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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Spike and Jessica arrive at his home, which will now be her home too. She isn’t as sure about this decision now that she is actually making it happen. She seems a little worried leaving the house the way that she did. She knows that her family will be terribly worried over her leaving this way. Spike tells her that they had to do what they did so that they can stay together. “I thought that you wanted that most of all. Was I wrong? He tells her to put her stuff in the corner, and he will be with her in a minute.

Spike watches as Jessica does as she is told. She is almost too obedient. This is going to be much easier than Spike though. “This is like taking candy from a baby,” Spike observes. He watches her put her things in the corner of his pad, and drools at what he has in store for her next. She won’t even know what hit her.

Sam makes more calls now that he has been fired. He still feels that he has a duty to Luis and Sheridan to assist in finding their child. He will worry about what really went on with his employment later. He knows that Alistair has done this to him but he can’t prove it right now.

Noah is sure that he was the one that got his father fired. When he replays the conversations that he had with Fancy over the difference in their families, she did seem a little miffed at him when they left each other. He is positive that she was the one that put this into action and hurt his dad.

Sam is upset most of all that he can’t help Luis with the search for his baby. Those poor parents. They don’t have a chance against this evil with Alistair at the helm of it all. Ivy is so upset for Sam. “I could wring Fancy’s neck for what she has done.”

Alistair has a solitary drink as he thinks about Theresa and how he is going to end up getting her in the sack. He is excited about her fire and he knows that she is desperate enough to sleep with him. She will do anything to get her child back and Ethan, but more importantly she wants to win.

Fancy comes to her grandfather after listening to the radio. She has heard that Sam Bennett was fired. It horrified her to think that her mother was right for once. Her mother usually has nothing important to say but she seems to have been right on the money this time when she predicted that Alistair would take out his anger on the Bennetts for Fancy being upset with Noah. “I think that I did something that I regret grandfather. Did you hurt the Bennetts because of what I said to you in confidence?”

Theresa is at the waterfront, and she thinks back to what Alistair and she talked about last. She has just tried to get evidence out of the Crane mansion about the tabloid and how Rebecca and Gwen set her up. It was very difficult. She got some dirt, but nothing really of substance that she could use. Alistair was right about it being very difficult for her to do this. She is an outsider now. Especially since Ethan had kicked her out of the house the night before. If she had been caught in Jane’s room in the closet after having been kicked out of there, she would have been sent to jail for sure and she would have ruined any chance to have her daughter back. Alistair’s offer seems to be seducing her more and more even though the thought of sleeping with that disgusting cow brings bile to her throat.

Alistair told Theresa that he can promise her that she will have her baby back if she will only sleep with him. He seemed so sure of himself, and she knows that he meant every word. She can’t think of a single incident where Alistair has failed at something that he has gone after. Theresa needs those odds now.

Theresa wonders if it is true that she needs Alistair, or if she can do this on her own. When she puts her mind to something, she does a good job, but the power that Alistair has outshines any type of clout that Theresa could have in a power play to get her child back. She knows that Alistair usually gets what he wants and she has to admit that with his help she could get Jane, and even Ethan back.

Martin has gotten back on the grounds of the Crane property. The man is playing with fire, but doesn’t seem to care. Alistair has warned him and Katherine repeatedly that they are to stay away from each other from now on, but every time that he turns around Martin and Katherine are together.

Katherine is there on the grounds hiding behind some bushes, and she sees him before he sees her. “Martin! Come over here. What are you doing here? We can’t risk Sheridan being told that she murdered her aunt. You can’t risk being caught again on the grounds. Alistair has warned us so many times. You have to stop coming back here. This has to be goodbye Martin. This has to be the last time that we see each other forever.” He knows that she is right. He knows that he should be with Pilar getting his marriage and life back in order with Pilar. Martin and Katherine say goodbye. They take each other and hold each other close. They passionately kiss for what is to be the last time.

While they are in their embrace, Pilar comes on the grounds and accidentally sees them passionately kissing right their out in the open. When will this madness end? Martin keeps breaking his promises to her. She is very disturbed by this sight.

Luis and Sheridan are at the docks realizing that Beth has escaped again. No one should be that lucky. Luis quickly deduces that Beth is on her way to the airport. Sheridan listens to his deductions of why Beth is on her way there. “That has to be where she is. She has used up all her resources here, and that was probably her plan all along. Since it seems obvious that Alistair is helping Beth, it isn’t hard to figure out that he has found a way to get her out of the country with the baby. It isn’t like she has to take a commercial flight. Alistair has his own planes and can send Beth anywhere in the world. He has greased enough palms in his time to make sure that she is safe wherever she goes. She is a Crane, and nothing will happen to her unless Alistair wants it to.

In her car, Beth is pleased as punch. She is well on her way and nothing can stop her now. She is even speeding but the cops seem to be helping her for some reason. She hasn’t any updates on the changes to the police department recently. Her father has taken over and she has no idea. All she knows is that she is safe, and she has Marty. Who could ask for more? She is on her way to the airport and then out of the country. Marty sits happily in the back seat.

Spike and Jessica settle in and plan on takeout for the evening. Spike’s friend drops by and is surprised to see that Jessica is alive although he says nothing. Spike whispers that he has decided to move in with Jessica instead to really make her family mad.

Jessica comes over obviously believing that this is the greatest thing that has happened to her. “I know that we are going to be a great couple.” Spike grabs the bottle of scotch and walks over to his friend with it. Spike explains quietly that moving Jessica in the house is only step one of his plan.

Ivy is sure that she has things right. Fancy did this to the Bennetts and she knew that something like this would happen.

Alistair hedges around admitting that he was the one that got Chief Bennett fired because of Noah. Fancy is horrified. “How could you fire the man because of what happened to me with his son.”

Sheridan feels that she has lost her child and she turns on Luis with every angry fiber of her being. “Why didn’t you go after her in the boat?” Luis would have followed Beth but he thought that Sheridan was dead. He stopped to see if she was okay. Sheridan gets extremely angry hearing this. “I would have been fine! You should have gone after Marty! What kind of man are you? What kind of father are you?” Luis is getting really angry again with Sheridan for the implications that she is making her, and so he decides to let things slide. “Sheridan. Don’t worry okay. I promised you that I would get Marty back and I am going to do that.” Sheridan is out of patience. “How are you going to get the baby back Luis? We have no car!” Luis has no answer for that, but he will think of something.

Beth is well on her way. She drives easily and unhindered to her destination. “Once at the airport Marty, we will be free and clear. Luis and Sheridan will not be able to chase us anymore. They won’t have any idea where we are in the world.”

Pilar rushes to Martin and Katherine and orders Katherine to get her hands off her husband. Martin and Katherine jump back from each other.

Spike tells his friend that he has something in store for Jessica. The man knows that Spike is as cold as they come, and that this isn’t going to be pretty.

Jessica sees that Spike’s friend is leaving and she says goodbye to him.

Spike walks his friend to the door and is warned by the man that he really should go easy on Jessica. Spike doesn’t like his friend offering advice. He pushes the man out with a brief slap on the face and closes the door.

Jessica comes over to Spike. “I have made a decision. After dinner, I would like to go back home.” The smile leaves Spike’s face.

Fancy is still trying to get her grandfather to tell her the truth about whether Sam was fired on her behalf or not. Alistair denies that he fired Sam because of his granddaughter. She is so happy to hear that. She is in the process of leaving the room, when Noah bursts in from another doorway.

Noah doesn’t see Fancy yet, but he sees Alistair and he marches right up to him. “I know what you did. How can you live with yourself by firing innocent people? I know what you did.” Alistair is only concerned about how Noah got into the house. “Who let you in?” Noah isn’t there to answer questions; he is there to ask them. “Nevermind that. I know that you fired my father because you are angry with me.”

Fancy watches in horror from behind the doorway as Noah unleashes his anger on her grandfather.

Luis and Sheridan have to get a car. They remember that the first bad cop they came across at the docks is still in the water. Luis and Sheridan approach the man demanding that he give them the keys to his car. He is soaking wet and not at all happy to be about to be left stranded.

Beth is at the airport now. A man is waiting for her. He assures Beth that she has one more step before reaching total freedom.

Ethan asks Sam about his employment contract. “It is the only way that we can get you reinstated.” Ethan will look into it. He leaves.

Sam turns to Ivy saying that Ethan is a good son. She knows that Ethan is good because his father is good. Sam wasn’t there to raise the boy. That was all Ivy.

Noah tells Alistair that what he does has nothing to do with his father. “My father makes life better for people.” Alistair doesn’t care a damn about the way that Noah feels about his father.

Jessica changes her mind again about leaving after dinner. “I don’t want to wait until after dinner Spike. I want to leave now.” Spike is angry. “Go ahead and get your stuff and get out. I was going to figure out how to live the rest of my life with you.” She didn’t know that he was thinking about the rest of their lives together. She tells him that they can still see each other. He says that he will leave town. “Why should I stay? My club burned down and now you are leaving me. I have found the girl of my dreams, but forget it. Get your stuff. I will take you home to your daddy. Let’s go.” Jessica is apologizing for saying that she wanted to go and now she changes her mind again. “I want to be here with you and not with them. I love you Spike. We are going to be so happy.” She promises that she will not scare him again like that. He wishes that they had a better place, and he makes a sweeping motion with his hand at the place. Jessica offers to help him in anyway that she can. His club has burned down. “I can get a job. I will do anything for you.” That is exactly what Spike was hoping she would say.

Ethan is by the waterfront, and he finds Theresa. He immediately tells her that he is sorry for kicking her out of the mansion the night before. She is crying. She tells him that is not the reason that she is crying. “It’s Alistair… He touched me.” Ethan is furious. “I will kill him.

Luis and Sheridan are with the cop who pretends that he has no keys to the police car in the parking lot. Luis has the man’s service revolver aimed at the him, and he orders the man to call in with his radio and order up another car to come since he has no keys for his own car. The cop gives up. He is at the end of his rope with these two. “Nevermind. I will give you the keys to the car over there.” He hands over the keys. Luis and Sheridan go running to the waiting patrol car.

Beth is at the airport waiting to see what the last step in her escape plan is. Alistair has sent a guide. The man is awful sure of himself. Beth has her nerves frazzled. “Are you sure that this is the end of the line for me? Are you sure that I will be safe after this? I have been chased by everyone and Luis and Sheridan could be coming for me now.” The guide tells Beth harshly to settle down. “You have nothing more to worry about at this point. Now come with me.” Beth follows the man dutifully holding Marty in her arms.

Ethan is furious that Alistair seems to have done something sexual to Theresa. She tells Ethan that Alistair kissed her twice and he offered to get Jane back for her if she would sleep with him. Ethan is disgusted by what he hears. “You didn’t take him up on his offer did you? Tell me that you didn’t say that you would sleep with Alistair.

Katherine apologizes profusely for she and Martin kissing. “It was all my idea.” Pilar believes that. “You Cranes are all alike. You will do anything to get what you want.”

Luis and Sheridan are in the car, driving to the airport. Luis knows that Sheridan is angry and he tries to soothe her fears by telling her that he will get Marty for her. She will listen to none of this. “Stop talking about getting Marty and just do it. You keep promising to get my baby but you never do it. Now hurry up and drive.”

Beth is ushered onto a jet and the inside of it is beyond any dream that she has ever had about a luxurious plane. The guide shows her where she will be resting while the flight is in place and then he leaves. It seems that she was worrying about nothing after all. She is on the jet and there is nothing that can screw up her future now.

Beth’s mouth drops at the sight of her flying space. “Look Marty! This is the way that we will be living from now on. This is the life that we will be living thanks to daddy!”

Theresa is still crying. Still she sees that she has to assure Ethan that she isn’t going to take Alistair’s offer. “You should know how I am.” He was worried that she would get desperate and make a crazy decision. She isn’t going to do that. “Stop the questions. I can take care of myself.” Ethan warns her that anyone that has gotten involved with Alistair has regretted it. She knows that he will not get a chance to touch her again.

Alistair offends Noah by calling the kid ‘boy’. Noah warns him not to do that, but Alistair ignores him. That is when the fighting starts. Alistair is no match for Noah.

Fancy is in the background still unseen by Noah. She holds her hand over her mouth in horror at the anger that Noah has. Alistair reaches behind his desk.

Soon two guards enter the room and grab Noah. Alistair is not happy at all. Blood oozes from the sides of his mouth. “You are going to regret this.” Fancy watches and listens, not sure what to think.

Spike and Jessica discuss how she can help him make money to support them. She says that she can try waiting tables, and make some tips. Spike smiles. He has an idea on how she can help him make money alright.

Beth is on the plane. The motor of the plane starts. It is time to go. “Marty! It is too bad that we can’t take Luis with us, but later when he gets tired of Sheridan, and he will, we will send for him and he will come and be with us. Oh look Marty! We are flying now.” Beth smiles like the insane maniac that she is as she beams out the window at the fast approaching clouds.

Luis and Sheridan arrive at the airport. Luis sees that no one is waiting to get on any planes. He runs to the man who seems to be in charge of the place. “Tell me where Beth is with the baby?” The man says that he knows nothing about that. Luis doesn’t believe him. The man isn’t concerned. “Even if I did know something about her, it is too late. The only way that you can catch her now is to grow wings.” Sheridan covers her face with her hands. “Oh no.”

Theresa can see that Ethan still doesn’t know her very well. “I don’t need anyone to help me get my child back. I can do that all by myself. I know that there is evidence that proves that Rebecca and Gwen were the ones that sent the information to the tabloids.” Ethan will not listen to this. “I don’t believe that Gwen would ever deceive me, but you have.”

The thugs are holding Noah as he talks to Alistair. “What exactly do you have in store for my family?” Alistair knows that the family hasn’t got a lot of money or power in the town. Alistair suggests that if Noah has more questions, he should ask his granddaughter directly.

Until now, Fancy has been hidden behind the door were Noah entered the room. She stays there to hide from Noah who hasn’t any idea that she is there.

Noah says that he would talk to Fancy if he knew where she was. Alistair points her out although she was signaling him to say nothing about her being in the room.

Noah turns around and sees that Fancy has been in the room all along.

Spike puts it on the table. He has clients that need to be serviced and he would like Jessica to take care of them. Jessica suddenly realizes what Spike is saying but she can’t believe it. “You are not asking me to sleep with men for money are you?” That is exactly what he is saying.

Pilar is furious with Katherine over her kissing with Martin just now. “Katherine! I am warning you. If I see you with my husband ever again, I will tear you apart. Do you hear me?”

Luis and Sheridan are not getting any cooperation from the staff at the airport.

Luis tries to threaten a man with arrest but he is laughed at. Sheridan tells the man that they have to find out where the Crane plane is going. “My baby has been kidnapped and is on the plane.” The man denies having any ability to assist with this. Luis is so furious with the man that he shoves him off balance by pushing him hard in the chest. Luis and Sheridan can feel people laughing at them. They must all work for that bastard Alistair.

Sheridan is furious and confused all at the same time. She turns to Luis. “I have lost my baby. I will never get to see him ever again.”

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