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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Fox has Miles in his hands and he orders Whitney to feed the child to save his life. Chad even gave the child to Fox to hold as he talks to Whitney. She will not do it. She tells Fox to back off.

Theresa shows up at the apartment suddenly. She heard shouting. Fox tells how Whitney is trying to kill their child.

Luis has an idea that Alistair has Beth and Marty in the house somewhere. They haven’t left Harmony. All the entries to the town have been blocked off. They have to be still in town and the best place for Alistair to hide is in his own house. He knows it better than anyone else. He could be in the house right now. They will search the grounds and find Beth. Sheridan seems to have been right all along and so Alistair and Beth have to be on the grounds. There is no way to tell for sure that Alistair is on the grounds, they will just have to check.

Sheridan hears Marty. She calls to him. She is alone in the study of the mansion and she can hear her baby.

Alistair and Beth are with Marty in the safe room in the mansion. No one knows about this room and that is what Alistair is counting on to keep Beth and Marty hidden. Alistair has no idea who Sheridan can hear her child through the thick walls. Mother’s intuition must be stronger than they thought. Alistair shouts at Beth to shut that brat up. Sheridan’s super mother hearing is allowing her to hear him. Beth can’t stop the child from crying.

As the others search the house, they suddenly hear Sheridan crying out. “Marty! Where are you?” The others head in the direction of Sheridan’s voice to help save the child from Beth.

Eve says that they have to get fluids into the child and save his life. She has done everything in her power to force Whitney to help but she will not do it. “If God wants him to die, then he should die.” Whitney will not move to help. Fox is angry. He saw Whitney take his child from him and now she will watch him die. Fox will do anything to stop this. Fox will get a court order to get Whitney to nurse the child. Theresa offers to talk to Whitney in private and make this better. Fox lets Theresa have her shot but if that doesn’t work, Fox will take matters into his own hands. Everyone leaves the apartment.

Theresa asks Whitney not to do this thing. She knows that her friend has been emotionally wrought since the birth of her child. Theresa knows that she can’t possibly mean to do this. It would be evil, and Theresa knows that Whitney isn’t that way. “You will not be able to live with yourself if you do this.” Whitney feels that the child will be better off if this happens.

The group finds Sheridan who says that she heard her baby through the walls of the mansion. She is running her hands up and down the wall as if she might find a seam that will allow her to open the wall and get her child out of there. Everyone feels that she is crazy.

Beth and Alistair are right behind the wall where the others are standing. They hear everything. They watch the group on the monitor in the safe room. Rebecca is saying that Sheridan is losing it now that she is hearing voices. Alistair laughs. He knows that Sheridan will look crazy in a little bit. Marty starts talking and Alistair shushes him. He wants the group to be busy when he takes Beth and Marty out of the house. Then he will have them gone forever.

Theresa knows Theresa Whitney doesn’t want her son to die. “You always wanted to be a mother and that is how I know that you want to save him.” Whitney denies this. She feels that the baby has to die. She feels that he is sick because he is the child of siblings. She put the child up for adoption and now Chad has adopted him. Whitney had a feeling that Miles wouldn’t have a good life. He is sick. He is really sick. “If I nurse him now and I save him, he will be destined for problems.” Theresa knows that there is no way that Whitney could know this. It doesn’t matter because she knows that Whitney loves that boy. Whitney admits that she does love that little boy. She loves him more than anything and that is why she can’t bear to see him suffering like this. Whitney cries and Theresa holds her.

Sheridan is sure that she heard a baby. Luis will listen to her and he will check the house and find that baby.

Beth watches and hears Luis as he talks to Sheridan. Beth panics. At least Marty is quiet now. Beth wonders why Alistair wants Marty to be away from his parents. Alistair knows that Sheridan will never forgive Luis for losing the child and that will keep them apart. Also, Luis is after Alistair’s secrets and Alistair will not allow Luis to bring down the House of Crane.

Rebecca thinks that Sheridan is losing it big time. She find the decanter in the study where they are and she pours herself a drink as she listens to this ridiculous story unfold. “Maybe you dozed off and thought that you heard the baby.” Rebecca is a little crass when she makes her statement. Gwen can see that so she helps to soften what her mother was trying to say. Gwen has had that happen to her as well when she was worried about Jane at times and Sarah. Sheridan says that she was wide-awake and she starts sounding hysterical when she realizes that people might not believe her again. “I heard Marty nearby in the walls. Listen!” Everyone listens but they hear nothing. Ivy thinks that Sheridan is a little over-wrought. Luis is angry now. He wants the whole house to believe in Sheridan. He made the mistake of not believing her in the past and he was wrong. He will have this entire house searched to see where the baby is and where Beth is. He will not stop until he has the child in his care.

Alistair laughs. “Go on Luis. Search as much as you want. You will never find him. You will never find that baby.”

Whitney changes her mind. “I can’t do it. I can’t let him die. His life has been cursed.” Theresa can’t understand what Whitney is going through but she knows what it is to be a mother. Whitney reminds Theresa that all their children are healthy. They weren’t always that way. “Right now, Miles is sick and we don’t know what is going to happen in the future. That is the gamble that you take. Miles may grow up sick, but he may not. If he does grow up sick, should that take away the capacity for him to feel joy? Miles isn’t taking formula, but aside from that; he could be just fine. Don’t throw away his chance to live a happy, healthy life. If he dies because you won’t nurse him, you are not going to be able to live with yourself. The guilt, the anger, the pain and the hurt will tear away at you for the rest of your life.” Theresa makes Whitney look at her now. “Whitney has already sacrificed so much to protect her child. Why stop now? You are the mother that I know you are. You are the mother that I know you to be. Save your son.”

Alistair and Beth are watching the monitors. Alistair is about to light his cigar, when Beth pounces on him for trying to light it. He sees that she is really is daughter after all. He rises to leave. He wants to go and smoke his cigar. Beth worries that he will be seen. He has to be seen. His limo is in the driveway. “I am Alistair Crane and I am afraid of no one.”

The search party are confused as to what to do now. Luis believes that Sheridan heard something. He will never doubt her again. They will split up into 3 teams. Rebecca runs to stand near Sam. “I will be on Sam’s team.”

Alistair enters the room quietly with his cigar between his lips, cocky as ever. Luis runs to the man and grabs him by the collar. He pushes him up against the wall and threatens him if he doesn’t tell where Beth is with Marty. Alistair just smugly looks back into the man’s eyes without saying anything. Luis isn’t playing this time. “Alright. If you won’t tell me what I want to know, then I will beat it out of you.”

Beth watches as the argument unfolds on the screen before her. “This is exactly what I was afraid of.” This is exactly the reason why she didn’t want Alistair to go out there and be with those people. He won’t be able to make them believe that he had nothing to do with Beth and Marty going missing. She watches on the monitor as Luis throws the old man to the ground in anger. Alistair looks so feeble on his hands and knees, trying to get up on his feet again. The crowd watches Alistair never seeing him as a feeble old man until now.

Theresa goes to the family and friends that are waiting to see if Whitney will change her mind about nursing the baby. She tells that Whitney is ready to nurse her baby.

Theresa takes the baby and goes back into the room where Whitney is waiting with her arms outstretched for the child. “Hello.” Whitney smiles at the baby. “There, there now baby, I am sorry. I am sorry. Everything will be okay now.” Theresa has covered Whitney with a blanket for privacy while she nurses.

Chad watches the look on Whitney’s face. He sees that at that moment, nursing her baby, she feels better than she has in days. Why does she fight this? It could be like this for her everyday if she wants. He knows that Whitney loves that child. Chad has to find out why Whitney asks so strangely.

Theresa and Fox leave the room and Fox thanks Theresa for helping out with this. He is really grateful to her. He suspects that Theresa knows more about why Whitney is acting the way that she has been. “Why did she give up the baby in the first place? If you didn’t show up when you did, she would have let the baby die. Can you tell me what is going on here?”

The crowd watch as Sam, Ethan and Luis batter Alistair into telling what he knows. He is tough for an old man and says nothing.

Beth watches the whole scene. She knows that when the crowd is finished with Alistair, she will be next. She can see it now.

They will break down the walls and then Luis will announce to Sheridan: “There she is.” He will start heading for her, but Sheridan will insist that this is woman’s work and she will go after Beth herself. Beth knows that Sheridan will be so mad that she will have inhuman strength. They will fight and Beth will finally be overpowered with Sheridan ending it all with her hands around Beth’s neck.

The beating stops for a minute. Sheridan begs Alistair to tell what he knows about Beth and Marty. Alistair will not cooperate with anyone. He tells Luis that he is trespassing and that he will be pressing charges against Luis for assault. Sam asks Alistair about the DNA results that prove that Sheridan is Marty’s mother. Alistair threatens to have the man’s job if he gets in the way of the search of the house. Sam isn’t afraid of Alistair and he warns the man to keep out of the way of his investigation. Sam heads out and the group follows him.

Fox knows that Theresa knows all Whitney’s secrets. Theresa knows Whitney’s pain. This makes no sense to him. Theresa asks him to be patient, but Fox has been patient. He was tricked into giving up his Power of Attorney. “Do you have any idea what it is like to have your child…” Fox stops talking. Theresa does know what he is feeling. “Why did she give up my son for adoption?” Theresa can’t tell him. “However, if we pray, just pray, then fate will make everything alright.” Fox smiles at her. Theresa continues. “I think of fate when I need everything to be okay. “ She really does believe that. Fox knows that this fate speech is about Theresa getting Ethan and he really doesn’t see that happening. Theresa knows better. She tells Fox about the tabloid scam that broke off her relationship with Ethan. Theresa knows that Rebecca and Gwen did this and she will find the proof. “I don’t have the proof but I am going to find it.” Fox knows that Rebecca and Gwen would get rid of any proof that they had proving that they were the ones that told the tabloid about Ethan’s paternity.

Rebecca is helping with the search, and she thinks back to the disk with the proof on it about the tabloid scam.

She lied to Gwen and she kept the disk. She loves momentos and she will keep this as one. She put the disk in an envelope and then put it in the drawer of the desk in her room.

Rebecca knows that her room is going to be searched soon and she needs to get there before anyone else to move the disk. She needs an excuse. She tells Gwen that she has to go to the ladies room so that she can be alone. Gwen is suspicious of her mother and what it is that she is really up to. Gwen finally leaves, but offers to meet her mother in the guestroom. Rebecca runs off pretending that she is on her way to the restroom.

Rebecca enters the room and goes into the drawer finding the disk. “Thank God!” She will be sure to put this in a better place until the search is over. She wouldn’t want to be caught dead with this.

Ivy walks into the room behind Rebecca. “Why what have you got there Becky?” Rebecca’s eyes are as big as saucers.

Sheridan wants answers from her father. She wants to know why Alistair can’t share her pain at not being able to find her son. Alistair cares nothing for Marty. To Alistair he is only the son of the man that just assaulted him. Sheridan is furious. “Marty is your flesh and blood! He is my son. Why don’t you care about him?” Katherine moves into the picture as well. “Alistair just tell us where Beth and Marty are.” Alistair answers by smiling and taking a sip of his drink.

Chad sees that Miles is eating just fine. Eve worries that the baby might not keep his food down. Chad is sure that things will be alright. “He has just what he needs. His mom.”

Chad goes to Whitney and tells her that she is doing a great job.

Eve knows that Chad is right about Whitney and Miles needing each other.

Fox and Theresa continue to talk about the tabloid scam. Fox sees that there can’t be any evidence now. It would have been destroyed a long time ago. Theresa will not believe that. “If the evidence was destroyed, then I have no hope of getting my case cleared. Can you tell Whitney that I will talk to her later? I am going to the mansion to get the evidence.”

Ethan and Gwen talk in the hall. Gwen has to give Jane her bottle now. Ethan leaves to keep up the search.

Gwen looks after him. She knows that he is a godsend and she hopes that he never finds out what she did or he will leave her for sure.

Ivy demands to know what is on the computer disk in Rebecca’s hand. “It is simply a computer disk and nothing special.” Ivy knows that isn’t true. Rebecca loves to keep secrets. Ivy will find out what is on the disk. Secrets have a way of coming out. Rebecca knows that Ivy is telling the truth. She has secrets surrounding breaking up Sam and Grace. Ivy smiles very uncomfortably. Rebecca offers to forget about the Ivy breaking up Sam and Grace, if Ivy will forget the disk.

Sheridan pleads with her father to tell her where her baby is. Alistair is sickened by her. “I thought that you had the strength to carry on the Crane name, but you don’t. Katherine interjects. “Alistair don’t!” Alistair turns on her. “Oh Katherine. Why don’t we just bring out the skeletons out of the closet”. Katherine knows what he means.

She thinks back to the mausoleum and learning that Rachel had been killed by Sheridan. Sheridan can’t ever learn this truth. She is too fragile.

Luis and Sam return to the group in the living room. They have given up the search. It seems that Beth and Marty are long gone.

Sheridan starts crying. She has lost her baby forever it seems.

Beth can’t believe her eyes. It is over. They believe that she is gone. They have stopped searching for her. She will be safe after all. She will have everything that she wants but Luis but she will be safe with Marty. She has won.

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