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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Theresa is now ready to get the evidence against Rebecca and Gwen. She tells Tabitha that whomever sent in the information to the tabloids must have had access to her computer. Theresa wouldn’t ever have done this. Tabitha wants Theresa to think of who would benefit from all this most? Theresa knows that it is Gwen. Tabitha convinces Theresa to try, try and try to find the culprit who did this again. Theresa will have to get in the Crane mansion to search for evidence.

Ethan has overhead Rebecca and Gwen talking about the disk and how it could ruin their lives. He sees the disk that Rebecca is holding and he wants to know what they were talking about.

Sam is in his living room looking through papers. Kay enters and learns that Sam is searching for information on where his son has been. Noah has been faking that he has been going to school from 2003.

Ned is on the plane heading home. He is sleeping. Ned dreams. He is in a bed somewhere with a beautiful woman. It is Fancy. They are making love.

On the same plane, Fancy is having her own wet dream. The woman sitting beside her is a little uncomfortable looking at the smile that Fancy has on her face.

Katherine is thinking about agreeing to Alistair’s plan to have him use her as his sex slave again. Alistair will keep the secret that Sheridan killed her aunt if Katherine will come back to him. Alistair knows that he has Katherine trapped. What would Katherine do to protect her daughter from learning that she is a killer?

Sheridan is in the back yard, waiting for the sign that she can enter the house. What is Luis doing? This is taking all night. Beth is in the house near the front door. Luis is banging on the door trying to get in. The plan is for him to be at the front and for Sheridan to cover that back door. This way Beth will not be able to escape, and then Luis and Sheridan can get their child. Beth is trapped and she knows it. There is no other way out of the house for her to escape. She holds Marty as she whispers to herself. “What am I going to do? I can’t lose you. What am I going to do?”

Sheridan was only a child when she killed her aunt. Katherine wonders if the police will still hold Sheridan responsible for the killing. Then again, there is no statute for murder. Martin warns Katherine not to listen to Alistair. He can’t be trusted. Alistair only wants Katherine to come and live with him again. He wants her to resume her wifely duties. Martin makes a move to get at Alistair, but Alistair’s thug holds him back. The man also has a gun for backup in case Martin gets out of line. They are all in the mausoleum after having just opened Katherine’s sister grave. The room is controlled by sliding stone doors that Alistair has had installed.

Sheridan is impatient now. “What is going on with Luis? He should be in the house by now. Why is he taking so long?”

Beth holds the child and shudders as she listens to Luis demand that the door be opened. She knows that he will not leave. Luis keeps banging on the door. Sheridan knows now that it won’t be long. She takes a seat on a bench in the back yard to wait. She will have her baby back in no time and then she will work on Beth being exposed for the rest of the things that she has done. At least Luis believes her now. That is one hurdle down. Beth gets an idea and moves fast. She grabs a piece of paper and starts scribbling. This just might do it.

Theresa tells Tabitha that once she has Ethan she will her whole family together. She just as to do this. She worries as she knows that Rebecca and Gwen are not stupid and would have tried to hide their tracks. Would they really have hung on to something that would prove that they did this?

Gwen thinks quickly about what she is going to say to Ethan about what she and her mother was talking about. She remembers what she and her mother were talking about. They did sound guilty. She has to hide that. Ethan demands to have the disk but it is not given to him. He takes it from them and heads to the computer. Since Rebecca and Gwen will not tell him what is on the disk, he will just have to look for himself.

Sam and Kay see that all the papers that they have regarding Noah’s schooling have been forged. Sam has been sending the kid a monthly allowance. A closer look at the returned cheques show that Noah has been cashing his cheques at different banks all the time. It is not like Noah to do this. Why did he hide that he dropped out of school? Maybe he is in trouble. Sam can see now that he really doesn’t know his son or daughter. Kay got pregnant and Sam holds some responsibility for that too. Jessica is upstairs sleeping at least Sam has managed to control that for the night. They pray that Noah is okay wherever he is.

Ned wakes. The man beside him comments on the dream that Ned was having. The smile on Ned’s face tells the story. Ned tells how he was dreaming about a rich girl who is a spoiled brat. Ned had a really bad experience with the girl and he can never see her again. On the same plane, Fancy is smiling in her sleep. The older woman beside her watches as Fancy finally wakes up. Thank God. Fancy was making obscene little noises. Fancy tells her that she should mind her own business. The woman turns to the attendant and asks for another seat. She is moved immediately. Another younger woman comes to sit beside Fancy. She has overheard the petty argument that Fancy had been having with the older woman. Fancy says that she was just having a dream about a bad boy. The young woman understands what that must have been like and why Fancy was smiling. Fancy thinks back to finding the dead man with Ned. She also remembers him telling her that they can never be seen together ever again. She is sad that she will never see the man again.

Tabitha tells Theresa that rich people are careless as they think that they can get whatever they want. Theresa feels that Ethan could find the truth himself if what Tabitha says it true. Rebecca and Gwen are bound to slip up eventually.

Ethan has booted up the computer. Rebecca and Gwen knows that their goose has been cooked. Gwen turns to her mother in an accusatory manner. Ethan sees what is on the disk now. “Oh my God.” Rebecca and Gwen turn in his direction. His eyes are glued to the screen and his mouth hangs open.

Beth has written her note and stands back from the desk, holding Marty tightly. It is the only chance that she has for escape. Luis continues to bang on the front door at Beth’s house and shout out. He knows that Sheridan must be getting impatient now. Sheridan has had enough of this. She gets up from the bench and goes to the back door of Beth’s house. It is open! Sheridan enters the house to get her baby. Beth is feeling really trapped now. Luis continues calling out to Beth through the door but no one ever comes, and knocking on it in a harsh manner.

Kay tells Sam that he shouldn’t worry about Noah. He knows that the guy probably is doing something else and is fine. He always wanted to be a priest. Maybe he did it.

On the plane, the attendant comes over to Ned and flirts with him. “Would you like a drink?” The man beside Ned asks for a beer, but the woman isn’t talking to him. She turns back to Ned. She makes her offer again. He will have to come with her as the drinks have not been brought down the aisle yet. Fancy talks to her new friend on the plane. They are in first class. Behind them, the curtain is separated and the stewardess enters with Ned offering him a drink in first class, as opposed to coach. She seats him beside the older woman that was sitting beside Fancy earlier. The woman is glad to see that Ned will be sitting beside her instead of that rude woman that she had been sitting with before. The girl was having some type of filthy dream while she was sleeping beside the old woman. Ned smiles to himself. He quickly remembers his own dirty dream and smiles. Ned smells some familiar perfume. The older woman says that the rude girl was wearing it, and too much. Ned demands to have the girl pointed out to him. He sees that Fancy is on the plane with him. He had a crazy thought for a minute that the woman beside him had been talking about Fancy, but that would be too incredible to believe at the time. “Oh no!”

Alistair has laid out the options for Katherine. She can keep the secret, keep Martin and Sheridan out of jail, and all that she has to do it come back to Alistair in the mansion. She can’t let innocent people be hurt this way anymore. She knows that Martin will be imprisoned for his part in all this. Even though she knows that Alistair made him do this. “I’ll do it.”

At Beth’s house, she listens as the door practically jumps off its hinges while Luis thumps on it. Sheridan is in the house and making her way to the front door as quickly as she can. She makes it to the living room. She still hears Luis banging on the front door, getting nowhere. “Beth!”

Kay knows that Noah is a good guy and will be able to explain this. Sam will not excuse this. He has been lying for 2 years.

Ned goes over to Fancy’s seat and leans across the woman beside Fancy. “What are you doing on this flight?”

Tabitha knows that her work with Theresa isn’t finished yet. Theresa isn’t fully convinced that she should search for evidence about the tabloid. Theresa will search but what if she finds nothing. That is really not the way to look at things. What if she does find what she wants? She will have everything.

Ethan can’t understand this. It is pictures of his wedding to Gwen. Gwen hurries to try to explain, but Rebecca interrupts her. Rebecca says that Gwen’s computer crashed and so Rebecca made copies of the wedding photos on the disk to save them for Gwen. Ethan understands now. They were trying to keep a copy of their wedding pictures. He smiles. He also makes a copy of the wedding pictures on the hard drive of the computer for them for further safekeeping. Ethan is embarrassed to have been thinking that Rebecca and Gwen were up to something. Ethan has to leave the room but he will send the maid with tea for Gwen. He kisses her and leaves. Gwen turns to her mother. That was obviously the wrong disk. Where is the real one? Rebecca pulls it out of her bra. Gwen takes the disk from her. She wants the disk destroyed right now. She goes to the desk and destroys the disk so that no one will ever see what is on it.

Luis and Sheridan are baffled. No one is in the house. Or maybe Beth is upstairs. Luis and Sheridan rush up the steps to see where she is. In the house, Beth has found a place to hide where she hopes Luis and Sheridan will not look for her.

She has taken baby Marty into the closet at the back of the house near the kitchen. Edna is in there and they all sit on the floor in the dark quiet as mice. The baby is quiet which is a blessing at this time. Edna has no idea what has gone on. She thought that Beth had left her with her hands and mouth duct tape to rot by herself. She can’t say a word. She can tell that Beth is in it deep but what really happened out there?

The woman beside Ned turns to him and likes what she sees. “Were you talking to me?” Ned apologizes and says that he recognized her fragrance and thought that she was someone else. The seat beside Fancy is empty.

Ned goes back to his seat. He closes his eyes. He must be losing it. Fancy returns to her seat from the restroom. The woman beside her tells how this gorgeous man was just there. Fancy isn’t interested. She is going to swear off men for a while. “Ladies and gentlemen. We are about to start our descent.” Fancy thinks to herself of what her family is going to say when they see her.

Ethan goes to the phone to make a call. The maid comes to him to speak, but he tells her that he can’t talk now. He is making an important call. The maid leaves and her friend, another maid comes asking if Ethan was told the news yet. She learns that he hasn’t been told yet. Soon the whole house will be rocking with the news.

Alistair is angry that Martin is starting trouble by getting involved with Alistair’s affair with Katherine. He is really tired of her but he wants her back in the mansion with him. They have a deal now. Sheridan will be safe and he will have his love slave back.

Edna tries to make a noise but Beth quiets her. She tells that Luis and Sheridan are in the house going on a wild goose chase. Sheridan is alone in the living room. She finds the note. “Luis come here.” She reads the note that says that she is at the hospital. How could that be? Sheridan checks the front. Beth’s car is still there. Luis comes downstairs and when he hears that Beth has left a note saying that she has gone to the hospital, he heads to the door so that they can get going.

Sheridan doesn’t move. Something is strange about the room. She turns. She sees the closet near the center of the house. The door is closed. Luis calls to Sheridan again but she doesn’t answer.

Gwen has managed to shred the disk with a high-powered shredder. What if Ethan had found this? Rebecca just points out that he didn’t. Now poor Gwen doesn’t have to worry. Gwen leaves to check on the baby. Rebecca is alone. She knows that she has lied to her daughter yet again. She pulls another one out of her bra. “This is the right disk.” She will make sure that Ethan never sees it.

Theresa needs to find a way to get into the mansion. She will think on that. She hugs Tabitha for her help. Theresa happily runs off. Tabitha is happy. Now her dreams will come true as well as Theresa’s.

Kay says that Noah will be home one day and when he arrives he will explain everything. Sam has to believe that. He leaves the room. Kay picks up the picture of her brother and wonders where the man is.

The door opens. In walks a familiar face. “Hey sis!” “Noah?” The siblings smile at each other glad to see each other.

Ethan feels a little bad for being suspicious of Rebecca for causing trouble earlier. She wasn’t doing anything of the sort with the disk, and Ethan apologizes to Gwen for being angry before. The house is so quiet. The door of the mansion opens. “Hello!” Fancy enters the house.

Ethan and Gwen stand and see a sexy wild looking young woman enter the house. Ethan recognizes her first. Fancy? The maids all come running in to see if the surprise guest has surprised her family yet. Fancy tells everyone. “Fancy Crane is home!”

Katherine and Martin stand together. They have no options but to go ahead with what Alistair has proposed. He is so cold. He was born that way.

Sheridan tells Luis that he needs to call the emergency room at the hospital to see if Beth is there. Luis gets out his phone. Sheridan is not feeling right about this. “Something is not right about all this.” She looks around the room as Luis makes his call to the hospital. Edna reaches for the door of the closet with her tied hands, but Beth slaps them back.

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