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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Noah is at Spike’s club. No one is there. He drops gas all over the place. “This is for you squirt. No body trashes my sisters and gets away with it.” Fancy and Spike are in the main area of the club. They are sharing champagne. He has just met her. She is his kind of lady. They clink glasses. Noah has a real good fire going in the back of the club. He is sorry that Spike isn’t there to see this.

Pilar has just revealed to Martin that she knew about Rachel getting killed. Martin is beside himself. He never knew this. Pilar kept the secret to save Sheridan’s live. She would have been hurt knowing that she killed her aunt. Martin sees now that Pilar is the finest woman that he has ever known.

Luis and Sheridan are at the mansion talking to the family about what Beth has done. Katherine is so sad for Sheridan. She believes in Sheridan and Sheridan thanks her for that. Ethan finds this all weird. Why did Beth think that she was Marty’s mother? No one knows, but Sheridan will only rest when she has her child in her arms.

Beth, Marty and Alistair are in the safe room that Alistair has built into the house. Beth will be staying there with the baby for the next little while. Alistair watches on a monitor and he hears how Sheridan thinks that she is going to get her hands on her baby after all. He vows that Sheridan will not get her baby back and Luis will be dead if Alistair can have his way about it. Beth steals a frightened glance at her father. He really is as ruthless as they say he is.

Martin has kept Rachelís death a secret for years. Pilar wants to know what happened that night. She sits. Martin tells that Alistair and Rachel got engaged. She realized that Alistair was a horrible man. She tried to end the engagement. Alistair held the woman a prisoner for years at his commune. Alistair only married Katherine to torment her. Over the years, Alistair would rape Rachel and then rape Katherine. One night Rachel attacked Alistair and Sheridan woke up. She defended Alistair and stabbed Rachel repeatedly killing her. Alistair let Sheridan live with that for her whole life. Alistair could have stopped it but he didnít. Sheridan suppressed the incident for years but then she started remembering things. Sheridanís life has been an emotional mess. Martin was brought in when Alistair decided that he had to make sure that Rachel wasnít found. Alistair called Martin and asked him to come to the mansion and dispose of the body. Martin admits to burying Rachel on the grounds that night. Pilar swallows. She canít believe her ears. The gazebo was built to hide the body. Martin had to help or Pilar and the children would have been hurt. Later on, Rachelís body was moved to the family mausoleum.

Sheridan can’t lose Marty again. Katherine is sure that Sheridan will hold her baby again. Gwen knows that Sheridan will have her son back. Ivy finds it amazing that Sheridan knew that the baby had been hers all the time. Dottie helped Sheridan figure out the DNA puzzle. The group learns that Beth is Sheridan’s half-sister. Sheridan asks her mother if there are any other children that she had and didn’t tell about, and Katherine confirms that she hasn’t. That means that Alistair had sex with Edna. Luis didn’t believe that Sheridan was telling the truth but now he knows that she was right all along. She wishes that Luis believed her all along. Rebecca isn’t all that affected by Marty missing. After all, he isn’t related to her. Ivy finds the woman to be cold. Luis and Ethan head out to check around for Alistair on the streets. This matter is getting more and more serious. Sam is on the phone and orders that units go out to find Alistair. They can’t find him anywhere so he has to be involved in the kidnapping of that baby as well. Sheridan was right when she said that if Beth were to get away with this it would be because Alistair was helping her. Beth could already be on a plane by now. Sheridan just noticed that her mother is at the mansion again. Why? Katherine explains that she has moved back into the mansion. Sheridan is stunned by this. Katherine remembers that Alistair made her do this to protect Sheridan when they were talking back in the mausoleum. Sheridan demands an explanation for this.

Alistair watches the monitor with Beth and Marty. He tells Beth to sit tight and when it is safe he will get Beth and Marty out of the country. Beth would like to have Luis come with them out of the country. She knows that her father could arrange it for her. Alistair reminds her that she can’t have the man. He will not want her after he learns what she has done with his son. Beth loves Luis. She needs him.  Alistair doesn’t care. If she really wants Luis that bad, then Alistair will make sure that she is sent to him in a body bag.


Miles is very sick. Eve gives the child to the sitter in the room. She turns to Whitney. Miles is crying and hungry. Eve wants Whitney to nurse the child and help him. Whitney sees that Miles shouldn’t have ever been born. He keeps getting sick. If God wants him to die, then Miles should die. Chad and Fox get angry with Whitney for the stance that she takes. Whitney says that some children shouldn’t ever be born, and Miles is one of those children. Eve orders Whitney to go and nurse her baby. Whitney will not. Eve slaps her hard.

Spike hopes that Fancy will stay with him in the club for a while. She will stay. He offers her some drugs, but she will not take it. She asks about the ladies room and he points her in the direction. Fancy walks off.

Noah watches as the fire rages in the back room of the club. He wishes that he could see the look on Spike’s face when he realizes that his club has burned down. No one will mess with his sister and get away with it.

Pilar read a note back then and that is how she knew that there was a secret. Martin explains that was why Martin did what he did. Then Martin protected Katherine, and that was when Alistair hated him. Martin left with Katherine and that was the reason. “May God forgive me.” Pilar wants to know why Katherine agreed to move back into the mansion. Martin tells how Alistair threatened to tell everyone that Sheridan killed her aunt. Sheridan thinks that she hasn’t killed anyone now that her mother is alive, but to tell her that she actually killed her aunt. That would kill her. Katherine is guaranteeing Sheridan’s well-being. That was why she left town. Martin explains that Katherine being back with Alistair involves them. There is another condition that Alistair put in the deal. Alistair has insisted that Pilar and Martin renew their vows. Pilar finds that outrageous.

Sheridan reminds Katherine of the things that Alistair has done to her.

Katherine remembers all the terrible things. She could live anywhere that she wants, but Katherine says that she wants to be with her family.

Martin had a great deal to do with Katherine’s decision. They realize that a lot of people are hurt by what they have done. He is returning to his family and he will not stray anymore. Katherine has made up her mind, and so has Martin. He will go to his family and that is what Katherine wants. Pilar wants to hate that woman but it is so hard when she does such noble things. She is trying to protect Sheridan.

Gwen can see Sheridanís confusion but they all should support Katherineís decision. Katherine sees that this is a way to make up for lost time and get to know Sheridan better. Soon Marty will be with them, and Gwen has her baby with her. They are going to be one big happy family. They are going to have a time of it. Sam and Luis return. They havenít found Alistair or Beth yet. They keep checking and checking and there are other officers out there looking but Beth and Alistair has vanished. Sheridan cares nothing for them. She only cares about getting her son back.

Alistair watches the scene in the living room in amusement. Everyone thinks that things are going to be rosy at some point but Alistair knows better. He pours himself a drink. Beth had better forget about being with Luis or else. She can see that the mere mention of Luis’s name angers the man and she doesn’t want to get on his bad side. She is just starting to see what kind of person Alistair really is. Alistair has to figure out a way to get Beth and Marty out of the country.


Beth whispers to her baby. “Don’t worry baby. Mommy will take care of everything and one-day mommy will get daddy for us. I promise. On my Crane honor.”

Whitney tells her mother that Miles being sick is her fault. Eve will not accept that. Eve orders her daughter to stop being a martyr. She is very angry. Julian asks Eve to calm done.  Eve will not. There is a child in crisis. Whitney is committing child abuse. Fox comes to Whitney to talk. She will not talk to him. Miles is getting weaker by the moment. Chad begs Whitney to help. He knows that Whitney is a good person deep down. Eve can’t treat the child unless he gets some liquids in him. Chad knows that Whitney will not be able to live with herself if the baby dies. Eve asks Julian is this is in fact her fault. Maybe God is punishing them.

Spike smells something burning in the club. He heads towards the back and sees a figure. Noah hears a noise and sees that someone is in there. “I have to get the fire out. I didn’t mean to hurt anyone.” Spike calls out to the figure at the back of the club where the fire is raging. “Hey! What are you doing back there?” Noah calls out to him asking if there is anyone else in the club. Spike points to the back room where Fancy is alone. Spike isn’t going to bother to save her. He cuts out with his coat over his head to keep the smoke from getting to him. Noah can’t let anyone die in this fire. He heads to the room that Spike indicated. A woman comes out, but he can’t see her because of all the smoke. Fancy sees the smoke and starts walking to the stairs where the entrance to the club is. Noah gets closer to her and then he sees who it is. “You!”

Pilar sees that Alistair is making him renew her vows to Pilar so that he will stay away from Katherine. Pilar doesn’t need to renew her vows. Her love for him hasn’t changed. She is a faithful woman. Martin will tell Alistair that Pilar refuses to renew her vows. Pilar stops him. They can’t risk Sheridan getting hurt because of something so simple as the renewal of their vows. She will do it if Martin wants her to.

Sam tells that Alistair and Beth can’t leave the town. Every exit is closed. Beth and Alistair have to be in Harmony somewhere. Katherine gets Sheridan some sherry. Rebecca asks for another brandy while she is pouring drinks.

Alistair smiles at Rebecca. She is a woman after his own heart. Alistair remembers her being unbelievable in the sack. Beth grimaces. Beth worries that Sheridan may hear Marty crying and instinctively come after him. Alistair assures her that she and Marty are completely safe in the safe room.

Chad canít believe that Whitney canít help a helpless baby. She is going to stand there and watch the baby die. Chad doesnít know this woman anymore. Fox doesn't understand it either. The woman from the adoption agency is furious. She will report Whitney to the authorities, and if that child dies, she will have a lot of trouble on her hands. She demands that the baby be taken to a hospital. Fox asks Chad to let him have the baby. Chad reluctantly gives the child over. Fox goes over to Whitney and asks her to please help the baby.

Noah is over the shock that in spite of his efforts to avoid Fancy, he has ended up in the same place with her yet again. He tells her that they have to hurry out of there. She tells him that she smells gasoline. He ignores her statements. It is probably him but he doesn't want to talk about that now. “Of course there is a smell of gasoline. There is a fire back there.” That is not what she means. She can smell gas on him. A lot of it. Why would that be? He ignores her, telling her simply that they have to get out of there. He will explains things once they are safe.

Fox tells Whitney that she is spewing junk. He doesn't care what she says or feels, but he will make her nurse his son. He will pin her down if he has to. It is her choice.

Pilar says that she will only agree to renew the vows if Martin really means it.

Sheridan has gone off by herself in the house and she ends up in the library. She takes a big gulp of liquor. She has resorted to drinking to calm her nerves. Suddenly she hears Marty crying. The thing is that Marty really is crying in the safe room in Beth’s lap. It seems that Sheridan can actually hear him. How can that be? Alistair assures Beth that there is no way that Sheridan could hear the baby crying through the wall. As they watch the monitor, they see Sheridan walking through the room calling for Marty to come to her. Beth can see that Marty and Sheridan really have a bond that can’t be broken.

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