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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Alistair finds Theresa on her way out of his house. He catches her right at the door. He offers her again the chance to get her daughter back. All he wants is the pleasure of her company intimately.

Ivy picks her daughterís head about what she was talking about with her grandfather. Fancy tells that she was talking about some guy. Ivy wants the details. What could she have said about some guy that she was dating? Fancy tells that she was almost killed because of the guy that she was with the night before. Ivy says that if Alistair takes whatever she said too literally, the guy that she was with could be in some very big trouble.

Noah listens as his family discusses Sam getting fired. Sam is sure that Alistair did this. Ethan wants to know why Alistair would do something like this now.

Noah remembers being with Fancy and kissing her. They were arguing about their families and how different they were.

"Oh no," Noah says.

Beth is racing for her life. She is being followed by Luis, Sheridan and the police. Beth wisely manages to avoid some logs that are in the water. Luis and the police boat also avoid the logs.

Sheridan isnít as quick to see the problem in the water up ahead. By the time that she sees the logs, it is too late for her. KABOOM! Her boat collides with the wood and she is toast. She goes down screaming.

Beth sees the explosion. She hasnít a bit of feeling for Sheridan blowing up. Instead, she turns to Marty who is laying on the ground of the boat safely. "Wow Marty! That could have been us."

Luis is watching the flames from the explosion. He is aware that Sheridanís boat was the one that crashed. "Sheridan!"

Sam wonders if the reason that he was fired was because he searched Alistairís house for Marty. Alistair did threaten to fire him several times during the search. Sam was warned to get out, but he couldnít. A baby was missing. Sam was in Alistairís face but he was still within his right to continue the search. He has been fighting with Alistair for years; maybe this is just the time that Alistair has picked to fire the man.

Noah has a terrible look on his face when the realization of what has happened hit him. Ethan asks him quietly what is wrong. "I know why dad was fired. It was because of me and Fancy Crane."

Ivy pushes Fancy for information until she spills everything about the man that she met at the cannery. Fancy starts in Vegas where she first met the man. That was where she first met this man. "The man was arrogant and full of himself. The man knew that Fancyís date for a party was a loser and that was correct. Anyway, I wound up talking to the guy and I learned that the guy was a gambler while his family thought that he was in school. He lived in a hotel faking that he was a guest. He was getting things for free and he actually got strawberries and champagne for them one night without paying." Ivy can see that Fancy really liked this guy. Fancy did like the guy but he got her into trouble.

Fancy remembers when she was with Noah and they found the dead guy in the hotel.

Ivy sees the look on her daughterís face and asks her if she is okay. She looks positively green, almost like she is going to throw up.

Theresa canít agree to sleep with Alistair to get her daughter back. The idea sickens her although she keeps that to herself. She canít trust the man. Alistair sees that trust has nothing to do with this. Rebecca and Gwen are going to plot to steal Jane from Theresa. "Without my power Theresa, you will never get Jane." Theresa feels that there is a chance that she can get Jane back all by herself. That is true, but with Alistair she can get Jane back for sure. Alistair offers his power to get Jane back in Theresaís life forever. Theresa quietly says yes. "I need your help."

Sheridanís boat burns to a crisp and then continues to burn some more. If she is on it, she will be dead for sure. Luis drives closer to the explosion hoping that he will see her somewhere. She is nowhere to be seen.

Beth is off and running again. Her boat speeds off to freedom. She has seen everything. "Sheridan is dead. Ding-dong the witch is dead. Luis will be searching for her. Marty honey! We are almost home free now."

Luis canít break himself away from the explosion. He should be trying to get his son back, but what about his beloved Sheridan? If there is a chance that Sheridan is alive, Luis has to be there to save her. He looks everywhere around the flames. "Sheridan! Sheridan!"

Ivy makes Fancy sit and tell all. Fancy is being coy with the information. "It is no big deal. I wound up in someone elseís room in Vegas and the man that owned the room found me with the guy in there and that is all that happens. Then later, I find out that the guy that I was with is from Harmony. I bumped into the guy last night and he tells me that he burned the place down."

Ivy remembers Sam talking to Ethan about this club burning down the night before. Ethan was concerned that Noah was the one that burned the place down.

Fancy then tells how she ended up at the cannery and fell into the vat of fish because of this guy that she had met. Ivy demands to know who this guy was that she was with. Fancy tells that it was Noah Bennett. Ivy is furious. "You have just managed to destroy an entire family by telling your grandfather about this.

Ethan sees the problem with what Noah has done. He knows that Fancy is the beloved relative and he would move heaven and earth if someone hurt her. Noah knows now that this was all his fault.

Sam overhears Ethan and Noah talking in the corner of the living room. "Am I hearing you right Noah? Are you responsible for me getting fired?"

Theresa tells Alistair that she knows that there is evidence that she can get to make everything right for her with Ethan. Alistair knows all about this. "This is the information that proves that Ethan was a bastard son and not really a Crane." Theresa confirms what he is thinking. Alistair knows that there may be evidence that she might be able to find, but he also knows that Theresa has been banned from the house and she has been accused of throwing Rebecca down the very stairs behind them. "Theresa you have no power and no leverage. How can you get to your goal without my help?" Theresa knows that someway and somehow she will get to the bottom of this. Alistair knows that she has no proof at all. There is a sparkle in Alistairís eyes. Theresa reads them. "You have the proof that I need. Donít you?"

Sheridan isnít anywhere to be seen. Luis wonders if maybe she is underwater.

Sheridan is floating on her back some feet from the explosion. Her eyes are closed. Luis sees her and swims over to her. "Sheridan! " Her eyes are closed. She is unconscious. Luis drags her back to his boat.

Theresa can see that Alistair knows where the proof that she needs is. Alistair would be willing to share the proof for the pleasure of Theresaís company. Theresa demands to know where the proof is. She wants Ethan to see that he belongs with her and their child. Alistair as a question first. "Would you be my friend?" Theresa doesnít understand. "I take great pleasure in seeing my friends happy Theresa. If I come along and ask my friend for something, they gladly give me what I want. If you says that you will be my friend, then I will give you the proof that you need."

Fancy doesnít believe that her grandfather would hurt a family because of something that she said. She finds that ridiculous. Ivy finds her daughter to be so naÔve about everything. Ivy does the list of reasons why Alistair would come down on the Bennetts. The families have been fighting for years. Fancy only finds her mother being overly dramatic. Ivy is not being that way. The fight between the Bennetts and the Cranes has been stewing for years and this could really make things out of control.

Noah tells his father that he knows that he is the one that caused his father to be fired. "I met Fancy in Vegas. She is Alistairís grandfather. I pushed her buttons and she pushed mine. I bet that she ratted to her grandfather and got you fired dad." Sam isnít sure that this is the reason that all this has happened. He has hated Alistair for years. Sam knows that he was worried about being fired for years. Sam leaves to call and see if there is information on Luis and Sheridan.

Ethan and Kay discuss what they would do if they were Luis and Sheridan searching for their child. Ethan knows that anyone would risk anything to get their little girl back.

Luis has Sheridan in the water and he holds her head above the water to make sure that she gets air. He talks to her as he monitors her response levels, and soon she is coughing with proves to be a good thing in a scenario such as this. He thought that he lost her. She is fine now. She immediately asks about Marty. Luis tells her that Beth is gone. Sheridan canít accept that. "I have to find Marty." She starts swimming to the boat. Luis follows her.

Beth as Marty in her arms. She has docked the boat and she is ready not for the next stage in her journey of escape. "Donít worry Marty. We are going to get out of here and then head to Canada." Beth starts walking with the baby in her arms.

Two officers approach Beth. One has a gun in his hands. "Just a minute miss. You wonít be stealing anything else today." Beth is stopped short in her tracks with the baby in her arms. She fears that her journey is ending here.

Alistair puts it all on the table. Theresa will have to sleep with Alistair to get her baby back. She canít Do that. She would feel like a prostitute. "You are married to Katherine." Alistair knows that Theresa has committed adultery before. What is the big deal? "Come on Theresa. I want to be your friend. Your lover."

Ivy worries that everyone in Samís family will be hurt by this. "I have to get to Sam and warn him what you have done. I know what your grandfather will do if he thinks that you are hurt in anyway. When you were five, your nanny took you to the park. A boy bullied you and Alistair hit the roof. Alistair didnít care that the kid was only a kid. He retaliated. The kidís parents lost their jobs and then the bank called in their loans. Then the family moved and wasnít ever heard from again." Fancy had no idea.

Sam calls a detective to get information on Luis and Sheridan and the search for the baby. The detective will not cooperate with Sam. He has been blackballed.

The family is nearby and hears what happens to Sam. Sam worries that the wrong person will get his job. If that happens, then the whole town will be owned by Alistair. Luis will be fired too.

Luis gets Sheridan in his boat. She is soaking wet. He would like to get her to a hospital, but all that she wants is her son. Luis will not listen to this. He has called the local sheriff and Beth will be picked up as soon as she gets off the boat.

Beth is on the shore now and she tells the officers that she canít possibly be arrested now. She has gotten so far. The officers inform her that they are not there to arrest her, but to help her to escape. They work for Alistair now, not Sam. Beth canít believe her good fortune.

Beth turns to the water where she believes that her sister has just perished. "You hear that Sheridan? I am free. Marty will now be mine forever."

Luis and Sheridan and in his boat. Sheridan will calm down for now. She heard what Luis said. Beth will be picked up as soon as she hits the shore anywhere. She thinks that she sees Beth. "There she is. I think that I see Marty."

Alistair rubs Theresaís face. "You be my friend, and I will be your friend." Theresa turns to him. "I couldnít ever be your friend. Not ever."

Luis and Sheridan make it to the shore. They talk to the officer there waiting. Beth was there, but he says that she has taken off. Luis expects the man to take them to follow Beth and get the baby back. The man says that he has no description of the woman that they are talking about. Luis knows that he gave a description when he called in from the boat. Luis can see that Beth has been allowed to escape. "Alistair has paid you off." The man reaches for his gun, but Luis pushes him into the water and he and Sheridan start running.

The other officer has taken Beth to a car. The baby has been strapped into the car seat and Beth is ready to go. The car is all set up for her. The officer can tell that Luis and Sheridan are nearby. He opens the car door for her to leave now. She gets in.

Luis and Sheridan are in the area where the cars are parked. They have no idea where Beth could be. They hear a car start up.

Luis runs to the car and grabs the front door, opening it.

Sheridan sees that Luis has stopped the car before it can start leaving. The door is open. "I am going to get my baby back." She smiles and starts running to the car.

Sam can find no news about Luis and Sheridan. The officers are not cooperating with him. He feels useless now. Kay hopes that her father will see that this family still needs him and loves him.

Ivy comes bursting through the door. She has news. "I was talking to my daughter Fancy. What happened Sam?" He tells her that he was fired. Ivy knew that this would happen. "Fancy told me about Noah and knew that this would happen."

In Fancyís room, Fancy thinks about her mother talking about her daughter telling her that she ruins lives.

The news comes on over the radio. "Longtime police chief Sam Bennett has been fired from his position." Fancy sits up at the news. "Mother was right."

Alistair wants Theresa. "I know that you are great in the sack. I am man enough for you. I can make you very happy if you let me. I can get you Jane and Ethan if you just give yourself to me." Theresa will not do this. She wants nothing to do with this man. She leaves quickly through the front door.

Alistair can see that Theresa really does need his help. When she realizes that she will be back, and he will be friend with Alistair, intimate friends.

Sheridan gets to the black car. Luis and Sheridan stoop down and sees that a man is in the car in the driverís seat. They check the back seat. No one is there. Next Luis and Sheridan check the trunk. No one is there. The man, who actually is the other officer enlisted to help Beth escape asks if he can go now. He is dressed in plainclothes so Luis and Sheridan canít tell that he is an officer.

The man drives a few yards and then stops. He lowers the windows and shouts to Sheridan."Sheridan! You will never get Beth and Marty. They are long gone. You are too late." Luis and Sheridan listen to the man in horror. How does he know about them? The man suddenly raises his window and then speeds off.

Sheridan wants to follow the man to see where he goes. Sheridan is sure that he has the information that they need to get Martin back. Luis isnít sru that is the best course of action. Sheridan canít fight Luis anymore on this. All they do is fight about this.

A long way off, Beth is in her car driving with Martin safely strapped in the back. She is making her escape. Once again, Alistair has come to her rescue and she will be free. She can see it all now. Nothing can stop her now.

Back at the docks, Sheridan sees that she is losing again. She canít take this anymore. "Marty! Marty!" She is hysterically screaming and shouting. She falls to her knees. Luis stoops to pick her up and help her accept this.

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