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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Sam and his sons find Jessica with a john downtown about to turn a trick. He can’t believe his eyes, and neither can Ethan and Noah. Sam grabs Jessica from the man and threatens the man with death if he tries come near Jessica again. The man doesn’t let up. “She was into it. She made a deal. I want what I paid for. Sam enlightens the man, letting him know that Jessica is his daughter and that he is totally out of line here. The man isn’t buying this story. “That is your daughter? Yeah right. That is a good one.” The man has paid for his sex ride, and he will not leave until he gets is money’s worth from her. That is just the way that things are done around here. “I’ll tell you what. I will take her first, and then you can do whatever the hell it is you what with her after that. But I am not leaving until I get what I paid for. That is the only deal that is going down here.” Sam doesn’t scare him. He moves towards Jessica to take her with him, and Sam decks him knocking him out.

Edna is now living with Tabitha and has a whole new outlook on life. She looks great and is bouncing around the living room fit as a fiddle thanks to her roomies. Living with witches can be a blessing even if they are evil. Edna knows that all she has to dfo to get Tabitha to do as she wishes is to call up the angels in prayer. They threaten Tabitha because they are so good. Edna figured that out and now she gets whatever she wants from Tabitha and her spells. Tabitha has changed everything about Edna that has made her old. Her hair is not gray anymore, she can dance around without a walker and she doesn’t even pee herself anymore. Tabitha has done all that she can do for the woman. That is it. Edna sees things differently. She has a whole slew of things that she wants done and she will make Tabitha do it or the angels will come down. Tabitha knows that she isn’t lying about that.

Beth has called Sheridan to say a last goodbye to her. Sheridan was fine at the beginning of the call, but now she is a mess. She is crying and slobbering all over the phone trying to hear every word that Beth has to say, to find a clue as to where this crazy woman is. The call was opened with Marty calling out, “Mama… Mama…” Then Beth took the phone from him and has been torturing Sheridan ever since. Sheridan wants to talk to Marty but Beth says that he is sleeping now. She says that it is a pity that Sheridan can’t see the boy right now. He is so sweet looking when he sleeps. Sheridan is crying. “I will give you anything that you want, just please give me my son, please.”

Luis takes the phone from Sheridan and takes over as it seems that Sheridan is losing her strength being tortured by Beth her this way. He has been accused of not doing enough to get his son back, and so he tries to be strong for Sheridan now. “Beth, it is Luis, just tell me where you are. I will come and get you. Let this be over with.” Beth has to go now. She can’t talk to Luis as much as she would like to. He doesn’t understand that he should be with her yet, and that he still loves her, and in fact that he loves her more than he loves Sheridan. She will wait and then one day he will be able to join her with Marty. They will be a family together and Sheridan will see that she never really had Luis to herself, and that he never really did love her as she though that he did.“I will see you soon Luis. Goodbye for now my love.” She hangs up.

Sheridan sees Luis put the phone down and guesses correctly that Beth has decided that she didn’t want to talk anymore. Luis tells her that Beth has hung up on him while he was asking her questions about where she was. Sheridan’s heart has broken once again. Luis has no idea what to do now. Sheridan can see that. He has no new information for Sheridan about where Beth is with their child. He knows that is all that she wants to hear from him. “Give me the phone Luis. Let me speak to her please. Please.” He gives her the phone knowing that no one is there for her to speak to. She can see that there is nothing left for her to do here but give up and cry.

The man still gets up after getting hit by Sam. He isn’t finished yet. The man will not leave until he gets his money back. Sam gives the man some cash and he walks off. Jessica starts walking off from her family but they grab her. Sam can’t let her go like this. Jessica hardens to her father. He begs her to let him take her home. “You don’t belong here. Let me take you home.” She nods her head quickly. “Okay.” They all hug.

Edna tells Tabitha and Endora that they were just warming up with the work that they have done for her so far. She wants more. When she is done with them, she will be young again. “I want the works girls! A complete makeover. Could you make me elegantly sexy?” Tabitha whispers under her breath that there is only so much magic in the world. Edna demands to know what it was that was just said, but Tabitha won’t repeat what she said. Tabitha will do her best she says, but she really hates that she is under the gun like this. Edna wants her hearing fixed as well. Endora zaps her and suddenly Edna can hear clearly as a bell. He takes off her hearing aid and tossing it to the side.

The phone rings and Edna offers to go and get the phone since she can hear it clearly now. Edna bounces over to the phone to take the call. Tabitha rolls her eyes at the old woman who has suddenly become new again. Tabitha doesn’t see what all the desperation is about to get young again. She is quite happy to look the way she does, then again she does look young for her age. Tabitha has been around for centuries. Edna is going to be a pain to live with for sure but Tabitha can’t kick her out. Not now that Edna has the knowledge that Tabitha really is a witch, and not with the ability that Edna has to be able to call up angels. Edna definitely has the upper hand in all this right now. “Edna Wallace, hot mama! Who is it on the line?” It is Beth calling. “Mother? Is that you? What are you doing there at Tabitha’s house?” Edna guesses that Beth is calling from jail but she is wrong. Beth is still on a jet out of town to a new expensive and happy life. “I am on top of the world mother. Soon I will have Luis with me.”

Sheridan is hysterical now. Maybe it would have been better for Sheridan not to have had that contact with Marty and Beth just now. She is worse off than ever. The call from Beth has confirmed her feeling that she will never get to see her baby again. The reality of all this has slapped her in the face hard. How is she ever going to be able to live with this? This is the worst moment of her life. No one can make this better, not unless they can bring Marty to her. Katherine tries to soothe her daughter but she will not calm down. Everyone in the room can see that Sheridan is right on the edge now. “Sheridan please try to relax. We will figure something out,” her mother assures her. “Just leave me alone mother,” Sheridan cries.

The phone rings and Luis answers it in case it is Beth again. He knows that Sheridan couldn’t handle another call like the last one. It isn’t Beth. It is the man that Luis asked to try to trace the call that Beth made to them. While Sheridan was on the phone with Beth, Luis made another call from his own cell phone asking his friend Jeff to do his best to see where this call was cming from. Beth wasn’t concerned at all that someone mighyt try to trace the call. Pilar made the mistake of telling Sheridan to try to stay on the call longer so that Luis could trace it, and Beth heard Pilar. Didn’t matter anyway. Beth was sure that the call couldn’t be traced, and even if it were, they still couldn’t catch while talking in a jet. They still wouldn’t have any idea where it was that she was heading. Life is sweet for Beth right now. Luis is glad to hear from his friend. Maybe he has something to report. “Jeff! Were you able to trace the call that just came in on Sheridan’s phone? Oh… Were you able to use all the stations at the same time to maximize the effort? Great! Did you get anything from that? Oh… Did you use all the satellites available? Oh... Okay thanks Jeff. I will talk to you soon.” Sheridan guesses that there is no news about her baby. “It seems that Luis was using a cellular phone. Don’t worry Sheridan. We will find him. We will get our baby.” Sheridan stops crying. “Every time that I look at you, I remember why we don’t have our son. It is because of you. Get out of my house.” Luis knows that he is not the reason that they don’t have their baby. She will not discuss this any further. “I just want you out.”

Sam offers to take Jessica home and make her a bath to get comfortable after she gets out of those horrible clothes. She nods her head dying to get home and off the streets. After her bath, Sam will get her some herbal tea. He knows the type that she likes. It will be like old times for the whole family. Ethan and Noah bring up the rear as they listen and watch over their sister. Sam promises to take Jessica on a trip and they can go wherever she wants to. During that time, he plans to heal her mind and get her back to the girl that they all once knew. They all start walking home. She will do whatever he wants now. Sam tells Jessica that Spike is going down and that he will never do anything like this to Jessica again. Noah and Ethan are happy to see that Spike will get his. Jessica gets upset. “Stop it. Don’t talk about him this way. I love him and he loves me. He does love me. All of you need to stop this.”

Jessica sees Spike and goes running to him as if he is her protector and not her predator. Sam and his sons see that they have made a terrible mistake. They almost had Jessica ready to come home willingly. Now because they have spoken ill fo Spike, she is right back in his corner defending him to anyone that will listen. Spike isn’t sure what has happened here but he likes it. She turns on her family snarling for their verbal attack on her man, “That is it! I am through with all of you. I will not go anywhere with you ever again and I am never coming home. I will only listen to Spike now and you can’ t make me stop. I have left home and my family forever. Now stay away from me.”

Gwen tells Sheridan to settle down but she will not listen to her best friend or anyone. She orders Gwen and the others that are around to stay out of this. This is her life. It is between she and Luis and no one else. “Luis you ruined everything again. You did nothing right from the very start. Luis I was right all along. You had me thinking that I was crazy for months. You made me feel crazy when I was right all along. Now because I listened to you instead of you listening to me, I have nothing. My child is gone. You don’t trust me and you failed me. You could have shot Beth and you didn’t. Why is that? She kidnapped me and tried to kill me. You let her go, and I know why. It is the same reason why you believe her more than me. You still love her. You love her more than you love me!”

Beth tells her mother how she has Marty and she is off to live the life of the rich and the famous in some exotic place that she isn’t even sure of yet. She is on a jet right now, rushing to the next phase of her life. Marty sleeps comfortably in his seat not realizing what is happening or how his life is changing even as he sleeps. ‘Luis will come to be with me soon enough mom I am sure of it. He doesn’t know it yet but he still loves me mom and he proved it when he had the chance to catch me and he didn’t. If it weren’t for Sheridan, I would already have Luis as my own. It is her fault that all this is happening now.” Edna can hear her daughter clearly and that is all she cares about. Beth’s wellbeing really isn’t of interest to her. What is though is the fact that her body has been put in reverse. Thanks to Tabitha and Endora, Edna is years younger. Edna doesn’t get into all this with Beth. She knows that it is important to keep this secret about Tabitha, and as long as Tabitha will help her with her looks, Edna will keep the secret. Edna advises her daughter to get the plane to fly far away.

When Tabitha hears Edna say that Beth is leaving town, she shouts to the receiver from across the room for Beth to come back and get her mother. If Beth is going to some faraway place, then she wants Edna to go with her daughter. Tabitha wants her life back. She wants to be alone with her daughter and not under the control of this insatiable older, but better looking woman. Edna laughs at Tabitha. Edna isn’t going anywhere. Why should she? “I have two witches that are going to do everything that I ask of them.

Edna isn’t interested in talking to Beth anymore. She has other things that she would like to attend to now. Gotta go! “Okay Bethie thanks for calling. You take care now. I got to go now honey. Things to do. You fly as far away as you can with that baby of yours okay? And give that little boy a kiss for me. Bye! You go on now. Mom is really busy here. I have to take care of some things that badly need attention now. Toodles!” Tabitha stares up into the woman’s face knowing that the only reason that Edna isn’t interested in her daughter’s new life, or going off to live it with her is because she wants to give more of a workout to the witches in the house. Tabitha isn’t looking forward to that. She is as tired as it gets, and the spirits in the basement are not pleased with the control that Edna can have over the house if she suddenly wishes to have it.

Spike taunts Chief Bennett while he has he arm around Jessica’s shoulders. “I know that you can’t do a thing to me because you were fired from your job so don’t try to do anything funny here. You could get in trouble. Jessica will be staying with me and there is nothing that you can do about it. It is okay Jessica don’t worry babe. I will take good care of you from now on. You will have me to depend on.” Sam can’t take anymore of this. He would like to kill this kid for the trouble that he has brought to the Bennett family. He punches Spike in the face and he falls over. Then it is just Sam and his sons giving it to Spike as hard as they can. Jessica stands back and watches in horror. She knows that Spike is no match for her fatehr and brothers. Spike puts up a pretty good fight but soon enough he will wear out.

Sheridan is sure that Luis has picked Beth over her many times. Beth has pointed it out to Sheridan over the last few days many, many times. Sheridan always thought that Beth was the demented one but it looks like the one missing all the facts was Sheridan. Maybe Beth was right about what she said. Sheridan has been wondering why all of this has taken so long. Maybe it is because Luis really does have feelings for Beth, and Sheridan couldn’t see it until now. Luis has been unable to get Marty back perhaps because he doesn’t want Sheridan to have him.

Sheridan remembers Beth saying that Luis has always loved her. The last time that she said that to Sheridan’s face, they were in the garage on the Crane grounds. She was so sure that Luis would never pick her up for taking that baby and running the way that she did. She thinks that she has more of Luis’s heart than Sheridan and she may be right about that. Luis almost married Beth once, but then Sheridan came into the picture and ruined the longtime love affair of the highschool sweethearts when Luis then fell heavily for Sheridan instead and stayed that way for years. Beth obviously felt threatened by that and hurt too. She is a woman scorned. She obviously felt that taking the baby was a good way to get back at Sheridan for taking Luis, and boy was she right. Now however, after the events at the Crane cabin in the mountains where Beth was sure that Luis wouldn’t shoot her and he didn’t, Sheridan has to really rethink her situation with Luis and what they really mean to each other.

Sheridan sees now that she was stupid to love someone that love and trusted someone else at her expense. Her goal now is to get Luis as far away from her as possible. She can’t be with him. The sight of him and what he symbolizes to her is not good at all. She can’t get far enough away from him. He tries everything to make her want to stay with him but things are looking worse and worse. “I want you to go away Luis. I want you to go far, far away.” She walks off to her room, slamming the door behind her.

Sam and his sons fight with Spike but Spike does pretty good on his own. He is tiring though, and when he does it will be lights out for him. The Bennett boys will make sure of that. Jessica is screaming for Spike to be left alone, but Sam and his boys can’t stop. Jessica doesn’t know who to wish success on in this fight. She loves Spike, but this is her family and she feels a twinge of guilt over seeing them suffer like this for her. It is at times like these when Jessica wonders if her family really does care for her after all. Spike needs her now. Sam has gone over to Spike and has him. He pummels the man with his fists. He might not stop if he can help it. Sam is mad enough to end this once and for all. Jessica jumps on her father’s back to get him of Spike before he is hurt, but when Spike hits the man, Jessica goes flying to the ground hitting her head.

Sirens can be heard in the distance. Someone has called the cops. Now there is really going to be trouble. Sam isn’t a cop anymore. He can’t expect to get any consideration for this fight with this punk. Also, Sam worries about his sons who have only assisted their father tonight in doing a very nobel thinng. They might suffer repercussions as well. Sam and his sons continue to fight with Spike trying to get every last punch in that they can. Their time with him is almost over now. The cops are almost upon them. Jessica slowly gets to her feet now. She is a little stunned by hitting the concrete with her head, but she seems like she will be okay. Her father didn’t mean to hurt her when they fell backwards together.

Cops come running to see what is going on with all the fighting on the street. Sam recognizes the cop in charge and thinks that maybe he might luck out and things might go his way here. Spike is the first to speak up with an explanation. “This man and his sons attacked me. They even hurt my girlfriend. She hite her head on the pavement because of them. I was minding my own business and they just attacked me.” Sam tells the officers that this isn’t that way that things happened. Sam tells a very different story. “This is my daughter and this guy has been putting her out on the street, I was only trying to get her to come home and she was going to do that until he should up.” The officers know Sam and are confused as to whether they should believe Spike or Sam. They ask Jessica what really happened. “My boyfriend is really telling the truth. The officers cuff Sam and his boys to take them to the station.

Edna is ready for her next body lift. Hmmm, what can she have done now? “Let me think.” Tabitha closes her eyes and gets Endora to help her with the next spell. Making an old woman young again is hard work. “…This drag apple turnip will morph into Eva Gabor” Zap! Edna gets a change in look but it isn’t very impressive. Something goes wrong. Edna looks more like the smart chick on Scooby Dooby Doo, and not a bit like Eva Gabor. Something must have gone very wrong. Tabitha zaps her again. Interesting results and much better this time. Tabitha likes this change. It is definitely for the better. Edna has no mirror to see herself. “Let me see! Let me see!” Endora zaps up a mirror and poof! There it is.

Edna looks at her image and sees a babe staring back. Her hair is well done and she wears a conservative jacket and pants outfit. Her makeup is perfect and oh look- her wrinkles are barely showing. Time has reversed itself and now it stands still. Edna is very pleased with this indeed. Her figure is fit as a fiddle. She turns right and left before the mirror and every any is terrific. Even that saggy little piece of skin Edna had behind her chin is gone. Edna is going to like living here. “Oh I like it. However, I need something a little more orange to wear. This outfit is too business office looking. I need a more toned down casual look for hanging around town. Zap me again.” Tabitha rolls her eyes. It is going to be a long day indeed. “Alright Edna. Brace yourself. Here we go.” Tabitha thinks for a minute, then she waves her arms.

Zap! Now, Edna is in an orange silky top and some free flowing trousers that almost look denim, but they are not. “Her hair flows over her shoulders. She is like a fashionalbe Jackly Smith! She wrinkles her brow just a little bit. “No! This is closer though but not quite right. Come on Tabby hit me again. Only this time make it really count. !” Edna braces herself for the zap that is sure to come thanks to Tabitha’s fear of the power of the angels. “Okay Tabitha! I am ready. Try again. Tabitha considers another look that she would like to conjure up and she points her fingers at the new-found fox. The first look was too much, the second look to casual. Tabitha shoots for something in between.

Zap! Now, Edna has on a fitted leopard jacket, stylish black pants to match. She looks like one of those high society types. The kind that might hang out around the Crane mansion. She could be mistaken for one of those for sure. “I need a little bling-bling to go with my new outfit Tabitha. Come on now!…” Edna holds her wrists out knowing that in a matter of seconds they will be adorned with beautiful, real expenxive baubles. Tabitha is stunned by her own creation. Edna really does look great.

Zap! The biggest, most fantastic diamonds suddenly adorns her neck and wrists. The necklace hangs most of the way down her chest. They are so big and gaudy that they look ridiculous around Edna’s neck, but she doesn’t care. Edna stares down at herself and her new jewels. “Ooooohhhhhhhhhh!” This here is just what she had in mind. This is apparently Edna’s dream look and she is going to run with it. She is slowly getting everything that she wants. First a new finetuned body, with hair and face to match, her bladder problem has been tightened up, her walker is in the trash, and now she is blessed with clothes and jewelry. Still there is always something more that I girl could want and a girl could need. Edna has the short list in her head, and she is busting to get it all out there. There is no waiting time with Tabitha. She just has to think it and poof! There it is.

Luis is still in Sheridan’s living room realizing that his relationship is over with Sheridan now. He can’t leave even though she has ordered him to. The others that are there are very supportive of him, and they believe that he has been trying his best to find him son. Why wouldn’t he do that? Sheridan seems really off the mark with this idea that Luis doesn’t care about the child, but all stay silent and just let things be. They have been warned enough to mind their business, and so they must. They won’t take sides either. Gwen, Pilar, Martin and Katherine love both Sheridan and Luis as individuals as well as a couple. Both of them deserve to be happy, especially after what happened.

Gwen and Katherine go into Sheridan’s room to tell her that she shouldn’t give up on Luis like this. They understand that she is feeling blue and wants to have her child back as soon as possible, but hurting Luis, who is also hurting as well isn’t the right way to handle this. Katherine wants Sheridan to listen to her as a victim of evil. She was with Alistair for a long time and if it is one thing that you have to understand about him is that his patience for revenge is immeasureabel. “I know that Alistair will follow Luis wherever he goes and he will make sure that Luis will be chasing phantoms for years. Sheridan is doing the worst thing possible by leaving Luis. Together, they are a force, but apart, they are easy pins for Alistair to knock down when they already fight between themselves. This is just what Alistair wants. Please tell Luis to stay. If you let him go, he will be gone forever.”

Jessica knows that Sam falling with her on his back was an accident. She did hit her head, but no one wanted it to happen. It could have been hose damn shoes of hers. She can barely stand up in them. They seem to have a mind of their own. She wants to clear things up with the cops but Spike tells her that she has to leave things alone. He knows that Sam is not in good favor with the police right now, and this could just go his way if they just keep quiet. “”We have to stick together. Here,” Spike whispers while alone with Jessica for a minute. “Take this. It will relax you.” Jessica takes the piece of paper and tastes it. The drugs have been imprinted on it. She knows that from experience. She starts liking the paper hoping that the effects of the drug will come to her soon.

The officer has Sam and his boys at the station and he apologizes to Sam about having to bring him in. Sam is angry that Spike has corrupted his daughter. “He has gotten her into sex, booze and drugs.” That officer says that if Jessica tells the truth then Sam and his boys can leave.

Jessica and Spike enter the police department and the officer seats her before all. ‘Now Jessica tell me what happened out there. Your dad told me that he was just trying to protect you. You don’t want t press charges on your own family do you?”

Beth is having champagne all by herself on the jet while Marty sleeps. “My mother was wrong. I am not a loser. I am going to have everything that I ever dreamed of. Poor Sher-Sher. She ends up with nothing.”

Martin goes to Gwen and Katherine and learns that Sheridan is terrible. Luis is the same. Katherine rubs Martin’s arm, sorry for his hurt over Luis.

Pilar enters the room and sees Katherine rubbing her husband’s arm. “Take your hands off my husband.”

Gwen talks to Luis, trying to make him see that he can’t leave like this. “Sheridan doesn’t mean this. Making rash decisions at a time like this is a bad thing to do. This exact thing happened with me and Ethan once and it blew over. Now we are happy together and can’t think of being without each other.” Luis knows what he has to do now. He gets up.

Luis goes to Sheridan’s room and she is alone in there thinking about the last words that she heard her son saying before Beth took him away from her forever. “Mama… Mama…” She closes her eyes but instinctively knows that someone is in the room with her. She opens her eyes to find Luis standing over her, holding a teddy bear in his hands.

Edna beams in the mirror. “Is this the real me?” Tabitha is exhausted. Endora and I are exhausted. Edna will not hear that. “We have work to do. I need two more things and then you can have all the rest that you want. I am talking about my evening entertainment.” Tabitha thinks that she means board games, but that isn’t what Edna meant. “I mean men with abs of steel honey! Get me some good looking hunks with thunder buns.” Tabitha starts her spell. “400 lbs. of muscle…souped up testosterone…”

Zap! Two glorious men arrive. One brunette and one blonde. They are shirtless. ‘Okay boys, why don’t you show me what you have in those lovely Easter baskets?”

Jessica decides that she will press charges on her family. “They hurt me and Spike and they have to be punished.” The officer cautions Jessica that she will be sending her family to jail. She will have no one to help her if she needs help.” Jessica says that she doesn’t have any family anymore. Jessica heads to Spike and they leave the station holding hands.

Could this get any worse?

Luis tells Sheridan that he knows that she is mad at him and that she wants him to leave. He needs her to believe something first. “I will search the world to get Beth and Marty and I will find them. I will find our son and the three of us will be together like a family.” To her there is no us. “Even if you do find my son, even if you bring Marty home, because when you let Beth run with Marty, that ended us forever.” She is finished with him now. She gets up and walks past him.

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