murderer now.” She screams out at what Spike tells her. “No!”

Sheridan has Maureen stabilized now and she seems to be okay and back to her old self. Sheridan tells her that she has to go to a hospital to get looked at properly. The woman panics. “There is no way that I am going to a hospital. No way!” Maureen shouts at her.

Alistair is talking to his driver now that he has gotten away from those people in the club. He stands beside his car which has miraculously avoided any damage from the earthquake. Alistair confides in the driver. The night didn’t go as planned and that makes him unhappy. “Theresa didn’t want to leave with me so as far as I am concerned, they can all die in there. Take me home now.” Alistair gets into his car and waits to be driven home to the mansion.

Eve has done everything that she can to help in the club. A lot more people could have been hurt but they weren’t and everyone is grateful for that. Of course there are the aftershocks to be dealt with. An earthquake usually has those. Julian is glad that things went well with the amount and type of injuries that Eve had to deal with that night. The earthquake has renewed Julian’s feelings about Eve. “Eve I can’t wait to make you my wife now more than ever.” Liz hears what Julian says to Eve, and she in turn hugs TC saying that she can’t wait to be his wife either.

Ethan tells Gwen that she and Jane are his top priority when he sees that Gwen is clearly agitated with him. Gwen demands that Ethan take her home to see Jane. Ethan will not leave until he knows what the damage is around town. Gwen cares nothing about that, she wants to go home to Jane. “Ethan take me home to see Jane.” Theresa steps forward. ”Ethan! Take me to see Jane and then to my house to see Little Ethan.”

Chad is alone with the baby in his apartment. He can’t leave, and the baby would be a hindrance in a disaster as this if he left with the child. Chad only wishes that Whitney were there with them. Worrying about her is driving him crazy.

Whitney makes her way through town, trying to get to her son and Chad as quickly as she can. She stumbles over some debris in the street and is knocked out but before that happens, she utters one word that comes to mind, and one word only, “Miles…”

Kay is angry that she woke to find Fox lip-locking with her. He tells her that he was giving her mouth-to-mouth to save her life and nothing else. He offers her help out of there, but she tells him to leave her alone. “I am fine.” He starts walking out the house with her following him out. She stops suddenly. He turns asking her what is wrong. She says that she just wants to get Maria’s favorite teddy bear. Fox offers to help but she is certain that she can do this without his assistance. She turns and starts walking back into the house and then she is gone.

Fox watches as Kay falls through a hole in the floor of the living room. He rushes over to the hole and peeks over into it while on his stomach. “Kay!”

Noah almost has Fancy out of the crack of the earth. “I almost have you Fancy. Hold on.” One final pull and she is out of there. She rolls over him to the other side of him. Safe at last. They sit up. She looks at him. “Thank you!” She is so thankful to him, she kisses him and then apologizes for doing that. He is fine with that. He even liked it. “Let’s get out of here. It is too dangerous.” This time when he makes a suggestion to her that they should get going, she just follows his advice. They start walking and then stop abruptly.

“The two of you aren’t going anywhere. We came here to kill the both of you and that is what we are going to do.” One of the thugs from the car stands before Noah and Fancy with a gun pointed straight at them.

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