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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Kay is stuck in the water at the waterfront and she can’t get out. She was with Fox ion the dock and the wooden floor was wet and slimy. They both kept falling down until finally she slipped off the edge into the water. When she saw Fox, the whole tragedy of what has been happening to her family lately came back to her. The Cranes are responsible for the destruction of her family and the sight of Fox brought that all back to her mind and filled her with rage. Fox was struck by her lashing out. He didn’t know what was wrong with her. She has been rude to Fox repeatedly, so he is torturing her right now by leaving her in the water to cool off a bit. Fox was trying to help her each time that she fell before, but now he just watches her flailing around flapping her arms to stay afloat. He knows that eventually, she will reconsider her position and talk to him nicely and that is what he is waiting for. “Say please,” he tells her, but she won’t do it. She will not bow down to those bastard Cranes. This is just the kind of thing that they live for. She won’t let him have a chance to lord over her if she can help it. When he first saw her that night, she was rude right from the beginning, saying things that he knew nothing about. She was talking about his family and how they hurt other people for their gain. Fox hasn’t hurt anyone and didn’t have any idea what she was talking about.

Tabitha and Endora watch through the big blue pot from their house, and they see that Kay is fighting for her life trying to stay afloat in the water. They see that Kay is in danger of drowning if Fox doesn’t move it and get her out of that water soon enough. This isn’t funny at all. Fox is taking far too long to get Kay out of that water. How cruel of him. That is no way to treat a lady. Something will have to be done since Fox isn’t helping. Tabitha feels that she should give Kay a helping hand out of the water but what should she do? She thinks as fast as she can. She finally gets an idea as to how she can help Kay out of this jam. Instead of a helping hand, she will give a helping fin. This is a big job and Tabitha will need the assistance of her daughter Endora to pull this off. She turns to Endora and tells her that they have some work to do. Endora starts rubbing her hands together. She knows that it is time to get to work, and she warms up her hands in anticipation of what will need to be done here. Tabitha just has to figure out exactly how to do this to get Kay safe and sound on the ground again. The kids will just need a little push.

Ivy and Fancy are home now after getting Sam and his boys out of jail. Ivy had to bring Fancy with her as she was the one that had enough cash to get the men out of jail. Ivy knew that Fancy would end up causing problems. She is barely in town a couple of days and now Sam’s whole family is in turmoil. Ivy wants Fancy to fix things for the Bennetts, but Fancy says that she is not the reason why the Bennetts are suffering. Ivy wants Sam to have his life restored. Fancy finds it funny that her mother cares for Sam when he has thrown her out of his house.

Sam and Noah are in the car after being at the station. They are heading home and will be glad to get there. Ethan has already gone home to Gwen at the mansion so it is just Sam and Noah alone in the car. They haven’t had time to catch up properly yet about things and people in Harmony. Noah really misses Grace, and they joke about Grace’s cake. Sam has to admit that after eating Grace’s famous Tomato Soup Cake all these years, he is happy to finally be able to say that he never really liked it that much. They both laugh at that. “It is good having you home Noah,” Sam tells his son.

Ethan wants Gwen to see that what happened to Sheridan losing her baby is the same thing that has happened to Theresa. Gwen disagrees. “Sheridan had her baby stolen from her. Are you trying to say that we stole Theresa’s baby from her? That is not the case. Theresa is responsible for a lot of what has happened to her. The face that she has been separated from her children is her own fault. This happened in a court of law Ethan. We didn’t run up behind Theresa and then run off with her kid.” Gwen sees that Ethan feels bad that they have custody of Jane. His feelings change from day to day over whether they should have Theresa’s child with them or not. Why all the guilt? He is Jane’ s father after all. He has just as much right to the child as Theresa does. Ethan admits that he feels bad for Theresa because they know what it is like to lose a child and he wouldn’t wish that on anyone, even his worst enemy. That is a bad feeling for anyone to have to live through. Gwen knows that Theresa caused her own pain here. “Sheridan is innocent in all this. Sheridan is a saint and shouldn’t be compared to Theresa.”

Theresa is ready for her date with Alistair now. She has a sexy red halter dress on. It is the one that Alistair had picked out for her. He even got the size right. Pilar hates this dress. the back is all out and her parents have to wonder if she can even wear underwear with this dress. Pilar begs her daughter not to do this. Martin is upset and tries again to tell his daughter that this is not worth getting everything that she wants.

Alistair sits alone in the study thinking about what it is going to be like to taste Theresa’s sweet heat later tonight. He has her just where he wants her. She thinks that she is just meeting him for dinner, but when he is through with her, she will be in an entirely different position than when he started with her. Katherine knows about it and is furious with him for this. She knows him better than most and she knows that this will only end with heartbreak or worse for Theresa. Whatever he has promised the girl will never happen. He will dangle the prize in front of her eyes forever.

The lights go out and Alistair is in darkness. Alistair continues to puff on his cigar wondering out loud what is happening here. There is no chance that the bills haven’t been paid. That is just laughable that someone like him would have his electricity go out. There has to be an explanation for this. He knows that someone should be along soon to explain what is going on here or get the lights back on. “What is going on here?” Alistair shouts out, hoping that someone will hear him.

Luis comes to Alistair holding him by the neck. He is standing behind Alistair so that the man hasn’t got a clue who is assaulting him until the culprit speaks. “You know Alistair, smoking those cigars are going to kill you one day,” Luis says. Alistair warns him that there are guards all around his house and that he will not get away with this.

Sheridan had decided that she needed to speak to her father after Luis left her at the cottage. She had changed and got herself together to walk over to the mansion where she knew her father would be. Sheridan has walked into the room and remains unseen because of the lights being off inside. She hears voices in there and is mildly surprised to realize that she recognizes both of the voices. She barely sees her father being held by the throat while sitting in his chair, that Luis has a knife in his hands near Alistair’s throat as he stands behind the man’s chair.

Luis keeps his eyes on Alistair has he speaks into his ear. Luis is on his way out of town but decided to make a stop to have a chat with Alistair before he heads out. This man is responsible for everything that has gone wrong in Luis’s life, and right at this moment, Luis could kill Alistair. He was at the church before coming to the mansion and he tried to pray to God for guidance, but what he really had in his heart was getting a sign from God that it would be okay to kill this devil. “I am going to kill you now old man,” Luis whispers into Alistair’s ear.

Sheridan puts a hand over her mouth in horror at seeing Luis with quite so much anger. She had accused him before of being too docile and not acting on the behalf of Marty and herself, but here he is showing that he does in fact have a passion for what has happened. He is angry about the way that he and she have been treated. Luis is in a murderous rage, and Sheridan is surprised to say the least.

Gwen and Ethan are in their room and they are fighting over Theresa yet again. Gwen is tired of trying to make her husband see her point of view when it comes to Theresa. At times, he seems to be on the right track with the way that things really are, but at other times, he seems naïve, and blind to the trouble that Theresa makes and will continue to make for their marriage. Gwen wants Ethan to see that Theresa is the one that is trying to make things hard for them. Gwen sees that Theresa always has a trick or two. “She always has something up her sleeve to try and ruin my life.”

Martin and Pilar are worried about what it is that Alistair wants for their daughter. They know that a simple little dinner with Theresa isn’t really what is on the agenda for her. He has let it out already that he fancies her and would love to have hr in is bed. Pilar warned her daughter about this and where it would lead. She has worked for the man for years and knows the danger without having to wait for it to play itself out. Pilar begs her daughter not to put herself in this danger. What about Little Ethan and Jane? Isn’t she concerned about them? This could definitely hurt them. Theresa thinks about her children all the time and maintains that is the reason why she will keep this hellish date tonight. “I am going to what I have to do to get Jane and Ethan back mama. You can’t stop me.” Pilar can’t stop her daughter from doing this. “Cover yourself up Theresa and if you are going to do this, then be a lady.” Theresa thinks that she isn’t going to sleep with the man, she is just going to have dinner. “I am tired of being at the mercy of Alistair. He will not control my life and Alistair will be the one to help me do this.”

Luis demands that Alistair tell him where Marty is right now. Alistair stalls. He knows that if he gives Luis the answers to the questions that he asks, Luis will get back together with Sheridan and they will then turn their sights on ruining the Crane empire. Alistair can’t let that happen under any circumstances. He will not reveal where it is that Beth has gone with Marty. “I know what you are doing Alistair. You have been trying to keep me and Sheridan apart ever since we met. Now, tell me where Beth is with my son.

Sheridan listens to the conversation that Luis has with Alistair. Luis sounds like a psycho who is ready to kill. She has never heard him like that before. She understands his rage, but it is a little late for that. He should have had the same determination before all this happened. Then they would still have Marty with them and be living as a family. Luis and Alistair still have no idea that she is in the doorway listening to their conversation.

Luis tells Alistair that he plans to go and get Marty and bring him home to Harmony and Sheridan. After that, he will go and get Sheridan and they will be a family like they always planned whether Alistair likes that idea or not. That is the plan and Luis vows to see it to his fruition. Alistair lets out a laugh. He knows Sheridan better than Luis does apparently. “She will never take you back Luis. You have to find her son and bring him back, and even if you were capable of doing that, Sheridan will be used to not having you around, and will not want you anymore. The time that she has missed with her son over your inability to act has damaged your relationship with her more than I ever could. You can blame me I guess for you not having your son, but the truth is that you still had opportunities to get Marty yourself and you let those go. Don’t try to blame me for that.” Alistair is almost positive that Luis has ruined his own chances with Sheridan forever. Luis puts the knife a little closer to the man’s throat, and Alistair wisely stops laughing at Luis.

Noah asks about his mother and if Sam has heard from her lately. Sam hasn’t any idea what is going on with her. He has tried to reach her at times, but he hasn’t been able to talk to her. Sam finds that funny as Grace used to be very interested in her children in the past, but now never seems to enquire about them. Noah can't believe that she is gone. Noah thought that she would always be there. Sam had trouble believing that David was really Grace’s husband. that was hard. Noah asks about Ivy. Sam tells how she divorced Julian. “It happened a long time ago. I used to be in love with Ivy and her father was the governor. He didn’t want me to be with Ivy. Ivy was forced to marry Julian back them. Ivy married Julian thinking that I didn’t love her anymore. Ethan was born after Ivy realized that the families had been controlling her. She went back to the Cranes and had Ethan as a Crane, but he really was my son. that broke my heart. Ivy and I tried to recapture what we had lost, but she lied to me about Jessica, and I found out. Jessica was sneaking out and she was keeping that secret. I couldn’t deal with the lies anymore.”

Fancy can see that her mother is still hung up on Sam. She has a sad look in her eyes when she talks about him. Ivy cares for Sam but he is going through a terrible time now and she can’t find her way back to him just yet. Fancy can tell that Jessica is a messed up teenager if her behavior has managed to split her family the way that it has. Ivy really needs Fancy to try to get her grandfather to stop all this revenge on the Bennetts. Fancy has told her mother repeatedly that she would try her best to help the Bennetts, but she refuses to think believe that she is responsible for what happened to them. Ivy really wants Fancy to do this for her, if not for Noah and his family. Fancy doesn’t owe her mother anything and resents that her mother tries to guilt her into thinking that she is the reason that this all has occurred. she was raised by nannies. “Grampy was the only one that paid any attention to me.” Ivy is sorry for the years that she missed with her children. Fancy wishes that Ivy had stayed with Sam all those years ago. she would probably be happy with the daughter that she would have had instead of being miserable with the daughter that she has now. “Fancy is not the greatest daughter in the world, but Ivy was the one that made her.”

Tabitha and Endora watch Kay in the water using the big blue pot. They see her flailing around and they also see Fox taking his sweet time getting her out of there. He is playing with her, having fun with her. She needs him and he knows it. Tabitha has an idea. Instead of a helping hand, she will offer Kay a helping fin! Endora starts rubbing her hands together to help mother out with this one.

Kay and Fox are still sparring with Kay in the water and him watching her. She knows that he could pluck her out of there in a moment, but he stalls. She is getting tired treading water and trying to keep her head afloat. There are no ledges that she can hold on to in there. She is getting very tired. She orders him to get her out of there but he will not do it until she asks nicely. She won’t do it. He is being smug to her and she hates it. “Just like a Crane!” Always looking down on others. She can’t climb the ladder with the slime on her hands from being at the cannery.

Suddenly a fin appears out of nowhere and heads towards Kay. It is a really big fin, not one that you would find on a tuna at all. There are not many fishes that swim with their fins sticking out of the water like that, on the top of their backs. Fox is the first to see the big fish, and recognize what kind of animal that is. Fox panics when he recognizes what he is looking at. Fox believes that he is seeing a shark and he shouts that out to Kay who suddenly turns and screams at the sight of the fin heading her way. Kay panics. She is sure that she is as good as dead. Fox climbs down the ladder into the water to help get Kay out of the water before she is eaten by the giant shark. Fox holds his arm out for Kay to grab it. She can’t.

Back at Tabitha’s house, she and Endora watch as Fox hurries to get Kay out of the water. They clap with glee. Kay is saved. Kay is saved. Tabitha and Endora laugh and smile in glee at the sight of Fox hustling to get Kay out of the water like they planned. The fin is nothing to be afraid of. Tabitha and Endora has conjured it all up, but no one needs to know that now do they? That will be Tabitha and Endora’s little secret. Fox has managed to hustle his butt into life saving mode and he has done the right thing by getting Kay to safety. Both people sit on the docks together glad to be alive. Fox was only playing with Kay, and he really didn’t mean any harm to Kay.

Gwen is in bed reading. She is alone in the bedroom right now. She isn’t really very happy. She is upset over the constant bickering that she has been doing with Ethan over Theresa. She seems to permeate every bit of their lives, even when she isn’t around. Her frustration today isn’t really to do with Theresa but more with Ethan. He has a soft spot of Theresa that Gwen just can’t get rid of. Gwen is really tired of trying to convince Ethan how things really are. His reality of life with Theresa are so different from hers.

Ethan comes into the room ready for bed. Tonight he will be sleeping in pajama bottoms and no top. Gwen doesn’t even look up when he enters the room. They have just had an argument and he wants to fix everything between them before they go to bed. “Gwen, we can’t worry about Theresa and let her get between us. I think that Theresa is over trying to get me back. I saw her earlier and I told her that she is not going to get me to leave you to be with her.”

Pilar fights to keep her daughter in the house especially while she has that ridiculous whore dress on. What will people think if they see her daughter in that get up? “Teresita! You look like a whore! Please I beg you to take that off. Go to your room. Take off those clothes.” Martin finds her to be incredibly stupid to going out with Alistair in anything type of outfit. Theresa gets angry that her father is trying to be a father at this point. “Mama was left alone to raise her five children. I am not going to be like that. I will use Alistair to get my daughter back.”

Sheridan watches and listens as Luis continues to hold Alistair at knifepoint in the darkened room. Alistair tells Luis that Sheridan doesn’t want him anymore. “She is through with you. Who can blame her? Aren’t you supposed to be gone by now?” Alistair wants Luis to go running after Marty and Beth because he knows that the man will never return. He will never return without the child. That would solve Alistair’s problems if Luis were to just disappear. Alistair would make sure that he never finds the child. “You will never have Sheridan no matter what you do Luis.” Luis lets go of Alistair’s neck, and they both glare at each other over the desk in the dark. Alistair knows that Luis had a chance to shoot Beth several times and he didn’t. “Why didn’t you Luis? What prevented you from doing the one thing that would have assured you that you could have your child back? At that point getting your child back would have been out of my control. You would have had Beth in custody by now and this would have all been over. So tell me Luis. What on earth prevented you from taking action against Beth? Don’t you want Sheridan too have her child back?”

The lights go on suddenly. Sheridan walks into the room to hear what Luis has to say to Alistair’s question. “That is what I would like to know as well Luis. What prevented you from shooting Beth that night? Why did you let her go with my son?” Luis and Alistair both turn to see Sheridan standing in the doorway, on her way into the room. They had no idea that she had been there all along. Alistair sees that this has worked out to his advantage. Sheridan is still angry with Luis. Everything is still going his way.

Kay tries to reach Fox again, but the giant fish won’t let her pass. She is positive that she will be devoured at any moment. The shark is in between she and Fox who is on the ladder with his arm stretched out to grab her and take her to safety. she couldn’t climb the ladder herself before as her hands were covered with slime. She would just keep slipping back into the water if she tried to get out of there. Suddenly, the fish circles Kay and leaves as quietly as it came. Fox takes that opportunity to stretch out again and reach Kay’s hand. He pulls her to safety and they both climb back up on the dock. She sees that he really did come through for her and she is genuinely grateful. She turns to him meekly and shyly saying, “Thank you.”

Sam continues to tell Noah about how things are now in Harmony since he was last there. Noah really misses his mother and it seems that he will continue to do so. Grace is long gone. Sam doubts that she will ever return to Harmony although her children are still there. Sam gets suddenly sad. “I miss Grace, but she is gone now. I though that I could make her stay but she left. I fought her leaving for a long time.”

Ivy and Fancy discuss Julian and Eve and how they have been doing. Ivy tells how Julian has changed now that he is with Eve. He isn’t selfish and ungrateful anymore. He is a much better person now that he has the person that he loves with him. Ivy is different now too than she used to be. Ivy knows that she didn’t show her children a lot of warm fuzzy feelings but she wishes that she did. She can see that Fancy is lacking in the sensitivity department. She reminds Ivy of the way that she used to be. It saddens her. Fancy wants to know why Sam threw her mother out of the house. “What did you do mother?” Ivy explains. “I was stupid. I saw his daughter getting into more and more trouble and I didn’t say anything to him. He found that to be the ultimate betrayal and ended their relationship.” Ivy is so sorry now that she didn’t do the right thing. Now she has to suffer without him. Nothing is worth that. Grace left and that should have left the path clear for Ivy to move in and have Sam all to herself. Ivy has screwed that up though and she has managed to lose Sam without Grace’s help. Fancy wonders about Grace and how she ended up with a husband that she didn’t know she had. Ivy tells more lies as she explains. “Grace had a husband that she didn’t know about because she had amnesia. She also had a son that she didn’t realize that she had as well.”

Ivy remembers Kay catching her in the lie that she told to get Grace out of Harmony and Sam into her life. Kay was a real brat then and she caught Ivy and David in their lie. She was hiding outside and she heard David talking to Ivy about breaking up Sam and Grace. When Kay revealed what she knew, it was like a dagger in Ivy’s heart. Kay kept acting like she was going to tell Sam and Grace what had been going on. That would have been the end of Ivy for sure, but Kay had another plan. She wanted to see her parents split up. She was so angry with her parents that it was her desire to see them split up forever. She really had a hatred for her mother back then. Kay has since changed, but it doesn’t matter now. Sam is alone, Ivy is alone and Grace is God knows where. No one is happy really. Jessica needs her mother but there is no telling if she will ever see her again. Ivy has to live with the truth that it was Ivy’s lie that ended Sam’s marriage.

Fancy watches her mother’s face. Ivy is lost in thought. Whatever she is thinking about is upsetting her. “What is the matter mother? You are positively green. Are you alright? What is it? Are you keeping some kind of deep dark secret that is upsetting you?” Fancy is dying to know what is going on with her mother. She has been playing the high road ever since Fancy came back. Fancy senses that there is something that Ivy is keeping to herself that isn’t quite on the up and up and Fancy would like to hear about it.

Sheridan asks Luis again why he didn’t shoot Beth when he had the chance. Luis has explained this many times and is frankly getting sick of being asked the question as if he freely decided to help Beth in her escape. Who could think that he would do a thing like that? Marty was his son. He couldn’t let her go free with his son intentionally. Why can’t anyone understand his point of view? Alistair finds that Luis just didn’t have the guts to do what was necessary. Beth probably counted on that. “He couldn’t bring himself to shoot a criminal Sheridan, not even for you. Shouldn’t you be off somewhere looking for your son Luis? What are you still doing here?” Luis is on his way out of town but he will be back. He promises. Alistair wonders why Sheridan has come there to the mansion this late at night. Sheridan says that she is in the mansion looking for her father to thank her him for making her the true Crane that he wants her to be. She is hard and angry right now, and he has made her that way. Alistair smiles at her. She is full of hate now for her father. Alistair finds that interesting. This should be an interesting challenge. Alistair leaves. He has a very important date.

Luis starts talking to Sheridan again now that they are alone. He already said goodbye to her but he hopes to share a few more words with her before he leaves. Sheridan stops him from talking to her about more of the same. She has heard it all before and really couldn’t stand a repeat performance of how sorry he if for this and that. She is only interested in results this time. She orders Luis to just go and get her son like he promised.

Ethan and Gwen are in bed now. She is cold to him. They still argue over Theresa and Gwen can’t understand that. Ethan is blind and she can’t make him understand just how blind he is. He is like talking to a brick wall when he is like this. Ethan feels that Theresa has been defeated and that there is nothing more to worry about as far as she is concerned. Gwen doesn't believe a word of it. Time has proven that Theresa never gives up. Gwen knows that at any time now Theresa is going to come up with something else to throw at them to break up their marriage or get her child back. Ethan feels differently on the subject. Ethan feels that there is no reason to worry, and that Gwen is overreacting. Gwen will see in time. She would bet money on the fact that Theresa is already up to something even as they speak. Gwen is cold to Ethan now, and she turns her attention back to her book to give him the hint. Ethan sees that he will not win her over tonight at least. He will let things rest for now.

Theresa points out to her parents that she will not listen to her father because he treated her mother badly in the past. He left her to fend for herself all these years without so much as a word as to whether he was dead or alive. Martin starts explaining how things were back then, but Pilar stops his explanation and tells Theresa that this is all under the bridge now. Pilar knows that truth about why her husband left town in the first place, and she knows that it were better for Theresa not to know the full story about Rachel and how her father was involved in the whole matter. It is better that Theresa feel that her father deserted her mother at this point. Theresa has to do this for another reason as well getting Jane and Ethan back. Rebecca and Gwen have set her up for the trouble that Ethan has gone through regarding the tabloid and she can’t let them get away with that. Pilar knows that Ethan and Gwen are very clever and can be formidable foes. This is the main reason why Theresa has to do what she is planning. “I don’t trust Alistair, but I need to get close to Alistair to find out how I can use him,” Theresa says. “Sorry, there is no way that you can stop me.”

Ethan finds that Gwen is giving Theresa more credit than she deserves in all this. Theresa is not the mastermind that Gwen thinks. Ethan sees her as an insecure person who moves too spontaneously for her own good. She is hardly a threat to his marriage or his custody of Jane. Gwen only feels that Theresa is demented enough to keep trying to get her husband. She doesn’t mean to give Theresa for being smart, she means to point out that Theresa is stupid enough to keep trying to get what she wants even if it ruins her own life. “She just keeps trying again and again to get you from me Ethan. Why can’t you see that?”

Martin begs Theresa to call this date off. “You don’t know what you are getting yourself into. I have worked for the man and so has your mother. Listen to us.” Pilar knows that this is beyond dangerous. “I don’t understand you Theresa. You have so much to lose and you risk it so easily.” Theresa is sorry for her parents’ lack of understanding, but she has to try to convince Alistair to get Ethan and Jane back for her.

The doorbell rings. The room is immediately silent. They know what this means. It is time for Theresa to either go with Alistair or stay home where she will be safe with her family. Theresa goes to the door and opens it. She is not surprised to see who is there for her. It is the man that she sees as the key to her future, while her family sees him as the means to her end.

Alistair enters Theresa’s house looking around at her humble abode. Martin and Pilar stare at the couple transfixed. They look ridiculous together. Most important to them is the fact that they know that Theresa has just dug herself into another hole with this union. She can’t win. They are looking at the beginning of the end for Theresa. Theresa thanks Alistair for the flowers and the dress. He thinks that she looks beautiful. She takes his arm and they leave the house as Martin and Pilar watch.

Fox has walked Kay to her house to see her safely home. Something has changed. They hated each other at the docks, but now they seem to be nicer to each other. Perhaps the episode with what they thought was a killer shark has brought them closer together. They stand outside and she turns to ask him in for some tea or coffee. That is the least that she could do after he saved her earlier. He decides that he will come in if they can stand to be civil for a while. She smiles at him. Kay starts opening the door to enter the house.

Inside the house, Tabitha hears the couple coming into the house. Tabitha covers the big blue pot with a blanket before Fox can see what is in there. She pretends that she has just been spending the evening with Endora doing nothing of much interest. Meanwhile, she has been a fly on the wall everywhere that Fox and Kay has been that night.

Fox and Kay enter the house all soaking wet from being in the water at the cannery on the docks. Tabitha fakes her surprise at seeing them this way. Tabitha remarks that it looks like they have been swimming with their clothes on. Kay explains that they fell into the water at the docks and have come over to get warmed up. They are cold from being in their clothes for so long. They are shivering now. They long to get warm and comfortable. Fox and Kay head over to the fireplace to start a fire. They start by gathering the wood over in the corner.

Tabitha turns to Endora and whispers that Fox is her half-brother. No one knows that yet, but it is the truth. As she watches Fox and Kay, she can see that there are sparks flying around them. When Fox passes the pieces of wood to Kay and their hands touch, they both smile coyly at one another. Tabitha catches that as any good witch would. “Well, well, well… “ Tabitha isn’t sure that she likes the idea of Fox and Kay getting together. That isn’t something that she feels would be something the evil spirits of Harmony would like to have happen.

Sam and Noah are in the car and they discuss Noah’s friendship with Fancy. Sam feels that maybe Noah likes Fancy. She is definitely interesting and Sam could see that Noah already had some sort of interaction with the girl. Noah denies that he could ever be interested in Fancy. “How could I like a spoiled brat like that? She is selfish and self-centered. All that she cares about is her own needs and wants.”

Fancy waits for an answer to her question. She has asked her mother to tell he if she has done something wrong that she is hiding. Ivy stays silent. “Mother you look so guilty right now.” Fancy smiles at her mother. Though Ivy likes like it isn’t a fact, it seems like maybe Fancy and her mother still have some things in common. Ivy denies that she has done anything wrong, or has anything to hide. Fancy tells her that it is okay to be a screw up. Fancy is one and understands what that feels like.

Luis and Sheridan are alone in Alistair’s study. Luis tries to steer the conversation towards the both of them and their love for each other, but Sheridan wants Luis to get going. “Go and find Marty. Bring him back to me.” Luis promises her that he loves her and that he will be thinking about her while he is away. She tells him that when he gets back, they will talk then. Luis goes to the door and walks out.

Sheridan heads to the window and watches as the man that she has loved all this time gets in his car and starts it up to go and get their baby, wherever he is. Now that he is not there, she can let down her guard. She really does care for him but doesn’t care to show it to him right now. She has been let down too much. She hopes that he can do this for her. She isn’t sure what the future will hold for them if he brings Marty back, but she knows that without Marty, they can never be. She looks at him through the window, knowing that there is a chance that she will never see him again.

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