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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Sam and Ivy go to Jessica’s room and they see that she is gone. They came up there to talk to her about what has gone on recently and to calm her over her family’s feelings about Spike, but they can’t even do that. They thought that she might be sleeping up there but it is worse than that. The window is open and the wind blows the curtains wild. Jessica has been up to her old tricks again. Sam doesn’t panic. Sam doesn’t even have to guess where she is. Sam knows that she is with Spike. That kid has more of a hold on his daughter than he thought. Sam can see her slowly slipping away from the family. Jessica is out of control.

Spike has just asked Jessica to sell her body to get them money and she looks at him stunned. She offered to go and wait tables to help make money, but she can’t understand him sending her out for sex. She thought that he loved her and if he does, then why would he ask her to do this? He says that he does love her. “You wouldn’t be making love to these strangers, you would only be having sex with them. How else would we be able to afford a new club? Your brother is the one that burned down my club. This is what we need to do baby.”

Ethan tries to make Theresa see that he will not get back together with her. He cares about what happens to her but that is as far as he takes it. He is just concerned for her as any friend might be. Anytime that he shows her any friendliness; she mistakes that as a declaration that he is on his way back to her. He assures her that there is nothing that would make him come back to Theresa. He was walking by the waterfront and he saw Theresa crying. That was why he stopped to talk to her and how he learned that Alistair tried to get it on with Theresa. He would hurt Alistair if he tried to have sex with her but that doesn’t mean that he would leave his wife for her. Ethan hates Alistair. The man just got his father fired because he could. Theresa knows that Alistair would do a thing like that. Ethan knows that Sam likes helping people and he can’t even get information to help Luis and Sheridan get their child back. Ethan was on his way now to go and get information to challenge Sam getting fired, but then he saw Theresa. She knows why he stopped to talk to her. “You still love me. Leave Gwen Ethan, and be a family with me and the kids. If you don’t, you will end up hating yourself.”

Alistair is talking to Noah and Fancy alone in his study. He was about to have Noah thrown off the property for assaulting him but then decided that he should stay and have a conversation with he and Fancy about why this is happening. Fancy didn’t want to be a part of this but Noah doesn’t believe her. He feels that she did this on purpose with the full knowledge that his family would suffer.

She didn’t think that her grandfather could be so mean as to fire Chief Bennett from his job because he didn’t like the way that Noah treated his granddaughter. Noah is sure that Fancy has set this up and he is furious with her. She is acting like the spoiled brat he knew she was. “Princess Crane wanted to teach my family a lesson and so you just got your grandfather to beat up my family.” He hopes that she feels good about herself. Alistair brings out the details of what Fancy told him about what happened in the cannery the night before. He knows as well about what happened in Vegas but Fancy looks at him strangely now. Noah is really furious now. Fancy seems to have told the biggest secret that they had about the dead man in Vegas. She has endangered both their lives by revealing this news. That incident in Vegas is the reason that he and she hightailed it home. “Fancy! I am a dead man now".

Sheridan is in the airport crying now uncontrollably. They have missed the plane. Beth has won, at least for now. Beth has gone with her baby and she can’t take it. The pain is too great to bear. “I have lost my son again. How many times can someone lose their child to a monster like Beth? Luis how can we get a trail on Beth now? We have to get someone to trace them. Make a few calls Luis.” Luis sees no way to get the baby back now. To him, Beth has won. Alistair’s people are all over this and no one is going to cooperate with them at this point. Beth could be on her way to anywhere in the world now. Sheridan hears that Luis has given up on the search for their son. “You promised me. You said that you would get back Marty and get Beth. You let me down. You are a failure. You promised me that you would bring my son back and now he is not here. He is not in my arms.” Luis tries his best to make her see that he is not the enemy here and that he did his best, but she isn’t interested in hearing anything that he has to say anymore.

Pilar tells Katherine to leave her husband in peace. “Get away from us you slut”. Katherine walks off.

Martin is not happy that Pilar has called Katherine names because she found Katherine kissing Martin. He has never seen her like this, and he isn’t sure that he likes it. Pilar demands that Martin start paying attention to his family or she will chop off what he can’t control. I am not the desperate little housewife anymore. I will not settle with you in my bed while you cheat with that woman. You are my husband and together we are going to rebuild our family.”

Spike tells Jessica that hooking will not be that bad. She can make love to him after she has sex with other men. Jessica is disgusted. “I can’t do what you are asking. I can’t prostitute yourself.” He says that he can’t force her to do something that she isn’t comfortable with. “I will find another way to make money. I will just work with my brother-in-law in Alaska. Girlfriends are not allowed there though. It is like the military. Guys get killed there all the time. Nothing will happen though. My brother-in-law will help me out and teach me the ropes. I will be gone for a year and a half, two at the most. I will then come back and open a club for us. You will just have to wait for me till I get back. It is a chance that we will have to take. If you have a better idea though, I will listen to it.

Sheridan is furious. “You failed me and you failed our son. Marty is with Beth who stole our child and proved that you are the world’s biggest fool.” Luis apologizes to her again. She will not let up on him. “Take me back to the cottage. I don’t want to hear anything that you have to say. My son is gone and it is all your fault.” She walks out to the car ahead of him. Luis dutifully follows her.

Fancy has lost all control of the situation with her grandfather. She just confided in him, telling him about what she did the day before that was all. He is making it seem like she purposely intended to get the Bennett's in trouble. Now it seems that grandfather has this vendetta on the whole family. All he can see is that Noah didn’t teach his granddaughter with the respect that she deserved. Fancy admits that she spoke to her grandfather about what happened to them, but he never thought that she would fix things so that his family would suffer.

Ivy and Sam continue to look around at Jessica’s room. “Oh my God.” Her things are gone.

Spike continues his little charade about going to Alaska. “I have to call my brother-in-law. Where did I leave his number?” Spike fakes trying to find a number as he watches Jessica out of the corner of his eye.

“Come on Jessica! Take the bait,” he thinks to himself. He knows that he can make this happen. He knows every trick in the book with these broads. He can see that she is looking worried at him leaving town.

Theresa wants Ethan to see that he needs to be with her. Ethan is tired of going around and around with this. They have to stop this. “You have to move on.” She doesn't want to move on. “I want you.”

Jessica panics. She can’t let Spike go to Alaska, but then again she can’t prostitute herself, or can she? Well if she had to do it, she would be professional about it and she would always use protection. Nothing bad would ever happen to her, as she is sure that Spike wouldn’t let it.

Spike pretends to have found the number and grabs the phone to dial. Jessica grabs the phone from him. “Wait! How long will it take for me to make the money to get your club back?”

Martin and Pilar discuss their future. He tells her that he will be devoted to the family. They are on the Crane grounds and they hear Luis and Sheridan arguing.

Maybe they have found Beth and Marty. Martin and Pilar rush off to see if there is any news about the child.

Luis and Sheridan are in the cottage now. They have just arrived and they are arguing. Luis slams the door behind him as he enters and tries to calm her. She isn’t in the mood to play with him. She is furious now. “You promised me Marty and now he is gone. Why should I trust you now? You have been saying over and over that you would get Marty and you haven’t. Do you see him anywhere around here? I don’t. I bet that Marty is playing hide and go seek with us. Maybe he is hiding. Wait! I know where he is. He is with that crazy Beth. This is all your fault Luis.” Sheridan makes a sarcastic tour around the house looking for Marty in the kitchen and in the bedroom. Luis finds her to be acting a little ridiculous but he stays quiet. He will keep trying to find Marty but she has to lighten up and give him time.

Noah asks Fancy why she had her grandfather hurt his dad. All he did was save her life everywhere they went. Fancy gives him an honest answer. She never planned for any of this to happen. Noah doesn’t believe her. “And you old man Alistair. This isn’t over.” Noah leaves the room.

Alistair laughs. Fancy wonders how her grandfather knew about Vegas. She never told him about that. What exactly has he been up to? Alistair warns her that he knows everything and that she had better be aware of that. Why is she so concerned about that kid? “Do you have feelings for Noah?”

Sam and Ivy find a picture of Jessica and her family on the floor of her room. “Why did she leave the picture? If I were Chief of Police, I could do something but now I can’t do squat. What has Spike done to my little girl?” Jessica is gone and Chief Bennett is helpless to save her.

Out on the strip, the hookers are standing around.

Spike arrives and the women rush to him to pick him up. “Hey baby. How about it?” These broads have clearly been on the street for a while. He is not there for that.

Spike finds who he is looking for. It is a thug that Spike is friendly with. “I have a new girl for you. Here she comes.” Spike and his friend hide behind a corner and watch as Jessica appears.

She is wearing a skintight pink dress with ridiculous high-heeled shoes on. She doesn't see Spike and his friend peering at her from behind the corner.

Ethan does his best to make Theresa see that he is never coming back to her. “There is nothing that you can do to get me back. It is never going to work.” He walks off quickly.

She cries after him. “Please.”

Sheridan is in the cottage ragging on Luis and how he lost her child. She doesn’t care that she is embarrassing him in front of his parents and Katherine.

Martin and Pilar enter the cottage asking if there is any news. Sheridan stands and asks Luis sarcastically to tell them where Marty is. Luis is angry. “Marty is gone okay!”

Katherine enters the cottage and asks what has happened. Sheridan blames everything on Luis. “You had a chance to shoot Beth and get my baby back but you wouldn’t shoot her. All because Beth is your high school sweetheart.” Luis shakes his head. “I will do it Sheridan. I will find Marty.” She doesn’t believe him for a minute. “No you won’t. I want you to get your things and get out!”

Pilar is walking out of the Crane mansion and he comes across a portrait of Alistair Crane. He takes out his keys and slashes the picture. “That is what I think of you and your family.

Fancy is careful to answer her grandfather. “No grandfather. Noah is nothing to me.” He is happy to hear that. “Those types of people are nothing. They are no more than dirt beneath our shoes. Let’s go and play a game of gin rummy.” She says that she is tired and wants to lie down. He ushers her out and will meet with her later.

Fancy really hates being a part of this. She leaves the study.

Alistair hopes that Fancy realizes that power that she has over him. “I really enjoyed destroying the Bennett's.”

Sam tries to get some information on his daughter and Spike but the police will not cooperate with him. He hangs up the phone.

Sam turns to Ivy. “I owe you an apology. You did the best that you could and I can see that now. What about Jessica? What if she is scarred for life?”

Jessica walks the beat with the other hookers. She is worried that she might get hurt, but she turns and sees Spike peeking at her from behind the corner.

He waves his hand at her indicating that she should move along the sidewalk and keep walking.

Ethan has been watching Theresa and he can’t help her. He leaves the waterfront.

Theresa is crying and alone. She has no choice now. She gets out her phone.

Alistair answers the phone. “We have to talk Alistair. We have to talk about my baby.”


Sheridan puts everything on the line. “If you want to have this relationship with me, then you have some things that you have to do. Go out there and bring my baby home.” He asks what will happen if he doesn’t do as she wishes. If you can’t do that, then I never want to see you again.

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