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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Beth has missed getting on the helicopter and so the search is on for her.

Sheridan has been injured by trying to get to Beth and Marty.

Noah has different feelings about Fancy now that he knows that she is a Crane. He knows what kind of people they are. He should have known what kind of person she was when she wouldn’t leave the money back in Vegas and almost got them killed. He knows the Cranes. “Whatever you do, you make the lives of those around you miserable.”

Over in Vegas, the men trying to find out who Noah and Fancy are. They need better pictures than the ones that they have been getting from the surveillance tapes. The specialist knows how to manipulate the equipment to make Noah and Fancy’s face appear. That is good because the second that he can see the faces of Noah and Fancy, he will be able to make them pay for what they did.

Theresa has told Rebecca her plan to find evidence on Rebecca and Gwen about how they framed Theresa and ruined her chances with Ethan, and Ethan’s life. Rebecca knows that there is no way that Theresa can find the evidence that she needs. She knows that Rebecca will make a mistake and slip up. Rebecca remembers being alone and hiding the disk from her daughter. She wouldn’t destroy the disk. She kept it as a momento. Theresa can see in Rebecca’s eyes that she is hiding something. Theresa warns her that the day is coming when she will learn what it is that Rebecca and Gwen are hiding and that is when Ethan will come back to her.

Sheridan and the others are waiting for Luis to come back with Marty. “What is taking him so long? He should be back with Marty now.”

Luis has the impersonator with the fake doll that she has used as a baby. Sheridan comes hopping up with the others who support her as she tries to walk with her injury. She sees the impersonator with Luis and Sam and she needs no one to tell here what has happened here. “Oh no! Oh no! Where is he? Where is my son?” The woman says that she has no idea where the child is. She looks innocently up into the blonde-haired person’s face. Sheridan gets pissed off. “Boy was that the wrong answer.” Sheridan pulls her fist back and throws her punch dead center in the woman’s face. She is beginning to lose it.

Beth has made her escape with Marty. “We did it! We did it!” She enters a house with Marty in her arms. She can't believe that Alistair did this for her. But what does she do now? Alistair suddenly appears in from one of the rooms. He confirms what she is thinking. She has escaped. “Now Luis and Sheridan will lose their child forever.” Alistair smiles down at Beth and Marty.

Fancy doesn’t like the way that Noah talks about her family. Noah doesn’t care. Alistair made his grandfather’s life a living hell. Fancy didn’t know that. She feels that he is only ragging on her family because she has a rich family. Noah says that she is just a debutante. He isn’t impressed with her. She knows now that he is like other poor people that hate her because they are jealous that they are not rich too.

Theresa knows that she was set up and she is going to prove it. Rebecca knows that soon Theresa will lose Jane as well as Ethan. She will make it her goal to convince Ethan to take that child. Theresa doesn’t believe any of this. Rebecca sees that Theresa has nothing and soon she will have even less.

Beth wants to know what the plan is now. Beth wants to go now while the coast is clear. Alistair thinks that is the wrong way to go. He wants the escape of Beth and Marty to be so painful for Sheridan that she will never be able to stand the sight of Luis ever again.

Sheridan turns on Luis. “Where is Beth?” Luis has no idea. His phone goes on, and Luis is on the horn. “He orders the officers to look for Beth and Marty. She still has to be on the grounds. “No one is to go in or out of the grounds.” The teams split up to find Beth. Katherine decides to go to the boathouse and runs off. Sheridan suddenly has an idea. She starts running to the place where Beth and Marty are hiding with Alistair.

Beth sees that Sheridan is heading in their direction and she panics. Alistair moves from view in case Sheridan was looking in his direction. “Oh no! Sheridan saw you didn’t she? She is coming in here isn’t she? Oh no!” Alistair rushes into action.

Noah tells Fancy to stay away from him. She is fine with that. “You will never see me again.” She starts walking off and falls on her face. Noah picks her up. “Get away from me you judgmental jerk” He is suddenly sorry that they argued. He offers to help her but she will not take anything from him ever again. “Stay far away from me. Stay far, far away.”

The surveillance guy has finished working on the images on the surveillance tape at the hotel in Vegas. He has good news and bad news. They can see the face of the guy, but not the face of the girl. They look at the monitor. “When we find this guy, they both are going to die.”

Rebecca keeps repeating that Theresa has no proof and no way to get it. She has no money. She is just the housekeeper’s daughter. “I am Mrs. Julian Crane, and so I have a limitless supply of money and power.” Theresa knows that Rebecca will not be Mrs. Julian Crane for long. Rebecca hasn’t seen any divorce papers and until she does, she has the upper hand and will squash Theresa. ‘I have said this many times. We are winning the war and you are going to be left bloodily and all alone.”

Luis is walking alone, when he gets an alert that someone has been seen with a child. Another call comes in saying that Beth is with Marty at Sheridan’s cottage. Another call comes in saying that Beth and Marty are at the stables. Sheridan gets an idea that the house over yonder has to be checked. She and Gwen run to it to see if Beth is inside.

Ethan and Sam arrive saying that they have seen Beth and Marty at the same time in different places. Alistair must have some decoys running around to fool everyone. Luis orders that all the decoys be picked up and arrested on sight.

Beth panics. “What if Sheridan comes in here looking for me?” Alistair is counting on it. Beth panics. She sees that they are trapped.

Sheridan and Gwen get into the house easily. Sheridan stops short when she sees what’s inside. “Oh my God.” They see nothing. “Dammit. I was sure that I saw father in here.” Gwen knows that they have to get news back to Luis about this. Sheridan sends Gwen to talk to Luis. She will stay and find her son. Gwen runs off. “Beth! You might as well come out. The entire place is surrounded. Marty!” Sheridan moves deeper into the house. After Sheridan has left the room, Beth, Marty and Alistair step out of a hidden space in the wall and walk the other way.

Fancy tries to walk home barefoot, but Noah won’t let her. He picks her up in his arms and starts walking. He hopes that the mobsters that were after them don’t find them or they will both be dead.

The surveillance guys have a plan. “Find this face on the surveillance tapes and then have him lead us to the blonde and then kill them both”.

Theresa isn’t phased by Rebecca. She will find the proof that she needs and get her life back in order. Theresa walks out. Rebecca follows her taunting her about going home to Guacamole vile! Theresa keeps walking. She hates this woman. Coming in the house is Pilar with some others. They hear Theresa and Rebecca, and they hear the threat that Theresa makes. Theresa and Rebecca are now at the top of the stairs arguing with each other. “I hate you so much that I could kill you.” Rebecca quietly thanks God for the fact that Theresa has said this to her. She turns to Theresa, sensing that someone is coming in the front door downstairs. “No Theresa! Don’t!” Theresa looks at her strangely. “What are you saying? What does this mean?” Rebecca ignores her and keeps acting. “No! Theresa don’t!” Then Rebecca does something totally unexpected. She throws herself down the Crane mansion staircase. It takes her a full 10 seconds to land at the bottom.

At the feet of Pilar and some others. Rebecca is unconscious. “Teresita! What have you don’t?” Pilar asks her daughter. Theresa looks down at Rebecca’s still frame in horror. She isn’t moving.

At the house, Alistair has a plan figured out for Beth to make her escape. He has her in the garage now. He has a car there and he tells Beth to strap the kid in the car seat and just drive off. He knows that no one will find her. They are too busy looking elsewhere on the grounds for Beth. His advice to her is to put her head down and hit the gas. He promises her that she will be safe. He gives an envelope of money to take are of herself when she finds somewhere to lay her head. She looks up into his eyes. “Thank you father”. Alistair has come as close to a meaningful moment as he ever will. “Thanks is not necessary Beth. He leaves her.

Beth puts baby Marty in the car and straps him into his car seat for the trip ahead. She has to believe that her father knows what is best. He has taken her this far. If he tells her that she will be safe in the car, then she will put her trust in him again. Marty is set and ready to go.

Beth backs out of the back seat and shuts the door. She takes two steps to the driver’s door and stops dead, her blood runs cold. Sheridan is before her, looking down on her with venom in her eyes. “Give me my baby you bitch!” Beth shudders, and suddenly seems smaller than she has ever been. Sheridan holds her stare with her eyes. She takes a minute to look into the back seat quickly but she doesn’t take her eyes off Beth for more than 2 seconds.

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