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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Fancy is trying to get home. She has just left the park and she has the sneaking suspicion that someone is following her. No one is there, but she shouts out for help anyway.

Suddenly, a beautiful golden covered dog comes bounding at her. She greets him with a pat. She looks at his tag. “You live way on the other side of town. My cell phone doesn’t work, but as soon as I get home, I will call your owner.” The dog barks.

Fancy still feels that someone is in the park watching her. “Who is there!” No one comes out.

Ethan and Noah have an understanding. Ethan doesn’t know what Noah did at the club but if he did burn it down, Ethan will help him with any trouble that he might face.

Jessica tells her sister that she has hurt her boyfriend and that is not to happen anymore. She feels that if her family loved her they wouldn’t treat Spike the way that they do. She considers herself his boyfriend. Kay has to laugh at that.

Spike is with his friend at home. He looks at a picture of Jessica that he has mutilated. He is going to ruin Jessica now to make the Bennetts pay for burning down his club.

Rebecca and Gwen head into Gwen’s room to get a blanket for Jane.

Theresa is in the house. She makes it to the top of the stairs unseen, or so she thinks.

Pilar follows her daughter. She knows that the girl will go and see her daughter even though she has promised that she wouldn’t do that.

Both ladies enter Jane’s room and look at the sleeping pink bundle. They hear footsteps.

Pilar sneaks a peek. It is Rebecca and Gwen and they are making their way to Jane’s room. Theresa will be caught for sure.

Martin and Katherine are sitting quietly together in the mansion. They have sent Luis and Sheridan off to get Beth at the cabin that Alistair has in the mountains. Martin has been there and he is sure that Beth will be there when they get there.

Alistair enters the room and sees Martin and Katherine looking very uncomfortable. “Now what is going on here?” Martin and Katherine look uncomfortably at one another. They hope that Alistair hasn’t guessed that Luis and Sheridan are on their way to get Marty from Beth.

Luis and Sheridan are in the police cruiser heading up to the cabin as Martin has instructed them to. Sheridan can’t get her hands on her son fast enough. “Hurry up Luis! Get moving. I have to get to my son!” He looks at Sheridan impatiently. All she does is complain lately.

Beth is enjoying her time at the cabin. She feels that she is home free. She sits at a table cutting fruit as she rethinks her scheme to escape.

Luis and Sheridan are still rushing to get Marty. Luis cuts the sirens. He wouldn’t want to warn Beth that they are almost there. He turns on the radio.

A tango plays. It is their song. “Remember this?” Sheridan closes her eyes. She remembers. He revels in the memories, but all that Sheridan can think about is her child. “Please keep your promise and get Marty.”

Ivy is with Martin and Katherine as they sit in the mansion. Alistair can see that they are up to something. Ivy says that they couldn’t ever compete with him when it comes to evil plots. He likes hearing that. Alistair leaves the room.

Ivy leans towards Martin and Katherine begging for more information about where Beth is.

Martin and Katherine tell how there is a cabin that Julian doesn’t even know about in the mountains and there is a good chance that Beth is there. Ivy hopes that Martin and Katherine are right. She laves the room.

Martin whispers to Katherine hoping that she will be alright. They can’t let Alistair know what they are up to. He would tell Sheridan in a flash that she killed her aunt, and that would ruin her life.

Fancy demands to know who is in the park following her. “Noah is that you? Show yourself!” I little cat comes running to Fancy. She has just come out of a vat of fish. Kitties love the way she smells right now. Fancy takes a little fish out of her bra and feeds it to the cat who runs back into the park afterwards.

Fancy plans to take the dog home with her but he suddenly runs off back into the park. Fancy continues making her way home. “I stink of fish guts.” She walks off.

Unknown to her, someone is in the park watching her and he follows her when she starts walking again, heading home.

Jessica declares her love for Spike to Kay ordering her to back off again.

Noah and Ethan enter the house. Jessica turns on her brother. “You think that you can come back here and ruin my life? Damn you!” She hauls back and slaps him hard in the face.

Spike is drinking and sounding more and more psychotic as he talks about ruining Jessica’s eye. “The Bennetts did this to themselves.”

Theresa is going to be caught for sure. She and her mother stand in the nursery staring at the door as the footsteps of Rebecca and Gwen approach slowly but surely.

Rebecca and Gwen are in the hall with Jane’s blanket about to reenter Jane’s room to cover her up with it. They stop to discuss what it is that they think that Theresa will do next. Rebecca has no idea, but she knows that whatever it is will be stupid. “You can count on that.” They continue their way to Jane’s room.

Theresa and Pilar look in horror as the doorknob starts turning. Theresa will be finished for sure now.

Alistair asks Katherine why Martin is at the house. He should be home with Pilar. “You enjoy stealing other men’s wives. What is your God going to say about your long-term adultery? Will the 3 little words at your vow renewal wipe your sins away?”

The door opens. Fancy enters and Alistair runs to hug her but doesn’t.

Ivy enters the room asking Fancy what she has gotten into smelling the way that she does. “I was at the cannery. I love going there.” Fancy greets Katherine as granny, but Katherine jokes that they will think up something else for Fancy to call her. Alistair turns on Katherine. “She can call you whatever she wants!” Katherine sees that his anger has been peaked. Fancy and Alistair heads out of the room.

Katherine is surprised at the anger that she saw in Alistair. Ivy tells that Fancy has been his favorite and he genuinely loves her. Whatever Fancy wants, she gets.

Alistair and Fancy laugh and joke in the front of the house. They really have a great relationship.

The door is opening. Theresa and Pilar run to the closet and hide.

Rebecca and Gwen enter Jane’s room and cover Jane with the blanket that they went to get for her. Rebecca and Gwen are discussing Theresa and how she is nothing but a little skank.

Theresa is in the closet listening to this and getting angry. She has to be held back from going out into the room exposing herself to those two witches. Theresa is talking entirely too loudly. They could get caught. Theresa is totally out of control here. Pilar begs her daughter to be quiet. Theresa tries to be quiet. She will be shouting however on the day when she can finally expose Rebecca and Gwen for what they did by framing her for the tabloid scam.

Luis and Sheridan sit in the car as the scenery on the way to the mountains roll by. He knows that they shared sharp words earlier and he hopes that this could be his chance to smooth things over with her. She will not entertain any thought about the state of their relationship at this time. She only wants to get her son in her arms and that is all. That is the only priority. Luis wisely shuts his mouth knowing that things will just get worse if he pushes her more on the issue.

Jessica slapped her brother for burning down her boyfriend’s club.

Spike has come up to the front of the Bennett house and he hears Jessica shouting at her siblings about Spike protecting her.

He wouldn’t do anything to hurt me.

Spike knows that Jessica is so wrong about him loving her. He pulls his knife and looks at it. “Too bad Jessica. You had so much life in you.”

Theresa doesn’t mind being in the closet. She can hear the mother daughter team talking and figure out a way to see what they did to scheme and get her in trouble.

Gwen and Rebecca share a happy time talking over a sleeping Jane. They have few mother/daughter moments like this, but there is one other time.

Theresa turns to her mother. “This is it mama! They might tell what they did.”

Alistair and Fancy have had their first visit but there will be more wonderful times ahead that the both of them will share. Alistair suggests that she goes and showers. He will meet with her later. She runs off.

Alistair goes over to Martin and Katherine in the main room. Now that Fancy is safely out of the room and can’t hear what has been going on, and what the family has been accusing him of, he addresses the issue. “If I find out that you have been helping Sheridan, you will both pay.”

Luis is driving as fast as he can, but that is not enough for Sheridan. She really pushes him to move it. “Turn off the lights now. We have no idea where she is. She might see us!” Luis can’t believe the way that she is sounding lately. “Hurry! I need to get my son.” He reminds her again. “He is our son.” She closes her eyes after rolling them at her window. He keeps saying that. It means nothing to her now. She wants to hear nothing of this. Luis has plans when they get Marty back. “There is a place that I know of where we could move. I would teach Marty how to play baseball and take him to Red Sox games.” Sheridan is furious. “If you had listened to me sooner, we wouldn’t be in this predicament. Now if you don’t get my son, there is not going to be any past, present or future to talk about!”

Beth is having a quiet drink alone in the mountain cabin. “I have Marty and have gotten rid of Sheridan, and one of these days, I will have Luis.”

Beth’s phone rings. She looks at the display. “Daddy hi!” He orders her again not to call him that. He has bad news. He is looking at his laptop and he sees that Luis and Sheridan are heading up to the cabin even as they speak. Beth panics. “I have to get out of here now!”

Ivy walks into the room finding Fancy taking a good stiff drink. “You are taking after your father and it isn’t even cocktail hour.” Ivy smells something besides the fish. She smells like fire. “Were you near that fire down by the club?” Ivy makes the mistake of getting too near Fancy and she gets fish gust on her. When Ivy turns to wipe it off her hands, Fancy rushes off. Ivy runs to follow her.

Martin and Katherine are alone in the living room. They don’t regret helping Luis and Sheridan find Beth. Martin wonders what innocent person will be next to get caught in Alistair’s web.

Pilar and Theresa listen as Gwen worries that Theresa might find out their secret.

Theresa listens from the closet quietly.

Gwen begs her mother to tell her that she actually did what she said she would do. “Did you destroy it?”

Earlier, Rebecca told Gwen that there was no way that they could get caught with the disk, but Rebecca was lying and Gwen has no idea that the disk still exists. Rebecca decided that her bra wasn’t a good place to be hiding something like this.

Rebecca lies to her daughter’s face and says that the evidence has been destroyed.

Theresa and Pilar hear everything from the closet. Rebecca and Gwen are definitely up to something but they have no idea what as of yet. Theresa is sure that she knows what they are talking about. She will bring the truth out and Gwen will lose everything. Theresa has to find out what they are hiding and expose it.

Luis and Sheridan are outside the house and getting closer to it all the time.

Alistair is on the phone with Beth still. He knows that Luis and Sheridan &# 9;are right outside the house and ready to strike. Beth takes a peek and sees Luis and Sheridan outside. “What am I going to do now? I have to get Marty out of the house. Thanks dad for the advanced warning. There is no way that I can get out of the house now.” Alistair confirms that she is probably right. He continues to monitor everything from his trusty laptop.

Jessica shouts at her brother who hasn’t been around for years. In addition, Ethan is as familiar as a hole in the wall. Jessica knows that arson is a crime, and she has no respect for him now. She walks off. Kay follows her.

Spike has climbed into Jessica’s window in her room and he hides in her closet as he hears her approaching the room.

She enters the room and shouts at her sister to stop following her. She slams her door behind her.

Spike remains in the closet with his knife out thinking about how Jessica has no idea what is going to happen to her now.

Rebecca and Gwen continue to discuss their secret but not in a way that gives enough of a hint to Theresa as to what she needs to be looking for.

Theresa plans to search the house as soon as Rebecca and Gwen leave the room. Pilar begs her child to stop this and get out of the house or else the judge will find out that she has trespassed. Theresa is sure that she has everything under control. She moves to shake her mother’s hand from her elbow and she hits the wall making a sound.

Outside the closet, Rebecca and Gwen hear the noise and wonder what it was. “It came from the closet”. They both turn to look at the closet.

Out at the cabin, Beth is completely freaking out. Any second, Luis and Sheridan are going to be busting in the house and taking Marty from her. “What should I do father?” He tells her that she might have no choice but to get the baby, get in the car and just drive the hell out of there. She doesn’t think that she can do that. Luis’s car is blocking the way. Alistair orders her to drive right through it. Beth grabs her hair in frustration. She hears noises outside now.

She looks out and sees Luis and Sheridan nearing the front of the house. They are about to come in.

Sheridan stands behind Luis as he calls to Beth. “Beth! I know that you are in there. Come out with your hands up!”

Inside, Beth doesn’t make a move.

“Come out Beth! We have your surrounded!” Sheridan stands behind Luis with her arms crossed. She waits to see if he will get her son out of there or if Beth will escape them yet again.

Ivy can’t stop following Fancy. “Were you in that fire at the club?” Fancy will not answer her. “Fancy! Tell me where you have been and whose life you are about to ruin this time.”

Kay comes back downstairs to Ethan and Noah. That is when she notices for the first time that Noah stinks. Noah wants to go and talk to Jessica but Kay feels that she should be left alone.

Ethan calls up to Jessica. “Jessica! Come down and talk to us.” She only answers with; “Stay the hell away from me!”

She is on her bed wishing that she had never been born.

Spike is in the closet with his knife out. “Don’t worry babe. When I am done with you, you will wish that you never were born.”

Jessica is lying on her bed on her stomach.

Suddenly, someone is on top of her and a knife’s blade is near her eye. She doesn’t move in fear.

Rebecca and Gwen know that someone is in the closet. “We know that you are in there. Come out of there now!”

Theresa and Pilar freeze. They are busted for sure now.

Martin and Katherine are alone now. All they can hope for is that Alistair doesn’t find Sheridan before she finds her baby. Martin knows that he shouldn’t touch Katherine but he can’t help it. “I have to hold you just one more time.” She moves to him and they hug. They know that things could go horribly wrong if Sheridan pulls this off and gets her baby.

Beth is on the phone with Alistair still. He seems to have given up hope. Beth will not. She hangs up on Alistair.

He is left wondering what Beth is going to do.

Beth shouts at Luis and Sheridan. “Back off! If you don’t leave me alone, I am going six feet under!”

Luis and Sheridan have no idea what she is talking about and they look at each other in confusion. “What are you talking about Beth?”

“Sheridan! You are so stupid! That means that if you and Luis don’t back off, I am ready to kill myself.”

Luis and Sheridan hear the desperation in Beth’s voice.

“I will kill myself! But before I go, I will kill Marty first!”

Sheridan shouts in agony throwing her fists at the door. “NO!!!!”

Beth waits patiently. She knows that she has struck a chord.

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