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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Ivy worries that her daughter is clueless about things around her. She has always been that way and it might have to do with Fancy living the life of the idle rich. The girl has been idle her entire life. She is like a child, a little naÔve about what she says and how it affects people. Actually, really not caring what happens as a result of her careless chatter and actions. Ivy knows that there is a story behind Fancyís untimely return to the house, and she will not stop until she has that information. Ivy would like to see Fancy grow up a little bit. She will help her grow up and change her ways. Ivy knows that Fancy is probably this way because her mother was much the same during the years that Fancy was growing up. Ivy has to take some of the blame for this and she accepts that. It is time to stop this careless, thoughtless behavior. Fancy can screw up her life and someone elseís as well.

Ethan and Kay tell Sam that Jessica is out of her mind and now she thinks that Spike is her boyfriend. "She thinks that Spike is the only one that cares about her." Sam has to shake his head at that. What is Jessica thinking? What does she see in that devil of a person? Jessica is so blind, she canít see how she has been used by this guy. Spike has done nothing good for or to Jessica. That is not true that he is the only one that cares for her, but how can her family make her see that? Her family has to win Jessica over as soon as possible.

Jessica listens to Spike as he talks to her in her bedroom. She came upstairs angry with her family for disliking her boyfriend and not allowing her to spend time with him. She got the shock of her life when Spike suddenly appeared out of the closet and climbed on top of her, holding a knife to her face. After a few minutes he took the knife away and convinced her to keep quiet. Now she trusts him. He can see it in her eyes. She will do anything that he tells her to. He wants her in just that frame of mind for his revenge on the Bennetts. "Do you trust me? If so, then you will have to believe that what I tell you to do is the best for us." She likes that he refers to the both of them as us. She will do whatever he tells her. He tells her that she will have to leave the house. She will have to leave her family forever.

Martin and Katherine question Alistair as to who his next victim will be. He always has one. He seems to be already over the issue of Sheridan getting her child back. He is someone who always looks ahead and that is what Katherine feels that he is doing now. He is already putting things into place for his next dastardly deed. The smile on his face confirms that.

Alistair thinks back to the night before when he set his sights on Theresa and then kissed her. She had expressed a desire to seek revenge on Rebecca and Gwen. Pilar had been telling Theresa that she should be nice and good and do good deeds to be rewarded later. Theresa wouldnít listen and was angry with her mother for siding with Rebecca and Gwen on this matter. She was out of control last night. Alistair had been in the bushes out front of his house and he heard Theresa and everything that she felt. She was very angry and Alistair got excited by her.

Theresa is in Janeís room with her mother as the child sleeps in her crib. She shouldnít be in the house, but she got in unnoticed hoping to get dirt on Rebecca and Gwen about the tabloid and who really ruined Ethanís life; and she was also trying to get a peek at Jane. She would have had time with Jane the night before but Ethan tossed her out of the house because he was unhappy with the way that Theresa had been acting, and didnít feel that she should be around Jane the way that she was. She looks down on Jane as she sleeps vowing that she will get her child back.

Theresa thinks back to when she was with Alistair and he promised her that he could get her baby back for her and everything that she wants in life as well. She was adamant that she wouldnít ever take anything from Alistair or enter into any deal with the man, but now she wonders if she should consider it. She keeps quiet about what she is thinking as he mother would hit the roof if she were to find out that Alistair was involved in any way with her daughter. That would certainly be a deal with the devil.

Pilar sees that Theresa has something on her mind and she demands to know what the girl is thinking. This has to be about more tricks to get Jane back in her own house, but how far will Theresa go this time? The fact that Theresa is in the house at this time is even over the top. Theresa is risking jail and getting her child back by sneaking in the mansion. This is exactly what Rebecca and Gwen would like to have over Theresaís head to ruin her life and possibly throw her in jail. Pilar really has to wonder how devious will Theresa get in order to obtain what she wants?

Luis has his gun aimed at Beth, but he canít get a clear shot at her. He moves his hand back and forth as Beth keeps moving to confuse his aim, and Luis being the good cop that he is will not pull the trigger. Beth is holding Sheridan in front of her and a knife under Sheridanís neck to keep Luis in line, and Sheridan from getting Marty. Luis is afraid to shoot as he might hit Sheridan, but Sheridan implores Luis to go ahead and shoot. "Do it! Luis! Just shoot!" Beth doesnít worry about Luis. She knows this man and what he is capable of. Luis will not do anything to hurt his precious Sheridan. Beth is counting on it.

Ivy knows that all Fancyís life she has been influencing othersí lives and not always in a good way. Most of the time Fancyís shortcomings and what she takes lightly could mean a lot of hurt to someone else, Fancy doesnít see that or care. Instead of hearing what her mother is saying, Fancy takes offense over the things that her mother is saying. Fancy tells her mother that she should keep away then if she sees so much bad luck around her daughter and doesn't like it. Ivy blames herself for the person that her daughter is. Without trying to, Fancy has molded herself into a replica of her mother. "You have to realize that your actions do have consequences Fancy and stop that destructive behavior. If you let me in, I can help you to be a better person and in the process we can have the relationship that we should have had years ago." Fancy only hears that her mother is saying that she is not a nice person and she really isnít all that interested in having a Ďrelationshipí with this woman. Ivy is just like every other stranger that Fancy has ever met. Ivy has gotten close to Fox and she would like to get close to Fancy too. "Fox is a different person now, and I think that we could have that kind of relationship as well too."

Kay tells how she has been busy with her own life and she didnít pay enough attention to Jessica. She feels a certain amount of guilt over that. She was too interested in her own life and making things work out for her to care what was going on with Jessica. Sam will not listen to that. It isnít Kayís job to make sure that Jessica turns out all right. He knows that was his job. Kay saved herself from a horrible existence, and managed to turn things around. He thinks that Grace leaving was the thing that really changed things for Jessica.

Kay knows that she might have been the one to drive her mother away. That has been a horrible thought that has come to her over the years and she is sad to admit that. It wasnít until after Kayís acting out that Grace decided that she had enough of life in Harmony and she ran off with David to start a new life. Her family didnít seem to need her, and Grace was suspicious that Sam secretly wanted to be with Ivy anyway. Jessica was the only one that really wanted her mother to stay and needed her.

Spike coming into Jessicaís life is making a huge problem for everyone. He is not just a thug but a dangerous guy as well. Jessica is on the verge of ruining her life forever. The timing is all wrong now. Jessica is not in her right mind and Spike is looking good to her. Everything that he says to her sounds good because she canít think straight and she feel that her family is against her. It is rebellion at its finest. Noah can see that Jessica will not be able to see how she can be hurt if she trusts Spike of all people.

Spike tells Jessica that she has to run away if she wants things to get better for them. He makes it sound like he is doing this out of concern for her, but this is all about his selfish needs to hurt the Bennetts. He knows that ruining Jessica will get their attention and hurt them more than anything else could. "Get out on your own, and be independent. You will be really happy." Jessica isnít sure at first that what she is hearing is a good thing, but soon Spike wins her over. Jessica smiles at Spike and hugs him for giving her his wisdom.

Katherine is sure that Alistair is up to no good, but what she really wants to know is who is going to suffer this time from his actions? She demands that he tell her what she needs to know. Alistair will not answer her. He doesnít cater to her. It is the other way around. "I suggest that you mind your own business Katherine. You are also to stay away from Martin here. You keep forgetting that. If you want Sheridan to keep living the life that she has been living, and not end up in jail, or insane from the truth of what she has done in her youth, you will do as you promised. Now Martin needs to get out of my house immediately. The both of you promised that you wouldn't have anymore contact with each other, yet here you are before me." Martin only came to the mansion to help look for the baby like everyone else has. Alistair has had enough of this.

He goes to his desk and pushes a button. Beep! A sound is heard. Martin and Katherine wait to see what the button is for. For a moment nothing happens, then the door to the room flies open. Two armed men enter the room and Alistair orders that Martin be taken out of there.

Beth waits to see what Luis is going to do here. She feels that she knows him well enough to be sure that he wouldnít ever hurt her. Still, she canít be sure. She holds the knife on Sheridanís neck, as Sheridan orders Luis to shoot. She wants him to use his confidence and make an effort to protect his son. He has been trying to convince Sheridan that he really does care about his son and would do anything to protect him, well here is his big chance to prove that. She canít understand why he is taking his time. He will not do it. Sheridan orders him to shoot the bitch and shoot her now! Luis canít do it. He couldnít ever forgive himself if he hit Sheridan instead. No, Luis will not shoot until it is totally safe to do so. Beth tells Luis that he canít hurt her even if he had a clear shot. She knows this man intimately. If it werenít for Sheridan, she would be happily married to Luis right now, with years of wedded bliss behind them. But no. Sheridan has spoiled everything by butting in and getting involved with her man. Now look where they are. Sheridan orders Luis to shoot her cold-bloodedly because she doesnít understand the depth of the love that Beth shares with Luis. If she knew better, she wouldnít tamper with such things. "Sheridan doesnít understand true love like we have Luis." Sheridan has had enough of this. She takes her elbow and jabs Beth in the stomach. Beth loses her grip on the knife and runs out of the room.

Sheridan is thrown forward from the force of her jab to Bethís midriff and she goes flying into Luisís area where she is safe from having her throat slashed by that crazy bitch Beth. That gives Beth all the time that she needs to make a quick escape from the room. Luis and Sheridan squabble over why he didnít shoot Beth when he had the chance. Sheridan is unforgiving in this matter. They could have had things under control by now if he had been a little braver for his family. She orders him to follow Beth and shoot her now. Luis canít do that. "She is unarmed Sheridan." Sheridan disagrees. "She just had a knife at my throat Luis!"

They hear Marty crying and know that something is up. Beth must have gotten to him somehow. She must be upstairs. Luis looks up at the ceiling where Marty must be in a room. He figures out what has happened here. "Beth must have made her way upstairs and she must have the baby by now." She is obviously trying to make an escape again. Sheridan orders him to get the child. Bethís only way to escape at this point is to use the lake. "We have to get her before she gets Marty to the other side of the lake. Hurry!" Luis runs ahead.

Outside, on the dock, Beth has Little Marty in her hands and she carries him onto the small motor boat tied to the dock. There are others tied up out there, but she picks the boat that will be ready to take off as there is nothing else before it to hinder its run. It will take Luis and Sheridan a minute or two to figure out what she is up to and when they do figure this out, she will be long gone with Marty. She secures Marty with a life jacket made especially for babies and she places him flat on the floor of the boat, so he canít fly off while she is speeding to freedom. She will make her escape before Luis and Sheridan has a chance to get her or the child.

Martin struggles with the guards to free himself from their hold on him. Alistair has ordered the men to take him and eject him from the Crane grounds. He is not welcomed here. He has been ordered repeatedly out of the house and he hasnít left on his own yet. This will get rid of him, and he is warned that when he is thrown out, he is not to return. Katherine is off limits to him from now on. He has his own wife, and would do better to spend his time with her instead. "I want to stay with you Katherine," Martin shouts at her as the guards hold him. She wants him to leave now. She has offered to give herself to Alistair and she will do that. Martin is dragged out of there."

Katherine is really sorry for the next person that Alistair has set his mind on. Everyone that Alistair makes a target suffers in one way or another. Whether he regards them as a friend or a foe, all of them suffer his wrath in the end. He is too calm and collected right now. He has something up his sleeve for sure. Katherine leaves to make sure that Martin isnít injured by the guards.

Alistair is alone now and he can enjoy what he is feeling openly. He has a stirring inside him that he canít wait to explore. Alistair admits only to himself that Theresa is the one that he is interested in now.

Pilar can see that Theresa has trouble on her mind. She grows strangely silent as she looks at her daughter sleeping in her crib. Pilar isnít sure what her daughter would do to get the child back in her custody, but she knows there is a lot that she would do. Pilar worries about whatever it was that Alistair said to Theresa the night before in front of the mansion. Theresa is feeling alone now. Ethan has pretty much turned his back on her, and so she has to find some other way to solve her problems. Alistair as a Ďfriend in needí might just look like a good way to go. Alistair is all-powerful in Harmony and other parts in the world, and when he wants something done, he makes it happen. Everyone knows that. She knows that look on her daughterís face. "That is the same look that you had on your face when you were looking at Alistair last night."

Ivy is still trying to connect with her daughter, but it isnít working. Fancy is closed off to her mother, and it might be like that forever. She hasnít any value for anything that Ivy has to say to her. Nothing interests her about Ivyís insight. She hasnít had any insight for the past few years; so Fancy canít see what importance anything that Ivy has to say would mean to her now. Nothing that Ivy says to Fancy sinks in enough to make her listen to her motherís wisdom. Fancy feels that she has been ignored by her mother all her life, and now she isnít interested in starting a new relationship with the woman. They are like strangers and Ivy fears that they will always be this way.

Someone is knocking on Fancyís bedroom door while she talks to her mother. Alistair enters and goes to his favorite granddaughter. Ivyís heart sinks. Nothing makes her feel worse than seeing what a great effect this horrible man has on her daughter. Ivy watches feeling a little jealous over Fancyís relationship with that tyrant. They talk together unlike Fancy has ever spoken to her mother.

Beth has Marty buckled in and ready to go on the trip to freedom. She has no idea where she is going, but then again she never does. She knows that she will run forever if she has to. With the knowledge that her father is behind her and looking out for her when he can, Beth is armed with all the confidence that she needs to survive. Marty lies flat on his back as Beth drives the motor boat as fast as she can to get as much distance between herself and Luis. She hates running from him but she is sure that one day, she will be able to make him understand that what she has done was for the best.

Luis and Sheridan come running to the dock, but they have just missed Beth and they watch helpless as she drives off in the boat with Marty. She seems to be gone forever. Sheridan is saddened. She has lost her son again. Luis promises Sheridan that he will get Marty back from Beth. She hasnít gotten that far ahead of them. He will go after her and get their child back. He wants Sheridan to wait for him on deck. Luis gets in a nearby boat and takes off after Beth. He feels that the can catch her. She has only gotten a short lead on them. Sheridan watches as Luis takes off.

"There is no way that I am going to wait here for Luis to get my baby back," Sheridan decides. She will get the child herself or at least be there to make sure that Luis does things right. Sheridan rushes to the last boat on the dock and unties it to get in on the chase. Beth canít be trusted, and she seems to think that she can pull Luisís strings to make things go her way. She knows however, that Sheridan isnít as easily fooled. She starts the boat up and is quickly on her way behind Luis, trying to get her baby back at any cost.

Gwen enters her room to find her mother there waiting for her. Gwen has relaxed herself with a bath. All this talk about Theresa has taken its toll on her emotionally, and she really needs to unwind. Rebecca has been thinking about Theresa and needs to discuss the trollop some more. "Gwen, she will not stop at anything to get what she wants." Gwen has been thinking about Theresa too and the reality is that she has Ethan and Jane. "I won. There is nothing that can get my family away from me. The evidence is gone. I won."

Pilar demands to know what Theresa is thinking. Her face is so full of meaning but Pilar canít exactly read it. Pilar knows that her daughter is in danger of making terrible decisions right now. Her urge to win at any cost could very well be her downfall. She has this ridiculous idea that she will be able to find evidence to nail Rebecca and Gwen for framing her for contacting the tabloids. Pilar feels that this is nothing but a pipe dream really. So much time has past. What could Rebecca and Gwen have left around to incriminate themselves? How does Theresa even know that this has really happened? She is only hoping at this time that she is right. There is no indication that Rebecca and Gwen have done anything at this time.

Theresa was interested in what Alistair discussed with her the night before but she was afraid to admit it, especially to herself. Theresa wonders to herself what exactly she would do to get her life the way that she wants it. What would she do for Ethan? What would she do for Jane? The Alistair wants sex from her and she isnít sure that she could ever do that with him.

Pilar tells Theresa that it is time for them to get going and get out of the house. Theresa has pushed her luck a little too much by being in the house as long as she has. It would be a shame for her to get caught in there now after all that she has accomplished. Pilar really doesnít want to be implicated in all this either. She is dying to leave the house. The Cranes tolerate her but would be quick not to if there were to find out that she was with Theresa when she broke into the mansion. She leaves the room first.

Theresa turns to her little girl for a moment before leaving. The moment is sad. She has no idea when she will get to see the little girl again. Things are so up in the air. Ethan was so angry with Theresa when they last spoke. She has to figure a way to get the child back. Ethan has given her no choice in the matter. It is survival time. "I will get you back Jane."

Alistair and Fancy sit alone in her room and they discuss what happened to Fancy the night before when she came home ragged and smelling like fish. She tells him everything about what happened to her the night before. Alistair smiles as he listens to her story. It sounds like a real adventure actually. It isnít long before Alistair realizes that his cohort Spike has had his club burned down by Noah Bennett. That interests him. He was the one that financed that club for Spike and it was drawing cash. Alistair had just warned the man that nothing had better go wrong with the place, lest it bring attention to his involvement in the drug haven. Fancy canít stand Noah. "He said the worst things about you grandfather, but I defended you. I wish that someone would take Noah down a peg. I canít stand him."

Sam feels that what the family has to do is try to show Jessica that they all love her. Perhaps this all has to do with feelings of insecurity that she has about her family. Maybe they are not doing enough. They have to try harder to save her. They have all tried that, but it hasnít worked. All that they can do right now is just protect Jessica. Sam would like to talk to Jessica now but Kay feels that Jessica needs time alone and they shouldnít wake her up. Sam is sure that he is losing her daughter forever.

Spike offers Jessica a life with him. He paints a rosy picture of the both of them frolicking in the sand and living out some dream that he knows she must have had about them at some point. Spike really piles it on thick to win her over. "I am not happy unless I am with you Jessica. I need you to leave here and come live with me." She looks at him as if she had been dying to hear those words all along. He knows that he has hit the jackpot by the look in her eyes. She will do whatever he wants her to. She will give up her life and her family for him.

Beth is hauling ass with the baby safely tucked away on the floor of the boat in a life jacket. He innocently stares up at Beth; not knowing this his tiny life lies dangerously in her hands. One wrong move and this baby is toast. This is the fight of Bessís life, and she is going to win. She has never had anything quite like this to fight for before, and she canít afford to lose. In her wildest dreams, she never thought that she would be running from Luis of all people, but she has to. "I promise Marty that I will get you safely away from here. Mommy promises! Mommy promises!"

Luis is gaining on Beth quickly. He obviously has more experience with this sort of chase than Beth does. She will not let him confuse her. She will keep her wits about her and get through this as she has in the past. She will prove to be a formidable opponent even if she has to go down trying. He is right behind her and she knows it. Sheridan is right behind Luis in her boat. She speeds as well knowing no fear. Her only goal is to get that baby back in her arms where he belongs. Luis hits the walkie-talkie. "Officer needing assistance."

Sheridan vows that she will get to Beth if it is the last thing that she does, and the way that she is reckless approaching shows that she means it. She has criticized Luis in the past about the way that he has been handling all this. Luis didnít have the determination that Sheridan felt that he should. So many opportunities have come and gone for her to get her child back, and Luis has fumbled them all in Sheridanís opinion. There is no way that Sheridan could have stayed on the dock and wait for news. "I will not let you get my son Beth. I will not let you run with my son."

Luis sees help coming as he has requested. The police boat appears almost from nowhere. They have heard Luisís plea over the radio and they are there to help him get his baby back. Their skill and expertise on these waters should prove to be the best chance that Luis and Sheridan will have to get their child back. Luis sees a light at the end of the tunnel finally. He makes contact again. "Officers. I see your boat coming to assist. There is a baby on board. I repeat! There is a baby aboard. Use caution. My son is on board."

Woo! Woo! The siren on the police boat sounds. The officers signal to Beth as she rides along that they see her. The short siren sounds are an effort to get her to stop her escape and give up. Beth sees the police boat, but she will not stop under any circumstances. She gives the boat all that she has. She keeps going. It seems like it is almost over now.

Alistair hears that Fancy wants the Bennetts to pay somehow for Noah trying to make the Cranes sound like selfish, thoughtless people. "Noah is no better than anyone else. He gambles for a living. He only wants what us rich people have." Alistair will make Noah pay for what he has done to his granddaughter. She doesnít want anything to happen to Noah. She has made him pay in her own way. "I love talking to you grandfather." He loves her too. He looks forward to spending time with her. He hopes that she will stay in Harmony for while. She will stay just because he asked her to. They hug and kiss and then he is out of her room.

Out in the hall, Alistair takes out his cell phone and dials.

"I think that it is time to invoke that obscure clause that we have in Chief Bennettís contract. That is the one. The Doomsday clause."

Ethan tries to make his father feel better about the family. He shouldnít think that the problems are all his own fault. Sam blames himself for everything that is wrong in the family. "I didnít know that you were even my son Ethan until a few years ago. Noah lied to me and Kay had a baby out of wedlock." Ethan only sees the positive in Sam. Sam worries about Jessica and Spikeís influence on her.

The phone rings and Sam stops his conversation. Sam answers the phone and talks as he looks at a picture of Jessica on the table.

Spike tells Jessica that she has to leave the Bennetts. They are up in her room, sitting on her bed. "It is the only way for us Jessica." She looks up into his face lovingly.

Katherine follows Martin and the guards out of the mansion. Before he can be taken completely off the grounds, Katherine stops the guards and demands that as lady of the mansion, Martin be freed so that she can say a proper goodbye to him. The guards take their hands off Martin and walk off.

Martin comes to Katherine. "Just one more time Martin. I would like to say a proper goodbye to you." They move together and hold each other as they share a passionate kiss.

Spike tells Jessica that they can get their own place and she will not have to sneak around anymore. "You are a grown woman and you should be able to do what you want. We will have candlelight dinners and make love all night long. Will you do it? Will you leave your cop-dadís prison house to be with me?" She will do it. "Let me pack a few things and then we will go." Spike sees that this is easier than he thought.

As Jessica packs, she comes across a picture of her family, and it holds her gaze.

Sam is still on his call.

Ethan and Noah catch up. Ethan tells how he is married to Gwen and has a child with Theresa. "In fact, I just got custody of Jane, my daughter." Noah remembers Theresa. "Is she still a helpless romantic?" Ethan confirms that. "Theresa has been like a ĎFatal Attractioní movie. She thinks that we are going to be a family with our daughter and her son from Julian Crane." Noah canít believe his ears. "It is true. Theresa acts without thinking things true. She is going to end up in bed with the wrong person. She has done that before."

Theresa and Pilar make their way to the bottom of the Crane stairs without being seen. Pilar runs ahead and leaves the house to make sure that the way is clear.

Theresa is alone now and she wonders about the conversation that she had with Alistair about helping to get Jane back.

"Are you looking for me Theresa?" She turns to find Alistair staring down at her from the top of the stairs.

Beth is still running as fast as she can in her motor boat. Everyone seems to be after her. She gets an idea.

With a slip of the wrist, she confuses Luis. His boat and the police boat almost collide. While they are straightening themselves out, Beth gets a huge lead.

Sheridan panics. Because of the confusion with Luis and the police boat, she sees that Beth is at an advantage. "Oh no. Beth will have enough time to get on shore and run ahead."

Beth too see her good fortune and she laughs and whoops it up seeing that she has pretty much avoided entrapment with her little trick. "We did it Marty! We got away from them."

Luis has managed to straighten out his boat and is in hot pursuit once again. The police do the same with their boat. He speeds up to get to Beth. "I will not let her get my son."

The guards return and order Martin off the grounds. He has had his little goodbye. "Leave now, or we will release the dogs." Katherine watches as her true love is tossed off the property.

Ivy returns to Fancyís room. She would like to know what it was that Fancy discussed with her grandfather. Fancy will not confide in her mother about anything.

Sam ends his call. "Things are wrong at work. I have been fired." Sam knows that Alistair is behind this. Kay, Noah and Ethan rally around him, telling him that things are going to be okay.

Jessica has packed. "You are right Spike. It is time that I left home to live my own life." He takes her bag and they walk to the window to climb out.

Gwen is going to rest but she has a really bad feeling. Rebecca will leave her in her room now to rest. Gwen canít shake this really great feeling that something bad is going to happen.

Alistair knows what is on Theresaís mind. She has options. "You can trust me, or you can take your chances and hope for the best Theresa." Alistair walks down the stairs pass Theresa. Her eyes never leave his face for a minute. She knows that he can get what she wants, and he knows it too. The question is what will she do to get it?

Out on the water, Beth is racing to freedom now. She only has a short way to go to get to the shore. She is far enough ahead of the game to hop on shore and run off with Marty. She canít believe that she has yet another escape in sight. She smiles.

"Wait a minute! What is that?" Up ahead, there seems to be something in the water right in her path. She canít make out quite what it is. Why isnít it moving? "Oh no! It is a pile of logs. I canít hit that. That will be the end of me and Marty." Beth wisely turns her boat, just in time. That would have been a terrible accident, probably a fatal one. Bethís boat safely veers to the left and away from danger. She looks down at Marty and sees that he is doing just fine laying on his back with his life jacket on. He stares up at his aunt silently and without fear. He has been trusting this woman all his life, and feels no fear as long as he can see her. Beth keeps going.

Luis was behind Beth, but he sees that she has changed her position for some reason. "That makes no sense. Why didnít she just continue ahead? That shore was just ahead of her and she could have docked and have been running by now." That is when Luis sees the logs in the water. That has to be the reason why Beth changed her direction at the last minute. Luis follows suit and veers left. He too is saved from the accident waiting to happen. It all makes sense to him now. Luis seeks out Beth and starts his pursuit.

The police boat that is in the water runs these waters all the time and they are privy to the logs in the water. Knowing that they have to change direction is common knowledge to them. They turn as they expected they would have to. No incident there.

Sheridan is the last in the line of boats tracking Beth to get Marty. She is driving entirely too fast. She sees the other boats ahead have turned, but she doesn't know why they did it. She keeps forging ahead. She finally sees the logs before her, but by then it is too late for her to turn the boat. She is going too fast. She sees that she is going to have a collision. She hasnít even time to slow down. She opens her mouth in horror. She screams. "AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!" Sheridan hits the logs and a big explosion takes place and mushrooms to the sky. Sheridanís boat has exploded, and Sheridan was in it.

Luis turns and looks at the explosion. He sees that Sheridanís boat has exploded. He shouts out in horror, "Sheridan!" She has to be dead. No one could survive a thing like that. She just didnít have the expertise to handle a thing like this. He warned her to stay on shore and wait for him to return with the child, but she didnít trust him to do that, and now she is dead.

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