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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Fancy is back in the fold now. She is relieved now to be safely back in the mansion where she belongs. The whole night before has been a disaster. She keeps bumping into that Bennett boy and nothing ever goes right when he is around him. Fancy has cleaned up now and has gladly gotten rid of the stink of the cannery from her body and hair. She comes out of her bathroom in her robe. She is in her old room and tries to decide what to wear now as she looks from outfit to outfit in the mirror.

Ivy is waiting in her daughter’s room as the girl showers. Something is up and Ivy plans to get to the bottom of things. She is there when Fancy comes out of the bathroom smiling to herself. Ivy knows this girl, and all her life has been getting into scrapes and screwing up. Ivy demands now to know whose life it is that she is about to ruin now, and what it is that has gone on before her return home.

Over at the Bennetts’, Ethan, Noah and Kay decide to leave Jessica alone upstairs to simmer down. They tried to talk sense to the girl, but she wasn’t having any of it. She is sure that Spike loves her and only her, and that even though he flirts with other girls, she is his number one girl whatever that means.

Sam enters the house and goes right to Noah passing Kay and Ethan. He heard some things about his son from the squad room and his friends, and the just wants to clear up what he has heard. “ I heard that you were down town. Did you start that fire downtown?” Ethan backs his brother up on this one.

Spike has a knife on Jessica in her room. She is on the bed. She didn’t know that anyone was in her room. The whole thing is silly really. She was just telling her family that Spike wouldn’t hurt her like they all think, but now she might have to rethink things. Can she though? It might be too late for that with this knife in her face. She can’t scream as Spike has his hand over her mouth.

Rebecca and Gwen can hear someone in the closet in Jane’s room. There is a funny noise coming out of there. Rebecca and Gwen panic. They have been talking about very private matters, and it would be the death of Gwen’s marriage if anyone were to hear what they were up to.

Theresa and her mother are in the closet trying to be quiet, but Theresa keeps screwing up and making noises. She occasionally hits a toy in the closet that makes a noise. Sometimes it makes a noise all on its own without anyone touching it. They are doomed. What are they going to say about this?

Gwen orders whoever is in the closet to come out now! She and Gwen watch the door waiting for it to open, but it doesn’t. This wasn’t a mistake. They both heard something. Someone has to be in there. Who could it be? Both ladies are determined to get to the bottom of this.

Martin and Katherine are in the mansion waiting to see if Sheridan returns with her son soon. They made a promise to Alistair, but nothing matters over the safety and return of little Marty. He hasn’t hurt anyone and is an innocent child in all this.

Alistair is angry when he enters the house and finds Martin and Katherine together again. They are really testing his patience with this dynamic duo thing that they have going on. It has to come to a stop. He has made a deal with these people and they keep breaking the rules. Usually it is him doing what he wants but not in this case. Alistair has a lot on his mind and can’t deal with this now.

Luis and Sheridan are at the cabin in the mountains and they talk to Beth through locked doors to the house. Beth is getting wild now. “Let us in and give up Marty, Beth!” Beth will not budge one iota. She will be calling the shots here. “You will leave us alone or I will kill myself and the baby with me.” Sheridan knows that Beth is demented enough to actually do this and so she adjusts her tone to one of concern for Beth, instead of a tone that sounds like she would like to kill the woman. “Beth! Leave it you want. That is fine but let the baby go. All we want is the baby” Beth will not give in and give Sheridan what she wants. The baby either goes with her or he doesn't go anywhere, ever again. Beth will see to it, or so she says. “No. I will not let you get your hands on the child. Leave now, or I kill us both.”

“I mean it Sheridan! You and Luis get out of here or I will kill the both of us, and Marty will be with no one,” Beth says. Luis isn’t worried. “I know Beth. She will not hurt that child.” Sheridan knows better than to trust him with this decision. “Luis! Just get in there and get my baby.”

Beth is in the house panicking. Alistair told her that there was no way to escape the house now and maybe he was right.

Sheridan asks Luis what the next step is now. “You took hostage taking 101, what is the next step here?” Luis says that it is very important not to make the criminal panic.

Martin has had enough of Alistair. His taunting is becoming unbearable. He lunges for the man as Katherine tries to stop him.

Ivy knows her daughter and she knows that the girl is in some type of trouble That is why she has come home but Ivy has no idea what the trouble is with the girl now.

Sam and his kids discuss Jessica and her problems. Now they are fighting amongst each other over Jessica and her love for the guy that uses and abuses her.

Kay has some special concerns here about how Jessica is going to react to her family going after Spike.

Upstairs, Spike has Jessica with the knife at the side of her face. She can’t move or scream. Spike has her mouth covered and a solid hold on her so that she can’t run to her family downstairs. “I am sorry Jessica, but I have to do this.” The panic on her face is clear but she can’t do anything about that right now.

At the mansion, Rebecca and Gwen are still in Jane’s room wondering who the hell is in the closet. They have ordered to culprit to exit the closet, but no one has come out.

Inside the closet, Theresa and Pilar can’t think of what to do. They are going to be caught for sure. Theresa will be thrown out of her daughter’s life for good for breaking and entering, and Pilar will lose her position of trust with the Cranes. They need more time, but that isn’t going to happen.

Gwen panics, and gets on the phone in Jane’s room. “We have an intruder in the nursery closet!” Someone will be there soon.

Inside, things are getting worse for Theresa and Pilar now. They will be cornered and soon the authorities will be there as well. They look at the doorknob, and see that it is starting to turn. Someone is coming into the closet.

Rebecca tries to open the door, but she can’t.

Inside the closet, Theresa holds the handle from her side pulling with all her weight so that Rebecca can’t open the door. The noise comes again from inside the closet.

Gwen suddenly understands what the noise is. “It is a battery operated toy.” This has happened before. We can get the door fixed later.

Theresa and Pilar hear that they are safe now from being caught.

Rebecca and Gwen go back to their conversation about Theresa and what she might do next. Gwen really thinks that Theresa has a few screws loose. Ethan even tried to get Gwen to stop her vindictiveness with Theresa.

Theresa looks at her mother when she hears these words.

She remembers Ethan asking her to stop all this infighting. Theresa couldn’t stop. “What about Gwen,” she asked? Ethan said that Rebecca and Gwen wanted to stop all this fighting and that they won’t if Theresa won’t stop her end.

Rebecca and Gwen see that Theresa will not give up gracefully and let Ethan and Gwen be. Gwen is sure now that Theresa is going to lose her child. “The court is going to take that child from Theresa. I swear that girl makes me so mad.”

Martin has Alistair by the collar and he holds him. Katherine begs Martin to let go of the man. Alistair says that this alone is reason enough for him to tell Sheridan everything now. Martin lets go of the man. Katherine knows that Sheridan will not be held responsible for what happened when she was a little girl. Katherine would tell the police everything and even take them to the mausoleum to show them Rachel’s body. Alistair will not go down so easy. “I will make sure that Sheridan looses her mind. She may not go to jail for what she did, but she will end up in a psyche ward.” Katherine doesn't want that. Martin can’t see her trusting him to do as he says. Alistair decides to reveal something to Martin and Katherine about Sheridan. “Thanks to you, Beth has been found by Luis and Sheridan.”

Luis and Sheridan decide to play a trick on Beth to get in the house. They plan to enter the house before Beth can do any harm to Marty. They just have to confuse her a little bit first. Luis will go to the back of the house and Sheridan will keep her talking. He runs off.

Sheridan keeps talking to Beth at the front door. “Beth!” Beth is furious to see that the stupid blond is still there. “Why are you still here? You are supposed to be leaving.” Sheridan assures her that she and Luis are leaving. “I just want to make sure that Marty is fine.”

Luis has made it to the back of the cabin now. With any hope, Beth still thinks that he is at the front of the house with Sheridan. That way she won’t know what hit her when Luis strikes. He peeks into the house from the back window. He sees Beth at the front door with her back to him. “Marty isn’t in the room with her. She was lying about that. Sorry Beth”. Luis levels his gun at Beth through the window. “I have to get my son, so I am going to have to do this.”

Fancy isn't in the mood to talk to her mother and answer a bunch of questions. Ivy will not let up. Fancy tells her mother to go and have a nap since she has been up all night with the search party. Ivy will not go. “You are in trouble and I would like to know what has been going on. You have given me a lifetime of worries.” Fancy finds that funny. “You have given me to nannies and boarding schools all of my life.”

Sam is upset that Ethan and Noah think that a felony is okay. “Spike is a lowlife but no one has a right to take the law into their own hands even for him.” Sam has trouble thinking that Noah meant to do any good here. He has been lying to his family for years. Ethan had no idea. Sam has had enough of this. “Turn around.” Sam cuffs his son for his arson.

Spike convinces Jessica not to scream or make any noise when he takes his hand from her mouth. She nods that she will not scream. He removes his hand and she doesn’t shout out. “You are not going to kill me are you Spike?”

Gwen has enough talk about Theresa now. “Thinking about Theresa makes her want to kill the woman.” Gwen wants to just go and take a nice bath and relax. She turns to the closet and opens the door. “Oh my God!”

Beth is thinking about how to get out of the house. She thinks that she has come up with an idea to get out of there. She still has her back to the window at the back of the house. She has no idea that Luis is behind her with a clear shot at her from the back of the cabin.

Sheridan waits patiently at the front of the house. “Has Luis let me down again? He said that the was going to go to the back of the house and then get in the house to subdue Beth. He hasn’t done that.”

Luis is ready to strike. He has his gun on Beth’s back and he has a clear shot at her. The baby is not around, so he will not be harmed, or even see anything traumatic if Luis has to shoot Beth. “FREEZE!”

Beth turns to find Luis, the love of her life with a gun pointed at her. The moment is tragic really. Beth turns fully to face him head on. She moves a step or two closer to the window very slowly. There is a table beside her and she reaches out her left hand to touch it to steady herself. She doesn’t look afraid at what is happening. Luis holds the gun on her, thinking of his next move.

Gwen can’t believe this. Her mother comes up behind her. “Look at this mess!” They see that the clothes in the closet are all over the floor. Rebecca has to say that if Pilar were working on the nursery, this never would have happened. Gwen doesn’t want to see Pilar or that slut of a daughter ever in this house ever again. Rebecca and Gwen leave the closet, closing the door.

Pilar and Theresa come out from under the clothes that they have pulled on top of them to hide in the closet. “That was a close call.”

Alistair doesn’t care that Beth has been found. He tells Martin and Katherine that Beth will escape and Luis and Sheridan will be left in a lurch once again.

Luis tells Beth that she is to stay still while he makes his way in. Don’t move. He holds his gun on Beth. He loses his aim on Beth for a moment to break the window open with his gun.

While he is doing that, Beth grabs the knife that is on the table beside her. She holds the knife behind her head.

Luis gets into the house and holds his gun on Beth again. He moves over to her.

Sheridan hears that the glass on the window has been broken. “He has gotten in. I am going to get my baby.”

Luis holds his gun on Beth and opens the front door so that Sheridan can come in.

Sheridan rushes in the house. She sees what she has been waiting to see for the longest time. Beth with her hands behind her head and Luis with his gun on her, holding her at bay. “Where is my son?” Beth says that he is not there. “He isn’t on the grounds. I moved him. I hid him.” Sheridan demands again to know where Marty is. “If you don’t’ tell me where he is, Luis will shoot you. Is that what you want?” Beth knows better than that. “Luis will not shoot me. He used to love me once, right Luis? You got me pregnant and we had Marty remember?” Luis is quick to remind her that Marty is not their child. Beth loses her smile when she hears him say that. “You used to care about me Luis. You couldn’t ever shoot me.” Luis tells hr that she is a different person now. Sheridan has had enough of this crap. “You only had Luis for a moment, then you tried to steal him from me.” Beth hates that Sheridan is winning. “Shut up you bitch!” Sheridan slaps Beth hard on the face. Beth takes it like a man. She grips the knife harder trying her best not to reveal it yet. This is not the time. She simply laughs in Sheridan’s face.

Fancy knows that there were mistakes made between she and her mother, but that wasn’t the case with Ethan was it? “You want to make up for things now with us, but you didn’t care about us back then when all you cared about was Ethan.”

Ethan can’t believe that same is arresting his own son. Sam will do that. Kay wants Sam to see things are they really are. Jessica is in a lot of trouble.

Spike is sorry that he put the knife to Jessica’s face. He removes it. She knew that he wouldn’t hurt her. “You wouldn’t hurt me like my family says, would you Spike?” He assures her that he wouldn’t hurt her ever. “ I will tell you how to handle your family. I will tell you what you have to do.”

Alistair has fun with Martin and Katherine. It is so easy to make Martin mad. Katherine hates how Alistair ruins everyone’s lives. He controls everyone. “Who is going to be your next target Alistair?”

He thinks back to kissing Theresa the night before. She was so feisty and she said that she would rather die than sleep with him.

Pilar came out at that point demanding to know what Alistair was doing with Theresa. Alistair made fun and laughed at Pilar. “Life wouldn‘t be fun without that Lopez-Fitzgeralds to play with.”

Theresa and Pilar are still in the closet waiting for Rebecca and Gwen to leave Jane’s room so that they can come out.

Rebecca and Gwen are still talking about keeping Theresa from Jane. Gwen still worries that Theresa will find out about their secret. Gwen also sees that Alistair is someone that they have to keep as an ally. Rebecca knows that anyone that has crossed Alistair hasn’t gone long without regretting it.

Sheridan is still in Beth’s face. Beth has had enough of Sheridan’s mouth at this time. She grabs her knife even tighter. Beth would love to cut a great big hole in Sheridan’s face.

Marty starts crying. The sounds are coming from upstairs. “Waaaaaaaaaaa….” Luis orders Sheridan to get upstairs and get Marty. Sheridan starts moving. That is when Beth strikes.

She takes the big knife that she has been hiding behind her head and back and holds it just below Sheridan’s chin, close to her neck. Sheridan isn’t afraid. She puts her trust in Luis. He still has the gun in his hands aimed at Beth but he had no idea that Beth had somehow gotten her hands on a knife. Where did it come from? Sheridan and Beth are facing Luis now. He has the gun in his hands, but he can’t shoot. Beth is holding Sheridan in front of her as a shield so that the chances of Sheridan getting shot instead of Beth are very high. Luis isn’t sure that he can risk it. Sheridan feels that he should be able to do this. “Shoot her Luis,” she tells him. Luis freezes.

Ivy knows that she had neglected her kids, but she would like to have a chance to make things right now. Fancy doesn’t want that now. Ivy begs her. “Give me one chance to repair our relationship. Please.”

Ethan and Kay tell Sam that he has to take the cuffs off Noah for Jessica’s sake. Sam decides to remove the cuffs but that doesn’t mean that this is over. Noah tells how Jessica is angry that he burned the club down. “She is calling Spike her boyfriend now. She thinks that Spike is the only one that cares for her.” They have to change her way of thinking to save her.

Jessica wants to know what it is that Spike wants her to do to her family to make things right. She is scared. Spike wants her to see that she has to do whatever he tells her. “You have to see that what I want is the best for you, the best for us.” She will do whatever he tells her. He tells her that she has to leave here. “You will leave your home and your family forever.”

Martin and Katherine wonder who the next victim is that Alistair has trapped. He has a boyish smile on his lips and that means that he has a fly in his web.

Alistair replays the scene where he kisses Theresa in front of the house.

He takes a drink remembering the warm feeling that he got from her.

Rebecca and Gwen and finished talking now. Gwen needs to go and take a bath now. They walk out.

Theresa and her mother come out of the closet. Pilar can’t believe that they didn’t get caught. Theresa looks at her sleeping child. “Mama is right here. I will do what it takes to get you back.”

Theresa thinks about her talk with Alistair. He understood her. He told her that she knows what is going on and that she isn’t afraid to say it. She told him that she hated him, but he didn’t care. He knows that she needs someone in her corner. She needs him. He told her that he could get her daughter back. The price for his help is something that Alistair knows that she can afford.

Pilar watches her daughter’s face. “I know what you are thinking Teresita.”

Sheridan stands before Beth with the knife under her chin ordering Luis to shoot Beth. She isn’t afraid. “Just shoot her!” Luis has his gun pointed at Beth, but he really isn’t comfortable with the fact that the can make a clear shot at her. Beth knows that he is speaking the truth, and she also knows that he wouldn’t risk hurting his precious Sheridan. Sheridan is impatient. She is willing to risk everything to get her child back, even her life. “JUST SHOOT HER!” Luis wavers, moving from foot to foot. He will only have one chance. He can’t make a bad shot here.

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