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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Spike has Jessica back out on the street in a new and revealing hooker suit. This one seems to be totally made of black mesh, except in places where it would be illegal for her to have her body showing. She wishes that she could take the night off. Seeing all the men in her family go to jail and get charged and dulled the prospect of getting anything done out here. Spike will not let her go home just yet. “You know that we have to get my club back up and running right? You don’t want me to have to go to Alaska and leave you right? Here, take some drugs. Make a little money and then we will call it a night.” Jessica takes the drugs as Spike tells her to.

Sam and Noah are in the car on their way home from the police station. The men reconnect and discuss family and events that the other might have missed. Noah gets the low down on his mother and what she has been up to. He is disappointed to hear that Grace hasn’t had any contact with the family since forever. Sam suspects that Noah has a little something in his heart for Fancy Crane. Noah assures his father that he isn’t interested in Fancy. “I just want a nice girl with a nice life.”


 In Vegas, the thugs that are looking for Noah and Fancy have a picture of Ned to go on and not much more. They know that the man is in Harmony and that is where they will be heading as soon as possible. “We know that the guy is in Harmony so it makes sense that the girl is there too. Let’s find them and kill them.”

Fancy is tired of her mother judging her before she even does something wrong. Ivy keeps telling her daughter that she shouldn’t do this because of that, but Fancy isn’t sure that what her mother tells her is entirely true. She finds her mother to be really over-exaggerating at times. “Mom, I am sure that you have done worse in your life.” Ivy has but will not tell her daughter about that.

Gwen returns to the bedroom now that she has checked on Jane and is assured that the baby is sleeping. Ethan is looking at papers trying to get Sam reinstated at his job. Gwen wants Ethan to keep this on the down low so that Alistair will not find out that they are involved in all that. She knows that the worst thing that could happen to them is to have Alistair decide that they are against him. That wouldn’t be right. They live in the man’s house for goodness sake. Ethan really needs to rethink what he is doing there. “Just be careful Ethan. Just help Sam out a little bit with this and then stay out of it.” It is too late for that. Ethan admits that Alistair already knows what he is doing. In fact, Alistair almost had a heart attack when Ethan confronted him. Gwen is upset. “Alistair is going to come after me and you, and he will make our lives a miserable hell because of what you did.” Ethan isn’t that worried over things.

Theresa is about to go out on her date with the hideous Alistair and she smiles. She has decided to grin and bear it. She has a goal in mind and Alistair can help her get to it. She and Alistair turn to head to the door, but before they can get very far, Martin pounces on the man and grabs him by the collar pushing him up against the wall roughly. “You are not taking my daughter anywhere tonight. Do you hear me you crazy old man? You will not use her and discard her like you do so many others.” Alistair tells Martin that this will be Theresa’s decision to make… Not his. He knows that Theresa is an adult and that whatever her parents say, the decision to go out with him this night will be entirely hers. Pilar watches in horror and Martin starts to lose it. She senses that if Teresita goes out with this terrible man tonight, she will never be the same when she returns. That is if she returns. Alistair smiles. He seems to take special pleasure in torturing the Lopez-Fitzgeralds at every turn. No matter what they do, he will win in the end.

Noah asks his father if they can stop off before going home and get a drink or something so that they can unwind a bit. “It has been a hell of a night dad. First finding out that my baby sister has changed, then burning down the club, then finding out Jessica has left the house to live with Spike, then finding her hooking on the street, and now being arrested. It has been all too much. Sam can’t go for a drink with his son. Sam has something to do but he tells Noah to go out and have some fun on his own. Noah senses that his father has a plan in mind to get Jessica free from the streets, but Sam will not let him help with this. he needs to do this on his own. He will not be responsible for his sons getting in anymore trouble on his behalf. He is the father, and he will handle this on his own.

Fancy has changed her clothes and she is on her way out the door to party hearty. She now sports a silver sequined sleeveless top with a light white blouse over it. Ivy worries that it is getting late now and she really shouldn’t be going out at this time. Fancy isn’t a nun. In addition, from what she remembers, her mother wasn’t one either back in the day. Fancy wonders what makes Ivy think that she can tell her daughter what to do now after ignoring her all those years in the past. Ivy is only concerned she says. Ivy was very much like Fancy at her age, and she wants to save the girl any hurt that might be in her future. “I see how you have been living. The parties and the men are too much. Some day your lifestyle is going to catch up with you and then it might be too late.” Fancy doesn’t care about that. When her lifestyle catches up to her, she will deal with it then. For now, she’s gonna party! “Don’t wait up mother. You really need your beauty sleep.” She leaves the mansion.

Ivy knows that Fancy is in for big trouble wherever she ends up tonight. The world is her oyster and she is very naïve. She has just been back for a couple of days and she already has caused a ruckus in town for others as well as herself. She also remembers Fancy dropping a hint that something pretty disastrous happened in Las Vegas. Fancy wouldn’t elaborate, but Ivy knows that it must have been a doozy. She is just the type.

On a plane leaving Las Vegas, the two thugs that have been hired to go and find Noah and Fancy in Harmony head out to their destination. The men share drinks and discuss the task ahead of them. The job is easy enough and they have contacts in Harmony who they can go to in order to get the skinny on these two. They have a picture of Ned’s face and the back of Fancy’s head. They will find Ned first and then get the girl. They are sure to be together.

Edna is at the club dancing with the two shirtless hunks that Tabitha conjured up for her. After Edna got her body of a lifetime, she demanded that Tabitha give her two bare-chested bodacious slabs of tightly packed meat to spend the evening with. She got em! They are all dancing now. Edna can’t get enough of them. Later at her house she is going to get them to double her pleasure.

Liz watches Edna and the men that she is dancing with as she stands by the bar of her establishment. She stares at Edna strangely. Did you ever have the feeling that you were looking at someone that you knew, but you couldn’t place the person. That is what Liz is feeling. “The more that I look at that woman with those two men, the more I feel Like I know who she is.”

Noah orders scotch at the bar of the Blue Note, but the bartender tells that the dancing woman and her friends have used up all of it. The bartender points to the dance floor to indicate who he is talking about. Noah turns and sees an older but nicely packaged woman doing the can-can with two men who could easily pass as strippers with the hard-rock bodies they have. He laughs with the bartender at the trio.

Noah turns back to the bartender and decides then if he can’t have scotch, then he will have to settle for vodka instead. The bartender thinks for a minute, then says, “Oh I have that!” He turns to make the drink for his new customer.

At the entrance to the Blue Note Fancy enters the club. She was going by and thought that this place looked like the kind of place where she could relax and have some fun. Liz greets Fancy, not knowing who she is. Just thinking of her as a new face to her club. “Welcome and good evening. Would you like to be seated at a table this evening?” Fancy greets the woman kindly and indicates that she would like to have a table for one. She is going solo tonight. The place looks quiet enough. This is just what she needs. Some drinks and some music in a smoky atmosphere. Liz brings Fancy into the main area of the club and seats her at a table away from the bar where she can sit quietly alone and have a beverage of her choice.

Fancy walks past Noah on her way to her table, but he doesn’t see her and she doesn’t see him. As far as one is concerned, the other is somewhere else doing God knows what and good riddance to him or her. Fancy hasn’t been in the club before but likes the way that it looks. She will like it here she thinks. The Blue Note wasn’t there when she lived in Harmony before. It must be new.

Sam has gone back to the strip where Jessica was selling her wares. He guessed that Spike would push her back out on the street and he was right. There she is in a mini skirt too short for a three-year-old. She is a young and beautiful girl. She is sure to be picked up by some slime ball soon. Sam is there to make sure that will not happen. She has no idea what Spike is really doing to her life.

He sees her on the sidewalk now. All dressed up with but with a very sad face. “My poor Jessica,” Sam says to himself. he blames himself for not taking better care of her. She wasn’t the child that caused any problems. She was the best behaved of all the kids. Yet here she stands in the worst shape than any of his kids have ever been in.

Sam remembers the times that he had with his little girl when she was just a child. She might have been six-years-old when she really related to him. She was his special girl, and she knew it. They used to play tea party with her toys, he would read to her at night when she was in bed, and she loved him dearly just for being her dad. Sam would do anything to have those days back again.

Sam knows that those times are all over now. But that doesn’t mean that he can’t try and get his daughter back. She will be damaged, but he will take her any way that he can, as long as he can retrieve her from the streets. Girls her age end up looking like forty-year-olds in a matter of months. His precious little girl is now a hooker on the street.

Spike comes to see Jessica on the strip to see how she is doing. He is surprised to see that she is still there. “Why are you still here Jessica?” Jessica tells that there are not many cars out tonight and that is why she hasn’t been picked up yet by anyone. she hasn’t made any money yet, but she promises to try harder for him. He sees her father’s car parked nearby and smiles in that direction. He isn’t worried about Sam. “If Sam comes near you, he will be back in the slammer in a minute and this time he will stay there.” Spike laughs at the thought. Jessica doesn’t think that is so funny. She finds Spike to be really insensitive to her feelings for her family. She understands why he hates them but he should be able to see why she still cares about them. They are her family and will be forever. Spike apologizes for laughing when he sees Jessica’s sad face looking up at him. “…But still… Look what I have turned you into…Sam really has to hate that. It must be killing him,” Spike jokes as he giggles out loud. Jessica isn’t laughing. That really isn’t funny.

Sam sees that Jessica isn’t happy as she talks to Spike. For him that is a good sign. Maybe she is tired of all this and wants to come home. Well when she is ready for that, he will be there for her. He can’t hear what they are saying over on the sidewalk, but he can tell that Jessica doesn’t’ like it one bit. He whispers from his car to himself wishing that Jessica could hear him. “Come on Jessica help me to figure out a way to get you out of there. You know that I am over here. When you are ready, I will be here to take you home where you belong.” Sam wishes that more than anything, his car door would open and Jessica would just bounce into the passenger seat like she has so many times in the past. He knows that to get her home, Sam will have to have her cooperation and so he settled in to wait for her to give him a sign. “I have to get you out of there.”

Gwen tells how she is scared that Alistair will retaliate over Ethan getting in his face earlier about Sam’s job. Gwen feels that Ethan has to be more careful. A lot has happened in the last few days to make Alistair very angry. He has been extremely tense over the things that have been going on with his family and others that are around them. Alistair is easily angered right now. Ethan should have approached him in some other manner. Now they have to worry about retaliation from him when they have been allowed to live a privileged life in his mansion. Ethan isn’t worried. “So what if he asks us to pack our bags and get out of here?” Gwen shudders at the thought of that. She doesn’t want to have to move out.

Martin is still holding Alistair by the collar for trying to take his daughter out and use her like a town whore. Theresa begs him to get off Alistair and leave the man alone. She is embarrassed at the behavior of her parents. She is an adult. This has to stop. They can’t stop her. She has made up her mind on this. His interference angers her for a couple of reasons, the main one being that he has no right to tell her what to do when he hasn’t been with the family for years. He took off with Alistair’s wife, so in a way it is fitting for Martin to have to watch his daughter date this man. Martin isn’t the culprit that his daughter thinks that he is. He is about to tell her why he really left his family all those years ago, but Pilar stops him. Sheridan’s life will be ruined if Martin talks. He has to keep being the bad guy in all this and have his family hate him to keep other secrets so that Luis’s true love can have a peaceful life. Pilar tells Martin that he needs to stop this talk and leave things be. “Take your hands off him Martin!” Martin releases Alistair as he is told to do. Alistair is used to the Lopez-Fitzgeralds as a violent-prone group, and he laughs at their primitive reactions to him. Luis is the same. all the men love blaming everyone else for the things that they do. “Like you Martin. You left your family and you blame me for that when it was your choice.” That is not the truth, but when Martin tries to explain, Pilar stops him. Theresa has had enough of this. “We are going out now. That is enough.”

Sam keeps watching his daughter as she stands waiting for a trick. He is afraid that if he takes his eyes off her for even a minute, she will disappear and he will lose her forever. He can’t let that happen. It was a miracle that he and his boys found her at all tonight. They were just randomly walking through the bad neighborhood, but it wasn’t until they were on the way out of there that they saw their baby Jessica. Dressed in baby pink with her outfit practically glued to her body. she had on shoes that were half ridiculously high. Sam hopes that one day the image of her dressed like that will leave his mind forever. He can’t go near her because of the restraining order, but he can watch her from a distance and make sure that she is safe. That is good enough for him now.

Jessica sees her father sitting in his car a ways away and she remembers the past that she has shared with him. He really is the greatest. When she starts thinking about him and how good he has been to her in her life, she gets kind of sad about the way that she has been treating him.

She was about twelve-years-old she remembers. He would pick her up for church and call her his angel. She would always love going out with him in the car. He was always the greatest day for a girl to have… He would also take her to baseball games and they would sit at the picnic table and eat hotdogs and drink soda until they were gonna burst. He would take time to spend with only her. She felt special all the time and she was never left out or forgotten when it came to her father… When her mother left, he assured her that he would be there for her and that he wouldn’t ever leave her. He wanted her to feel safe and not think that she would be missing anything. He made a solemn promise to her and in a way he has kept it. “I will always be there if you need me Jessica.” He wasn’t lying and that is why he is parked across the street from her now. He will watch her forever and she knows it.

She knows that alone on this street, she really needs her father now. Spike says that he is around for protection but that isn’t always true. Sometimes she looks around and finds that no one is there at all. It could be that moment in which some freak drags her into a car, or robs her, or maybe one of these crazy hookers that she has to stand around with might feel that she is taking their turf and slice her pretty face. She doesn’t want to be here. Jessica pretends that she is fine with it, but she really isn’t. She would rather work two jobs than be out here for a few hours sleeping with absolutely anyone that can afford her. When Jessica complains about being a pro, Spike just gives her more drugs to dull the feelings she has. “Help me daddy,” she whimpers quietly. She looks in the direction of her father’s car, and she starts walking.

Sam is in his car and the passenger door opens.

Sam turns and recognizes the face he sees opening his car door. “You came back!” A smile a mile wide brightens Sam’s face.

Ethan tells Gwen the he has to do what is right here and being afraid of Alistair is not a factor for him. “I have to get my father his job back.” She knows that but she wants him to see her point of view. “If you go after Sam’s job, that will mean that we will have to leave Harmony.” Ethan says that is wrong. “We can’t leave Harmony. Alistair will find us, and we will be taking Jane from her mother.” Gwen is fed up again. “Is this really about Jane or Theresa?”

Theresa tells her mother to relax and settle down. Nothing is going to stop her from leaving with Alistair. “Mama. I am going.” Pilar runs to the door. “I will not let you destroy Theresa’s happiness. You stay away from my daughter. Stay away.” Alistair offers Pilar a chance to attack him if she wants. She hopes that he chokes on his food and dies.

Pilar wants to her daughter and so Alistair leaves the house. Martin follows him out and closes the door behind them.

Pilar tells Theresa that she knows that Alistair wants to eat her for dessert. This dinner is just a farce. The start to make her lose her guard. “You know how much that man hates this family! He hates us with a passion. Alistair never hurts anyone. He hurts and he destroys people. This dinner is just the beginning. He will take your very soul.”

Ivy has come into Sam’s car. she had a feeling that Sam might be there and she came to keep him company. He appreciates the thought but there really isn’t anything that he can do. “I can’t get within 100 feet of my daughter. I have to watch my daughter sell herself Ivy. How did things come to this? There is not a damn thing that I can do about this.” Ivy has an idea. “I can talk to Jessica before she gets arrested. Let me do this Sam.” Sam feels that is a good idea. Ivy can’t promise anything but she does care, she really does. He believes her. Ivy gets out of the car.

Noah tells the bartender at the Blue Note that he has sworn off gambling and women forever.

Edna and the two Chippendale sexy men are at a table now. Liz is over there talking to Edna who has ordered champagne. Liz can’t stop staring at Edna. She looks so familiar.

Behind Edna’s back the two men hold up napkins with “Save us”, and “Help” written on it. they hide the napkins when Edna is about to turn around and see what they are doing. Edna tells the men that after they are done partying, she is going to take them both home and take them to bed. Edna gets up and meets Liz halfway taking the champagne from her tray.

Edna sees Fancy sitting at a table alone and she sits with her. She sees that Fancy is lonely looking. She offers to fix Fancy up. Edna points to the men that are at her table. Fancy likes what she sees. Edna tells her that those cute guys are for her. Edna will find someone for her. I am going to be back in a flash with a man for you dear. “Someone that you can spend the rest of your life with.

Noah continues to sit at the bar and have his drink alone.

Gwen wants an answer to her question about who Ethan is really concerned about. “Is it Theresa or Jane?” Ethan only cares about Theresa as the mother of their child. Gwen sees problems ahead. “I had a terrible thought . What if Alistair and Theresa joined forces against us?”

Alistair laughs at Martin as they stand out in the front yard. “You act like Theresa is a virgin. She has slept with almost every man in town but me. She doesn’t need your permission to go out with anyone. What are you trying to prove? When you abandoned the family, you abandoned her. You can’t rush in and be her hero now.” Martin tells the man to shut up. he knows that Alistair is not the model father either. “I am warning you Crane. If you so much as…”

Theresa comes out of the house just in time to see her father advancing on Alistair. “Papa! stop!” Pilar comes out behind her daughter. She sees that she can’t stop her daughter from ruining her life. Alistair calls to Theresa. “Shall we go Theresa?” She walks over to him smiling. He takes her hand. They walk off into the night as Martin and Pilar watch.

Ivy leaves Sam’s car and heads over to talk to Jessica on the sidewalk. She will do her best, but she knows that Jessica really cares nothing for Ivy.

Jessica turns around. “What are you doing here?” Ivy tells her that she and Sam are both worried about her. Jessica will not believe that. Ivy tells that Sam really loves her and that is why he is still there. Ivy tries to make her see that she can’t sell herself. Jessica knows that Ivy sold herself to Julian. Ivy explains her situation, but Jessica only sees her as a whore. “I don’t need your help or daddy’s. Both of you just go away. Go!” Ivy turns and walks off.

The thugs from Las Vegas on the plane discuss a possible bonus if they can find these two people from the picture they have in their possession. “The boss will be pleased if we can pull this off. Once those two are found it will be bang-bang you’re dead.

Edna returns telling Fancy that she has found the perfect man for her. “He will be over in a moment. I mean it. he is the perfect man for you. Uh-oh, here he comes.” Edna smiles at someone over Fancy’s shoulder. Fancy can tell that the man that this woman has selected for her is right behind her. She gets up and turns to see the man of her dreams.

Ned is in front of Fancy when she turns around. They both stare at each other in horror and in unison they both say at the same time, “You!?”

Ivy returns to the car. Sam can tell that things didn’t go very well. “Jessica is just too angry to think straight. I wonder if she knows that I love her as a daughter. Talk is cheap. I wish that there was a way to prove that I care about her. I have to help my little girl before it is too late.”

Jessica tells herself that her father doesn’t love her. “Spike is my family now.”

The two thugs head to the bad part of town and they hook up with Spike for information on the people in their picture. Spike knows Noah. he tells how Noah is the son of a big time cop who just got fired. Spike learns that the guy and the girl that he was with are going to be taking a dirt nap real soon. “Viva Las Vegas!”

Fancy and Noah start arguing almost as soon as they see each other.

Edna hears them but she doesn’t care that they are arguing. “You two heard me. You are meant for each other.”

Ethan and Gwen discuss how scary Alistair and Theresa could be if they joined forces. Ethan can’t see this happening. The Lopez-Fitzgeralds and the Cranes have never been on the best of behavior with each other. Ethan can’t see Theresa and Alistair together. “No way!”

Pilar worries when she thinks of what Alistair could do their Theresa. “My blood runs cold.”

Theresa and Alistair are in his limo going out for the evening. He pours champagne in the car and they have a drink. He turns to her. “You look lovely in that dress. As beautiful as it is on you, I am sure that you would be more alluring with it off.” Alistair puts the champagne and glasses down and grabs Theresa kissing her neck roughly. She pushes him off her. “Hey! What the hell are you doing?” Alistair tells that he is only keeping his promise. “I told you that this was going to be a memorable evening.” He grabs her again and continues kissing her neck. while she tries to fight him off.

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