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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Sam is on the phone trying to call in favors from friends of his from the force. He is trying to get information on where his daughter could be with Spike. If the club hadn’t been burned down, Sam would just go there, but that is out of the question at this point. The officers will not even take a report from him. No one will talk to him and this is definitely Alistair’s doing. His technique is written all over this. Noah hears his father talking on the phone from the other room.

Noah comes into the room drinking juice out of the bottle much to Sam’s disapproval. That juice bottle that he found in the fridge was for the whole family and not just for Noah’s use. Noah doesn't care about that, he addresses the call that his father just tried to make without any success. Noah is angry with what Alistair has done to his family especially to his father. Sam can’t deal with this right now. Alistair is a problem that Sam has been living with for years now. He will have to address that later. It can’t be addressed now. Something more important is on the list. Jessica is missing. Noah had no idea. He just got to talk to her once since he has come home and now she is gone. Sam has this all figured out. “I know that she is with Spike. I am worried. The state of mind that she is in isn’t very good.”

Jessica is out on the street strolling back and forth in very uncomfortable garb. She keeps her head down to avoid looking at the others girls out there the wrong way. She doesn’t want to piss anyone off. She doesn’t even want to be there if the truth be known. She is very uncomfortable in her 4 inch “come-get-me” stripper sandals and her skin-tight baby pink latex dress with the appropriate cutouts revealing skin that is soft and supple, but may not end up being so if she does this for a long time. Just a look at the other ladies on the street if proof that this could really take a toll on a person. Jessica’s makeup is also over the top. She would never wear this much makeup on her face. It feels like theatre makeup.

An African-American whore comes up to Jessica full of attitude and looking like she could fight Tyson if she had to. Jessica cowers and she looks up into that big scary face. “You in my corner. Move your ass or I will cut you crazy bitch.” Jessica hurries out of the way so as not to offend or get killed. She is going to have a long night trying to get along out here. The girls are not all that friendly to her. She is cute and someone like that could take business away from the regulars. They don’t like that. Jessica finds herself as concerned with the hookers hurting her as she is with the johns. She isn’t sure that she can do this. She is like a fish out of water and it shows on her face.

Spike and his friend are watching Jessica from afar as she walks the stroll. Spike can already smell the money that he is going to make with this broad. She looks great. The friend loves the way that Jessica looks. He can’t take his eyes off her. She has the look of a virgin and that is what the man likes about her most. He asks Spike if he can have a freebie while he waits for his drugs to arrive. Spike ain’t giving away anything. He might consider a discount, but that is all. If this guy wants a piece of Jessica, he will have to pay something towards it like everyone else. The negotiations are broken down when the man see Jessica approaching them to talk to Spike.

Jessica comes over to Spike begging him to get her off the street. “I don’t like this Spike. I can’t do it. Please lets go home and figure this out some other way.” Spike puts on his most sympathetic face, which isn’t very good and he looks into Jessica’s eyes psyching her into thinking that he is feeling her baby. “Oh come on baby. You have to do it. I won’t let nothing happen to you honey. You’ll see. This is the best solution for us sugar.” Spike will not let her leave. He keeps breaking her down and breaking her down with his pleas of love and caring. “No one loves you but me Jessica. No one is here but me. I am gonna take real good care of you baby. Real good care.”

Fancy sits and listens as Ethan moves in on Alistair telling him that he is such a horrible man for attacking everyone and that when he dies, no one will be around to save his empire. He came initially to rail on the old man for firing his father from a job that he really loved and was good at. People depended on Police Chief Bennett and he was always there for him. He made the police look good and they had a good reputation while Bennett was running the department. Alistair is angry listening to this. He slams his fist to the table and then falls to the ground breathing shallowly. Fancy rushes to him, not knowing what to do. She shouts at Ethan to do something.

Sheridan has come out of the cottage and she sees Pilar, Martin and Luis standing there. She isn’t surprised to see Luis still there. She has ordered him to get away from her and leave her alone before he never really goes away. She was fit to be tied earlier, ordering Luis out of her cottage and out of her life, but now that she has had time to think, and time to calm down, she has something to say to Luis. She is still very upset and wants him to see that the fact that she is speaking to him again, doesn't mean that she is happy with him now. She is still very angry. They wait for her to say something but she says nothing at the moment. Martin and Pilar look at each other seeing that maybe they shouldn’t be there. Perhaps she would like to speak to Luis alone. She does.

Martin and Pilar decide that they should leave now. They go through that back of the house to go in the front and wait with Katherine and Gwen who are already in there waiting to see what is to be done about the baby missing now. Sheridan is calm now. The steam has gone out of her. She should really say something to Luis about her behavior, but she isn’t sure where to start with her explanation. He is just glad to see her around him again and not upset. “I was just looking at a picture of Marty in the house just now and I was just thinking about the family that I could have had. The three of us could have all been together now.” Luis cuts her off. “I will make us a family again Sheridan. I am going out and I am going to find Marty for you.”

Alistair lays on the floor of the study trying to breathe easier than he had been. Ethan doesn’t move to help the man. If Alistair were to suddenly die, Ethan would just watch him do it. Fancy is upset that Ethan will not help them. “The old man will be fine Fancy. Who can believe anything that happens to him anyway? He Is probably faking it, but if he isn’t faking it, he won’t die tonight anyway. He would draw his death out for a few days at least. That would mean that you would lose Crane Industries and you would crawl out of your grave for that company, wouldn’t you Alistair?” Fancy is about to go and get a doctor but she stops when she sees that Alistair is sounding and looking better. The old man lies on the floor and Ethan looks down on the old man as if he is a pathetic rag doll. Grandfather must feel ten inches tall. “How does it feel to be weak Alistair? You must feel right now like the people that you stomped on all those years. Ruining lives with the wave of your hand. How does it feel Alistair? Everyday that you live could be the last Alistair. Even if you make it through this attack, there could always be another one. The more that you don’t get an attack, raises the odds that one day you will have one. One day your heart is going to be beating too fast and you will wonder if this is the time when you meet your maker. In those moments, you have no control, and money won’t be able to save you. You may have taken my dad’s job and you may have taken Sheridan’s baby but you will pay for those acts in the worse way possible. That will be the day that you lose everything. That will be a sweet day as everything that you own now is what matters to you most.”

Katherine and Gwen hopes that Sheridan and Luis are talking nicely outside. There hasn’t been any shouting so things must be going well out there. Martin and Pilar have gone back into the cottage and wait with Katherine and Gwen for news on what is going to happen next and how they are going to go about finding Marty. Gwen knows how Sheridan feels. When she lost her baby, she hated Ethan at times and really wanted him gone and out of her life, but she really didn’t mean it. Martin and Pilar look at a picture of Marty nearby on a table, and they both hope that Luis and Sheridan will be able to find him.

Luis tells how he really does want to find Marty for Sheridan so that they can have the life that they planned all along. “I blame myself for this Sheridan, you are right. I am sorry for everything that I have done wrong in all this. I should have believed you and seen that Beth wasn’t really who you said that she was from the beginning. I have known Beth since high school and that made it difficult to see Beth as that horrible person that would steal a baby and pretend to have one. I love you Sheridan. I want to get our son back and then have the rest of my life with you and him.” Sheridan listens to Luis but she doesn’t look him in the face. She is fine with him telling her that he is sorry for a lot of this going wrong, at least he is admitting it.

Sam hasn’t got any ideas what to do now. He doesn’t know where to look for Jessica. He can’t even find where Spike is living without the assistance of the police. He has tried to get cooperation from the cops to find his daughter and they will not help him. He thought that he had friends on the force, but he sees now that he was wrong. No one cares about him anymore and he feels discarded. “Alistair has a long reach so if he wants to shut me out and make life difficult for me, he will be able to do so easily. For years I tried to keep the police department on the straight and narrow. For the most part, I had a clean shop except for a couple of smart guys that got taught a lesson. Now one of Alistair’s puppets will be Chief and there will be no justice in Harmony. Every rat will be safe and crime will run rampant in this town. This isn’t going to be a nice place at all when Alistair is finished with it.” Noah is sure that this is all his fault and he is sorry for the trouble that the has brought on his father. Sam knows differently. Maybe Noah’s input didn’t help this whole matter, but it certainly didn’t start it. Sam has stuff that he has to take care of right now. Sam will go out and find his daughter with or without the help of the police. Noah will go with him. The two head to the door.

Spike goes over to Jessica and pinches her bottom as she uncomfortably leans against the nearest pole. “You look so great honey! We are going to get the money for a new club in no time.” She is not very happy. “I can’t do this. I just can’t.” Spike gives Jessica a little pick me up to get her in the mood for what she has to do when she gets picked up. She licks the tablet that he gives her. He knows that she loves drugs. She is unsure about sleeping with other men, but Spike asks her to prove that she loves him. She decides that she will do it for him. He leaves telling her that he loves her.

Once he has left her alone at the pole, Spike remarks to himself that he has that stupid bimbo wrapped around his finger. “She will do anything that I tell her and the Bennetts are going to hate that.

Alistair is still on the floor of the study with Ethan sitting on the couch above him looking down. Thinking about the end of his empire has weakened Alistair and that gives Ethan satisfaction. “You will not see what happens when you die Alistair. All the thinks that you have acquired in your life will be up for grabs. Your family name will be nothing but a joke to anyone that has ever heard of you. Maybe your employees will get everything that you own. Let’s hope that you have enough to get a decent burial. Maybe that is the hell that the devil has set up for you. Everything that you have will be taken from you.” Alistair tells Ethan that he is finished now. Ethan isn’t afraid of this old man. “you will not beat me and you will not beat my family.”

Alistair thinks to himself that Ethan should be afraid because Alistair will indeed ruin Ethan and his whole Bennett family. He keeps this thought to himself. He is not in the best condition to get Ethan angry with him. When he is better, he will strike and Ethan will be sorry that he ever crossed the line like he has today.

Sam and Noah are out and about looking for Jessica. They have to find Jessica soon before things get worse.

Ethan shows up to meet this brother and his father downtown. He learns that Jessica is missing and that they are going to look for her now. Ethan reports that he is still trying to get Sam’s job back. “I was up at the mansion telling Alistair off just now. It was great telling that devil that he can’t win here.” Sam knows that Alistair can’t be underestimated. “Alistair will go after all of us if he gets mad enough.

Jessica is on the street looking pretty.

A guy comes over to her to see if she would like to have a good time, but she turns her body from him and he just walks by.

Spike comes over telling her that she can’t do that. He gives her some drugs stamped on paper. She had some of this before and it hasn’t kicked in yet. He will wait over by the corner to see how she does. She calls for him. “Don’t leave me alone here.” Spike assures her that he will be nearby. She is fine with that then. He leaves.

A man comes over to Jessica asking if she wants to party. She tells the man that she would like that. “How much?” the guy asks. She wrinkles her brow. “I don’t know. What do you want to do?”

Spike is back on the corner on his cell phone. Alistair has orders for him. He doesn’t care about the club burning down. “I want you to go after the Bennetts and make them pay for the trouble that they have been causing me. I want them all to pay. Sam, Ethan, Noah, Kay, Jessica. Do whatever you have to do to make this happen for me.”

Luis and Sheridan are still outside talking. The discussion is mostly Luis pleading his case and trying to get Sheridan to see that he needs another chance to get their baby back.

The phone inside the house rings and Sheridan hears it. She has to stop listening to Luis right now and get that. “It might be about Marty.” She rushes inside with Luis following.

The visitors to the cottage are still there and they watch as Sheridan answers the phone. Sheridan listens. “Mama… Mama”

Beth is on the jet still with Marty and she has called Sheridan’s phone to torture her just a little bit.

“Mama…” Everyone over at Sheridan’s cottage watches her face and how it lights up. “Marty?”

The man wants to know how much Jessica charges and where they can go. “Hurry up. You are just a kid. I’ll tell you what. You give me a break on the price and I will break you in.”

Ethan and Noah arrive at the hooker strip and the hookers all run to them to offer them their wares.

Sam comes from behind a corner and the girls start running. Sam tells the girls that there is nothing to worry about as he is there looking for someone. He shows Spike’s picture to the girls but they don’t seem to know where he is, or at least they won’t tell him.

The girls are afraid, but not all of them. One of them listens to the radio. “Chief Bennett as been fired. He can’t do anything to any of us anymore. “ That girls all laugh at Sam and his sons and they walk off.

Sam and his sons decide to move on. They have to be looking in the wrong part of town anyway. Jessica wouldn’t be caught dead in a place like this.

The guys start walking and then they see it up ahead. Jessica standing by a lamp post with some loser whispering in her ear.

Sheridan is listening to the phone. “I love you Marty.” A voice responds, “I love you mommie.” Sheridan finds that voice funny. “Beth? Is that you?” Beth talks to her telling her that she will never get to see her child again.

Luis is nearby and he calls the police asking them to trace the call that Sheridan is on so that they can trace where Beth is. Sheridan tries to keep talking to fool Beth into getting caught.

Beth continues to taunt Sheridan on the phone. Luis is now listening on another connection in the house and he can hear Beth and what she is saying. “Did you see that Sheridan? Did you see how Luis had the chance to kill me and he didn’t? He couldn’t, and you know why don’t you? He couldn’t shoot me because he still loves me Sheridan.”

Sheridan hears what Beth says and she raises her eyes to rest on Luis who stands before her listening to every word that Beth says.

Fancy turns her eyes for a minute and her grandfather starts smoking again. She grabs the cigarette from him. He almost died just now. “What are you doing?” She grabs the cigarette. Alistair explains why he has to deal with the Bennetts the way that he does. That Noah has caused his family a lot of trouble.

Fancy stops reality for a moment and thinks for a second on the way that Noah was able to make her feel butterflies in her stomach.

Alistair sees his granddaughter’s face and worries that she is feeling something for that kid. Fancy denies that she feels anything for Noah. “In fact, he makes me sick. Alistair will deal with those Bennetts. Ethan did make a point that Alistair overlooked though. “I don’t have an heir to take over my empire. Julian is with that woman Eve and I can’t handle that. Then there is Fox and he isn’t ready to do this. Chad is fit either. There is no one that could run my company the way that I would.” Fancy says that she could do it. “What about me grandfather? I could do it.”

Beth tells Sheridan to think about Marty at bedtime and how he will get everything from Beth from now on.

Pilar tells Sheridan to keep Beth on the phone so that they can trace the call.

Beth hears Pilar talking. “I heard that and you will never get me by tracing this call. Sheridan you are over and done with. You are so weak. You are a mess and you are a mess. You are so needy. Luis has to be there to fetch and carry for you. Wait. Marty go to sleep now.” Beth kisses the baby and returns to her call.

“Sheridan do you realize that Luis didn’t want to kill me. Maybe he didn’t want you to have the baby. Maybe he doesn’t trust you with Marty. Just maybe.” Beth really pours it on now.

Sheridan is crying as she clutches the phone to her ear. The others in the room can’t hear what Beth is saying to Sheridan to make her so upset. They can only see her face. Luis can hear what is going on through his phone. Sheridan has reached her limit. ‘No!!!!!!” She screams into the phone.

Sam and his sons can’t believe that they are looking at Jessica hooking up with a john.

Sam goes over to the girl and pulls her away from the man. The man complains. “I just paid for this girl. What are you doing?” Sam turns to the man. “If you ever go near my daughter again, I will kill you.”

Alistair laughs at Fancy. He can’t see her running his business. “You are my princess. You should be on this earth having fun. In fact, “ Alistair heads to his safe. “Remember when I used to buy you ice cream? How about something just as delicious?” Alistair removes a giant wad of cash from the safe and gives it to his granddaughter. She loves that. Alistair warns her to keep the money from Rebecca. Fancy takes her wad and starts heading to the door. Then it occurs to her. “If I can’t be your heir, then who would take over Crane Industries?” Alistair thinks. “I wonder. I have an idea. Won’t that put the cat among the pigeons?”

Sheridan is completely losing it. Beth tells Sheridan that she knows that if Luis had to choose between she and Sheridan, he would choose Beth. “I am the one for Luis. You are just so slow. This conversation is nothing but a parting gift for you. Remember that Luis could have left with me and Marty, remember that. Okay then, just remember that you are not going to see me or Marty ever again. I just called to say goodbye.”

Luis takes the phone from Sheridan. “Beth! Tell me where you are right now.” Beth looks at the phone as she talks. “I will see you soon Luis.” She hangs up. Luis hears the click of the phone shutting itself off. “Beth!” Luis shouts. Sheridan grabs the phone from Luis. She puts it to her ear. “Beth! Beth!” The line is dead.


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