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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Tabitha and Endora are in the house fanning themselves trying to keep cool. Fox and Kay are building a fire to get warm after falling off the wharf at the cannery. Although it is the middle of summer, Fox and Kay shiver from having to walk home in their wet clothes. They are trying to warm up and get dry by the fire. Fox tells Kay playfully that the next time that she falls into the wharf she should be a little nicer if she wants help. All he did was ask her to say please before he would help her out of the water.

Tabitha sees that those two are hotter than the fire over there. She has seen them looking at each other funny and Tabitha really thinks that is the last thing that Kay needs. Tabitha has grown to like Kay, but she doesn’t think that being with Fox is the thing that she needs in her life. Fox is kind of nice though, and he is Endora’s half-brother. Of course he will never know that. No one will find out that Tabitha shared one blessed night of passion with Julian and that her daughter is in fact a Crane.

Jessica is still on the strip waiting to be picked up. Things are going to be more difficult with her father sitting in his car not far from where she is standing. She knows this man and he will not stop to get her home and off the streets. This is going to be really difficult. Jessica is torn. She knows that the fact that her father has a restraining order against him means nothing.

Ivy and Sam are in his car watching Jessica as she advertises her young body on the street. They thought that her losing her virginity to Spike was bad enough but actually this is. Jessica will be with many men if Ivy and Sam can’t get her off the streets and back into the safety of her home, and into the bosom of her family. Sam will stay out there all night and watch his daughter if he has to. If she has a moment where she wants to go home, Sam will be there for her.

Spike comes to see Jessica on the strip. She is looking a little boring. “Hey baby! Shake it a little bit out there to sell it why don’t ya.” Spike motions for her to lean up against the lamp post and pull her mini skirt up even higher for all to see. Jessica does as she is told, but her heart really isn’t in it. She is only doing this for Spike.

The two thugs that are looking for Noah and Fancy see Jessica and they like what they see. They have gone to the strip to connect with an associate who is a small timer in the same business as they are. Spike is the friend who they have come downtown to see. Spike tells that this girl that they are ogling is the sister of the guy that they are looking for. The men walk off to find the guy and the blonde that he was with to kill them.

Edna tells Noah and Fancy that it doesn’t matter that they are fighting now that will soon be water under the bridge. She knows that Noah and Fancy are meant for each other and in time they will figure that out. Noah and Fancy look at each other and then turn storming off in different directions. They can’t stand the sight of each other.

Edna only smiles at the two kids as they rush off to opposite ends of the club. They may hate each other now, but they will see that she knows what she is talking about here. It is written in the stars. In time, she knows these kids will see things differently and come together as they are secretly crazy for each other. They can fight it but it will happen. There is a fine line between love and hate, and at any moment one or both of the kids could step over the line.

Ethan and Gwen are in bed and she is angry with him for getting Alistair angry over Sam being fired. She worries that he will be Alistair’s next target and that they will have to move to out from under the man. This could also lead to them losing custody of Jane. If Alistair has the clout to get Sam fired, then he could also control the court system in town.

Alistair and Theresa are in his limo and he has his dirty paws all over her. He started out like a gentleman, offering her champagne in the back of the limo, but after one sip, he took the glass from her and started kissing her neck and her body against her will. He was feeling her up everywhere. She fights and fights to push him off.

Sheridan can’t sleep. Luis has gone now and she still worries about him in spite of the fact that she couldn’t stand the sight of him around her. She has changed and put on her makeup. She is sorry about the way her life has turned out, and she has a score to settle. She grabs her purse and leaves the cottage.

Sheridan is at the park now and she sits on a park bench in the dark to think. She needed to clear her head and think about her next move. Being in the cottage alone made her feel sad and lonely. “Oh Marty. Where are you my precious child?” She longs to see him again, and if only Luis could bring him back to her, she feels that there might be a chance for them all to be a family again.

Sheridan thinks to the time when she and Marty would play in the sandbox together. Beth kept a firm hand on Sheridan’s access to the boy and now she knows why. She knew that she wasn’t the real mother of the boy. She didn’t want Sheridan to bond with the child but Sheridan did in spite of all that. Those special moments were what gave Sheridan the courage to prove that Marty was really hers. The second that she was able to prove it, Beth was out of there in a flash.

Sheridan closes her eyes as she remembers her son. She basks in those memories. They are what get her through the day. She can’t give up the thought that her son will be brought back to her. The thought of continuing her life without him tears her apart. Her father is really the one to blame here. Beth stared all this but instead of using his power to help Sheridan, Alistair has made it his job to take Marty from Sheridan and send Beth away to safety with Marty.

Someone touches Sheridan’s shoulder lightly. Sheridan opens her eyes to her mother who has come to the park as well. She knows that her daughter has suffered, and continues to do so. “I understand how you feel Sheridan. I felt the same way about you when we were apart. I hope that you will get your son back.”

Gwen knows that Theresa always has some fresh new hell to bring to the table. And she can feel it in her bones that Theresa is working on some new plan to wreak havoc in their lives even as they speak. That may be so, but Ethan has a way that works for him when he needs to deal with Theresa and he wishes that Gwen would try it more often. He assures her that this will bring her peace if she would just take the advice. “Just ignore her Gwen. Now come on. Get out of bed and lets have some fun. We need some alone time together and we are going to get it tonight. Katherine is here to keep an eye on Jane and the staff at the house is there for backup in case it is needed. Let’s go out and forget about Alistair and Theresa all together.” Ethan is sure that there is no chance that Alistair and Theresa are going to come together against them. Gwen loves the idea. She smiles at her husband. why shouldn’t they relax a little bit and let their hair down?

Alistair is all over Theresa in his limo. In the cramped space, there is no room to escape his advances. She pushes him off promising him that there is plenty of time for messing around later. He likes that she offers to give himself to her later. Doesn’t matter what she says though, he will get what he wants one way or the other.

In her mind, she knows that she has no intention of having sex with the man ever but as long as she can make him think that he has a chance, she will be in his good graces. That is just where she wants to be.

Theresa says that she would like to get to know him better before anything happens between them sexually. Alistair cares nothing about that. How does she feel that they could get to know each other better? She would like to talk and so they do. Alistair starts. “I remember when you were a child Theresa and you lived in the mansion with your parents.” She remembers that time too. “Your parents worked at the house back then. Now you have a child for Julian. Who would have thought?” Theresa knows that a lot of changes have occurred since she was a child living in the mansion. Theresa remarks on how unpopular he has been in Harmony. He is so popular and yet so hated all at the same time. Alistair has to agree with her on this. He doesn’t take offense. Almost everyone that he knows has tried to kill him at one time or another. He accepts the fact like water rolling down a duck’s back.

Theresa thinks to herself that it is too bad that no one has killed him yet. Crazy bastard. Theresa would never say these things aloud to Alistair, but she takes pleasure in thinking these horrible thoughts. She is trying to make him a friend so that he can get her what she wants, and so she reminds herself that you can get more flies with honey. She knows that he is thinking about screwing her over, in more ways than one, but she feels that her plan of using him, and making him think that she is interested in him is the plan that is far superior to his.

Alistair tells Theresa that he knows what she is thinking. She smiles at him. If he really knew what she were thinking, he would toss her out of the moving vehicle immediately. “You think that I should be dead already. You wish that one of the people that tried to kill me in the past would have succeeded. You know… Most women fear me but you trying to get your child back by putting yourself in my hands is charming to me. I am fascinated by the way that your mind works. You are an intricate creature Theresa. I am going to get you everything that you want and change your life forever. Just you wait and see. Everything that you deserve shall be yours for the taking.” She would like to know how he is going to accomplish all this. He chuckles. “All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.”

Tabitha paces and fans herself furiously trying to kick up a wind to cool herself off. This fire in the middle of July is ridiculous. She can’t live like this. She is having flashbacks of being burned at the stake because of the heat in her house. Tabitha asks Endora to get them something to put that horrible fire out.

Endora zaps them up a fire extinguisher that appears on the table while Fox and Kay are not looking. Tabitha grabs it and runs to the fireplace putting out the fire. Fox and Kay are surprised by the act. They didn’t mean to make Tabitha uncomfortable in her own home. She didn’t mean to be rude, she just couldn’t stand the heat anymore. Not everyone in the house fell into the water at the cannery you know. Tabitha tells Fox and Kay that it is just too hot for this kind of activity. They understand.

Maria cries upstairs. Kay rushes off to see to her.

Fox turns to Tabitha. “I have never been in your house before. I have never been to this part of town when I was small. I have been at boarding school most of the time.” Tabitha knows that he has been away. She couldn’t ever bear to be away from he daughter that long. Tabitha offers Fox a drink. He agrees to have a soda. Tabitha goes running to the kitchen.

While Tabitha is in the kitchen and Fox has his back turned, Endora zaps up the soda. It suddenly appears on her high chair.

Fox turns and sees the soda. “Wow. Is that for me?” Tabitha returns to the room to find that Endora has already produce a can of pop for Fox.

Sam and Ivy are still watching Jessica on the strip. Sam will make sure that nothing happens to Jessica out there.

A car stops. Spike sends Jessica over to talk to the men in the car.

Jessica goes over there and asks the men what they want from her.

Sam suddenly appears telling the men to get lost. He will not let his daughter be used for sex.

Eve and Julian show up at the Blue Note. They decide to have a night out for a change to lighten their moods.

Eve and Julian continue into the club and Julian sees someone that he knows. The sight of her brings a smile to his face. “Why it is my daughter Fancy.” Julian goes over to see Fancy who is with a beautiful middle-aged woman and some guy. Fancy greets her father warmly. Eve squints at Edna. “Edna. Is that you?” Edna tells her that it is in fact her.

She whispers to Eve that she doesn’t pee herself anymore.

That is too much information for Julian who has happened to overhear what Edna has said. He and Eve continue into the club. Julian will touch base with his daughter later.

Edna now turns to Noah and Fancy. “Now back to you two. You are going to be together. I can see it whether you like it or not. Noah and Fancy don’t agree.

At the Bennett house, the two thugs from Las Vegas are in the house looking for Ned. The house remains dark as the men look around with flashlights. No one is home. They have checked all the rooms. “Aren’t people in small towns supposed to go to bed early?” One of the thugs finds a flyer for some place called the Blue Note. Maybe this is where everyone is tonight.

Sheridan explains that she couldn't’ stay at home alone. She misses Marty and Luis. Katherine offers Sheridan a place to stay in the mansion. Sheridan can’t stay in the mansion with Alistair, and she still can’t understand how her mother can do it.

Katherine thinks to herself that she is in the mansion to save her daughter’s life. She can’t even tell Sheridan this.

Katherine explains to Sheridan that she decided to go back to Alistair and that Martin has gone back to Pilar. That is that. Katherine really feels that Sheridan being in the mansion would be a good thing for her. Sheridan can’t do it.

At the Blue Note, Liz introduces the musical styling of Whitney Russell.

The audience claps as she comes out to sing.

“Am I just dreaming? Tell me what you would say if I asked you to stay…”

Julian remarks to Eve that Whitney sounds just like Eve used to sound. Eve only hopes that Whitney doesn’t fallow the same path that her mother has. At least she isn’t drinking tonight. Julian feels that maybe Whitney has chosen the right path after all. Julian is sorry that Eve’s troubles have started because of him. That is all in the past now. They get up to dance.

Noah and Fancy are still hating each other, but Edna knows better.

The two shirtless men that Edna has brought to the club with her come to get her and the three of them go back to their table.

Noah and Fancy glare at each other for a while and then Noah walks off to say hi to people that he knows.

Alistair and Theresa arrive at the club. They both look very nice dressed up together.

Alistair recognizes Edna at once. She says hello to Alistair and then walks off on the arms of her two Chippendale hunks. Theresa smiles at the display.

Liz, comes to the door and greets Alistair and Theresa. “Hi you two. You are not together are you?” When she gets confirmation that they are, she walks them into the club.

Alistair can’t get his mind of what will be happening later on tonight.

Tabitha watches as Fox plays Endora. Fox can’t help being reminded of his sisters when he looks at Endora.

Tabitha can’t have him making a connection to Endora. Even if she is his half-sister.

Kay enters the room with Maria. Fox remarks that she is a cute kid too.

Tabitha decides that it is time for Endora to go off to bed.

While Fox and Kay have their backs turned, Endora zaps herself out of her high chair and floats softly to the ground.

Fox turns to see Endora sitting quietly on the floor. “Wow! She moves fast doesn’t she?” Kay knows that Endora has been doing her magic.

She whispers to get control of the child before Fox figures this out.

Tabitha runs off to get Endora, but she starts floating behind Fox and Kay’s back. Tabitha runs back and forth, trying to grab a leg as Endora floats around near the ceiling.

Out on the strip, the johns have been frightened off now because of Sam confronting them. Spike has come to join Sam and Jessica. Sam tells Jessica that it is time to go home now. He begs her to leave with him. Jessica looks at Spike and Sam and is almost about to go with her father but then decides that she will stay with Spike.

Sam can’t deal with this. Ivy comes up behind Sam telling him that they should just go since it is clear that Jessica will not listen to anything that he says right now. Sam knows that he is right.

He and Ivy walk off to the car as Jessica watches. A part of her wants to go, but Spike has such a hold on her.

Sheridan tells her mother that she won’t be able to take Luis back now. She has to do something about the way her life is going. “I am Alistair’s daughter and I am going to start acting like it. I am going to strike when he least expects it and I will not stop until I make his life as miserable as mine.”

At the Blue Note, Edna is doing up the dance floor with her two escorts for the evening.

Liz walks by them on her way to Alistair’s table. She takes Alistair and Theresa’s orders and leaves.

Alistair and Theresa smile at Edna and her dirty dancing. Theresa wonders what it is that turned the clock back for Edna.

Edna is finished dancing now and she takes her two partners and tells them that the evening has only started. The two men tell her that it is almost midnight and that they will turn back into rats. Edna had no idea. Tabitha will pay for this.

Julian remarks to Eve that Edna’s transformation is nothing short of miraculous.

Ethan and Gwen arrive at the club and they are greeted by Liz.

Ethan and Gwen make their way in and say hi to Noah as they walk past.

Next they see Fancy at the bar and they go over to say hello to her. She turns and talks with them. Over their shoulders, she sees Noah looking at her. She suddenly gets a sour look on her face. “Nice to see you guys but I don’t need this. I am out of here.” She grabs her purse and heads out to the door.

Noah sees Fancy leaving.

The two thugs have arrived at the club and they enter with Fancy walking by them on her way out.

After she is gone, one of the men say that the blonde looks like the person in the picture. The men decide to check it out.

The men walk right out the door again behind Fancy.

Noah has been watching and he sees the thugs who follow Fancy out. He has a really bad feeling about this and he gets up to follow the men in case Fancy needs some help.

Spike sees a car coming towards Jessica. He gives her some pointers before running off to his corner.

The car stops and the man asks Jessica if it is just hot out tonight, or if it is just her. He orders her into the car. “Get in!”

Sam and Ivy are still watching Jessica. This man is actually going to pick Jessica up.

Spike appears at Ivy’s window smiling at Sam and Ivy. He is actually distracting them so that Jessica can do her business. Sam vows that he will get his daughter back and ruin Spike in the process.

A car revs and drives off. Sam turns to see Jessica is gone and the car that was there is gone to. He goes running to the sidewalk. “Jessica!”

Sheridan has a plan. She tells her mother that she has to get hard now. She has to make Alistair pay for what he has done to her. She tells her mother to go now.

Katherine turns and leaves.

Sheridan is hot, and she would like to go somewhere cool now.

“Mommy!” Sheridan sees Marty running to her. She stoops and grabs the child in her arms.

At Tabitha’s house, she finally gets her hand on Edna and pulls her down from the ceiling. They have to keep their magic under wraps.

At the Blue Note, Edna is learning that the men with her really will turn into rats is she doesn’t get them out of their. Oh well. she had fun anyway. They all dance as they make their way out of there.

By the time they get to the other side of the door, the men have turned into rats. Tabitha is sad to see them go. “But they sure did have nice tails.”

Julian and Eve are at their table and the music is playing especially soft right at this moment. Julian has a surprise for his true love. He fishes around in his pocket and takes out a velvet box which is opens and presents to Eve. “Would you do me the honor of being my wife?” Eve’s mouth drops in awe of the diamond. It is the biggest one that she has ever seen.

Ethan and Gwen are relaxing on the dance floor, dancing slow. He hopes that he has squelched all thoughts of Theresa and Julian becoming a unit of terror in their lives. Gwen starts to relax. They have finished dancing now and they walk to get a table.

Alistair and Theresa are at the table and Alistair is pawing Theresa and trying to kiss her. She is not exactly giving in but she isn’t fighting him off either. Alistair is about to kiss her when they hear a familiar voice.

“Theresa what are you doing?” She turns to find Ethan and Gwen standing behind her. They see that Alistair was about to kiss her. Gwen’s mouth drops in horror.

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