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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Noah is looking for Fancy. She has run off from him. “Fancy!” She is behind a door. She thinks that Noah has set the fire to kill her. She will not go anywhere with him. Noah will not go until he has her out of the burning building. Noah finds a screwdriver and gets through the door where Fancy has barricaded herself. He finds her no the couch, almost unconscious and he picks her up and takes her out of the building over his shoulder, while she screams for him to put her down.

Pilar has made the arrangements to have her vows renewed. She makes a warning to Martin. “If you are asking me to do this to help Katherine, then you can forget it. I will do nothing to help that woman. I have done without you for years and I can do it again.” Martin assures Pilar that this is about his marriage and not Katherine. Pilar has her own conditions. “I don’t want that woman’s name mentioned in this house again.” Martin agrees to that. They hug. Over her shoulder, Martin looks at a picture that he has hidden in his hand. It is a picture of Katherine.

Edna is packing. She is getting out of the house. “I didn’t mean to be an accessory to blackmail and all those evil things. I have to get away.” The television is on and the news reports that Beth is being hunted by the police and she is considered dangerous. Edna turns off the television. “I have to get out of here. Any place that I go they are going to track me down. I am doomed! Unless! That is it! That’s it! I know just where I am going to go and where I am going to get help!” Edna continues packing.

Tabitha is at home fighting Fluffy from the basements. The creature tries to get out of the room to get at Tabitha. He wants his Friskies. Tabitha fights off the creature with a chair and a whip. Tabitha calls to Endora to help her with Fluffy’s Friskies. Zap!

They suddenly appear from nowhere, and Tabitha pushes the bag of food at the angry oversized cat. Things calm down.

Tabitha gets herself something to drink and heads for the big blue pot. “Prime time viewing at its best. Wonder what is going on with Sheridan, Beth and Luis. There is bound to be some major explosions tonight.”

Beth and Marty haven’t been found in the mansion. Luis tries to make Sheridan calm down now. She will not believe that Marty is gone.

Beth is watching the scene from the monitor in the safe house. “You may have won Luis for now Sheridan, but I have your son. I have Marty, and soon I will have Luis too. She takes a sip of her beer smiling. Beth points at the monitor. “You lose Sheridan. I got Marty and one day I will have Luis. We are going to disappear forever.”

Tabitha sees Beth in the big blue pot sitting in the safe house. “She is leaving the country.”

Sheridan will not leave the mansion until she finds her baby. Luis tells her again that he and Sam have checked that mansion and the baby is not here. Sheridan will not stop. Luis then orders that everyone check the mansion again.

Alistair says that Luis is to leave the mansion now. He has searched the house once, and Alistair will not allow that to happen again. Luis has no warrant to be checking this house at all. Alistair gets his cell phone out of his pocket and gets ready to speed dial. “If you don’t leave, then I will get my security men to make you leave.” Luis doesn’t care and he isn’t intimidating. “I am not leaving.”

Pilar and Martin talk about their dead son and how Martin would have liked to have seen the person that he turned into. Martin missed seeing him and he regrets it. There is Miguel as well. Pilar would like Martin to meet him. He might come to the wedding that she and Martin are planning. “His love for Charity reminds me of the love that we once had Martin.” Martin knows that he will not be readily accepted by the family again and he worries about that. Pilar knows that the family will come around. Pilar knows that keeping Katherine out of their lives is the key. “She is the reason that Theresa can’t forgive.”

The phone rings. Pilar answers to Katherine. “I am sorry but I need to talk to Martin now.” Pilar gets angry. She was just talking about this woman never having anything to do with her life and family again. “Katherine! How dare you call my house? You are not to call here and you are out of our lives for good.” Martin has heard Pilar talking on the phone, and he hears when Pilar calls Katherine’s name. He rises instinctively wanting to know why she is calling but saying nothing.

Noah gets Fancy out of the building and at a safe distance from the burning building. She shouts at him. “Put me down! Put me down! You tried to kill me. You stink of gasoline. You tried to kill me. What are you doing here? You said that we couldn’t see each other anymore and now you are here. Are you one of those mobsters? Are you here to kill me for them? Did you take a pay off? I should have known that you were a sleaze bag all along. Did you come back here to rub me out?” Noah is angry that she isn’t happy that he saved her. If he wanted her dead, he would have left her in the building. “I didn’t know that you were in the club,” he says. She wants him to admit that he started the fire. He doesn’t but she feels that she knows the truth and marches off saying that she is calling the police.

Tabitha is watching Noah and Fancy through the big blue pot. The scene in the big blue pot suddenly changes. “What’s happening?” Tabitha is seeing a warning. She leans over the big blue pot to get a better look and a fire flares up from the pot.

Ding-dong. Someone is at the door. Damn. Who could that be? Must have to do with the warning that she got from the big blue pot. Tabitha runs to peek through the window to see who is there. She sees Edna. Damn. Tabitha doesn’t want to see that old woman right now. Why would she come here? She strains to calm herself. She hides the big blue pot, and rushes to the door. Edna comes in with her suitcase and her walker looking around at her new surroundings. “A bit late for visiting is it?” Edna asks what Tabitha is up to. Tabitha says that she is watching television but the set isn’t on. Edna explains why she is there. “I need your help. My daughter Bethie has done some awful things. The police are after her and I am afraid that they are going to come after me. I need a place to hide out and your cozy little cottage is just the ticket!”

Pilar continues to tell Katherine to get lost. “You are nothing to me and you are nothing to Martin. If this is about Rachel, I already know.” Katherine says that her call is about Marty. Now Pilar is interested in hearing what Katherine has to say. “Marty is really Sheridan’s son. Luis is sure that Alistair has the baby and Beth hidden in the mansion.” Pilar gives the phone to Martin and he listens to what Katherine says. Martin looks at Pilar and they agree that they have to help with this. “We will be right there.”

Sheridan begs her father some more to tell her where Marty is. She is sure that she can break him down. Alistair turns to Sheridan. “Alright! Enough is enough. I will tell you.”

Beth watches and listens from the safe room. She hears her father say that he is going to reveal her whereabouts in the house. He promised her that he wouldn’t do that. She gets up and moves to the monitor. “No! Father no! You can’t tell them where I am!”

Fancy is trying to run from Noah but he catches up with her and tackles her to the ground. He holds her pinned to the ground. “Get off me!” He will not get off her until she listens to him. “I did set that fire but not for the reason that you think. The guy that owns that place got my baby sister on drugs. It is the truth.” Fancy seems to be listening to him now. “Let me up.” Noah helps her up. “Anything for you my lady.” She wants to know more, and if his sister was hurt, then she understands. What she doesn’t understand is why Noah followed her to Harmony. He denies that he did that. She reminds him that she is sexy, rich and exciting. She can see why he would like to be with her. She is the most exasperating woman that he has ever met in his life. “Sometimes I don’t now whether to kiss you or kill you.” She moves closer to him. “Take your pick.”

Tabitha doesn’t understand Edna. “Why do you want to stay here?” Edna explains that no one wants to come to Tabitha’s house. “It is safe.” The spirits in the basements make a horrible rumble in the house. Edna pauses. “What was that?”

Alistair was only joking with the group waiting for him to reveal some dark secret. He says that he has nothing to tell them and smiles that smile of the devil.

Beth smiles as she listens to Alistair talk to everyone in the mansion. He did stand up for her as he promised he would. She knew that she could depend on him.

He continues ordering the intruders out of his house. He almost has the situation under control now. He opens the door for all to leave. “None of you will stay her any longer.”

Pilar and Martin enter the house and go to Sheridan asking if what she has heard is true. That Marty is really Sheridan’s, and that he is missing. “It is true,” Sheridan confirms. Pilar suddenly remembers something that she had forgotten. “The secret rooms. There are secret rooms in this mansion. Years ago, Alistair sent the family away and brought in workers to build the secret rooms. Pilar had to stay and feed those workers. She didn’t say anything then, but she will say something now. I know that Marty will be in one of those secret rooms.”

Beth panics. Pilar knows about the rooms. “Oh no. They are going to find me. They are going to find me!”

The house is shaking terribly. Tabitha explains that she needs to get the plumber in. “I have too many people her as it is.” She tries to make Edna head to the door but Edna will not go. Edna knows that something is strange about Tabitha. “You haven’t changed since I was in grade school.” Tabitha attributes that to good genes. Edna falls to her knees. Tabitha is horrified. “What are you doing?” I am praying to the angels. Suddenly, all hell breaks loose. Red smoky fog comes out of the basement vents, fire comes out of the big blue pot, and the house shakes like never before. Edna realizes the power that she has. It comes to her. She starts exhorting the Lord’s name and praises to his name. “Lord, lord, lord, lord lord… Praise his name! Holy!”

With each word, the house shakes and rumbles harder than it did before. Edna shuts her mouth. She stares at Tabitha. “Well lookie her. You are a real, bonafide witch!”

Alistair has had enough of this. He puts on his coat to leave. Luis will not let Alistair out of the house just yet.

Beth panics now. She has no idea where Alistair is going or what he is going to do next. Beth suddenly realizes that without Alistair she can’t get out of the safe room. She will be trapped. Suddenly the monitor comes blurry and Beth can see nothing. She runs over to it and bangs on it. “No! No! I can’t see what they are doing. I can’t hear them. I won’t know how close they are to me. I can’t even get out of here.”

Noah and Fancy have questions about each other. This situation is too weird. “What are you doing here?”. “I live here.” “Me too.” This can’t be a coincidence. Noah asks, “Who are you?”

Pilar has directed the search party to the place where the secret rooms were built. There are no entrances that can be seen but Pilar is sure that this is the spot. The specialist that Sam has brought to find the room has set up his equipment and starts testing out part of the wall moving from spot to spot to see if there is a part with more echo than the rest. That would indicate that something was different in the structure of the wall at that section. Sam watches over the man intently, waiting to see what comes of the investigation.

Pilar talks to Katherine for a moment. She is here helping but she wants the woman to understand that she is not to have anything to do with the Lopez-Fitzgeralds anymore.

After Pilar walks off, Alistair comes to Katherine and taunts her. He knows that she is hurting because Lopez-Fitzgeralds are renewing their vows. He will take every chance, even at a moment like this to take jabs at her, showing that he is happy that she is miserable.

Sam is with the security man from the police department. He can’t find the place in the wall where there is a hollowed out section that would show that someone might be able to hide there. Sam is very impatient with the man. Alistair stands by and watches the group come closer and closer to his secret. Sam asks the man that he has brought in if he has found anything yet. “No Sam. I will let you know the moment that I have something to tell you.”

Sheridan is at another part of the hall and she is banging on the wall with her hands. “I found it. This part of the wall sounds hollower than the other sections. This has to be it.” The security specialist runs to her with his monitor to see if what Sheridan is saying is true. The machine that he runs along the wall beeps louder and louder as he moves it along the wall. Sheridan knows that she is right now. “See. This is it!”

Fancy hears sirens in the distance and she starts walking towards them. Noah stops her. He can’t have her talking to the police about the him starting the fire. He grabs Fancy and kisses her.

Edna has figured it out. “You are a witch! A card- carrying, broom-riding witch!” Tabitha takes offense. “I haven’t ridden a broom since…” Tabitha realizes her mistake now. Edna loves it. She will stay at Tabitha’s as long as she wants. Tabitha says nothing. Edna threatens to tell everyone. Tabitha laugh. “Who is going to believe you? I could cast a spell on you.” Edna warns Tabitha not to try it. Edna will stay as long as she wants. If she needs help, she will summon the angels and they will save her. Tabitha closes her eyes, clearly in fear of what the old bag is saying. “You have no choice!” Edna gloats.

Beth tells her baby that they are going to go on a long trip out of the country. “That nasty Sheridan won’t be able to hurt us.”

Knock, knock, knock… Knock, knock, knock… Knock, knock, knock… Beth runs to the knocking. “What is that?” She realizes that the search party is getting closer to her. “They have found us!”

The security man confirms that there is something behind the wall. A hollowed out room of some sort. He marks the area. Sheridan turns to her father. “What is that? How do we get in there?” Alistair denies that he knows anything about any room behind a wall. Luis has an idea. He goes over to a tool bag that has been brought in for the search. He pulls out a very big axe and heads to the wall. Alistair sees where Luis is going with this and he warns him one last time not to do this. Luis cares nothing about what Alistair thinks or what he threatens to do to him. He boldly walks to the wall and starts hammering away at it. Slowly tearing it down to see what is behind it.

Behind the wall, Beth panics now. “Oh my God. This is it. They have found me. She grabs Marty and hugs him close to her to protect him and keep him quiet as the wall slowly comes tumbling down.

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