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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Whitney is at the Blue Note singing again. “Will you remember me, if I am never on your mind?” Fox sits in the audience and watches. Chad sits in another area and takes in the song Fox remembers telling Whitney that she can go ahead and be with Chad if she wants but he will not allow his son to be a part her incest party. Whitney had shouted at him that the baby already is a part of that. Fox demanded an explanation but never got one. Now Chad and Fox plan on finding out what Whitney meant when she said that.

Jessica talks to her brother about her relationship with her sister. Kay already told Noah that Jessica is a mess lately. Jessica hates when Kay talks about her like that. Noah knows what Jessica is going through. He felt bad when he heard that Grace left too. Jessica hopes that Noah will not hate her for the way that she is now like her sister and father does.

Ivy is mooning around in the house. Ethan pushes her to talk.

Ivy knows that Fancy is in trouble. She is either hiding something or looking for something. Fancy comes down to Ethan, Gwen and her mother. She is sexily clad in a see-through shortie robe with a bathing suit underneath. She thinks that it would be a great idea if they had a pool party.

Martin has walked Katherine home. This is the last time that they will be able to talk to each other. They are agreeing not to be together anymore so that Sheridan’s secret will be hidden from everyone.

Alistair has picked up Beth and Marty and he has them safely in his car.

There was word that a strange car was seen in the area of the club Spike where Beth was rumored to have last been. Luis and Sheridan head over to the scene to check things out with Police Chief Bennett. Sheridan is positive that if Alistair has anything to do with this, she will never see her son again. She begs Luis and Chief Bennett to step on it.

Luis drives and can’t find any sign of Beth or the baby anywhere.

Beth wants to know where her father is taking her and the baby.

He will tell her in his own time. Beth starts crying and Alistair soothes her. He will take her to a safe place where no one will find her or Marty.

Katherine wants Martin to leave now. She knows that Pilar will be waiting for her. She hopes that Martin will keep his promise and renew his vows.

He will do that. He will miss Katherine and she will miss him. She will be happy that he is with his family and mostly Pilar. She really does love him. He loves her too, but it can never be. He watches as she enters her home. “Goodbye my love. Goodbye forever.”

Ethan doesn’t want to go swimming but he tells Fancy to go ahead and enjoy herself. Fancy asks Ethan about the baby that he has. Ethan tells how he had a baby with Theresa. It is a long story and she will get the details later. She would like to meet the baby, but she will not do diapers. Ivy knows that is true. Katherine enters the room. Ethan, Gwen Ivy greet the woman. Ivy isn’t all that happy to see the woman. Why would Ethan be so happy to see Katherine? Fancy doesn’t get the connection. She then is told that Katherine is her grandmother. Fancy thought that her grandmother was dead. She grew up with that memory all her life.

Katherine is glad to meet her granddaughter and then goes and gives her a hug. They seem to take to each other.

Noah tells Jessica that he couldn’t ever hate her. No matter what she did, he would always love her.

Jessica knows that Noah has heard that she is a bad girl so she doesn’t pretend otherwise. He has heard that but he has no reason to judge as he dropped out of school a couple of years ago. He has been hanging out with his friends and traveling. School just got too hard for him to handle and he had to get out. He didn’t tell Sam about dropping out and so now he has an angry father to deal with. He isn’t looking forward to that conversation. Jessica can’t believe her ears. Jessica says that Kay and her father are making her life miserable. They never let her go anywhere she complains. Kay says that the only reason that Sam is being hard on Jessica is because she has been hanging out in a sleazy club and taking drugs. The guy that owns the place gets young girls high and then takes advantage of them in the back of the club. Kay and Jessica get into an ugly argument and Jessica tries to hit her sister, but Noah gets in between them and stops the fight. Jessica is suspicious of him now too. Maybe he is going to hate her like the rest of the family. She can already see it happening. Noah denies that he hates his sister. He is only concerned for her safety. He calms Jessica by calling her squirt which was a pet name that he had for her long ago.

Whitney has finished singing and the audience claps for her. She comes off the stage and a man approaches her with a drink. “You can sing for me anytime.” He offers her the drink and introduces himself as Jordan King. They clink glasses and smile at each other.

Chad’s cell phone rings. It is his sitter. The baby has a fever and has been throwing up. Fox offers to go with Chad and see what is up with the child. He is the father after all. Chad and Fox head to door of the club to exit. Whitney sees them running and asks what is the matter. Chad tells how the baby is running a fever. They run past her and out the door. Whitney tries to tell herself that the baby isn’t her concern anymore and that she shouldn’t be concerned about his fever.

Julian and Eve are spending a romantic time on a park bench talking about how Whitney is single-handedly ruining her life. Eve finds this especially eerie as she lived this exact scene that Whitney is living now. She still is unable to stop what is going to happen though. Eve’s cell phone rings. She answers to Chad and is suddenly very concerned after listening for a few minutes to what he has to say. She hangs up telling Julian that they have to get over to Chad’s house. The baby is running a very high fever. Julian and Eve go running out together.

Noah holds Jessica until she seems to hear him and realizes that he is on her side. He lets her go. She isn’t sure that she can trust Noah. She believes in time that Noah will grow to hate her too. Noah denies that will happen. Jessica says that Kay and her father have been after her to ruin her life and she hates them for it. She storms out. Kay tells Noah that she was fine one minute and then she snapped. Now she only wants to spend her time with that Spike guy. If Jessica keeps this up, she will end up killing herself.

Katherine is home and the family wonders how she could move back to Alistair. Katherine makes an excuse that Alistair has offered to keep an eye on her.

Gwen takes Katherine to the side to talk to her privately. Gwen asks the woman why she is back. Did Alistair threaten her? Katherine will not discuss that. She will only say that she doesn’t want to be in the mansion but there will be protection for others if she stays. Katherine goes back to the other members of the family and tells them that she is looking forward to spending time with everyone in the family now.

Ethan decides that they should get some drinks and celebrate Katherine moving back in. Rebecca enters the house and asks what is going on. She was trying to sleep but she couldn’t with all the racket. She learns that Fancy has returned to the house. They reunite. Fancy wants to go out and see what is going on downtown. Gwen tells Fancy that nothing really is going on. Fancy is sure that if there is action going on in town, she will find it. She leaves the room. Rebecca can see that she is going to like this girl.

Beth is getting anxious. Where is Alistair taking her? He will not tell her now. She will just have to wait. She worries that maybe Alistair doesn’t have her good will in mind. He tells her to settle down or he will dump her at the side of the road.

Luis spots a limo in front of them. This has to be the car that they have been looking for all night. Beth and Marty have to be in the car. It is the only one that was described as suspicious in the area. Chief Bennett puts on the sirens, and Luis speeds up to keep up to the car and keep sight of it. Sheridan smiles. She is finally going to get her hands on her baby.

Alistair shouts at his driver to step on it and to get them out of there pronto. He isn’t flustered. He seems to have things under control. Beth on the other hand panics. The driver tries his best to move faster. He knows what will happen if he doesn’t get them out of there. Beth panics. Oh no. She can see the police lights in the back window. She is going to be caught red-handed.

Luis relaxes. The limo is slowing down now. They will get to check things out. Sheridan is sure that her baby has been found now. She can’t wait to get out of the car and get her child. The limo comes to a stop. The police surround the limo and pull their guns. Sheridan is there too shouting for her baby to be returned to her. The windows are tinted and so no one can see inside the car. “Come out with your hands up.”

Julian and Eve exit the vehicle. The police are dumbfounded. Julian and Eve have no idea what is going on.

Luis and Sheridan tell them how Beth is really a Crane and that is why Marty appeared to be hers. She and Sheridan are sisters. Beth has run off with Marty now and Luis and Sheridan are trying to get the boy back. The world really has gone mad.

The limo that Alistair and Beth are riding in stops. Alistair seems strangely calm. An officer comes to talk to Alistair in the back of the car. Alistair gives Officer McNally some cash and he walks off to he squad car. Beth can’t believe this. He has paid off the cop. Where are they going to go now? Alistair tells her that they are going to the mansion now. Beth doesn’t want to go there. She doesn’t see how she could possibly be safe there. She wants to leave town. She fears that she will be found there.

Julian and Eve arrive at Chad’s house and see that the baby is in serious condition. Whitney is there as well. She heard that the baby was ill and tagged along. She pretends to be disinterested but she really hopes that the child is fine. She talks to her mother quietly apart from everyone else. She fears that the baby is sick because his parents are siblings. She feels so much guilt for everything that happens to that child. She will never have any peace. There will have to be tests. The baby is dehydrated. They will have to work on him before taking him to the hospital. Fox thinks that a shot might help, but that isn’t what Eve had in mind. She turns to Whitney asking her to try to nurse the baby. They have to take Miles to the hospital, but first they will try to nurse him.

Martin comes in through the kitchen door. Pilar is in the kitchen. She is still angry with him. He was with Katherine and he doesn’t hide it. She doesn’t want to talk about Katherine. He asks about Theresa, and Pilar tells him that Theresa is just fine. She starts walking to her room. Martin stops her. He tells her that Katherine is going back to Alistair. Pilar doesn’t care. How long will she be gone this time? Martin tells how Katherine is gone from his life for good this time.

Katherine tells the family that she really loves getting to know her family again. They all clink glasses. Luis and Sheridan enter the mansion and ask where Alistair is. Sheridan tells that she needs to find her baby. She shouts that Beth has him. Why does Sheridan think that Martin is her baby? She starts the story. They are not going to believe this.

Alistair and Beth have arrived at the mansion. They see through the window that Sheridan and Luis are at the house and that they are telling everyone about Marty. Alistair sneaks Beth around the house to a secret entrance that he has to the house.

Kay tells Noah that Sam is so sad as he feels that he is losing his family one by one. Noah listens to her closely. Kay doesn’t tell her father everything as she doesn’t want him to worry. Noah worries about this as that allows Jessica to sneak around some more. He will be back. There is something that he had to do.

Fancy arrives at Spike’s. No one is there. Spike arrives and likes what he sees. He explains to Fancy that he had to close the club early as there is a board meeting that has to take place there. He offers her a drink anyway. She asks for expensive champagne. He goes to the bar and shows her a bottle. She looks at the label on the bottle. This is a great champagne. She is a little surprised. Who would think that he had anything as decadent as champagne like this in a place like this? Spike hopes that this turns out to be a really great relationship for the both of them. She is beautiful and he would like to get to know her better. One can only hope. She also has expensive tastes.

Noah arrives outside of the club. He peeks in the window and sees that there are no patrons inside.

Inside the club, Spike and Fancy are having a glass of champagne together.

Ned decides that if his father can’t shut the club down, then he will have to do it for him. He grabs a can of gasoline and heads into the building. He drops gasoline all over the first room that he comes to.

He opens the door adjoining the room to another and see no one there. “This is for you squirt.” Noah lights a match and drops it on the wet carpet.

Whitney isn’t happy with the idea of nursing the baby. She feels that something else should be tried first. Whitney refuses to help. She tells everyone to let the child die.

Pilar has questions as to why Katherine would go back to Alistair. Martin can’t tell her why. Pilar has been living with this secret all his life. Martin decides to tell Pilar the truth. He tells how years ago he really build the gazebo to hide something. Sheridan really did remember something of the past. She did kill someone. She killed Rachel, her aunt. Pilar is not surprised. She knew this already.

Everyone in the Crane mansion now knows that Sheridan is really Marty’s mother. Sheridan will die if she doesn’t get her baby back.

Alistair has Beth and Marty in a safe room in his house. It is a self-contained room that has everything. Beth and Marty can live in there as long as they want. Beth is sure that this safe house must be on record somewhere. Alistair hid that the room was being built. Alistair tells Beth that she and Marty can live there until it is safe to move them elsewhere.

Alistair looks at the monitors that he has set up in the room. Anyone in the room can watch the monitors and see anything that is going on in the house. Beth and Alistair see Sheridan on the monitor. She looks terrible as she relates how sad she is missing her little boy.

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