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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Luis calls Sam to see if there is any news about Marty. The cops have been acting funny ever since he and Sheridan got off the boat and tried to chase Beth. That was the last place they had seen her. He needs some type of an update. Luis might not have enough clout but Sam should as the Chief of Harmony. He calls the man on the phone to see what he can do to help. Luis pauses as he listens to the response he gets after asking for Police Chief Bennett. Luis’s face changes immediately. Something must be wrong here.

“What? Okay, I will talk to you later.” Luis hangs up shaking his head at the news that the has just gotten. He can’t make heads or tails of it. How can that be? He turns to Sheridan, Gwen, Katherine, Martin and Katherine who are waiting for news about either Beth or Marty. They can see that something has been revealed to him. “What is it?”

All in the room learn that Sam has been fired from his job. Luis was stopped dead in his tracks when he asked for information. Nothing will be released to them it seems. Alistair has to be behind this. Who else could have the power to fire the Chief? Sam is the most honest person for the job and he did his job impeccably. A lot of strange things have been happening in town since Beth has started running. This is just another of those things that Alistair must have put into play to hurt anyone that wants Beth to hang for what she has done. Luis has to get Marty back or that will be it for he and Sheridan.

Sheridan is alone in her room looking at a picture of her child, knowing that this is all Luis’s fault. She just wants to be alone now. She thought that he would have the resources to get her child back as a policeman but he wasn’t even as effective as she was when it came to fighting Beth.

There is knocking on the door of Sheridan’s room now. She has left the others in the other room to be by herself. Besides Luis is there and she can’t stand the sight of him. She can guess that it is him at the door now. She rolls her eyes feeling that he is going to start again, trying to make her see that this really isn’t his fault and she just doesn't have it in him to make her feel better anymore. She is going to stop pretending. She feels that Luis is haunting her again. “Go away Luis!”

Gwen opens the door to peek in and show her friend that it isn’t Luis who is there but her good friend Gwen. She heard Sheridan freaking out and she wants her to settle down as quickly as possible. She is wound way too tight. “It is me honey.” Sheridan looks up and sees Gwen. She smiles a little. Sheridan is embarrassed at just having shouted at her friend for nothing. It wasn’t Luis as she thought. “Sorry Gwen, I thought that you were Luis and talking to him doesn’t interest me right now.” Gwen knows that. “Don’t be angry with Luis honey. He didn’t mean for any of this to happen. He is hurting too. He is just holding it together better than you are. That is all” Sheridan can’t get over this. “How can anyone expect me to deal with this? I can’t! I won’t!”

Ethan bumps into Whitney as he is walking along heading to the mansion to start working on Sam’s employment contract. She was just at Chad’s house and she was taking a break from helping out with the baby. It is time for her to go now. This isn’t her baby and she has to learn that when it is time to go. Chad has to assume all of the responsibility for the child now. Whitney tries to sound strong but Ethan hears the nervousness of a parent worried for her child in Whitney’s voice. The baby is colicky she explains, and she had to get out of there after listening to all the crying all day long. It was starting to get to her. Her mother told her that the crying could go on for months, maybe even three months. “Miles will be fine Ethan but how is Jane doing in her new home?” Ethan says that Jane is fine with the change to his house. Whitney is glad to hear that even though Theresa is her real mother and is hurting knowing that Jane is over at Ethan’s house with Gwen. “Ethan you have to know that it is killing Theresa to have her baby away from her even for one night. You have to know that Theresa doesn’t deserve this.” Ethan knows that Theresa seems like a pathetic creature right now but it was her own doing and Whitney can’t disagree with that fact. Theresa has brought all of this on herself. Ethan knows that Theresa being upset might be true, but whether that is true or not, Theresa is getting desperate and Ethan can tell that she is ready to screw things up yet again .

Theresa is making that fateful call that she said that she wouldn’t ever make now. She is alone on the docks where Ethan left her declaring his love for Gwen and his promise that he will never leave Gwen to be with Theresa. Theresa found the whole thing too big a burden to bear and she feels herself falling apart. When she spoke with Alistair, he knew that she couldn’t do this on her own and he warned her that if she really wanted something, anything, he would be the one to make it happen. Alistair promises her that he will make this a night that she will never regret or forget. She has agreed to meet him tonight for dinner. He is a little surprised at how quickly she called but he knew that she would call and that is all that matters. She reminds him that this meeting that she is agreeing to is only for dinner and nothing else. Alistair knows that after dinner, Theresa might change her mind and want to spend the night with him.

Fancy enters the room and hears her grandfather making dinner plans with someone on the phone. She waits until he finishes his call smiling at what a smooth operator her grandfather is. She loves the man and believes that anyone that snags him is definitely on the winning end of a relationship.

Theresa worries that she might have made a date with the devil this night as she hangs up the cell phone. She looks out at the water. She has drawn the lines, and she feels that is adequate to keep Alistair in his place and out of her pants. Still he can’t always be trusted and she knows that. What she is doing is playing with fire.

Fancy is in the study asking her grandfather to play some cards with her like they were going to do earlier. She was a little tired and the thing with Noah happened and they never did get around to the card game. She wants to patch things up with him after what happened earlier with Noah saying those horrible things. She knows that he had a right to be angry, but he has to know that Alistair will not let things end at this point. Not if he is the person that she is learning he really is. The last thing that she wants is for him to be angry. He looks fine now but that could change in a New York minute. She has seen it for herself. He loves the idea of playing cards, and is glad to see that nothing has changed between them. She seems to understand that you have to treat people like the Bennetts like dirt under your shoes. She doesn't say it but Alistair feels that he is reading her mood adequately and he likes what he sees. “Go set up the cards Fancy and I will be back in a minute to play with you.”

Alistair leaves the room and smiles as he thinks about the dinner that he will have with Theresa that night. He gets out his cell phone. He is going to have everything arranged just perfect and she will not be able to resist. “After the first course Theresa, I will have you where I want you and it won’t be at the dinner table I can promise you that.

Luis decides that they should all make their own search for Marty since the authorities will not help them or give them information. Luis is disappointed but not ready to give up the search. He will not stop and he has promised Sheridan that. When she is ready to listen, she will see that he meant business all along. If the police will not cooperate with him then he will head a search for his child and his family and friends will help him with that. He is an officer of the law and there are things that he knows how to do. It is time to draw on that experience now that he will be working without that support of the law behind him. He, Martin and Pilar; Katherine and Gwen are all in the room and they all think that Luis has come up with a great idea and they will all cooperate of course to get that baby back to his mother and father. “No!” The arrangements are suddenly interrupted. Luis looks up and sees that Sheridan was the one that uttered the word of negativity that doesn’t need to be a part of this meeting. “What do you mean Sheridan? What do you mean by saying ‘no’?” “I said no!” she repeats. “You will not head up any search for my son Luis. You have had your chances and now I only want you out of this house and away from me. You heard me don’t look so shocked at that. I can barely stand to be in the same room with you after the way that you bumbled the opportunities to get my son to me. Now get out and don’t come back!” She points to the door emphasizing her statements. Luis pauses not recognizing the person before him right at this moment. Sheridan has changed since they have arrived home and she has cuts and bruises on her face and body. My God she almost died out there chasing her child. Her hair is in a ponytail now and she wears a robe to relax her body a little. She has to be completely stressed from what she has been through and Luis sympathizes with that. That is why he allows her to rant when she feels like it. She never even had a chance with Marty. Everyone stands by embarrassed for Luis and the way that Sheridan is treating him, but also understanding her upset at what has happened to her and her son.

Whitney is sitting on the porch when Theresa walks up to find her outside. Whitney has her head down and is looking sad, knowing that her child is still crying most likely. Whitney tells that Miles is upset still and still crying at least when she left the apartment where he lives. “The colic could last for months and that is hard for me to see.” Theresa is surprised as her friend tried to stay away from bonding with Miles. She has been helping the child with his illness. Whitney tries to trivialize the interaction that she has had with Miles. Theresa can see that there is more. Whitney admits that she loves Miles. “That is why I put him up for adoption in the first place. I love him but what if there is something wrong with Miles and it isn’t just colic? What if there is more? It is possible. Something could be wrong with him and that could be because of what Chad and I did. I am glad that my mother knows that truth. I don’t have to tell someone else that the baby from incest. I would do anything to protect my son.”

Luis knows that Sheridan really doesn’t mean what she is saying to him now so he tries to let it slide. He will let her vent and then he is sure that she will be better later on. She feels that she knows what she is saying and stands behind what she is saying. “You never came through Luis. You had your chance and you didn’t take it to get our baby, and because of that, I can’t bear the sight of you being here talking about what you tried to do, and promising to do more. You just keep letting me down.” Katherine begs her daughter not to say these things. Take some time and think about this. “You may regret this.” Sheridan will not regret this as this is how she feels. “This is your fault. You can’t change things and I can’t forgive you for not believing me. You believed Beth over me. She kidnapped me and stole my baby. She dumped my body in the ocean because you wouldn’t believe me. I will never forgive you for that.”

Alistair returns to Fancy in the study to play cards, after having his arrangements made for the evening. He has everything in place for the evening that he knows will change Theresa forever. She knows that he was setting up a date and can’t hide her curiosity about it. “Who is she grandfather?” He will not tell her who it is, but he will disclose what she is. “Turn around Fancy. See that moth around the flame of the candle on that table? He is flying around the flame and he will get closer, closer and closer to the flame as he circles. He can’t resist it. He is drawn to it in spite of the growing heat emanating from the candle. The moth won’t fly away. It will be too enticed by the light, and then zap!” The moth hits the flame of the candle and drops dead, blackened by the incident. The tiny dead creature lays still on the table with a thin stream of smoke rising up from the creature’s carcass. Fancy shudders. He is telling her about him and it is frightening to hear what he is saying because he is admitting that he is a deadly force to be reckoned with. Even for someone that he refers to casually as a date. “You are the flame grandfather? Is that what you mean?” He nods his assent. He is the flame.

Theresa checks her messages after going into her house with Whitney. Whitney stands by quietly to wait until the messages play. There is only one. She and Whitney hear Alistair’s voice on the machine. Whitney is mildly surprised at that. What could he want with her friend? “Hi Theresa. I am calling about our date for dinner tonight. I will be sending my car around to pick you up later to bring you to the location of our meeting. Until then. See you there.” Whitney looks at Theresa and sees that she knows full well what this is all about.

Whitney is horrified. “You didn’t set up a date with Alistair Crane did you? Are you crazy? Why would you do something like that? He is a horrible man and everyone knows that Theresa.” Theresa says nothing. She is strangely quiet. She knows that everything that her friend says is the truth. Alistair will grind her up like meat the first chance that he gets, but she feels that she has no choice in the matter.

Luis explains that he had to act the way that he did with Beth while pursuing her because he didn’t really know the extent of all that was going on. He wouldn’t have guessed that she would have turned out to be so dangerous to anyone. She has done things that Luis wouldn’t have dreamed that she could ever do. He was wrong and he sees that now. Neither did Sheridan for that matter know of the truth of the matter with Beth. She had feelings about the woman but that wasn’t enough to take action against Beth. There was no proof at that time. “Even when there was proof Luis, you let Beth go. You could have shot her many times, but you never did. That is why I want you out!” Sheridan exclaims. She was patient with Luis at the beginning and understood over time that she needed to find something to get Beth and eventually her baby, but when they had that, Luis still let the woman go free. He let her take their baby, his baby. Luis can’t fight her anymore. “Alright. I will leave, and I will leave Harmony.” Pilar hates hearing this. “Luis?” “Don’t worry mama,” Luis assures his mother. “I will go and then I will find Marty, and then I will be back.” Sheridan believes nothing that he says anymore. They have lost precious time because of his wasting time. Luis walks out but not before turning to look at Sheridan one last time. She has her back to him and doesn’t care to even watch him walk out.

After he is gone, Sheridan goes to the front door and locks it behind him shouting, “Just go Luis and don’t you come back here! I don’t want to see you ever again.” She wants to make sure that he never comes back. She wants to make it clear that she is not playing and that she will not change her mind. This is the way that it is going to be with them from now on. She would be fine if he just left town all together and left her with whatever peace she can find left in her life without Marty. All in the room stand uncomfortably watching Sheridan in anger. No one dares to say anything in Luis’s favor at that time.

Fancy and Alistair play Gin Rummy. This is just like old times for Sheridan. Being with him like this makes her feel that he could never be the violent person that she thought before. Maybe it was just a bad day for him.


Ethan enters the room where Fancy and Alistair are playing cards without knocking and rudely interrupts the card game. Fancy looks up at him innocently greeting him sweetly. “Hi Ethan!” He says ‘hi’ to her and then just as quickly he ignores her. This isn’t a friendly visit. “Alistair, I want to talk to you about firing my father the way that you did. Why did you do it?” Alistair doesn’t deny what he did. He feels justified in fact for what he put into play. Alistair says that Sam was neglectful of his duties and had to be removed. Ethan knows that is a lie. “You hurt your own daughter. Sheridan is devastated about what you have done. How could you have done something like that?” Fancy listens quietly as they talk. Alistair suddenly gets angry with Ethan. “How dare you talk to me this way? You are not family. I let you and your wife live in this house and I give you a job with my company. You are Sam’s son, the bastard son.” Ethan knows that he is important to the company. “If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t have the company that you have now. Your empire was on the verge of collapse. You might think that you are destructible but everybody dies. When you die, there will be no one to take over your company. Fox is hoping to take over but he is not ready, and neither is Julian. There is Chad.” Alistair wouldn’t let Julian’s black bastard run his company. If that is the case then, who would run Crane Industries when Alistair dies?

Theresa explains that she is only going to dinner with Alistair that night and nothing else, so there is no reason for her friend to be concerned the way she is. Theresa knows that she will not fall into bed with the man like he wants her to. Whitney knows that Theresa has to be crazy. “you are setting up yourself. Every life that he touches, he ruins. What were you thinking?” Theresa was upset and desperate. “I can’t lose Ethan, I just can’t.” Whitney can see that Ethan is already gone. Theresa knows differently. “Alistair told me that he was going to get Ethan and Jane back. You said as well that you would do anything to protect your child and I would do the same. Jane needs her money. I am doing what I have to do.” Whitney knows that there is a cost for this help. “You know that Alistair will want something from you and it will be big. You will not want to pay whatever it is that he wants.”

Katherine begs Sheridan to think about what she is saying now about not wanting to be with Luis ever again. she has only been in town a short time but he could see how much in love Sheridan is with the man. She will regret this for sure. She has said a lot of things to Luis and it might be hard for him to ever forget those words should she wish to take them back in the future. “You may regret what happens now Sheridan. Please think a little bit before spouting off like that again. Luis really is a dear sweet boy.” Gwen knows that Katherine is right and she backs up everything that the woman says. “Luis shouldn’t be the target of your anger. I was with Luis when we searched for Beth and Marty”. Sheridan only remembers that Luis could have shot Beth and killed her and he wouldn’t do it. “He let her go.”

Luis is out with his parents walking away from the cottage now. He doesn’t go too far. Martin and Pilar have left Sheridan’s cottage as well to make sure that Luis isn’t feeling too badly about the way that Sheridan treated him just now. He needs support no matter what she is feeling. He has lost his child too. Luis reflects on what she has been saying to him. “Sheridan is right. It is all my fault. I wanted to shoot Beth but there wasn’t a clear shot. I was going to hit Sheridan. Then Sheridan knocked the knife out of Beth’s hands. She was unarmed at that point.” His parents see now why Sheridan is so angry. Luis couldn’t shoot Beth. “I went to high school with Beth and I almost married her. I thought that I could get through to her and reason with her but she made it to the airport. It is my fault. I let Sheridan down and Beth got away. How can I face her again? She is right. I need to leave and never come back.”

Martin can see that Luis did everything that he could for Sheridan. Luis doesn’t care about that. Sheridan still hates him. “I was the one person in the world that Sheridan thought that she could count on. I let her down. I need to go.” Martin remembers feeling the same way. “I was wrong to leave my family. Look at my troubles now.” Pilar sees that Martin is right. “I don’t want you to leave mio. If you leave now, it will be hard to put things right again.” Martin knows that Luis will regret leaving forever.

Sheridan is still fine with sending Luis away. Katherine knows that in a few days she will change her mind. Gwen knows that Luis is not the villain here. Sheridan could tell that this could be stopped a long time ago. “He should feel horrible. He should.” Gwen remembers losing Sarah and hating Ethan for thinking that he was the reason that they lost their child. “Ethan seemed to be unable to resist Theresa. I forgave him and now I am glad. We helped each other heal. There is nothing worse than having to grieve alone.” Sheridan would rather grieve alone than with Luis. “Marty is gone.” Katherine knows that losing the two people that you love most is very hard. Gwen begs her not to let Luis go. “You are going to regret this for the rest of your life.”

Theresa says that she agreed to the dinner with Alistair because she wasn’t thinking. Whitney can see that. Theresa tells how Alistair kissed her. “It was disgusting. I ran into Ethan and he told her that they were never going to be together and that he was going to stay with Gwen.” This doesn’t surprise Whitney. Ethan has been saying this for years. Theresa was desperate and upset. That is why she called Alistair and told him that she wants him to help her get Ethan and Jane. Whitney wants to know how Alistair will make Ethan leave Gwen. “What is he going to do? You know what he is going to ask you for right? Then Ethan will find out about it.” Theresa is sure that Ethan will never find this out. Whitney bumped into Ethan earlier and he already thinks that Theresa is getting ready to do something really crazy. Theresa can see that she has made a terrible mistake. “What have I done?”

Ethan is telling Alistair that his company is going nowhere once he is dead. “Everything that you have worked for and schemed for will be gone. There is going to be nothing left but a little history of what you once were.” Alistair is getting very angry. She stands and pounds his fist on the table. “You are wrong!” With that said, he doubles over and falls to the ground holding his arm. Fancy runs to him. “Grandfather! What is it? Ethan what have you done?”

Sheridan is alone and feeling really blue. She looks at a picture of her son and suddenly she is upset. She seems to be rethinking things. She puts her hand over her mouth.

Luis can’t believe his parents. “I saw the look in Sheridan’s eyes. She feels that I will not bring Marty back but I will.” Pilar knows that Sheridan will need to have Luis to lean on but he feels differently. “She thinks that I am the last person that she can lean on.”

Luis and his parents hear a noise behind them. They all turn to see Sheridan coming out of the cottage. She stops just before the others and they wait to see what it is that she will say next.

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