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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

 Theresa comes home and sees her house full of people. Palomaís friends have come to town to visit with her. Theresa says hello and then excuses herself. She has something to do now. Pilar follows her daughter worrying what she is feeling about her mother now. Theresa made a terrible mistake and said awful things to her mother earlier. Pilar is glad that Theresa is better now. Theresa is at the computer now. She says that she was talking to Tabitha and it occurred to the both of them that Rebecca and Gwen have to have been the ones that set up the tabloid scam. Theresa will find the proof and bust them.

Fancy has come home. She chats with her brother Ethan and Gwen and they are really glad to see her. Ivy enters the living room and thinks that she recognizes this woman in the house. Fancy turns and holds her arms out to her mother for a hug. Ivy will not let Fancy touch her. She looks at the crazy clothes and demands to know what the problem is and why she is there.

At Samís house, he has walked in and found Kay with Noah her brother. He is shocked to see the boy. Noah goes over to his dad and hugs him glad to see him. Kay watches knowing that Sam is going to be furious soon when he starts talking about the lies Noah has been telling them.

In the mausoleum, Alistair stands back so that Katherine can say goodbye to Martin. She has to go with Alistair and be his sex slave again. That is the only way that she can ensure Sheridanís secret being kept. She doesnít even know that secret herself. It would destroy her. Alistair has given enough time now. It is time for Katherine to come with him forever and leave Martin.

Luis and Sheridan are in Bethís house. They have no idea that Beth is hiding in the closet where her mother and Martin are with her. Luis and Sheridan have gone into the house unannounced and they find no one. There is a note saying that Beth is at the hospital with the baby. Sheridan doesnít feel right though leaving the house like that. The hospital tells that Beth and Marty are not at the hospital. There is a sound. "What was that?" Luis and Sheridan head to the closet. Luis opens the door. Edna is duct taped and tied up in the closet on the floor. She is alone. Luis and Sheridan come into the closet to get her out, with Sheridan demanding all the time to know where Marty is with Beth. Edna says that she has no idea where Beth is and she doesnít care about her either. That is not a good enough answer for Sheridan. Luis gets the woman out of the closet and brings her to the couch where she is covered with a comforter. Edna is in such distress and moaning and groaning about her personal situation, but Sheridan tells her to shut up and help them figure out where Beth is.

Jessica is at it again. She has managed to get out of the house and is at Spikeís bar. Everyone thinks that she is sleeping. They donít even check on her to see that she is missing. Spike comes up behind Jessica. He thought that she had forgotten about him. Why she could never do that. They kiss full and sloppy on the lips.

Alistair can see that Martin and Katherine are going to let him do as he pleases with Katherine. Alistair has one more requirement of Martin. If he is serious about getting back with his wife and family, then he will have no problem renewing his vows.

Pilar whispers with Theresa about this proof that she keeps talking about. Theresa explains that she was engaged to Ethan, but the tabloid issue will bring Ethan back to her.

Paloma hears her sister going on about Ethan again and she is unhappy with that. She doesn't care. She is going out and will be back later. Pilar would like Paloma to come in at a decent hour. Paloma wants to stay out as long as she wants. Theresa enters the conversation and tells Paloma that she should be home at a decent hour. Paloma will not listen to her sister who is an unwed mother and screws up her own life. Pilar is firm on this. Paloma has to be home by midnight. Paloma sees that she isnít going to win here. She calls to her friends to leave to party with her.

Ivy is very suspicious of her daughterís visit. She has been gone for six months. Fancy says that she was traveling and goofing around. She was supposed to be at school, but she couldnít decide what to do with her life. She still hasnít decided on a career. Ivy remembers that Fancy hasnít ever finished anything in her life. She took every lesson growing up and never stuck to anything. Ethan and Gwen think that Ivy is being too hard on Fancy. Ivy notices that Fancy hasnít got a man on her arm. Fancy smiles. She quietly recollects her special times with Ned. "Trust me mother. There is no man in my life."

Noah looks at the house and thinks that it does look different. Sam explains that the house was on fire, and that Grace has left. Sam asks about college. Noah lies to his face saying that he has taken on a heavy load at school. Kay sees that Noah is lying to their father, and tries to interrupt him continuing, but Sam stops her. Sam asks Noah what he has been studying in school. Noah continues to lie to his father, making up stories about a place that he hasnít been to for a couple of years. Suddenly, Sam canít take it anymore. "Stop! You havenít been to school in over 2 years! Now why have you been lying about that?"

Sheridan demands to know again where Beth is with the baby. Edna says that Sheridanís baby is dead. Sheridan gets rough with Edna and shakes the woman by the shoulders. Luis jumps in and stops Sheridanís assault on the old woman. Sheridan asks the old woman again in a very stern voice. "Where is the baby? Did they go to the hospital?" Edna doesnít know she replies. She really does know some stuff, but she is in a position to deny everything and she will continue to do so to keep herself out of jail. She gets angry now with Sheridan. She tells how Beth tied her up and put her in the closet after trying to kill her. She denies having any knowledge of where Beth is. Why would Beth treat her mother this way if Edna were in on this?

Beth takes Marty and has escaped outside with him. She walks around with the child looking for a car to drive off in. She has trouble at first, but then she is on her way with the baby. She is happy now. She has outsmarted everyone, and she is escaping with the baby. "We are on our way now Marty!" The baby plays quietly in the back having no idea what really is happening there. If Beth can help it. Marty will never see his real mother again. That is Bethís plan. She will have to give up Luis now, but that canít be changed. They know the truth about the baby.

Martin sees that Alistair is really pushing it by asking him to renew his vows with Pilar. Alistair finds that if Martin is really interested in getting his family back as he says, he shouldnít have any problem doing this simple task. Alistair will break his promise to keep Sheridanís secret if Martin doesnít do as he is asked. Martin has confirmation now that Alistair is not going to keep his promise to Katherine. He will not be pushed into this ceremony with Pilar. Alistair tells Katherine and Martin that this up to them. They both can spare Sheridan pain, or they can ruin her life. Katherine sees what they are up against and she asks Martin to please do this for her.

Fancy canít understand why her mother is so angry with her. Gwen explains that Ivy just wishes that they had more contact. Ethan and Gwen leave the room. Ivy comes to Fancy. Fancy is friendly to her mother but Ivy is mean and unforgiving. It has been only a couple of times that they have seen each other over the years. Fancy asks about her father. Ivy tells that Julian is out of the picture. Julian was with Rebecca and then he dumped her. Now Julian is with Eve Russell. Fancy remembers Eve. Julian must be sick. He used to be a huge racist. Things have changed. Ivy asks about Fancyís sister. Fancy tells how her sister fell in love with a Count in Italy. Ivy has been worrying about her too. Fancy promises that both girls are fine. Ivy wants assurance that Fancy isnít in any trouble. Fancy shakes her head no. She then thinks back to the mob man chasing she and Ned around the hotel trying to kill them for taking his money. "No mummy. I am not in any trouble." Ivy feels she is lying. "Then why is there blood on your shoes?" Fancy looks down.

Sam explains how he knows that Noah has been lying to him for two years. Noah has his back against the wall now. He was feeling pressure and then he quit grad school. He wanted to tell Sam about how he was feeling but then again he knew that there were problems at home. Grace left, and then Sam was going through everything. Sam was so proud of Noah and he just started feeling guilty about coming clean. He will tell his father everything that happened while he was away. He wonders if he is welcomed there. Sam will let him stay. This is his home. Noah likes that Kay is all grown up now. He canít wait to see his niece. Noah looks around. "Where is my other sister?"

Jessica is at Spikeís club to party hard. Spike asks if Jessica would like some drugs. He tells her to go and get it. "You know where they are." Jessica runs off to the back office. The bartender whispers to Spike that he knows that girl, and that she is the police chiefís daughter. Spike knows that. He wants her in his club. As long as Jessica is there, Spike doesnít have to worry about getting busted. Chief Bennett will not allow anything to happen to his daughter. Jessica returns and she has taken her drug. Now she just has to wait for the effects to come. She and Spike head to the dance floor. While they are dancing, Paloma and her friends enter the club. There are about 6 of them in total. They head straight to the dance floor and get busy. Suddenly, Paloma sees Jessica dancing with a sleaze ball. She gets one of her friends to go over to Spike and ask him for drugs, and maybe come on to him a little bit. The girl does as she is told. Jessica is angry. Spike tells her to calm down, and then walks off with this new girl.

After he is gone, Paloma goes to Jessica asking her what she is doing there with that guy.

Sheridan tries her best to make Edna spill, but Edna denies everything. Edna tells Sheridan to be quiet. She pretends that she can hear the angels talking to her. Sheridan isnít falling for this. "Where is my baby?" Luis jumps in. "If you donít start talking, I am going to take you down to the station house and arrest you for Aiding and Abetting." Edna cries now. She tells Luis that he doesnít know Beth. Edna tried to warn him but he wouldnít believe her. Sheridan believes that the police wouldnít let anything happen to her if she told the truth. Edna denies that. Even when Edna needed a nurse, Beth got her Precious so that the monkey would never betray them if she heard anything. Beth has her mother underfoot all the time. Luis and Sheridan understand. Luis asks again where Beth is. Edna honestly doesnít know where Beth is. Her voice has the ring of truth in it now. She knows that Beth has taken off with the baby though. Sheridan is crying now. "We have to find them and get my baby back. We have to find Beth!" She finally has proven everything that she thought about Beth. Now they just have to figure out where she went.

Beth is driving with Marty in the back of the car. "Say bye-bye Harmony! Bye-bye Harmony. See ya later losers." Beth continues to drive as quickly as she dares. She knows that Luis and Sheridan are going to be looking for her and trying to catch up with her.

For Katherine, Martin agrees to renew his vows and pay attention to his family. Alistair orders Martin to get back to his wife now and leave Katherine alone.

Theresa is on the computer in the living room at home searching for information to get Rebecca and Gwen for their crimes.

Pilar is worried now. It is very late. Paloma should be home now. What is happening to her children? Theresa is obsessed, and Luis might be losing Sheridan. Martin canít stop seeing Katherine. That Paloma wants to do nothing but go out it seems. Pilar doesnít even know where her daughter is.
Jessica almost collapses, but Paloma and her friends catch her. Paloma can see that the girl is drugged up and she tries to take her out of the club, but Jessica fights her off. She isnít going anywhere with any of these guys.

At the Bennett house, Noah wants to see his sister. It is late, but Sam thinks that it is okay for Kay to go up and get the girl for this special homecoming.

Ivy is hinting at trouble brewing with Fancy. She remembers quietly that she touched the dead man with the toe of her shoe back in Vegas. Fancy tells her mother that she stubbed her toe, and that is where the blood came from. She refuses to see a doctor though. Fancy wants to go to her room now. Her old room is the same as it always has been. Fancy leaves. Ivy smiles truly happy that her daughter is back.
Edna makes herself a drink. She tells how Beth tried to kill her. Luis finds the womanís passport. Beth canít go far without this. He knows now that they are going to find their son.

Beth is in the car with Marty. "I am going to head to the state line now. I am going to drive as far as possible so that they never find us."

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