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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Sam is too late. Jessica has gotten into a car with a strange man and now she is gone.

Ivy comes to Sam. So does Spike. He sees Sam as a helpless father who can’t control his daughter. “You better keep away from us because of the restraining order. Sam is tempted to beat Spike but they still have a chance to get Jessica. Ivy and Sam run to the car.

Jessica is in the car with the john that picked her up. She has no idea where she is going. She admits that she has no place to go. The man smiles at her. “We are only a couple of minutes away.”

Sheridan is in the park. She saw Marty running to her and now she holds him in her arms. “I knew that you would come back to me.”

Fox and Kay are sitting on the couch playing with Endora. Fox can’t help that Endora reminds him of Miles somehow.

Tabitha is off in the doorway hoping that Endora will stop taking to Fox so well. She has to make sure that Fox will never find out that they are brother and sister.

Edna is at the entrance of the club on her way out. She sees that her two shirtless escorts have turned into mice as they said they would. She looks behind her and sees two tiny mice dressed to kill in cummerbund and black dress pants scurrying behind her. The clock must have struck twelve.

Julian and Eve are in the Blue Note and he has just proposed to Eve. He presents to her the biggest engagement ring that she has ever seen. “Of course I will say yes Julian. They kiss.

Rebecca happens to be in the vicinity and she overhears the proposal. “What do you think you are doing Julian?”

Ethan and Gwen are walking by a table with two people who are kissing. It only takes a moment for Ethan to recognize that he woman that is being kissed is Theresa, and that the man kissing her is Alistair. “Theresa! What are you doing?”

Fancy in the car with the two thugs and she fights them but her attempts are futile. She is being kidnapped and there is nothing that she can do about it. The car screeches of with her inside.

Noah sees that Fancy has been kidnapped. In addition, he sees the car that drives off with her. “What is it with you Fancy and getting into trouble all the time?”

He jumps in his car and follows the car that has Fancy in it.

In the car, Fancy fights for her life. She has no idea why she has been kidnapped this way. The man in the back seat with her pulls a gun on her and warns her to be quiet now.

Rebecca reminds Julian that he can’t propose to Eve when they are not even properly divorced yet. She is embarrassed that he has proposed to someone else while he is still married to her.

Liz and TC come running up asking Rebecca to hold it down. Rebecca tells TC that his ex-wife has just accepted a proposal from her husband.

Ethan demands to know what is going on with Alistair and Theresa. Alistair tells that he is on his date. Ethan will not accept this. Gwen knew this would happen. “Theresa will now deal with the devil himself to get her child back.”

Sheridan is hugging the small boy in her arms. “I knew that you would be back. Where is your daddy? How did Luis find you?”

“Mark! Mark!” A woman enters the park looking for someone. Suddenly she sees her child with Sheridan. “What are you doing with my little boy? You are holding my son.” Sheridan says that the boy is hers. “His name is Marty and he is mine.” The woman comes to Sheridan and wrenches her child from Sheridan’s grasp. “Look at this child lady. He is my son, not yours, and his name is Mark. Look at him.” Sheridan does take a good look at the child and sees that she has been wrong about this. “Oh I am so terribly sorry ma’am.”

Tabitha enters the living room with refreshments for everyone. She sees that Fox and Kay and Endora are playing patti-cake. “It is too late now Endora. Bedtime! Too bad that you can’t play with your own little tyke. It is so tragic that you and Sheridan are going to miss out on time with your own children.” Tabitha knows this as a fact. “Didn’t you hear? Alistair helped Beth escape from the country with Marty.” Kay refers to Beth as a freak. Fox can’t believe that Alistair would do that to his own daughter.” Tabitha tells that Beth is Alistair’s daughter too.

Edna enters the house looking nothing less than magnificent. Kay notices that Edna looks really hot lately. Edna loves hearing that. She thanks the young girl for her comment. She turns to Tabitha. “I have a bone to pick with you missy.” Edna heads straight to Edna rubbing his chest when she sees how handsome he is. Fox suddenly has to get going. Kay and Fox go upstairs to say good night to Maria.

Edna turns to Tabitha angrily now that they are alone. Her night was cut short because Tabitha didn’t do what she had been told to do. “What is the big idea setting me up with those two rats tonight? I want the man that you promised me for the night. I may be crass, but I am not a witch. Not whip me up something really tasty.”

Tabitha zaps up a drink with Tequila in it. Edna wants a man, but this drink will do for now.

Sam and Ivy are in the car racing to get Jessica. Ivy worries that Jessica might be high. Sam is sure that she is. The car up ahead is rushing now, and Sam is losing him.

Sam starts dialing his phone. Ivy questions him as to what he is doing. Sam has to try again with the police department to get help. “I will call the station to see if I can call in a favor.”

The john has Jessica at his place now. He looks her over and he looks like a wolf while doing so. “Have you been doing this for a while?” Jessica pretends that she has been around the block a little bit. The man seems disappointed. “Too bad. Love ‘em when they’re new. No matter. We are going to have a good time anyway.”

The woman soothes her child telling him that Sheridan only thought that he was hers. Sheridan apologizes. “I am so sorry.” It is okay. The woman can see that Sheridan is confused. Sheridan introduces herself and the woman gives her name as Maureen. “It is late Sheridan. You should go home but if you have nowhere to go then you can come and stay with us. We have a sofa that you can sleep on.” The crickets have stopped chirping. Maureen knows that means that there is a storm coming. “You have to come with us now. Come have a drink.” Sheridan walks off with Mark and his mother.

Noah drives dangerously to keep up with the car that has Fancy in it. He has a couple of close calls with other vehicles on the road but he makes out okay so far. He can see the car that has Fancy in it and it is moving very fast. They must know that he is on to them.

The thugs can see that they are being followed now. They start driving faster to get away. Fancy tells that she is filthy rich and that her family will pay whatever is wanted to have her back. They know that she is rich but that is not what this is about. Kidnapping for ransom isn’t why she is in the car. “Remember Vegas?” Fancy thinks. “Vegas?”

Fancy thinks back to the time that she spent with Noah in the hotel room of the dead guy. She remembers finding that briefcase of money and throwing it all over the bed.

Noah told Fancy to leave the briefcase, but she took it and the mob kept chasing them.

“Oh my God. I remember now.” The thug in the back seat demands that Fancy tell where the damn money is.

TC isn’t surprised that Eve is going to marry this man. She has been sleeping with her all this time and he is married.

Whitney comes over to see what the commotion is about. With her parents and their significant others. She learns that Eve and Julian are about to get engaged. She is not happy about this. Rebecca says that Julian can marry Eve is he wants to but it will cost him.

Gwen tells Ethan that she knew that Theresa would do this. She predicted this very thing was going to happen and Ethan wouldn’t listen to her. Ethan still has some problems buying this. Ethan wants Theresa to tell him in her own words that she really wanted to come out that night. Alistair tells Theresa to tell who wanted to go out this night. Theresa talks. “It was mine. It was my idea to go out tonight.”

Edna has finished her Tequila. Tabitha tells Edna that it is time to call it a night. Edna isn’t ready for bed. She wants to party. Tabitha is going to be with her child now. Edna sees that Tabitha is as much fun as a wet noodle.

For that comment, Tabitha zaps up a colander of wet noodles over Edna’s head and turns it so that it all falls on Edna’s head.

Fox and Kay come back downstairs now and are in the front of the house. Kay finds it terrible that Alistair has done this to Sheridan. Kay feels that Fox has a responsibility to find the child. Fox isn’t selfish and he defends that he isn’t. He remembers how she used to be though. “Oh well, goodnight.” Fox walks off.

Sam and Ivy have stopped driving now. They have lost Jessica. Sam has been able to find one officer that will help him find his daughter. Sam has to wait for information to get back to him. He has given the man’s license number and hopes to have information on the driver soon enough. Ivy decides that they are going to calm down and she will drive now. “We are going to head to the Blue Note to wait for your callback.”

The man with Jessica is finished with pleasantries. He would like to get down and dirty now with Jessica. She tries to stall. He asks her what she wants and she sees a bottle over in the corner. “Oh, I know what you want. You want a drink to loosen up right?” Jessica nods her head yes. He gets one for her and waits for her to take a sip. As the man is getting her a beer, she looks around and sees that there is something sharp in the corner of the room. Maybe scissors, or a knife. She keeps that information in mind in case she needs it. Suddenly, the man is on her. She is on her back on the bed and he is on top of her groping her.

Julian tells Rebecca that talking about their divorce isn’t what should be happening now. Rebecca understands but reminds him that he will not be getting away cheap. She walks off.

Whitney too is disappointed. “This is just like all the happy endings that you told me about right mother?” Whitney walks off.

Eve tries to follow Whitney but Liz stops her saying that she will be the one to talk to Whitney about this. She walks off following Whitney.

TC has nothing to say to Eve about this and he walks off.

Julian and Eve hold each other. No one is happy about their love.

Liz comes onstage and introduces Whitney to sing.

Whitney comes out and as she sings, her mother and her fiancé dance before her.

“Just that little look, didn’t take much…” Whitney croons.

Gwen and Ethan still stand over Alistair and Theresa. Ethan knows that Theresa has to know that everyone that gets involved with Alistair gets destroyed. Theresa knows that she will be fine. “Right Alistair?” Alistair confirms what she said. Theresa turns to Gwen and Ethan saying that she will get her child back now that she has Alistair’s help. Alistair decides that it is time for them to go and Theresa agrees. Ethan watches as they stand together. Ethan shouts at Theresa. “Don’t lower yourself.”

Sheridan enters the house with Maureen and her son. They have a charming little house. Sheridan asks about the woman and where she has lived with the baby. The woman is not forthcoming with the information. “I work on and off but mostly I am just home for Mark. Your boy must be beautiful if he looks like Mark. I can’t imagine someone taking my son from me.” Sheridan tells how she hears her son calling her sometimes. Sheridan has more questions, but Maureen suddenly gets angry with her for asking so many questions.

Noah is still following Fancy who has been captured and is in the car ahead of him. He struggles to keep up with her.

Fancy panics now. The car is practically flying. The driver is going too fast in order to escape the car behind them. Fancy begs the men. “Please slow down! You are going too fast.”

Noah watches and then he sees something that makes his eyes grow big at the sight of it. “Oh no!”

Kay re-enters the house. She sees now that she was right about Fox. “What a jerk. Tabitha I am going upstairs to see Maria and then I am going next door to my dad’s.” Tabitha tells her to go ahead.

Edna is glad that Kay is gone. No telling what Edna will be up to in the house tonight with some man. Edna demands to have Brad Pitt for the night. “Conjure him up for me. I don’t want a look-alive, I want Brad Pitt. I want to be wined and dined and go to movie premieres on Brad’s arm. If not, I will tell the press that there is a witch in our midst, and a baby witch as well.” Edna goes to the phone and dials. Tabitha zaps the phone, but Edna sends out a zap as well. Tabitha panics. “We shouldn’t have crossed our beams. Both their rays of magic light collide and the magic moves to the globe in the corner. It rises into the air and then hits Edna in the head knocking her out cold. The trouble isn’t over. The house starts shaking Harmony is in trouble.

Sheridan is at Maureen’s house still talking to this very jittery woman about her child and where she has come from. They both put the child to bed together. It is getting late now. Sheridan is about to leave but she gives Maureen her phone number so that they can be together again sometime in the future. As Sheridan is leaving the house, it starts to shake. It is like an earthquake. Maureen and Sheridan grab the child and run out of the house to safety. “It must be some kind of earthquake,” Sheridan says.

Jessica is in the room with the man who she is about to have sex with for money. “I can’t do it,” she says as she pushes him off her. The man will not take no for an answer. “I have already paid Spike for you. I have to get it.” Jessica promises to get the man his money back but he doesn't want it. That was the whole point of this little exercise. Jessica tells him no. She can’t do it. He suddenly pounces on her and holds her up against the wall. She grabs the shiny scissors nearby and holds it poised to strike if he doesn’t let go of her. She doesn’t have to do anything.

The room starts shaking violently. Everything in the room moves, even the walls. The man loses his grip on Jessica and she is free for the moment.

There has been a car accident. All in the car have lost consciousness. The thug in the front of the car has blood pouring down his face, and the thug in the back has the same problem. Both are out cold. Fancy is in the car with her head leaning against the passenger window behind the driver seat. The car stands still.

Noah reaches up to Fancy’s car and he goes running to it to see if she is alright. After he sees that the thugs are out cold, he goes to the back seat and wakes Fancy, pulling her out of the car. When she sees who it is that is pulling her out of the car, she gets angry, telling Noah to take his hands off her. “What is your problem,” he asks her. “I was trying to help you.” She doesn’t want his help. Noah can see that she isn’t thinking straight. “Fancy don’t you understand what is happening here? These guys are probably from Las Vegas here to kill us.”

Noah and Fancy walk off a bit away from the car. Suddenly the ground starts shaking again. Noah and Fancy hold each other as they go through it. Before them they see the ground separating. The ground opens as easily as if someone were ripping a piece of tissue paper.

Whitney is singing. Julian and Eve are still dancing together before her.

TC can’t believe that Eve is going to marry that slime. Liz can see that Eve has moved on with her life, and she wants TC to look forward to the life that they are going to have. “You still want to marry me right?” TC says yes, but not with as much emphasis as Liz would have liked. TC is preoccupied. She follows his eyes and sees that he is caught up in watching Eve dancing with Julian.

Alistair and Theresa are ready to go now. Gwen tells Ethan that it is time for them to get going. “Leave her to herself Ethan. She does whatever she wants anyway.” Ethan will not let Theresa throw her life away with this creep. He refuses to leave, or let Theresa leave with Alistair. He stand boldly before Alistair and Theresa. Theresa says that she knows what she is doing and encourages Ethan to get out of their way. Ethan pushes Alistair when he tries to walk past to exit.

Alistair pulls a gun on Ethan. “I have had just about enough of you.” The people beside them all run out of the way. They see that there is a man in the club with a gun and they rush off. Ethan stands still watching Alistair with the gun in his hand. Alistair feels that he should have done this long ago. Theresa is now standing beside Ethan and Gwen in front of Alistair. They watch in horror as Alistair points his gun at Ethan.

Sam and Ivy arrive at the Blue Note. Sam really didn’t want to come there but Ivy convinced him that it would make the time pass quickly and that he can be reached just as easily on his cell phone there as anywhere else. They are now outside the building where the club is and they are about to enter. Sam is so upset at the way that things are going with his daughter. He is so angry, he takes his hand and bangs it on the wall of the building before him. That is when it starts.

Everything starts shaking out of control. It is an earthquake. Ivy grabs Sam’s arm to steady herself. Everything around them is moving and shaking.

Alistair still has the gun on Ethan, but suddenly the club starts shaking out of control. Alistair has his hand on the trigger of the gun but he can’t steady his aim.

BANG! A shot rings out. Theresa falls to the floor on her stomach. Gwen turns to her in horror. “What have you done?” Theresa’s eyes are closed and a small trickle of blood oozes out from beneath her body. Soon the pool gets bigger and bigger around Theresa’s body. She doesn’t move. Alistair didn’t mean to shoot her but he has.

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