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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Pilar orders Alistair over the phone to stay away from her daughter. He has called to make arrangements with Theresa for their date that night. Pilar is furious that this man has set his sights on her child. “She will not be going with you anywhere. I raised my daughter right and she will not be going anywhere with you.” Katherine listens as Alistair tries to get his date with Theresa.

Pilar puts her over the receiver so that Alistair can’t hear her talking to Theresa. Pilar asks Theresa is she agreed to date Alistair. She confirms that she did and that she still plans to go through with the date. She has no choice in the matter.

Fancy gets angry with Ned at the police station when he blames her for the trouble her family is in and the trouble that he has been in ever since he met her. “You are the one that got me involved with those thugs in Las Vegas.” Sam and the others at the station are listening. “What thugs are you talking about Fancy?”

Kay has fallen on Fox and now they both get up. He was at the docks feeling sorry for himself since Chad won’t let him anywhere near his child. Kay showed up there to be alone and to think of the life her family could have had if she hadn’t scared her mother away. She regrets a lot of things that she has done in the past. she feels so guilty, as Sam will not blame her for anything that has happened. She starts walking off but he asks for an apology and doesn’t get one. Kay is about to fall again on the dock and Fox catches her and holds her in his arms. “Let me go, “ Kay demands. Fox promptly drops her on her back hard on the wooden floor.

Tabitha and Endora are watching Fox and Kay using the big blue pot, and they see that something is a brewing for both of these people. Seems like fate has put each in the other’s way. Tabitha is happy that she gets a front row seat.

Luis is out at the church in Harmony. It is always open for any of the citizens who wish to come in there and pray. He is on his way out of town and will be gone soon. He has his bag and he will not return until his has Marty with him where he belongs. He lights candles and prays for the return of his son. He knows that he will need as much help as he can get.

Sheridan is at the cottage alone and she thinks about Luis and what a losing battle he has before him. She knows that he will search forever to get Marty back and that Luis may be lost to his family and friends forever. Alistair will be sure to walk him in circles for years, knowing that he is looking for Marty, but making sure that he is never found. She realizes that on some level she has set him up to fail. Sheridan looks at the picture of her son as she sits on the floor beside her coffee table. “I have lost Luis and Marty. What have I done? What is left for me now?”

Sheridan remembers the memories of her baby’s face. She already had lost possession of him when she came to the realization that he was really her baby and not Beth’s.

She promised Marty that she wouldn’t ever forget him and she never did. She worked hard all this time to get him back, but now he is gone probably forever. Luis’s faults in this are clear although he isn’t responsible for all of the things that happened.

“Marty, my little boy. Where are you?” Sheridan asks aloud. She will never forget him, she can’t. In spite of the fact that he never lived with Marty, she did manage to bond with him. She knows the magic of a mother/son relationship. That can’t be taken from her now. Sheridan looks at Marty’s teddy bear and cries.

Luis cries out to God as he prays aloud, alone in the church. “Why do you let bad things happen to good people Lord? When are the evil in this world going to pay for their sins? Sheridan is like a saint on earth. Why does she suffer so much? She blames me for her son missing but I can’t even fault her for that. She is right. I should have done a better job for her and my son. Her father is like a devil and he gets away with everything he puts his hands to. He should be punished for his sins. He should be punished now. I will do this Lord if you show me that I should. Give me a sign. Give me a sign that I can go ahead and kill Alistair.”

A hand grabs Luis’s shoulder tightly to stop his blasphemous praying. That is not what this church or any church is for. “Never talk like that Luis. Alistair will have his time, but it isn’t now.” It is Father Lonnigan. The blind priest.

Theresa is determined to go on her date with Alistair to get Ethan and Jane back. Her parents are doing their best to dissuade her from her plans, but Theresa can’ t listen to them now. Martin and Pilar plead with Theresa to stay away from Alistair and pray. Theresa prays all the time but nothing ever happens. “It is very clear that God hasn’t answers me. He never answers me.” Pilar disagrees. Theresa feels that God only helps those that help themselves. Martin forbids Theresa to leave the house to be with Alistair. She laughs at him. “You abandoned me when I was a child. Now I am a woman and I will do as I please.”

Alistair is still listening to the conversation through the phone. Pilar was trying to cover the mouth piece so that he couldn’t hear what was going on in her house, but she has forgotten about that now, and Alistair freely listens to the conversation over at the Lopez-Fitzgerald’s household. He hears that Theresa is fighting to go out with him this night. He smiles.

Pilar feels that she knows this man better than anyone. She has worked in his house for years and she knows that he is capable of evil doings. If he doesn’t care about his family and what they do, what will he do to Theresa? Theresa has to chance it. “He will not hurt me mama!” she says. Pilar reminds Theresa that she will be with another woman’s husband and that is just wrong. Whether Alistair ruins her or not, Theresa will have ruined herself by committing this sin against God and her family. She will be no better than Alistair if she does this.

Alistair calls out into the phone, “Pilar! Could you please put my date on the phone?” Alistair is careful to structure his sentence in the manner that will make Pilar more angry than ever. He shows her that she as no control over what is going to happen with he and Theresa. Pilar gives the phone to Theresa.

Theresa listens to what it is that Alistair has to say to her. She is told that she will be picked up soon and taken to the location where they will share the evening together. “I have a gift for you Theresa.” She tells him that she will see him later.

Alistair gets off the phone and Katherine can’t believe the gall that this man has. She has heard every word that he has said on the phone just now, and he proves to be even more disgusting than she thought that he could ever be. She suspected that he had another victim in mind, now that he has ruined Sheridan, but Theresa? Theresa seemed like she hated the man. The hold that Alistair has on her must be strong. Alistair tells Katherine that she shouldn’t be jealous of his date with Theresa. “You are back in the mansion, you will have your time.” She slaps Alistair quickly and hard in the face. His neck snaps right back into position. Alistair only smiles at that. She can’t hurt him.

Over at Pilar’s house, she is astonished that her daughter would stoop to such lows as to go out with Alistair to get her daughter and Ethan back as her own. Theresa is turning into a monster right before her parents’ eyes. Theresa is sorry that her mother is disappointed in her but she feels that she really has to do this.

Fancy tries to attack Noah at the police station but the officer and Noah’s family pulls her off him. He has a right to charge Fancy with assault but he won’t. “I don’t want to waste my time with this.”

Ethan’s phone rings in his pocket, and he speaks with Gwen, telling her that he went looking for Jessica with his family and they found her with Spike. “I am fine, but Jessica got hurt and she has charged the three of us with assault. Fancy and Ivy bailed us out.” Gwen is sorry to hear all this. Gwen tells how Beth has escaped with the baby. “Now Sheridan has kicked Luis out of the house and he is not to return until he finds her baby.” Ethan is sorry to hear this. He gets off the phone promising to return home soon.

Ethan tells the crowd at the station that Beth has escaped. Alistair helped Beth escape. Fancy is unhappy that her grandfather is getting blamed for everything. Ethan takes off now.

Sam wants to hear more about what happened between Fancy and Noah in Vegas. Fancy said something about trouble that they were both in. Fancy turns to Noah and their eyes meet. What should they say about Vegas? Noah says that it was nothing really. They just got in a little trouble when they were in a hotel in Vegas, but it is nothing to worry about now. “Everything is fine now.”

Tabitha and Endora laugh at Fox and Kay on the docks. They keep having physical contact although they hate each other. The wooden floor is wet and slick beneath their feet.

Kay is on her stomach now on the floor of the dock. Her clothes are wet and she is sore from repeatedly falling down. Fox has been falling and tripping too. She is trying to get up and Fox would like to help her, but she has been such a smart mouth to Fox, he isn’t interested in helping her out anymore. She started out with a crack about his family and how they destroyed her family. Fox knows of no incidences like this. He only knows that he hasn’t done anything to her or her family. He just finds her rude right now. He just walks off.

Pilar reminds Theresa of all the times that Alistair has hurt her family in the past. Your brother has left town and we may never see him again because of Alistair. Martin tries to make Theresa that Alistair is not safe. “This is not a date, it will be a rape.” Pilar sees that Pilar as put Alistair’s flowers in the garbage. Theresa says that Whitney put them in there. She doesn’t think that Theresa should go on this date either. Theresa feels that she is thinking straight for once. “Maybe I can’t get Jane back, and maybe I can get Ethan back. Poppa, don’t you lecture me about Alistair. You took his wife, you shouldn’t talk.” Pilar sees that Theresa is going to date a man that kidnapped her own nephew. Theresa is sad that Luis and Sheridan are in pain, but she feels that they have lost because they have fought Alistair at every turn. “I will not do that. I will play along and maybe I can make everything right. I can hope, can’t I?” Pilar has known this man for years and no one wins with Alistair. “No one!”

Katherine finds Alistair obscene going after a young girl like Theresa. Alistair laughs. “Innocent? Never. She had a child with Julian, and then another with Ethan. Why can’t I have her too? she might be saving the best for last.” Katherine can only stand Alistair cause she knows that one day Alistair will burn in hell. He hurts everyone. “Me… My sister Rachel?” Alistair is angry when Alistair brings up Rachel’s name. she knows that he is angry that he couldn’t get Rachel to love him.

Father Lonnigan sits with Luis in the church, and tells him that he is angry and that is why he feels so vindictive towards Alistair. Luis is a cop and he deals with crime everyday. “The way that I feel right now, Alistair deserves to die for what he did to Sheridan.”

Sheridan is alone in her bedroom. She finds some sleeping pills. She is glad that she has them. “I am so tired.” She lies on the bed with the bottle in her hand.

Sam wants details about what happened in Vegas. Noah tells that he and Fancy overstayed their visit in a hotel. Noah says that Fancy is overreacting now. Ivy is glad that Alistair gave Fancy the money earlier that day. It came in useful.

Noah takes Fancy to the side and tells her that he appreciates her helping him out. Noah is just glad that his father has gotten out of jail. “He doesn’t deserve this.

Ivy takes her daughter by the arm and walks her out of the station.

The arresting officer comes to Sam with an Order. “Sam, you and your brood have to stay 300 feet away from Jessica from now on.” Sam sees that Noah is stuck in town now. There won’t be any Vegas or anything like that for a while now. Noah wasn’t going to leave town anyway. He wants to stay and make sure that Jessica will be okay.

Tabitha and Endora continue watching the citizens of Harmony in the big blue pot. Tabitha finds it entertaining that Noah will be staying in town after all.

Kay is all burned out. She lets Fox help her up finally. Fox remembers her before he went off to boarding school. “My mother had this Mighty Morphin piñata. I was going to hit it at my party to get the candy out, but you came along Kay and took the stick from me and hit me with it.” Kay knew that she had some redeeming qualities. She hit a Crane! Fox sees that she is still in sarcastic mode, and so he decides that it is time for him to leave after all. He starts walking away.

Kay thinks that she is alone now. She sees that her daughter’s teddy bear is on the wet floor not far from her. She leans over and gets the teddy bear to safely bring home.

Fox is watching her from afar. He sees when she slips again and falls forward. She is near the edge of the dock leaning forward to get the bear that she has just dropped again. She is in a dangerous spot. Fox goes over, and pulling her from the back, he tells her that she will be okay in a minute. She tries to pull herself back from the edge of the pier, but Fox loses hold of her and she falls head first into the cold water. “Oops!”

Gwen comes to see Sheridan at the cottage. She enters the door, but sees no one. She goes to the bedroom but the door is locked.

Ethan comes to the cottage as that was where he was supposed to meet his wife.

Gwen tells Ethan that Sheridan has locked herself in the bedroom and won’t open the door.

Suddenly Sheridan appears in the living room. She greets Ethan and Gwen. She says that she only wanted to have some time to think. “I am going out now. I am going to get some fresh air now. I appreciate your concern, but I am fine really.” Ethan would feel better if Sheridan just stayed in. She can’t. She would like to go and talk to her father. “There are some things that I need to settle with him.”

Father Lonnigan is not happy with the way that Luis’s voice sounds. “You don’t seem willing to listen to reason.” Luis asks for absolution for a sin that he is thinking of committing. Father Lonnigan will not do that. He knows that Luis wants to kill Alistair and that is not the will of God.

Pilar threatens to lock Theresa in her room if she tries to go out. Martin agrees that is the thing to do. “What do you think that you are doing trying to tell me what to do?” Theresa asks. “You were not around all my life. I have to do this. I will work with him and he will help me. I will not be like Luis and Sheridan”.

The doorbell rings. Martin opens the door to delivery man. He takes the box and closes the door.

Theresa takes the box and opens it. It has a very sexy slinky dress inside. Pilar sees the dress and it looks like a dress that a prostitute would wear. It is even in her size. Theresa will not take the dress back. “If he wants me to wear it, I will wear it.”

Alistair has a drink alone in his study. “This could prove to be a very lovely evening.”

Alistair allows his mind to wonder. Theresa would be waiting for him in the study. He would bring Jane to her but she wouldn’t get Jane until she pays up. Alistair would put the baby down and then he would go to Theresa hugging her and kissing her neck. She would scream out his name. “You are magnificent Mr. Crane. Oh Yes! Oh yes!” He would fall on top of her on the couch and she would love the bliss that he would bring to her life.

Alistair smiles as he thinks of how it is going to be when he finally get Theresa to himself.

Fox is helping Kay out of the water. He is pulling her out of the water, but she is still angry with him for the state of her family because of his. She calls him a creep, and so he lets go of her and she falls back into he water.

Tabitha and Endora watch the couple as they frolic. “That Kay, she will never learn.”

Ivy is driving Fancy home now. “I hope that you see now that your grandfather is ruining a family because of your doing. You find a way to call of the big dog Fancy or I will make your life a living hell.”

Gwen tell Ethan that she understands Sheridan’s grief. “Marty kidnapped by Beth with Alistair’s help is too much for Sheridan to handle. How could Beth do this to Sheridan?” Ethan feels that they shouldn’t be surprised at what Beth has done. They have done the same thing by stealing Jane from Theresa.

Theresa has made her decision. She tells her parents that she will go and change now. She walks to her room with the dress in her hand.

Alistair is alone in the study. He is thinking about the night that will come. With any luck, he will be feeling Theresa’s heat later that night.

The lights suddenly goes out.

Alistair looks around. “What the… “

A hand goes around Alistair’s neck and pulls his chair back. Another hand comes to the other side of his neck. It holds a knife. It is Luis. He holds his face very close to Alistair’s as he whispers to the man about what is going to happen to him.

The door opens. Sheridan walks in and finds Luis holding her father in a death grip.

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