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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Kay enters the house asking Tabitha if that was Edna that she just saw leaving the house with two cute guys who were in bad need of shirts. Tabitha admits that it was her. Edna will be out for the evening with the dream men that she had Tabitha conjure up. Tabitha admits that Edna has found out about her powers. Edna has been making Tabitha do her bidding day and night. Kay worries that Edna might know about her powers, but Tabitha has kept that secret. Tabitha will be kept in the dark about Kay and her capabilities. Kay is sad. Her sister is involved with some drug dealer, her brother is a liar who has come home to burn down a club and her father has been fired. Kay wishes that she had kept her mother in town and kept her parents together.

Ivy is home when the phone rings and she answers it. It is Ethan and he doesn’t sound right. He tells his mother how he has been arrested. “Noah, Sam and I have been arrested and need to be bailed out if you can help. Is Rebecca around? She has that kind of money and can get us out.” Rebecca isn’t anywhere around to help at this time, and neither is Gwen. Ivy hasn’t got the money but she will work on something to get them out. She suddenly knows where she can get the cash.

The thugs from Vegas who have been looking for Noah and Fancy still are searching for them everywhere around the globe. They are waiting in Vegas until the get a tip on where the two are. They don’t even know who exactly it is that they are looking for yet. They will be killed when they are found.

Theresa and Whitney are talking about what Theresa is to do to get out of the date. They both agree that she isn’t to go with Alistair to this dinner.

There is knocking at the door and Theresa answers to a deliveryman who has flowers in his hands. Whitney watches as her friend takes the elaborate arrangement from the man. Theresa holds the flowers like they are about to bite her.

After the deliveryman leaves, Theresa reads the card. The flowers are from Alistair.

Chad is with the baby and he has just managed to get the child to sleep. He has been upset crying all night. Now he is peaceful.

Fox comes over wanting to see his son for a visit, but Chad tells him that this is a bad time. The child has been sick and Chad has just gotten the baby to stop crying and have a rest. Fox still insists on seeing the child. Fox is the child’s father but Chad is the legal father now.

Sheridan is letting Luis down. She is telling him that it is over. “You lost Marty, and so now you have lost me.”

Katherine waits at the cottage with Martin and Pilar to see what is going to happen with Luis and Sheridan, but Pilar tells Katherine that she can go and doesn’t have to be there. Katherine feels that if anyone should go it should be Pilar. Martin hopes that the ladies will be reasonable about waiting for news together. Pilar is really the only mother figure that Sheridan has ever had all her life. She was the one that took care of that girl her whole life. Katherine is grateful for that but she has a right to be near her daughter whether Pilar likes that or not.

Gwen has been praying for Sheridan’s grief to end but she knows that it will not. Not even over time. Pilar is afraid that Gwen may be right.

Luis can’t accept what Sheridan is saying to him about their love ending. Sheridan only sees a man that doesn’t trust her. “Maybe she could forgive him for some of this but not all of it. It is like you intentionally gave our baby to Beth.” Luis loves her and would rather die than live without her. He blames himself for things going wrong. He can’t believe that their past lives doesn’t meant anything to her. Sheridan remembers the past lives. She has been thinking about that and she remembers that whenever they got together, they never got married. He is killing her now. It is like he is putting a stake through her heart.

Chad has decided that he will take the baby to see a doctor to have him checked out in the morning. Fox offers to come with Chad but Chad says that is not necessary. Fox wants to come. This is his child. Chad understands. He will call Fox in the morning to tell him when they are going to the doctor in the morning.

The baby starts crying and Chad and Fox go to him in the playpen. He has risen. He is upset again. Chad is careful to keep his body between Fox and the baby. He knows that Chad would do anything to get his hands on the child. Fox wants to hold the baby and soothe him but Chad tells him not to do that, and in fact just to go. Fox walks out.

Whitney and Theresa decide that the flowers are to go immediately into the garbage and the date with Alistair will be canceled. Whitney can’t see how Theresa even fell into this trap in the first place. Nothing should cause Theresa to feel that it is a good idea to make a deal like this with this horrible man. Theresa knows that her friend is right about everything that she says. Her mother was right too. They toss the flowers into the garbage. Theresa hasn’t any idea what she would do without her friend. They hug and Whitney leaves.

Theresa has the cordless phone in her hand and she is terrified of the hornet’s nest that she has disturbed by agreeing to go on this date from hell with Alistair. She has to call him and stop this horrible infatuation that he has with her. She will not sleep with him to get Jane and Ethan back. She simply will not. How is Alistair going to take it when he realizes that Theresa has changed her mind about going to dinner with him that night.

In his study, Alistair sits alone and smokes one of his nasty cigars, blowing a thick fog of smoke up into the air with each exhalation. He thinks about the plans that he has put in place and what is going to take place when he gets his grubby hands on Theresa at dinner tonight. She will have no idea what hit her when he is finished with her. She is so desperate to get what she wants; she will do anything whether she wants to or not! She is the moth and he is the flame, and we all know how that story ends. With a dead moth. Alistair knows that to get Ethan and Jane, Theresa will do anything. “Theresa hasn’t got a clue what is in store for her tonight!” He laughs the laugh of the devil.

Tabitha can’t understand why Kay wishes that her mother were still in town. The way that Tabitha remembers things, Kay did everything in her power to split up her family. All she had to do was tell what she had discovered about Ivy and David conspiring all along to break up Sam and Grace but she didn’t do that. Because of that, Kay is sure that she is the real reason why her entire family is suffering now. That was how Kay ended up coming to live with Tabitha. She rebelled so much that her family agreed to let her leave provided she stays with someone that they know nearby. Kay never realizes that Sam would get his heart broken the way he has. “I was very childish and now I miss my mom. Dad and Jessica miss my mom too.” Kay shouldn’t have let Ivy get away with her lie. Her mother would still be here and everyone would be happy. “How could I live with myself after what I done?"

Ivy tells Fancy that Sam, Noah and Ethan have been arrested. She rolls her eyes at her daughter. Fancy wants to know more about what happened to them. It turns out that the Bennetts attacked Spike because he went after Jessica and tried to make a prostitute out of her. Ivy knows that Fancy is behind this. “Because of you, Alistair is now taking revenge on the Bennetts.” Fancy doesn’t believe any of this. She continues flipping through her magazine and her mother continues whining in her ear. Ivy knows that this revenge will not end. Fancy didn’t set this thing up on purpose. Ivy knows Alistair and he has been looking for a reason to get at Sam and his family all this time. Ivy knows that Fancy must have gotten some money from Alistair and she wants it so that she can bail Sam and his boys out of jail. Ivy demands that Fancy comes with her to see what she has done to the Bennetts.

At the station, the Bennetts are fingerprinted and their mugshots are taken. Sam is very upset at having to see his boys treated this way.

Chad moves from place to place in the tiny apartment. Chad puts on some music as he gently rocks the child. “Let’s listen to some Miles Davis. It is just me, you and the music. I wish it would help.” The baby keeps crying.

Outside, Whitney is walking by and she hears the baby crying. She looks up and sees a silhouette of Chad holding the baby near the window.

Kay is sorry now that she joined up with Ivy to separate her parents. “How did I get so evil? I have a special gift but I am never going to be like you Tabitha. I have to get out of here and clear my head.” Tabitha is fine with watching Maria.

Gwen worries that things are taking too long in the bedroom with Luis and Sheridan. The parents who are waiting in the main room of the cottage are concerned now as well. They should be working together but things are looking bleak.

Sheridan takes off the ring that Luis gave her and offers it to him with her outstretched arm. “I can’t take it from you,” Luis says. “You keep it somewhere safe and when I am back, I will get you to wear it again.” Luis has accepted it. It is over and he will not fight her on this anymore. He walks away from her.

Sheridan comes out of the bedroom to tell everyone in the living room that Luis is in the room packing to leave Harmony and go to find their child. There are more questions about Luis and Sheridan’s relationship but Sheridan will not talk about that.

Luis comes out of the bedroom packed and ready to leave Harmony. Pilar can see that he hasn’t resolved his rift with Sheridan. Luis asks Sheridan to tell everyone how they can’t get back together. She says nothing. “I just don’t want to hurt Sheridan anymore,” Luis says. Sheridan wants to be alone now. Katherine begs to be allowed to stay but Sheridan wants her to go. Gwen sees her out.

Pilar asks Luis if she will see him again. He assures her that when he finds his son, he will be back. Pilar hugs him and cries. Martin tells her to be strong and let him go.

Martin turns to Luis hoping that he will be allowed to have a moment with the man. “I know that you never forgave me son but I love you and I hope and pray that you come back with Marty.” Luis thanks the man for that. Martin and Pilar turn and leave now.

The only ones in the cottage are Luis and Sheridan. She stares at him from across the room saying nothing.

Kay is at the waterfront alone. Thanks to Tabitha, she has some time to think about her life, and how she has lived it. She is alone except for some guy sitting with his back to her. She throws a stone into the water. “How did I become a nasty, selfish bitch?” She takes some of the rocks in her hand and flings it behind her.

“Ow!” Kay turns to find Fox behind her. She didn’t mean to hurt him, but then again maybe she did. “You and your damn family.” Fox has no idea what she is talking about. “You and your damn family is responsible for my family being a shambles!”

Fancy and Ivy have made it to the station to bail the Bennetts out. Ivy wants Fancy to talk to Alistair and get him to stop the charges having all of them dropped against the Bennetts.

Sam and his boys come from the back room. Thanks to Fancy’s money, they have been bailed out. Noah sarcastically thanks Fancy for bailing him out. She is hurt by that. “That is the thanks that I get? I just used my own money to get you out of jail. You should be on your hands and knees thanking me.” Not Noah. He smirks at her, “In your dreams.”

Chad has the baby in the playpen with the music playing.

There is knocking on the door and Chad really hopes that Fox is not at the door again. Chad lets Whitney in surprised at seeing her. She tells that she just wanted to see if Miles was okay. Chad had the child settled, but then someone came by and riled him up again. Whitney will try to quiet the boy down. She goes to Miles and rubs his tummy. The child immediately gets quiet. Chad goes to get the baby his bottle.

Pilar is home now with Martin. She can’t believe what happened. Theresa is there to greet her parents. Pilar tells that Beth has escaped with Marty and they could be out of the country. Martin adds that Sheridan broke up with Luis. Theresa is devastated. “They love each other and need each other.” Pilar knows that but Sheridan can’t stand the sight of Luis now that they have lost their son. Theresa knows that her brother and Sheridan are soul mates. Pilar says that by now she has to understand that when Alistair makes a move everyone suffers. Theresa hasn’t got any idea what Alistair has to do with this. Pilar explains that Alistair was the one that helped Beth to escape with Marty.

Alistair is humming and getting ready for his date. Katherine watches him primping himself in the mirror and she is afraid and angry at the same time. She knows that he is out for no good that night. “You miserable bastard.” She can’t anger him right now.

Luis tries to talk to Sheridan before leaving for a very long time. She feels that enough has been said already and that there is nothing more for him to say to her, unless he is telling her that he has found her son and that he is bringing the boy home to her. Luis has more to stay whether she likes it or not. “I have made some mistakes, but I will get Marty. When I get back, maybe you will take me back, but as god is my witness, I will find your son.” Luis walks out the door with all his things.

Chad and Whitney are discussing Miles and how he will not stop crying.

Whitney sits on the couch asking God to please stop Miles from crying.

Pilar asks Theresa if she is still plotting with Alistair or not. Theresa was thinking that she should stay away from Alistair, but now that she has heard what her mother has just said about Alistair, she feels that maybe she should go out with Alistair and get him to help her with getting the things that she wants.

The phone rings and Pilar answers to Alistair. He asks for Theresa but Pilar will not give her the phone. “I am just calling about our date for tonight,” Alistair says. Pilar is furious when she hears him say this. “My daughter will never, ever go on a date with you!”

Katherine is behind Alistair and she hears that Alistair is setting his sights on Theresa now.

Noah sets in on Fancy for what has happened to his family. She gets really upset. She didn’t mean for this to happen. “I didn’t mean it.”

Out in Vegas, news travels fast. One of the thugs after Noah and Fancy get a fax. “Turns out that one of the people that we are looking for just got arrested in Harmony.” He shows the file to his cohort. They open it and stare into the face of Noah Bennett’s mugshot.

Out at the waterfront, Kay is walking away from Fox and she steps in a bucket that slides forward, causing her to fall face to face on top of Fox. She falls on him. He looks up into her eyes, as she looks down into his.

Outside of the cottage, Luis is about to leave forever if necessary. He will not return without Marty. He can’t. Sheridan will not forgive him, or take him back. He looks into the window at the love of his life just one more time. She is so beautiful. She has her back to him and she just stands there doing nothing, looking nowhere. Luis turns to the road and starts walking.

Inside the cottage, Sheridan is fine for a few moments. She suddenly gets a twinge in her stomach and she calls for her beloved Luis! “Luis!” She turns and runs to the door to bring him back to her. She really does love him in spite of everything that has happened. She wants him back now. She runs to the door and flings it open, “Luis!” Too late. He is gone. Maybe forever.

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