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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Spike has returned to the club and he sees that his club is ruined. Alistair is not going to like this. He will have to pay Alistair his cut of his money whether the club is open or not. “Someone is going to pay for this.”

Noah is carrying Fancy home. She hurt her foot and he is being a gentleman by taking her home. She finds this to be all his fault. “I am still not sure that you weren’t trying to kill me.” He will take Fancy home and then if he is lucky he will never have to see her again. That is fine with her.

Rebecca has fallen down the stairs. She pretended that Theresa threw her down the stairs. Her head is bleeding and she is unconscious. Theresa comes down the stairs. Her mother and father are down there with Rebecca. Pilar asks her daughter what it is that she has done. Ivy comes to the top of the stairs. She sees Rebecca lying at the bottom of the stairs. “What happened?” Theresa replays the scene as it happened a few minutes ago. She was alone with Rebecca at the top of the stairs and Rebecca smiled at her and then threw herself down the stairs. Theresa tells the group that she has been set up, but no one knows what to think. Martin can’t find a pulse. It looks like Rebecca is dead.

Luis and the others still look around the Crane grounds to find Beth. They split up and go running off in different directions.

Beth is ready to take off. She puts the baby in the car seat in the car that her father has provided for her. Now all that she has to do is go to the front and drive the hell out of there. She starts walking to the front of the car, and then she stops short. Sheridan is before her. “Give me my baby you bitch!” Beth can’t find words to say. Sheridan means business. “I have you now and you are not going to get away.”

She grabs the woman’s arms so that she can’t run off.

Ivy calls Theresa a murderer. Theresa denies that she killed this woman. Suddenly, Rebecca moves. Martin can see that she is alive. Rebecca gets up and when she sees Theresa in the room she starts screaming. Ethan comes in to see what is going on. Rebecca tells how Theresa pushed her down the stairs. Theresa denies that things happened the way that it did. Ethan is angry to see Theresa there. He told her to leave the house. What is she doing her anyway? Martin tells how they came into the house and they heard Theresa arguing with Rebecca at the top of the stairs. Rebecca hopes that her face isn’t damaged. Theresa feels that Rebecca should be worried about her lying soul.

Gwen heads into the nursery. She is looking for Sheridan. She sees the crib that she has in place for Jane. Gwen goes to the crib and hugs a blanket that she finds inside. She smells it drinking in that newborn smell. She remembers when she lost her own child. Ethan was with her and he told her that her baby was dead. Luis comes running into the nursery looking for Sheridan who hasn’t been seen for a while now. She isn’t there but Gwen is there looking shaken. Gwen tells how this is bringing up a lot of emotions for her. “I know what it is like to lose a child. I would kill to have the chance to have my Sarah back again.” Luis is scared that Sheridan will not get her child back. Gwen and Luis haven’t been able to find Sheridan anywhere. “Maybe she is with Beth.”

Beth gets away from Sheridan and she starts walking away from Sheridan but there is nowhere to go. Beth ends up walking in circles around and around. Sheridan follows her, taunting her. “You wanted me to believe that I am crazy, but you are the one that is crazy. You tried to drown me, but I did survive. Thanks to Luis nothing ever happened to me. You sick, cruel son of a bitch. I knew that my child was alive. You were never pregnant to begin with were you? Why did you keep my child from me? You tried to convince everyone that I was crazy, but you were the sick psychopath. I should kill you right now. Why did you take my child?”


Beth remembers long ago talking to her mother in the hospital. She planned to do this to get Luis to be her husband. Beth was under the impression that if Luis found out that she did all these crimes he would forgive her. Edna knew that Luis wouldn’t ever forgive her for all the terrible things that she did to Sheridan. Beth was living in some type of fog that made her think that anything that she did would be okay to him. Beth looks up into Sheridan’s eyes and she tells her that she deserved everything that happened to her. It is the first time that she has ever admitted to Sheridan what it is that she has done. “You deserved everything that happened to you and much more. Much, much more.

“No one screws me over and gets away with it,” Spike says. He kicks at the rubble that used to be his very successful club. “When I find whoever burned me out, they are dead.” He stomps his way out of there to figure this thing out.

Noah and Fancy are slowly making their way to her house. She should be more grateful, but she isn’t. She isn’t sure if she likes Noah anymore. She is helpless and so he carries her since she hurt her foot. She has been helpless ever since he met her. She didn’t know that Noah lived in Harmony where she is from. He tells her that he would have stayed in Vegas if he knew that Fancy lived in Harmony. Noah tells Fancy to be quiet. There is some guy in the distance and he doesn’t want the man to think that Fancy needs help, or he might call the police. Fancy starts shouting for help. She still doesn't trust Noah. She still isn’t sure that he didn’t try to kill her in the fire. The man who is on his cell phone and has his back to Noah and Fancy turns around to see who is calling. Noah turns Fancy’s head and kisses her to shut her up and stop her from talking. She could get him in some real trouble here. All that Spike can see after turning around is some guy kissing a girl that he is carrying.

Theresa says that she is innocent of the charge of trying to kill Rebecca, but for some reason Rebecca doesn’t want her to call the police. Theresa says that she doesn’t want to have any trouble. “For baby Jane’s sake, let’s have peace.” Ethan has wanted that all along. Theresa will not fall for Rebecca’s act. “You are not falling for this Ethan are you?”

Sheridan asks Beth what it was that she ever did to deserve this.

Beth tells her everything. “You stole Luis. We were together but you had to come along. You had everything. You stole my boyfriend. You took him from me. I had to do whatever it took to get him back.” Sheridan finds this crazy. Beth tells Sheridan that she is not the one who is crazy. Sheridan sees that all this time, Beth had been acting. Beth hated listening to Sheridan whine about Luis, she wanted to bash Sheridan’s head in. “I hated you then and I hate you now.” Sheridan questions how Beth got this way. Beth answers. “Like father, like daughter. You are like your mother. I am glad to be Alistair’s daughter. I want to be a winner. Sheridan tells her that she will not win this time. She will go to jail for the rest of her life. Beth isn’t phased. “This monster broke up you and Luis and don’t you even forget it.” Beth jumps at Sheridan shouting, “Boo!” Sheridan jumps back. The woman truly is a lunatic. Beth takes a look behind her at the baby in the car. Sheridan sees the look that Beth gives the baby and she then sees the smile on that crazy woman’s face.

Fancy stops the kissing and calls to Spike to help her. He just watches. Noah and Fancy are arguing. She demands that he put her down. Noah drops her on the grass. Noah comes over and talks to Fancy. He knows that Noah was in his club. He tried to save people, but right now, Noah smells like gas. Spike feels that he must have been the one to set the fire.

The evidence is stacked against Theresa. Even her family isn’t sure that she didn’t do this to Rebecca. Pilar knows that she as a really bad temper when things don’t go her way. There was the time when she pushed Gwen, and the time when she stabbed Gwen, and don’t forget the time when she pushed Ivy down the stairs. Theresa feels there were extenuating circumstances for all that happening. No one really believes that she didn’t push Rebecca down those stairs. Pilar will take her home and then return later.

Beth still thinks that she has a chance with Luis. Sheridan looks at Beth in horror. She feels that she can get married by Labor Day if she really puts her mind to it. Sheridan would take Marty out of the car, but Beth has the keys and the door is locked. Sheridan demands that the keys be given to her. Beth dangles them in front of Sheridan’s face and manages to keep them. Beth laughs at Sheridan. She knows that people already think that Sheridan is crazy. Luis thinks that too. Beth knows that Sheridan can’t deal with Luis anymore because he didn’t believe her in the first place. Beth will not give the baby up. “I am taking Marty and I am leaving town.” Beth’s mind games are really playing on her. She tells herself that everything that Beth is saying isn’t and couldn’t be true. Beth sees that her plan is working. She will leave, but Sheridan will never be able to forgive Luis for losing Marty. They will never be together. Beth sees herself with the man in the end.

Rebecca asks for a drink of water, really playing up the whole incident. Rebecca will never forget that Theresa tried to kill her. Theresa makes a move for Rebecca, but her father is there and holds her back. Rebecca says that there is no way that Theresa should get Jane back. “You are prone to violent outbursts and shouldn’t be near Jane.” Ethan says that Theresa really does have a right to have her visits with Jane if she wants them. Rebecca says that the visits can stand then, but they should have someone from Child Services. At the very least, Theresa should be strictly supervised when she visits Jane, or she will go to jail.

Luis and Gwen are on the grounds looking for Sheridan. They speak to Sam on the walkie-talkie. Sam has found nothing in the house. He will continue searching though.

Beth mimics Sheridan and how she moans and groans about Luis crying and whining. Sheridan makes a grab for the keys but Beth will not give the keys up. Sheridan offers Beth money and a way to escape town. Beth needs nothing from Sheridan. Alistair has given her everything. He has been helping her from the start. Beth has positioned herself under a net that is tied to the ceiling in the garage. It is holding bags used for storing things that would be held in a garage. Once Beth has Sheridan under the net, she pulls the lever on the wall and the net gives way, dropping very heavy bags on Sheridan’s head and body. Knocking her out cold. Beth peers at her motionless body, smiling when she sees that there is no movement.

Spike and Noah talk some more. Spike seems to think that Noah was the one that torched his club, especially since the guy is Chief Bennett’s kid. That is when Noah realizes that Spike is the guy that hurt his little sister. That gets him really angry. Spike admits to being with Jessica. “She is really something that little sister of yours. I mean that she is up for everything, and I mean everything.” Noah gets angry and the two start throwing punches. Fancy watches as the men get very physical. Spike then pulls his gun to get control of Noah and make him stop fighting.

Beth has gotten control again. She walks away from a very damaged Sheridan and heads to the car. Beth gets in the car and turns to assure the baby that everything is alright. Next Beth turns forward to start the car and drive off. She sees Sheridan out in front of the car. “Give me my son!” Beth is more than angry now. She starts the car.

Fancy tells Spike to put the gun away. He will not. He feels that Fancy has set him up to get killed in the fire. He forces Fancy and Noah to stand together. “Who will die first?

Theresa is losing the battle fast. Now she loses control of her daughter too. The group moves into the house. Ivy comes over to Rebecca. Ivy knows that Rebecca has planned this. Ivy remembers the time when she faked her fall down the stairs too. Ivy was willing to do to get Theresa in jail. Rebecca loves this story. “You go girl.”

Theresa is defending herself against the charges about Rebecca and she hates that people think that she can’t take care of her child. Ethan gets angry. Theresa is everything that he has fought to disbelieve all this time. “I don’t think that you should be with Jane Theresa.” Rebecca and Ivy smile at each other when they hear Ethan tell that girl off. Things are going as planned it seems.

Over at the Crane house, Beth is in the car, ready to leave but the only thing in her way is that stupid half-sister of hers. Sheridan is standing in the path of the car. Beth orders her to move, but Sheridan will not do it. “Give me my baby!” Beth shouts again for Sheridan to get out of the way. Sheridan will not do it. “You will have to run over me to get out with Marty.” Beth was hoping that she would say that. She turns the car on, and then hits the gas pedal. Sheridan bravely stands her ground. Beth smiles an evil smile as she moves the car forward.

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