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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Noah tells Fancy that she is the most self-centered piece of work that he has ever seen. He has just saved her sorry rear end and she isn’t grateful in the least. She could have been chopped up, processed, and sitting in a can of tuna by now. She feels that he has been stalking her. He denies that. “My family lives here. I am not stalking you.” He waits for her to tell him that she is sorry for getting angry with him. She will not do that. “Go to hell!” He tells her that he would love to never see her bratty little face again.

Spike is having a drink at his place. He would normally be having it at the club, but that has been burned to the ground. Spike got the seed money for the place from Alistair, and it was Spike’s only method of income. He owes Alistair a mother-load of dough that he has been paying back in installments, but that will all come to a halt now. Spike shudders when he thinks of the meeting that he is bound to have with Alistair regarding the incident. The man will not be pleased.

His friend comes in and discusses the club burning to the ground. What a stroke of bad luck. The place was doing so well too. Spike is going to make the Bennett boys sorry that they ever messed with him in the first place. Before, Spike was just trying to get along and have a meager existence without upsetting the police, but this right here is cause for a declaration of war. Bennett’s kid practically confessed to burning the place down, and that is all that Spike needs to get his revenge. “They took what was most important away from him and he will now do the same.” He fingers a picture of Jessica on nearby.

Gwen is so happy now. The big bad Theresa has stuck her foot in it yet again but freaking out in the house and putting herself in a position to be accused of tossing her mother down the stairs. It was great. Ethan was so angry that he ordered Theresa out of the house. She won’t be able to show her face here again for a long time if ever. Ethan was furious. He even told Theresa that he didn’t want her around Jane because of her animosity and bad attitude. She is with her mother in the nursery right now looking down at precious Jane. “I get to raise Jane, ” Gwen muses. The custody is only temporary, but as time goes by, Theresa slowly is becoming unraveled, and is digging her own grave, one shovel-load at a time. Rebecca reminds Gwen to watch her guard with Theresa. “As long as that gutter-snipe is alive, she will be a threat to Gwen’s happiness. We have to get her out of our lives for good.”

Theresa assures her mother that she will not get into bed with Alistair on any level. Pilar came outside the night before and caught her Teresita standing too close to that horrible man. It didn’t look right. Pilar knows that Theresa says that now she will not make any deals with Alistair, but she could change her mind.

Alistair is in his office, looking on his laptop to see where Beth is with Marty. He has a map on the monitor and he tracks Beth’s progress with it. A blinking red light moves along the highway on the screen. Alistair smiles. Beth is making wonderful progress to the cabin he has waiting for her.

Martin and Katherine enter Alistair’s office and march up to his desk. He shuts the monitor off so that they can’t see what he has been looking at. That is exactly what everyone in the house wants. Beth’s location. Alistair turns his head up to Martin and Katherine. “What is it now? Why are you two together?” “We are not going to let you get away with this. You are not going to take Sheridan’s baby,” Katherine says with underlying anger in her voice. The girl has been hurt enough.

It is morning now and Beth is still driving thanks to the full gas tank that Alistair made sure that she had. God bless him. Beth is driving alone with the baby strapped in his seat in the back. She talks to Marty as she drives. He is all that she needs really. It would have been nice to have had Luis with them but that will have to wait. She will not give up on him though. She still sees a life in the future where they get together and have Marty to raise along with some more children that will come later on. She is more than sure that she can convince him that she did the right thing. He can’t see that now, but he will in time. She talks to her number one son now. “We are free and clear now Marty. Your birthmother is history now.” She sighs as she looks out the windows at the mountains around them and all the greenery.

Sheridan is still at the mansion angry with Luis. She has lost her baby and she feels that he is to blame for that. She can barely stand to look at him now. “Bring my son home or… “ Luis wants her to finish her sentence. “Or we are what Sheridan? …Over?” She turns her face from him.

Spike is going to take his anger out on Jessica. When her family sees her suffering, they will realize that he really holds all the cards here. That club was everything to him. There is no one better to pay than Jessica. Spike’s friend knows that using Jessica to get to her family is cruel. She is practically in love with the guy.

Spike dials a number as he coaxes his friend to watch him in action. The phone rings. Spike waits. She knows that it might be him. She will answer soon enough. He takes another swig of his drink as his friend watches. His friend isn’t sure that Spike should really do this. Jessica cares about him. It seems like he is hurting the wrong person here.

Jessica is sleeping and hears her phone ringing. Soon she is awake in the dark. She reaches for her phone. “Hello… Spike? What is going on?” He sounds worried. Jessica sits up to listen to what he has to say to her. Spike tells Jessica to get her big brother off his back or she will be history.

Fancy wants Noah to get out of her life for good. Ever since she met up with the man, she has had nothing but rotten luck. She still isn’t sure that he isn’t trying to kill her. Now she has to go home, stinking of fish, and limping due to her sore foot. Spike wants to kill her, and she missed out on getting all that money in Vegas. He isn’t all that crazy about her either, and he tells her so. Still, there is something that he would like to do before never seeing her again. He grabs her face and kisses her. She lets him do it.

Rebecca can’t stop talking about Theresa and what she will pull next. She is very determined this time, and it is written all over Theresa’s face. Rebecca worries that Gwen will be in one of her good moods and slip up where Theresa is concerned. That will be the death of them all. She is also mad because she is aware that Rebecca made up the lie about getting tossed down the stairs of the mansion in a murder attempt. “She is dangerous. She will not stop until she gets Jane and Ethan. Don’t rest yet Gwen. We have to finish off that strumpet once and for all.”

Theresa is sure that she will not fall for Alistair’s tricks. She feels that she is smarter and more aware of the Cranes and what they are like. Pilar has worked for these people for years, and knows that Theresa could be ruined in a moment by depending on Alistair for help. Pilar can see that her daughter is desperate. “You think that you can handle Alistair, but everyone that has thought that way has lost their battle.”

Alistair reminds Martin and Katherine about the bargain that they struck with him to keep quiet about Sheridan killing her aunt. If they remember the deal then they know that they are already breaking the rules by being together right now. “Martin, aren’t you supposed to be off with Pilar somewhere, and not with my wife?” Martin agreed that he would go back to Pilar and not be around Katherine anymore. He was also to renew his vows with that woman to solidify his reunion with his family and his wife. He hasn’t done that. Martin says that he will do that, but this thing with the baby has taken priority and they can’t be held to their promise at this time. That would be grossly unfair.

Luis demands to know what Sheridan’s ultimatum is. He is starting to lose his patience with her. This is his son too, and she seems to be forgetting that. She didn’t finish what she was going to say to him earlier. What will she do if he doesn't find Marty? She will not answer him. She walks away from him to another end of the room.

Ivy follows Sheridan to talk to her quietly. They end up in a corner in the room, far from Luis and the others who were helping with the search. Sheridan has to get a grip. She has to get her son.

Sam tries to make Luis feel better about his situation with Sheridan. Sam can tell that Luis did the best that he could with the situation as it were. Sam is a cop too and understands the way that Luis was thinking when they didn’t know the truth about Beth. Luis will not be comforted. “Where is Beth with my son!”

Beth is grateful that Alistair has given her a car with navigation equipment installed. She knows that he can watch out for her and make sure that nothing goes wrong. She suddenly sees that she has arrived at her destination. It is just up ahead. Her face lights up. She is free now.

Gwen knows that she has to fight fire with fire when it comes to Theresa. “If Theresa tries to take another thing away from me, she will be very sorry.”

Theresa has something to talk about with her mother in private. They sit on the bench outside the Crane mansion where she was kicked out the night before. “Mama, We both know that Rebecca and Gwen were the ones that sent the information to the tabloids, and that Ethan believes that I was the one to do it. If I can make him see that Rebecca and Gwen were the ones to do this, I will get him back in a heartbeat. There is proof and it is in the house.” Theresa gets up to go into the mansion. Pilar knows that if Theresa tries to get into the house, she will be banned from the mansion forever.

Sam comes back to the group awaiting word from him in the Crane living room. He has made contact with some of his associates but nada. There has been no news about Beth or Marty anywhere. It is like they fell off the earth.

Alistair asks Katherine if she really wants Sheridan to have her baby back. She should really think this out before requesting that he give the child back. “If that is the case, then Sheridan will have to learn that she killed her aunt.” Martin moves in a threatening manner towards Alistair. Alistair puts his hands up. “No, no, no. You keep pressing the issue, so I will tell you what. I will go out and get Sheridan and we can tell her about how she killed her nice dear old aunt.”

Luis glares at Sheridan in the corner and then walks the other way. He can’t be bothered with her right now. He has to find his son.

Ivy goes over to Sam. “We have been in this house for hours now, and we haven’t said a word to each other.” He is sorry that he seems to have been ignoring her. “Sam hates that two people in love are at odds when they clearly need each other. Ivy asks about Jessica. She is the same. Sam realizes that it is going to take time to fix all that. “She is so needed, and Spike has her wrapped around his finger. I would like to wring his neck.” Ivy is sorry that things are not working out. Sam gives some good news. “Noah is home.” That is a coincidence. Fancy has returned too to her mother. Sam tells that Noah was gone for a few years. Sam thought that the was in school but he has been bumming around the world. Sam takes that as another example of his being a bad parent. Ivy will not listen to that. She goes back to be with Sheridan.

Sam watches after her as she walks back to Sheridan. “I do miss you Ivy, but I have to take care of my children first.”

Spike tells Jessica over the phone that her brother has been causing trouble and he wants her to fix it. He is sick of her family. She denies that she knew that they were doing anything to hurt him. She has panic in her voice as she speaks. He can hear it. If she can’t, he will not speak to her anymore. She is almost in tears. “No!” She offers to get her family to back off of Spike. Spike doesn't think that he can do it. She is sure that she can.

Noah and Fancy have been kissing in the cannery, and when they are finished, he smiles down at her. She isn’t amused. “What are you smiling at? You are a pervert and you are disgusting.” He doesn’t believe that. She slaps him hard in the face. “Now do you believe me?” She limps off to find her way home.

Noah looks after her. “Good riddance.”

Sheridan would do anything to be able to tell her son that she loves him. She can’t handle this. She was almost committed because she couldn’t deal with being separated from her son. Ivy tells her to look to the future. She is too angry with Luis. Sheridan has been trying to deal with this but every time that she looks around, Luis seems to have screwed something up, and Marty is gone again. Ivy leaves her to go and get her a sweater.

Luis can’t stand being around the house doing nothing to find his child. He has been accused of not caring about where his son is but that is not the truth.

Sam gets a call o the radio. Sheridan thinks that there has been news about Marty but that isn’t the case. It might be time to call the FBI.

Beth carries Marty into their new home. They can finally stop running. This is just one of the many homes that Alistair owns. They are in one of Alistair’s homes. It is grand. “If I had of known that Alistair was my father, I would have had a different life. I would have had a nanny, designer clothes and everything that Sheridan ever had. Alistair wishes that I were his daughter instead of that Sheridan. That is alright though. Cause I have the one thing that Sheridan wants in the whole wide world. That makes up for everything that I didn’t get doesn’t it? That’s right!” Beth bounces the child up and down in her arms as they stand and look at their sophisticated surroundings.

Gwen gets Jane another blanket as she and her mother watches the child in the crib. Gwen has extra blankets in her room and she and her mother leave Jane to go and get it.

Pilar sees that Theresa is going to enter the mansion but she stops the girl. Theresa will do her best not to get caught. “I will go in the mansion but I will only go to see Jane for a second.” Pilar sees that Theresa is setting up her own destruction again. “That isn’t true ma. I know exactly what I am doing this time.”

Sam has Ethan alone. “Ethan there was a fire at Spike’s club. The place was empty and no one was hurt.” Ethan is glad that the place has burned down. Sam is glad too but Noah was seen in the area after the authorities went there. Ethan can see that Noah is only in town for a minute and he is already in trouble. Sam wants Ethan to help him find any trace of Noah having down the arson.

Sam and Ethan tell Luis that they have to go and take care of something and then they are gone.

Sheridan comes up to Luis asking where Sam is going with Ethan. Luis says that there are other police business that need attention now. She will not accept that. “Dammit Luis. Go find my son!” He turns to her in anger at the way that she is acting towards him but he says nothing.

Alistair will not budge on this. He doesn’t let on that he knows where Beth and Marty are but if he did, and he told Sheridan that, then he would have to follow up Iwate the information as to what she did those many years ago to her aunt Rachel. He has something to do and can’t talk to Martin and Katherine any longer. They are just wasting his time. He gathers his laptop and walks out of the office.

Martin has a thought. “Wait a minute Katherine. I think that I have figured it out. I think that I know where Alistair has hidden Beth and Marty. Katherine turns to him clearly interested in what he has to say.

In the park, Fancy finally gets to a bench. She has been limping and she stinks of fish. “Arrogant little jerk. Where is a taxi when you need one? I know. I will call mother and have her send a limo for me.” She reaches into her purse and pulls out a fish! “Ew” She tries again and pulls out her cell phone but it is soaked and won’t work now. She worries that someone may be following her. She starts limping again to get home.

Noah and Ethan meet up. They shake hands. Ethan wants to know what brought Noah back to town. Ethan has questions about where Noah was and what he had to do with the fire at Spike’s club. Ethan isn’t’ there to out him but to help him if he needs help and to thank him for getting that club out of commission.

Jessica can’t lose Spike. “You are the only one that understands me Spike. I can’t lose you. I can’t control my family.” That isn’t the way that Spike sees things. “You better do something baby.” He hangs up.

Spike turns to his friend. “I got her where I want her.” Wait until tomorrow’s paper comes out.”

Sheridan is still riding Luis about her son and when he will be found. He promises her that he will find the child. She can’t believe him at this point. “How! How are you going to find him?”

Martin knows of a place where Alistair would keep Beth if he wanted to hide someone. As someone that has worked for Alistair for many years, he knows a lot about Alistair’s grounds and properties. He has an idea and he is almost positive that this is the answer that they have been looking for. They have to hurry as this place is somewhere that would only be a stopping place. From that point, Alistair would then move Beth and Marty to some other location in the world where it would be extremely difficult to find them.” Katherine believes him. If he says that he knows something, but he must know it. Katherine is ready to go. “We have to tell Luis and Sheridan now and then start moving to get to the location before Beth and Marty are moved again.”

Fancy walks backwards from the park. She is sure that she is being followed. She can’t see anything but she shouts out anyway. “I know that someone is there but I have nothing but an ATM card. Somebody help me!” She tries to run but there is no one to run to and there is no one there.

Jessica comes downstairs to talk to her sister Kay. She lets her know that no one will stop her from being with Spike or seeing him. Kay has no idea what her sister is rambling about.

Noah is surprised to hear that Ethan is down and dirty with the club burning down. Ethan really isn’t but he knows that it is a good thing in the end. They shake hands.

Jessica demands that her sister treat her like a human. She likes Spike and she wants her family to treat him better. Jessica cares about Spike. She feels that she can trust him. “Kay you are green with envy over me and Spike.” Kay laughs at that. Jessica would like to talk to Noah now, but he is out. Her family is hurting her. Spike is the only one that gives her attention. “I don’t care what any of you say. I love him and he loves me. No one can stop me from loving him.”

Spike explains his plan to his friend. “I am going to take my revenge out on their daughter. They are going to be shocked when they see what I do to little Jessica.”

Rebecca and Gwen are alone in Gwen’s room. Gwen again brings up the tabloid and the information that they sent. She worries that they will be caught even now. Rebecca assures her that she shouldn’t worry.

Theresa has come into the mansion and she has gotten upstairs.

Pilar couldn’t let her daughter do this on her own, and she appears behind Theresa. They both quietly run off before they are seen.

Alistair sees that Pilar and Theresa are in the house sneaking around. “Too bad that Theresa is going through all this trouble when he could have helped her with the information that she needed easily.”

Martin and Katherine comes to Luis and Sheridan and they tell how Alistair has a cabin in the mountains. Martin is sure that is where Beth is with Marty. They hurry out.

Beth closes up all the curtains and then sits alone. “I am going to enjoy all the privileges I should have had. First on the list will be raising my half-sister’s son as my own.

Luis and Sheridan are together in the car speeding to the cabin in the mountains to get Marty and arrest Beth for her scandalous crimes. Luis has the lights going and the siren blaring as they drive. He would like to talk to her if she can calm herself down some. She can’t deal with all that now. She has to get her son back before dealing with Luis and her relationship. With her head turned towards the window, she rolls her eyes at his lack of focus on what is really important now.

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