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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Noah kisses Fancy to stop her from running to the police. She pushes him off her. “I don’t truest you. Help! Help! Police!” Noah grabs her and kisses her again to stop her shouting.

Rebecca comes into the house. She makes sure that no one is around. She takes the dreaded disk out of her bra. “I have to find another place to hide this disk. Ivy was very curious when she saw it. Ethan will never forgive Gwen if he learns that she was involved in him losing his name as a Crane. Where can I hide this?” Rebecca looks around and finds that the most obvious place is the best usually when hiding things. She takes out a disk box which already has disks in it and she puts the disk in there.

Ethan finds Theresa in the house. She is there to claim what is hers.

Beth talks to her baby and assures him that everything is going to be fine. She trusts her father and he will look after her. She is sure of it.

Suddenly, Beth hears knocking. “Oh no. She has been found.” They have found the spot in the wall that is exactly adjacent to where she is on the inside of the safe room.

Luis can tell that the security man has found the space in the house that Alistair has been hiding. The hand equipment that the man uses to test density beeps loudly at this point in the wall and continues to do so. Luis demands that Alistair tell him how to get into the house. Alistair denies any knowledge of any secret room in the house. Luis has an axe and he starts hacking at the wall.

Beth hears the banging from the inside of the safe room. She knows that she will be found out in no time now. They are going to be found. Sheridan shouts out, “Marty I am going to get you out of there!” She turns to her father. “How can you keep me from my son?” Beth cowers with the child in her arms as she listens to the pounding against the wall. She has no idea what has been going on out there as the monitor that showed her everything in the main room of the mansion broke down. Did Alistair give her up to the others? Did they figure her whereabouts out on their own? She doesn’t know what has taken place since then. Luis will not stop now. He will not stop until the wall is completely down and they can see what is behind it.

Soon Noah and Fancy are kissing each other and caught up in it. Fancy asks him, “Who are you?” “That is what I would like to know.” Noah and Fancy turn to see a policeman there.

He would like to know who they are. He cuffs Noah and Fancy and then reads them their rights.

Theresa is at the house to see her daughter. Ethan told her that she could see Jane whenever she wanted, and so she is here to see her. Ethan thought that she was trying to get him to be with her again. Theresa has brought Jane’s teddy bear for her. Ethan takes the bear, but this isn't the time for a visit. “Sheridan is searching for her son. Beth and Sheridan are half-sisters. It happened through an affair that Alistair had with Edna Wallace. It is true.” Theresa knows that Sheridan must be thrilled to know the truth. She isn’t really Ethan tells, as Alistair has hidden Beth and Alistair. That is why it isn’t a good time to see Jane. Theresa will not be pushed away. “I want to see Jane and I want to see her now.” Ethan leaves to get the maid to take Theresa to Jane. Once only, Theresa promises herself that she will be a family with Ethan in time.

Rebecca has hidden her disk. “Committing that crime with the tabloid was a wonderful mother/daughter moment for Rebecca.” She leaves the room and the disks in the disk box.

Ethan and Theresa enter the room after Rebecca has left. Ethan says that he doesn’t want any fighting with Gwen while Theresa is there. Theresa finds him to be a hypocrite. “You seem so happy to see Sheridan get her child back, but you keep my child away from me.”

Beth cowers in the corner listening to the wall get broken down. “Daddy. Come to get me.”

Alistair tells the group that they are destroying private property. “There is no room behind the wall.” Sheridan knows that he is lying. “You helped Beth try to kill me and steal my baby.” Katherine knows that Sheridan is right on target. “You are the only one that would make your own child hurt so much.” Sheridan will hate him forever for this.

CLINK! Luis has hid some type of metal. “I hit it as hard as I can but I couldn’t even put a dent in it. Why would metal be here in the wall? There must be something behind it. Sheridan begs Luis to continue. “Please get my baby out of there.” Luis and Sam see that they will need more equipment. Sheridan begs. “Please get the equipment and hurry to get inside the wall.”

Beth hears that the banging on the wall has stopped and she is happy. “Father must have found a way to stop them from getting into the room.” She was sure that he would come to her rescue. She holds baby Marty happy that she has someone who cares for her as much as her father does. She knows that she has nothing to worry about.

Alistair is angry with Luis and blames him for Sheridan not having her son right now. Luis gets angry and punches the man in the face knocking him off his feet. Sam comes over to Luis. “Come on. We have to concentrate on getting the wall down. We have to work on this to eventually get inside.” Sheridan is frantic. “We have to get into the room now. Beth could have escaped already”.

Gwen finds her mother and is suspicious as to where she has been all this time. Everyone else as been at the wall waiting to see if Sheridan gets her baby back, but Rebecca has been strangely absent. Rebecca turns the subject from herself, as she can think of no good reason for not being with the others. “How is dear Sheridan doing?” Rebecca asks, trying to seem interested in someone else for a change. Gwen says that she is very upset. Gwen can really relate. “I could lose Jane if Theresa finds evidence of the tabloid email.” Rebecca reminds her that she shredded the disk herself. Rebecca knows that the disk that Gwen has shredded was the wrong one but she doesn’t tell Gwen that.

Ethan and Theresa argue over what happened in court again. It is the same old argument and Ethan is tired of it. Theresa can’t let it go. She can’t see that she is the reason why her child was taken from her. It is no one’s fault but her own. Ethan is tired of going over this and will not do it now with Sheridan’s baby missing. “ The only reason that you don’t have your child is because you won’t stop fighting with Rebecca and Gwen.” She wants to continue arguing but he tells her to stop this. Theresa wants her child. Ethan goes off to find the nanny. Theresa won’t be going anywhere until she sees her child. She is alone now. “I guess that I better start looking for the evidence that I need. Maybe they kept it on a computer.” Theresa heads over the to laptop and opens it. She starts pressing buttons.

Noah and Fancy sit handcuffed on a park bench. The officer that has arrested them calls for back up. He is suspicious of the two. The fire at Spike’s causes the officer to be suspicious. “You smell like gasoline,” the officer says. Noah admits to smelling that way as gas spilled on him while gassing up his car. The officer suddenly recognizes Noah. “I know you. You are Noah Bennett right?” Noah smiles at the officer. “Yes, I am.” Fancy looks at him. “You are Noah Bennett?” Realizing that this is a terrible mistake, and not wanting anyone else to know that he mistakenly bagged the police chief’s son, the officer hurriedly uncuffs the two and leaves. Fancy turns to Noah. “You are Noah? You really do live in Harmony.” Noah nods his head in confirmation.

Two men at the hotel in Vegas are watching surveillance tapes that were made of the 2 thieves that were running the security ragged a few days ago. The men manage to get a close up of the faces of the two criminals. “They are going down. They are going down in a very big way.”

Theresa is on the computer. She finds some disks near the computer and starts putting them in the computer one by one to check and see what is on them. Suddenly she stops in horror!

Ethan enters the room and is angry to see Theresa on the computer. “Theresa! What are you doing?” Theresa waves him over. “You have to see this Ethan. Come here.” She can’t’ pull her face away from the computer as what she sees is so compelling.

In the hallway where Luis is breaking down the wall, he suddenly finds a weak crack in the wall and is able to get his axe through. “I’m through!” He manages to make a hole in the wall big enough for a face to look through.

Inside the safe room, Beth is on the floor with the baby and she hears that the noises are a lot louder from the other side of the wall. She looks up and sees the hole. “They got through!” While holding the baby, she scurries along the counter staying low and goes to a wall where she can stand up without being seen. Marty is miraculously quiet. Sheridan puts her face in the hole in the wall and she looks in. “Beth! I know that you are in there. Come out and give me my baby!” Beth holds the baby closer to her. She will not give the child up without a fight. Katherine can see that Sheridan was really right. They are in there. Sheridan looks into the room and sees Beth holding her child. “Beth give me my child.” Beth refuses to come forward. “He is my child. I raised him.” Sheridan is determined. “I will be taking Marty home with me tonight.” Beth tells her that will not happen. Sheridan turns to Luis. “Take the wall down!”

Rebecca and Gwen discuss Gwen and what she has done. Gwen is troubled. “Beth had a horrible secret and she got found out. What if that happens to me? I don’t trust you mother. You always screw up. If you screw up this time, then I will lose Ethan and Jane forever.”

On the laptop downstairs, Ethan and Theresa look at the computer monitor and see something that makes them both smile. There were not expecting to see what they do, but there it is.

Everyone has their eyes on the wall breaking down. Alistair uses this moment to slowly slip away. No one sees him missing. Pilar moves over to Katherine telling her that they have to have a talk now. “There is an important matter that I wish to discuss with you and it has to be done now.” Katherine says that this is not the time as she is waiting to see her grandson. “I will not wait. This talk that we must have has to happen now,” Pilar says. Katherine sees that she has no choice in matter. The banging suddenly stops. Luis has made a hole big enough to get into the safe room. “We’re in!”

Fancy can’t get over this. “You are Chief Bennett’s son. Your dad arrested me once for driving too fast, without a license and underage.” She was 14. “I took my parent’s Ferrari. It was calling to me in Italian.” Noah finds her too reckless doing something like that at 14.

Ethan and Theresa have found a picture of the both of them with Jane at the hospital. Theresa misses her child. “Why did you take her from me?” Ethan moves from the computer. “I am her father,” Ethan says. “I am her mother,” Theresa points out. “How could you think that Gwen could be a better role model for our child?” Ethan doesn’t want to go through this again. “Come on Theresa. Gwen is now with Jane. I will take you upstairs to see Jane.” She tells Ethan that he is wrong. “You know that you were wrong for taking her from me.” She walks off. When Theresa can’t hear him, Ethan says, “I’m sorry.”

Luis has to make the hole a little bigger still before they can get Marty. Gwen can’t stop talking to her mother about the disk and how her life will end if it were to be found. She goes over to Sheridan to give her some moral support. Rebecca takes the disk out of her bra. She is starting to get worried about this disk. Gwen is getting really paranoid about it. She has to find another place to hide it. Luis has stopped bashing at the wall. The hole is big enough for them to get through.

Luis turns to tell everyone. “Where is Alistair?” No one seems to be able to tell where the old man is. While Luis is talking, Alistair opens a secret door, and Beth is standing there with Marty. Alistair pulls her quietly out of the room into this secret tunnel. They go running underground in a tunnel. Beth, Alistair and Marty. Beth should have known that Alistair would have had a secret tunnel for them to escape in. Alistair tells Beth that she should always have a secret escape plan, no matter what.

At the safe room, Luis enters and he looks everywhere that Beth and the baby could be. Sheridan enters the room using the hole and when she sees Luis’s face, she knows that something is wrong. “They aren’t in there,” he tells her. “NO!!!!!!!!!” Sheridan screams. Not again. There has to be a secret way out of there but Sam and Luis can find nothing that shows to be a door or secret panel. Sam decides that they need to check the grounds right away to see if Beth might be there running off.

Everyone runs forward. Luis takes a moment to tell Sheridan that he is sorry that he disbelieved her in the first place about this. She hasn’t time to listen to this. She pushes him to get out on the grounds with the others to find her child.

Out on the grounds, Alistair and Beth have exited the house trough a secret entryway that Alistair has hidden with shrubs and bushes. Beth is amazed at the complexity of this man. Now that they are out of the house, Beth turns to her father. “What now?” he points up to the sky. A helicopter comes into view. The beam of light that it shines finds them and Alistair waves the vehicle in. Beth is overjoyed.

Noah has revealed who he is, now he would like to know who she Fancy is. “My father is someone that can get away with anything that he wants in Harmony,” Fancy says. Noah knows immediately that he is talking with Fancy.

In the hotel, the security man and his associate are together. They have a close up now of Noah and Fancy’s face and it is time to hunt those two down.

Two thugs enter the room. The surveillance guy asks who they are. He is told that these two guys will be the ones that hunt down the two on the surveillance tape and make them pay for what they did.

Ethan and Theresa are in Jane’s room watching her sleep. Ethan can’t avoid the feelings that are coming over him, having his child and her mother with him. He puts his arms around Theresa in a more than friendly manner as they look down on Jane.

The door flies open. Rebecca doesn’t like what she is looking at. “What the hell is going on here? Theresa you get out of this house right now!”

The search party has come to the outside of the house. They plan to find Beth and make her pay for the trouble that she has caused. Suddenly, they hear a noise. Everyone looks up. “It is a helicopter.” Everyone hurries to the spot where it seems like the helicopter is going to land. Luis and Sheridan are running together. They have to get to Beth before she gets away with their baby. Sheridan stops running for a moment and shouts out, “Beth you are going to pay for this. I am going to find you and get my baby!” She starts running again. Beth is ahead of the search party, and making good time. All she has to do now is get to the helicopter with the baby and she will be home free. She is almost there.

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