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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Noah is at the cannery and he is now in a motor boat heading out in the water to save Fancy from ending up in a can as tuna would. If he doesnít hurry, she will be processed and put on a shelf in the canned goods section. He and she were going to be killed by Spike who had a gun on them. Spike decided that he was going to kill Fancy first and when he pointed the gun at her, she jumped to the side, not realizing that she threw herself into a vat of fish. Now it seems that her decision to save her life could actually end it. Noah is running out of time. He moves his little boat as fast as it will go to get to Fancy. It is pitch black out and visibility is very bad. He hopes that she is still conscious, because if she canít hear him calling to her, he might not be able to find her. Fancy is still alive in the vat with the dead fish on top of her. She is about to be processed along with the fishes in the cannery. She already is in the primary section for the process to begin. She fights to stay on top of the fish. If she should end up beneath them, she could suffocate from the weight of the fish. Her only hope at this point is that Noah will save her from sleeping with the fishes.

Julian and Eve end up in a dive of a bar together. It is late at night but Eve wanted to take a walk after dealing with Chad and Whitney over the baby. Whitney didnít want to nurse her child, and that might have killed him. Eve even hit her daughter in anger because she wouldnít save the childís life at first. Soon after though, Whitney had a change of heart and did as she should for the baby. She just had to unwind a little bit. They are happy to see that Whitney broke down and nursed her child.

Whitney is with her baby and he has gotten the liquids that he needs because of her. He is doing so much better now that she has nursed him. She bounces him on her knee and smiles at him. Chad watches Whitney with her baby and canít help smiling. She has a special way with him even though she wonít let it effect her much. She holding her baby is the most beautiful sight that Chad has ever seen. He could sit and stare at them for hours. She thinks that it is time that she take off now. She can feel that she is enjoying herself and she wants that to stop. She doesnít want to get more attached than she already is. Chad thanks her for helping out. He really didnít know what he would have done if she hadnít helped him out with this. Being a new father is difficult for the first time, and when you are by yourself. She might have saved their sonís life tonight by stepping forward the way that she did. "Thanks for taking care of our baby tonight," Chad says. She looks up at him panic-stricken at his words. "What do you mean when you say Ďour babyí?" "He is ours," Chad explains. "You are his biological mother and I am his adoptive father right?" Whitney breathes a sigh of relief realizing that he hasnít discovered the truth out Miles. That is the way that she wants things to stay.

Theresa and her mother argue while standing out in front of the mansion. It is the same old thing to Pilar. Theresa has a chance to make the animosity with Rebecca and Gwen go away and she makes things worse instead. She is always the one to lose out, but she canít see that. Theresa is bitter and you can see it in her face. Pilar sees that Theresa could lose everything with her anger and she warns her about that. These people are not the types that one would wish on an enemy. "You are going to lose everything with your bitterness. You tried to outsmart Rebecca and Gwen before and it didnít work " Theresa doesnít care what it takes to bring Rebecca and Gwen down. Theresa feels that she can do this because without Jane she has lost everything that matters to her. Before she was worried about what Ethan would think of her and now she doesnít care what he thinks. That is why when Theresa goes after Rebecca and Gwen this time she will get results. Her mother looks at Theresa shaking her head. The girl will never learn.

Luis and Sheridan argue over Marty and how she feels that he doesnít really love her or Marty due to what they have been going through over the past few months. Gwen, her mother and the others watch as Sheridan delivers a hard
slap to Luisís face for saying that he loves her. Sheridan finds him to be a liar. Luis followed the DNA test and that led him to believe that Beth was his mother. Sheridan knew the truth and Luis didnít listen to her. Luis gets angry with Sheridan. He is Martyís father and he cares for the baby too. Sheridan feels that Luis still loves Beth. Gwen knows that Sheridan canít really mean that. Alistair appears in the doorway and he has heard everything that has gone on
"Wait. Maybe Sheridan is right about that Luis." Luis turns and sees Alistair and walks to the man choking him for what he has said. Sam gets Luis off Alistair with Ethanís help. Alistair threatens to charge Luis with attempted murder for going after him like this. Alistair has a room fool of witnesses who can attest to Luisís attack.

Katherine would like to choke the man herself. Alistair finds that there are trespassers in the house still. He wants them out. Sheridan canít believe that Alistair is before her now. "I know that you helped Beth take my baby out of the house and away from his real mother. You have never helped me." Alistair admits that Beth is his daughter, and for that reason Alistair couldnít turn his back on her. "Beth is a Crane, just as Sheridan is a Crane." Luis never saw Alistair protect Sheridan the way that he protected Beth tonight. Alistair denies that is true. He has protected Sheridan in the past. Sheridan only wants to know where Beth is. Alistair says that he has no idea. "I havenít the slightest idea." Sheridan will not accept this. 

Pilar tells Theresa that she is playing with fire when she talks about going after Rebecca and Gwen again. How many times will Theresa be burned before realizing that she canít win with these people? They are in front of the mansion talking. Theresa made such a spectacle of herself that Ethan ordered her out of the house. Pilar offered to go home with her but Theresa isnít leaving. Theresa doesnít care. "When I get through with them, they are going to wish that they had never taken my child. Maybe God listens to you, but it is clear that he isnít listening to me these days. I have listened enough, and I have taken enough. How dare Ethan and Gwen act like they own my child? I am going to get my daughter back if it is the last thing that I do."

Chad and Whitney are standing too close when she gives the baby to him. They both feel the chemistry between them. It is still there even though their love is now forbidden. She has to go suddenly. She walks to the door to leave. He offers Whitney a nightcap but she needs to get going. She is almost out the doorway when the baby starts crying like never before. She stops. She watches as Chad rocks the baby trying to get him to stop crying but he wonít. "Why is he crying?"

Noah is trying his best to get to Fancy in the vat of fish. He tries using his cell phone for help but he canít be sure that he has any service. He continues to do his best to steer the motorboat to Fancy to save her from being canned.

In the vat, Fancy is almost buried. Only her head and one arm stick out of the pile of fish that hides most of her body. "Help!"

Chad assures Whitney that he will take care of the crying baby. Whitney has a hard time leaving. "Why canít you stop him from crying?" Whitney asks. Chad has no idea. This is all new to him. "I would stop him if I knew how to."

Julian and Eve dance together even though the bar they are in is a real dive Eve is pensive. "Wouldnít it be nice if you could roll back time and do things right? There would be no grandchild born of incest." Julian reminds her that she wouldnít have Whitney or Simone if things had been different. Eve, I am only happy that we have another chance together." She is glad of that too. He has stayed with her through thick and thin. He knows that she had a tough year to deal with. Eve had to do it. She had to tell the truth to TC and her family. She had to let Whitney and Chad know that they couldn't be together. Julian sees that the kids are so right together. Julian knows that sometimes you only get one miracle a lifetime, and he is sure that they have used theirs up.

Sheridan demands that her father tell where Beth is. He has practically admitted that he knows where she is. Sam warns Alistair that he will not get away with this. Alistair has gotten away with a lot more than this. Sheridan knows that to be true. "Alistair is able to do whatever he wants." Alistair confirms that Sheridan is right. "I can and will do anything that I want." Alistair walks off.

Martin and Katherine follow Alistair and ask him quietly to say where Marty is. Alistair reminds them that they are not to be together. Martin is supposed to be with Pilar renewing his vows, and not in this house holding Katherineís hand. Martin is there because Marty is his grandchild. Katherine threatens to expose some of Alistairís secrets. Alistair will tells his secrets too. "Juries donít like kids that kill." Sheridan comes to her parents and Martin, asking if anything has been learned about Marty yet. She sees that they have their heads together and wonders what is going on with them. Alistair admits that they were talking about something private, but he doesnít say what that is. Alistair hasnít given up anything and will stay with his mouth tightly shut regarding Beth and Marty. Luis comes up next behind Sheridan to see if anything has been learned. He sees that Alistair is still not cooperating. He tells Alistair that he will be rotting in jail for what he has done here. Alistair strongly doubts that. Alistair points some things out that work in his favor. "Sheridan has had instability in her life, and Beth on the other hand is a smart and savvy businesswoman. Who will the courts believe? Sheridan you must get yourself some counselling." Sheridan is furious with this man. He tortures her so. He has never been a good father to her. "Damn you! Damn you father." With that said, Sheridan rushes to her father and pummels him with her fists. Alistair holds Sheridanís arms until Luis pulls her off him. Her attack on him was pathetic. Katherine canít understand how Alistair could do a thing like this to Sheridan. Alistair reminds everyone that Beth is his daughter as well. Katherine is getting angry with Alistair. He only tells her that she is getting more and more like Martin with her outbursts. Sheridan knows that Alistair has to know where Beth is. Alistair says that he really doesnít know where Beth is. Alistair really wished that he knew that Beth was his daughter before this. He would make her head of Crane Industries. You and Julian are just like each other, while Beth is like me. I never got a chance to be a real father to a real daughter. My only hope for her is that she will be a good mother to Marty." Alistair walks off.

Noah is getting closer to the canning machinery. He shouts to the operator who canít seem to hear him. "Hey! You have someone stuck in your machine!"

Theresa knows that when she finds the dirt on Rebecca and Gwen, Ethan will come back to her and Gwen will be done with. Pilar has heard all this before. She will talk more about this in the morning. Theresa doesnít need a good night sleep. Pilar tells Theresa that she should go home to Little Ethan. Theresa wants Little Ethan to be with his sister. She isnít ready to leave now. She suggests that her mother leave. Pilar re-enters the mansion leaving Theresa alone in front of the mansion. "I understand how you feel Theresa." Theresa turns to find Alistair coming out of the bushes in front of the house. She is surprised to hear that he agrees with her point of view on anything. What was he doing snooping anyway? "Do you get your kicks listening in on people from the bushes?" asks Theresa. He has come up to her now. "No Theresa. This is how I get my kicks. He grabs her face tightly in his hands and kisses her full on the lips as she struggles to get away from him. Theresa gets out of Alistairís clutches and she slaps him hard on the face. How dare you?"

Alistair tells her that he likes the fire in Theresa and she pleases him. "I like the way that you fight for what you want. I like the spirited words you threw at your mother." She doesnít need his compliments. She starts walking off, but Alistair grabs her arm to stop her. "I think that Ethan is a ninny for picking Gwen. You are strong, wilful. Gwen is just a mealy mouth follower. You know what is going on and you are not afraid to say it. You and I are not too different." Theresa disagrees. Alistair laughs. "You hate me? Tell me to go to hell. You can do that but you need someone in your corner. Especially me. I know how to get your daughter back." Theresa knows that he has a price. What is it? "Nothing you canít afford," Alistair whispers. He then takes her in his arms and kisses her again.

Whitney canít stay and help Chad with the baby all the time. He will have to learn how to do this himself. She canít go like this.

Eve and Julian are sitting at their table at the bar, when Eveís phone rings She answers it even though she is on her own free time. It could be the hospital. It is Whitney calling her mother for help. "It is the baby. He wonít stop crying and we donít know what to do." Eve offers to come right over. Eve tells Julian that they have to go back to Chadís apartment because the baby is ill and wonít stop crying. Something must be wrong with him.

Sheridan is with the others in the mansion trying to figure out what to do about her missing baby. She has no options now. Alistair has helped Beth and so she will be protected. Now that Alistair has helped Beth with this, she figures that she will never see her baby again. Katherine knows that what Sheridan thinks is true. Alistair hid her sister for many years and then she was never found again. The last time that Sheridan lost Marty was bad enough, but to lose him all over again is too much. Luis offers to get Marty back for her. She only sees that he never trusted her from the beginning. She thinks of how it could have been. She would be home reading stories to her baby. Then Luis would come home and be with them and they would be a family.

Sheridan knows now that she will never have a family with Luis now. "Donít touch me. Donít ever touch me."

The baby keeps crying. Whitney says a quiet prayer to God that nothing happen to her baby. Julian and Eve arrive at Chadís apartment to see the baby. Eve examines the child. Chad knows that Whitney really doesnít want to be there. She canít leave. She has to know what is wrong with the baby.

At the cannery, Noah has managed to get in, but not before the giant spout shoots pounds and pounds of fish, and a human body into a giant vat. The body stays submerged under water. Noah runs to this new vat which is smaller than the one that Fancy was in earlier and he feels around until he finds her.

He pulls her to the surface of the vat, and then he pulls her out of there. He carries her to the side of the vat, and places her on her back to do CPR. A little mouth to mouth gets her coughing. That is when he sees that she is going to be just fine. She looks up at him and he kisses her happy that she is alive and kicking. Fancy looks up at him. "Ned?" he tells her no. His name is Noah. She may be named Fancy, but she doesnít look that fancy right now. She gets up and she rubs her head. He smiles at her. "You stink. You almost turned into a drowned rat." She snaps back, "That would be better than to be kissed by you " She slaps him hard.

Whitney checks Miles out and sees that he is just colicky. He could stay like this for 3 months. Whitney finds that to be a long time to be listening to crying. Eve takes her daughter aside. She sees that Whitney is stressed out by this. Whitney isnít concerned about this. "What really stresses me out mother is having a child through incest." She walks out.

Theresa pushes Alistair off her and slaps him in the face. He knows that in time he will have Theresa as he wants her. Pilar comes out of the house. "What are you doing with my daughter?" Pilar rushes to Theresa. Alistair laughs. He taunts Pilar about Theresa. He will leave now, but he reminds Theresa that his offer still stands. He walks off laughing. Pilar turns to her daughter hoping that she didnít enter into any unholy alliance with Alistair of all people. Theresa says that she knows what Alistair is all about and that she is not about to get involved with someone like himÖ No matter how powerful he is. Pilar looks at her daughterís hard face. She wishes that she could believe Theresa wouldnít get involved with Alistair, but lately she has been so willful and evil sounding. Pilar wouldnít put anything past Theresa at this point.

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