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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Spike has pulled his gun to get Noah off him. Spike gets Noah and Fancy under control. He thinks that Fancy set Spike up so that Noah could start the fire with him in there. Fancy didn’t do anything. Spike asks them who wants to die first. Paris Hilton, or the Police Chief’s son? Noah tries to defend Fancy but Spike isn’t buying. He knows now that Noah took revenge because of Spike’s relationship with Jessica. Spike says that he was only having consensual sex with Jessica. Noah begs that Fancy gets let go first. Spike will not do that. He will start with Fancy. She closes her eyes while Spike points the gun at her.

Suddenly a police siren sounds nearby. Spike turns to look in the direction of the car, and that is when Noah and Fancy run off. Spike tries to follow them and shoot but he misses them.

Theresa tells the group at the mansion that Rebecca threw herself down the stairs. Ethan has a hard time believing that. Theresa hates that he never seems to believe her.

When alone Ivy and Rebecca talk and Rebecca admits that she faked falling down the stairs. Ivy did it before, and it was worth it to get Theresa in trouble. Rebecca hears Theresa yelling in the other room, and she knows that her plan is working.

Ethan tells Theresa that he has to worry now for the safety of Jane. Theresa defends herself.  

Ivy comes into the room finding Theresa to have gall after pushing her down the stairs as well. Theresa denies pushing Ivy down the stairs as well. Ivy tells Pilar that she respects and admires her, but her daughter is a danger to anyone that comes near her including Jane. Theresa gets angry when she is told that.

Gwen, Luis and Sam search the grounds looking for Beth and Sheridan. The travel the pathways over and over but can find no sign of Beth or Sheridan. There is a concern that both the sisters are together. That can’t be good after what they have learned about Beth.

Sheridan is in front of the car that Beth is going to escape in. They had a confrontation earlier and Beth seemed trapped but she managed to get away from Sheridan. Beth tried to knock her out but the big blonde managed to live through that, and now that Beth is about to escape in the car with Marty in the car seat, Sheridan stands her ground, refusing to move from the pathway of the car. Sheridan screams at Beth, “Give me my baby!” Beth shouts back from behind the wheel of the car, “NO!”

Gwen is hurt and she sits on a bench nearby to massage her ankle. She hurt her ankle over a fallen branch. Gwen wants Luis and Sam to go off and get Sheridan leaving her.

Sam leaves to keep searching for Sheridan and Beth. Luis worries that Beth will find Gwen and hurt her. Gwen finds that Beth is worse than Theresa. Gwen is suddenly sorry that she said that because Luis is her sister. Luis understands Gwen’s point of view. Gwen still can’t get over the fact that Beth is Sheridan’s sister. When this is over, Gwen hopes that Sheridan can move on with her life with Luis.

Sam returns. He hasn’t been able to find anyone around. Sam still thinks that Beth is on the grounds with Marty.  

Suddenly a car screeches in the distance. Luis and Sam hear that. “Did you hear that? I wonder what that was all about.” Luis goes running off in the direction of the noise.

Gwen heads back to the house for safety while Sam and Luis continue to search for Beth. Sam gets on his walkie-talkie to check on the progress of the others that are out searching too.

Ethan is angry with Theresa now. There is no way that he can believe that she didn’t push Rebecca down those stairs. “Are you crazy? Are you nuts?” he asks her. Theresa defends herself again. “I didn’t do it Ethan.” He has gone out on a limb many times and he can’t do it again. Theresa turns to her mother. Pilar can see Ethan’s point of view. Theresa wants nothing to do with her mother if she is going to side with Rebecca on this. Martin will not let Theresa talk to her mother this way. Theresa will not listen to her father. He was never around to take care of them, so why should she listen to him now? “Get out of town papa!” Pilar stares at her daughter in horror at the way that she is behaving.

Noah and Fancy run to hide from Spike. They hide together, but they argue about whose fault their being in danger is. She would like to continue on her own, but Noah will not let her. He will not have her death on his head. They sneak off slowly. Noah checks to make sure that the way is clear. Fancy goes ahead tiptoeing but she trips and falls shouting out loud. Noah hurries to pick her up. “Come on. We have to get out of here before that psycho finds us.” They turn to leave.

They see Spike before them with his gun pointed at their heads. “Too late,” Spike says. “The psycho is already here.”

Fancy sees that entrusting her life to him was a mistake. Spike will not have anymore of this talk. He turns the gun on Fancy. “I will shoot you first.” Noah tells him again that she had nothing to do with this. He admits to being the one that started the fire alone. Spike doesn’t care. He knows a way that a bullet can be shot into the head to cause the most damage and pain.

Katherine puts her hands on Martin’s shoulders without thinking, and Pilar orders Katherine to move her hands from her husband. This confirms to Theresa that her father can’t be trusted. Theresa blames Rebecca and her father for what is happening to her. “You did it papa. You made all our lives a living hell.” Martin tried to make up for his mistakes, and he would like to help Theresa now. Ethan tells Theresa to look at herself and she will see who is responsible for this happening. Theresa knows that she and Ethan should be living with the children together

Beth has revved the car and she has driven straight for Sheridan to kill her. Just at that moment…    

Luis shows up and pushes Sheridan out of the way of the speeding car. Sheridan could have been easily killed.

Beth stops the car after escaping from the garage. She almost killed Sheridan but Luis moved her out of the way in the nick of time.

Luis helps Sheridan get up. Sheridan turns to the car that has stopped and she shouts at Beth, “Give me my baby!” Beth hangs out the window shouting that Marty is her child. She sees Luis there with Sheridan behind the car and she shouts that she is sorry for this. She hopes that he will be able to forgive her some time in the future. Luis realizes that the car is within reach if he runs fast enough and so he starts running. He manages to get his arm in the driver’s seat window that is open, but by then Beth had started the car and had it running. Now she speeds off, with Luis hanging from the driver’s seat window.

Sheridan shouts at Luis to hold on and to get her baby.

Luis falls to the ground as the car goes screeching off. He comes running back to Sheridan who orders him to shoot at the car. Luis can’t shoot at the car, as Marty is in the back seat and could get hurt.

Luis gets on the walkie-talkie and tells all who can hear him that the suspect is in a silver car trying to leave the grounds. She is to be stopped at all costs.

Gwen demands to know what is going on here. Rebecca tells that Theresa tried to kill her by pushing her down the stairs. Theresa denies that. Gwen asks Theresa to stop the noise as that will only frighten Jane if she hears it. Ethan has had enough. “You have gone too far this time. You couldn’t do it when you agreed that you would stop all the fighting. I will not permit you to see Jane alone.”

Spike has his gun on Noah and Fancy and he means business. Noah warns that once he pulls the trigger, there will not be any turning back for him. He will be hunted down until he is caught. “There are cops nearby and if Spike gets picked up nearby he will be taken to jail forever when their dead bodies are found. He will have to do serious laws.” Spike has never been in trouble and he isn’t worried about getting in trouble now. Noah’s father is the Chief of Police and this will not go down lightly. Spike doesn’t care. “Say goodbye to Miss Fancy Pants.” Noah punches the man and he loses control of the gun as he falls over backwards. Fancy watches as the two wrestle on the ground for control of the gun. Noah and Fancy are back under control when Spike gets the gun and holds it on them again. He smiles. “Okay now. Say goodbye” He shoots but a second before he does, Fancy jumps out of the way and the bullet misses her.

Spike missed Fancy but he still plans to kill Noah. Noah knocks the gun out of Spike’s hand, but he has a back up plan. He has a knife. Noah grabs an oar nearby hanging on the wall. Spike taunts Noah, but he hears something now.

“Help!” It is Fancy and she is stuck somewhere and needs help.

“Damn!” Noah knows that he has to help Fancy and give up this fight. He could win now with Spike losing his gun.

Off in the distance, Fancy screams. She has fallen into a vat of fish that were caught recently.

Gwen is surprised by Theresa’s behavior at this terrible time. How selfish is she anyway? Her nephew is out being kidnapped and here is Theresa trying to kill Rebecca. Ethan asks about Beth and Marty. Gwen tells that Luis and Sam are out on the grounds searching for the baby. Where are they? Gwen knows that this must be killing her.

Sam comes to Luis and Sheridan and he learns that Beth had Marty in a car and has run off. Sheridan worries that Beth will escape. Sam has his men posted all over the place; Beth will not get away, he promises. Sheridan worries that the officers will shoot and hit Marty by accident. Beth can see the opening to the gates around the mansion. She will have to drive through them as they are closed.

That the closed gates to the mansion, two officers are sitting and they hear a car approaching. It matches the description of the car that they are to look out for. Both officers pull their guns and order Beth to pull over and stop the car. They stand right in front of the car’s path.

Beth can’t stop now. “Sorry boys.” She speeds up. The fact that they are in front of the gate means nothing to her.

Sam is on the walkie-talkie talking to his officers telling them that they are not to shoot no matter what.

The officers were poised to shoot but reluctantly they put their guns away and jump out of the way as Beth hits the gate with the car.

Sam tells Sheridan that Beth has escaped and is now off the grounds.

Beth smiles as she sees that she has made it out of there.

Sheridan wants to come with Luis and Sam and search for her baby. Luis tells her that things are too dangerous now. Sheridan will not stay home and wait for news. She wants to be with Luis when they find her child. She will not cooperate, so Luis throws her over his shoulder and walks off with her in the other direction.

Ethan tells Theresa that since she is not helping things here, she is to leave the mansion and go home right away. Theresa will not leave until Ethan tells her that she can have unsupervised visits with her daughter.

Gwen takes her mother’s hand and brings her into the other room for a private chat. “Mother, I know that you faked this didn’t you?” Rebecca admits that she set this whole thing up. She tells how she tucked her head in to prevent herself from getting hurt, but bled anyway. The trick worked like a charm. “Theresa is still after your husband. I saw them upstairs together. She was all over him like a doormat on a stoop. Ethan didn’t do anything. Trust me. Theresa is still a threat and we have to get her out of our lives.”

Theresa begs Ethan for another chance but he will not give her anymore leeway. “No matter how easy people make things easy for you, you just make things worse. I don’t have anymore favors to give you. You need to go. Now!”

Gwen and Rebecca smile as they see that Ethan is finally standing up to Theresa. They have been waiting for this a long time.

“Theresa you have to go now! You can do no good here. There are a lot of things that have gone on here. Mainly Gwen losing her baby. You are like the boy that cried wolf. Even if you didn’t push Rebecca down the stairs, you can’t be believed. You need to go and never come back.” She would like to see her child but Ethan is firm this time. He opens the door and makes her leave, shutting the door behind her.

Spike and Noah hear Fancy crying out. She is with the fish. They are at the cannery. She is slowly being pushed into a cannery machine. Next week, she may be in a shop in a can somehow. Spike can see that Noah has bigger problems on his hands right now besides fighting with him. Spike runs off smiling.

Noah is left holding the oar in his hands and grimacing as he listens to Fancy screaming to be freed from the vat where she is trapped with all the dead fish. If she doesn’t suffocate first, she will be canned.

A man is working the machine to get the cannery in operation. Noah shouts at the man running the machines to stop the machines, but he doesn’t hear Noah. Noah calls to Fancy, but he can’t hear her anymore.

She is buried under the fish. Only one hand and the top of her head is showing.

Theresa talks to her mother about what went on at the house. Pilar has to admit that Theresa is like the boy that called wolf. Theresa hates that her mother doesn’t support her with this. Theresa hates those bitches and will make them pay for what they did to her tonight.


Ethan pledges his love to Gwen again. Rebecca smiles on approvingly.

Luis carries Sheridan into the house. Gwen and the others are glad to see her. This was the only way that Luis could make sure that Sheridan wouldn’t go after Beth.

Sam’s radio goes off. He learns that Beth has been lost. She was driving erratically and so the officers felt that it was better to let her escape.

Luis will go and get his child. Sheridan offers to come with him but Luis tells her no. She gets angry with him for not listening to her again.

Sheridan remembers when she knew exactly what was going on with Beth and Luis wouldn’t listen to her. She was trying to tell Luis that Beth tried to kill her.

Sheridan also remembers the last time that she spoke to Beth. Beth told her that Luis thinks that Sheridan is crazy. Sheridan wonders if that is the truth.

Sheridan looks at Luis in a different light now. Luis tells Sheridan that he loves Marty and that he will do everything that he can to get the boy back. “I want him back more than anything else in the world.” Sheridan looks into Luis’s eyes and she sees him like she has never seen him before. “You liar!” Sheridan hauls back and slaps Luis hard in the face. Everyone in the room is stunned. Mostly Luis. He stares back at Sheridan in confusion at how she could do this to him. Rebecca is mildly entertained and she fans herself while smiling quietly. Sam and Ivy look on in horror shocked at Sheridan’s behavior.

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