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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Noah is waiting to see his sister Jessica. Sam and Kay look at each other knowing that Noah is going to be surprised at the change in Jessica.

Kay goes to get Jessica out of bed. Sam asks Noah how many times was it that they had talked over the years. He realizes that Noah has lied to him about everything. Sam is more disappointed in his son than he can say. This is a real slap in the face. Noah is embarrassed. He doesn’t want his sisters to think badly of him. They both wonder where Jessica is and why it is taking her so long to come downstairs to see her brother. Sam asks Noah where the money was that Noah used to survive? He only received a little allowance per month from Sam. Noah reveals that he plays a little poker from time to time. Sam knows that means that he is a gambler. Kay comes downstairs. She is alone. Sam asks if Jessica is in her room or not. Kay doesn’t answer.

At the club, Paloma has found Jessica and she is high. She almost collapses but Paloma and her friends catch her. They try to take her home but she will not leave with them. Paloma know that this is dangerous.  She remembers how things got out of control with a guy once and she was raped. Jessica knows about this but that was only one bad experience. Jessica wants to be left alone but Paloma will not let that happen.

Spike is sitting with another girl kissing her neck. Jessica refers to him as her boyfriend and doesn’t even care that he is with someone else. Spike finishes up with the girl he is sitting with at the table, and Jessica goes over to him. They embrace. He tells Jessica that she is his number one squeeze. When he gets her alone later, they will have some fun. She asks him why they have to wait. They start kissing.

Edna is with Luis and Sheridan at Beth’s house. They are trying to figure out where Beth is with the baby. Luis has found Beth’s passport so she can’t go out of the States. Luis promises to find Marty for Sheridan. Edna knows that Beth is desperate. She even tried to kill Edna before taking off. Sheridan worries that Beth might hurt the baby. Luis doesn’t think so. Sheridan doesn’t trust Luis’s judgment. He never believed anything else that Sheridan had to say about Beth before. Edna agrees with Luis. She knows that Beth wouldn’t ever hurt that baby. Luis takes out his cell phone. It is time to get out an Amber Alert.

Beth is with Marty in the car. She wishes that it could have been she, the baby and Luis together but that isn’t going to happen now. Luis is going to be after her like everyone else. Beth will just have to survive anyway that she can on her own now.

Paloma watches as Jessica kisses that disgusting Spike. Paloma’s friends see that Jessica doesn’t want their help. They worry that Spike will do something to Paloma if she interferes. She is not afraid of him. Spike and Jessica plan to head over to the back room of the bar. Jessica can hardly wait. Paloma grabs Jessica and tells her that she can’t go with this man. She will be in trouble. Paloma knows what happened before and she will not let it happen again to Jessica. Spike invites Paloma into the room with them. That will be fun. He loves her fiery attitude. Jessica is jealous, but Spike reminds her that there is enough of him to go around. He offers her some drugs. He says that Paloma shouldn’t worry. He knows how to make Jessica feel good. Jessica thinks back to the last time that she was with him in the back room. He used her for sex and then left her there. She didn’t feel good about that, but she doesn’t say anything. Spike continues to taunt Paloma and flirt with her. Paloma will not stand for this and she hauls back and slaps Spike in the face. Her friends all laugh at him. Spike is not pleased.

Noah, Kay and Sam are talking about Jessica’s situation. The phone rings. Kay passes it to Sam. Luis tells that Beth has taken off with Marty. Sam sees nothing wrong with that until he hears that the baby really belongs to Sheridan. Luis needs Sam’s authorization to get blocks up all over town.  Beth has taken some other car than her own, so it will be hard to find her. Sam will be at the office in 5 minutes to meet with Luis. Before leaving, Sam tells Noah that they are not done talking, and will take it up later.

Luis and Sheridan leave the house to meet Sam at the station. Edna realizes that she is alone and she gabs her walker to follow them out of the house. “Wait for me!”

Beth promises Marty as she drives that she will be Marty’s mother from now on. She has raised the baby and loves him. She is the child’s mother in every way that matters. Once they get over the state line, they will be home free. Beth realizes that the car is running out of gas. What is she going to do now? She hasn’t got enough to continue on the trip out of town. Maybe they should dump the car and continue on foot. Maybe finding another car. She can’t do that with a baby. The trek would be too dangerous for him. She hates to admit it, but she will have to turn around and head back to Harmony for gas. If not, she will be stranded with a baby and picked up in no time. She considers herself lucky that she has a stolen car, and no one has probably called it in yet. It is so late at night that it might not have been missed. What if she bumps into Sheridan? She will have to deal with that if it happens. She promises Marty that she will keep Sheridan away from them at any cost.

At the police department, Sam has things in full swing to find that baby. Sheridan prays to herself that the baby will be found soon. Sam gets on the phone and calls every one that he can to put in hours to help find this baby. Sheridan is told that everyone has been alerted, including the FBI. Edna knows that Beth can’t get far and she will be caught. Sam tells Edna that she should go home now. Edna will not leave. She can help. She knows that Beth only has $5.00 in her purse. Edna stole the rest.

Beth is on foot now with the baby in her arms. She realizes that Edna has taken her last $20.00. Damn her. Beth calms herself. She has to find a way to get some money. She runs to an ATM and puts her bankcard in the machine.

At the police department, Luis sees that Beth is using the bank machine. Luis clicks on the computer until he sees Beth’s face on a camera. It is as if he is looking right at her close up. The baby is with her. They have hacked into the bank machine camera and can see everything. Beth is clearly on the run. Sheridan is anxious now. She has to get her baby. Everyone available runs out of the station to get to the local ATM where Marty is being held with Beth. Sheridan hurries to be a part of the rescue and arrest as well. Edna stays behind and watches on the computer monitor as Beth tries to hurry and work the machine to get money, and eventually get out of there. She has no idea that she is being watched and that in a couple of minutes she will be apprehended.

AT the Bennett house, Kay comes into the living room. She has sandwiches for her brother. He has to be hungry. He can’t wait to see his niece or Jessica. He knows that something is up and that Kay was hiding it from their father. Kay says that Jessica has been in trouble lately. Noah finds that hard to believe. Kay says that Jessica has been getting into drugs. She hangs out in sleazy places and is hanging out with some guy. She said that she wasn’t going to see this guy anymore, but Kay and Sam don’t believe her. Jessica even had the guy’s name tattooed on her hip. “Spike!” Noah seems to make a note of that name.

Spike tells Paloma that he doesn’t like her telling him what to do. His phone rings and he grabs it. He is frazzled and hurrying to make whoever is on the phone happy.

Paloma sees that Spike has a boss. So maybe he really doesn’t own the club after all. Paloma turns to Jessica again and tries to drag her out of there, but Jessica fights her off again. She runs to Spike, but he pushes her back, warning her to stand back as he has to take this very important call. That is the opportunity that Paloma takes to grab Jessica. She and her friends get Jessica and pull her towards the front door. Spike goes to a private room and answers his phone. “Sorry boss. Didn’t mean to make you wait.”

Spike is talking to Alistair. Alistair is the moneybags behind Spike’s operation. He is the one that put up the money so that Spike could have this dump of a place.

Alistair hopes that there isn’t any trouble over there with the drug activity that goes on there. Spike assures him that everything is great, and that there is nothing to worry about. Alistair reminds Spike that he will not be pleased if he hears that Police Chief Bennett is sniffing around and getting wind of anything going wrong around there. Spike gulps. He promises that he will have everything under control for the man.

Beth is still fighting with the bank machine. She can’t seem to make it work. She should have been out of there by now.

The officers along with Sheridan have arrived at the location and they head quietly on foot to where Beth is with the baby.

Beth panics now. She has no money and the machine won’t behave. She has to think of something else.

Luis and Sheridan are moving in, staying close to the walls of buildings as they approach the location of the bank machine. Luis runs forward, leaving Sheridan behind. Sheridan isn’t sure what it is that she sees. She pauses. “Marty.”

Noah says that he will go to the club and talk to Spike and straighten him out. He would still like to speak to Jessica first though. Kay admits that Jessica isn’t in her room. This is worse than he thought. Kay wishes that Noah would calm down. Sam is already on it. He is waiting for Spike to screw up and break the law, and that is when Sam will break the kid down. Well Noah isn’t a policeman, so he can do things his way.

Alistair warns Noah that he doesn’t want to hear anymore about Jessica being in the club. Police Chief Bennett isn’t someone that Alistair wants sniffing around. Alistair has to hide his connection to Spike at all costs. Alistair tells Spike that he will be needed for some special work very soon.

Jessica is outside of the club with Paloma and her friends. Paloma sees that Jessica is ruining her life. Jessica laughs. “What life?” Paloma knows that the girl hurts because her mother isn’t around, but there is a lot more hurt out there.

Sheridan doesn't see Marty but she does she his teddy bear.  She runs to it and picks it up. They must be very close.

Sheridan remembers after her baby was born. She was holding him and telling him that she loved him. They were in the basement. She told the child that she would always be there with him. Her newborn was only with her for a short time. She knew that she wouldn’t ever forget that beautiful face. Sheridan loved him so much with all of her heart and soul and she always will.

Beth is sneaking around alleys now. She is in the back alleys. She hears punk music. People dressed like vampires are coming out of a door nearby. Beth hides behind a corner so that she is not seen.She remembers Luis saying that hew old kill whoever it was that took his child. Suddenly she hears police sirens. She runs a few steps with the child in her hands. There is a door in front of her. The sirens are getting closer now. She tries her luck and pushes the door. It opens! Beth enters the building and sees stairs going down. She runs down them with the toddler in her arms. Once she gets to the bottom, she sees a messy room. There is cheap furnishing down there and the place is a mess. She breaks down now. She needs help. She knows that she can’t do this on her own. Maybe there is an answer for her. Beth gets out her cell phone and dials. Alistair answers. Beth tells him that Luis and Sheridan know everything. He is surprised to hear that. She worries that she will be caught. She has run off with the baby and the police are after her. Alistair assures her that he can protect her if that is necessary. However, he doesn’t understand how the truth came out. Beth tells that the hospital did the tests again. Alistair asks Beth where she is. She gives specific directions, but they are not good enough for him to find her. She sees a matchbook on a table and reads it. She must be in a club called, “Spike”. Alistair knows where that is. He tells her to meet him across from the club in a few minutes.

The police and Sheridan have combed the area. Beth and the baby are nowhere to be found. Sheridan remembers thinking before that she always had this feeling that Alistair was involved in this somehow. Luis didn’t believe her when she told him this, but now that would explain how Beth has managed to evade the police all this time with no car and carrying a small child. Sheridan thinks that Beth might have some help. She tells Luis that her father might be involved in this and that if he is, there is no way that they are going to find Marty. The last thing that Alistair wants is a grandchild with Luis as the father.

Noah is still ready to save his baby sister. Kay tries to talk him out of leaving the house to get himself in any trouble. He is home and will take care of his sister as he should have been doing all along. He is about to leave the house, when voices are heard.

Paloma and Jessica enter the living room and Jessica is furious with Paloma for bringing her home. She turns to Kay to warn her that she better not stop her from returning to Spike’s club. She then realizes that her big brother is there. “Noah!” She opens her arms for him and he comes to hug her.

Sheridan can’t deal with this. She can’t lose her son again. This is too hard to bear.

Beth and Marty are together in the messy room at Spike’s. Beth talks to the child, and makes sure that he is calm. She hears a car, and is sure that it is Alistair comes to rescue her. She starts making her way to the door to exit the building.

The police are still checking the area, but they find nothing. Sam’s walkie-talkie beeps.He is told that some suspicious guy has been noticed near Spike’s club.

Beth has exited the building and she sees Alistair’s car with the driver. She jumps in holding the child. It is one fluid movement. Once she is safely inside the car, Alistair tells the driver to get going. There are cops everywhere, they have to hurry.

The police and Sheridan start running again to get to the club. They have to make sure that the car that has suddenly appeared in the area doesn’t have Marty or Beth in it.

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