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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Theresa is alone thinking to herself. She remembers Ethan telling her that he is not going to leave Gwen for her. Theresa cries at the memory of Ethan telling her once and for all that they are through.

Gwen is home alone. She jumps when she hears the door slam. Ethan comes to her. Gwen greets him. Rebecca comes in next. She is careful not to talk to Gwen about the tabloid issue as she sees that Ethan is in the house. Ethan is glad that Rebecca and Gwen are there. He has something to tell them about his relationship with Theresa.

Katherine is still with Martin and Alistair in the family mausoleum. Alistair says that now that Katherine knows the truth about Sheridan killer her own aunt, everyone will know. Katherine begs him to continue to keep the secret.

Luis and Sheridan are running to Beth’s house to get their child.

Tabitha has gotten to Beth first and she says that she overheard at the hospital that the DNA tests were done incorrectly and that Marty really belongs to Sheridan. Tabitha pretends to believe that Marty is really Beth’s.  Beth panics inside. She knows that the truth has gotten out somehow. Tabitha chuckles as she wonders what will happen if the police get involved somehow. Tabitha is really there to get Beth out of the house before Luis and Sheridan show up. Beth will have to move fast if she plans to keep that child, and not getting found out.

Luis and Sheridan are getting closer all the time. Sheridan has to get her hands on her baby.

Beth thinks fast. “What am I going to do?” She hasn’t got much time at all to do anything.

Gwen wonders what it is that Ethan has to say about Theresa. They have to talk about this. Ethan has a daughter to raise with Theresa and he can’t ignore her. Gwen misunderstands for a moment thinking that Ethan is going to leave her but that is not the case. Gwen breathes a sigh of relief. Ethan tells how he ran into Theresa and had a talk with her. Ethan remembers how he didn’t have the woman that he was meant to be with. He is careful not to mention any of this to Gwen. Ethan only tells Gwen that Theresa will be given liberal rights for visits with her child. Rebecca hates this idea, but she has no say in it. The relationship between a daughter and mother are at stake.

Katherine begs Alistair to keep this secret. This news will destroy Sheridan. Alistair has already protected Sheridan for years. Katherine didn’t help with any of this. Sheridan cracked up after thinking that she killed her mother. Alistair sees clearly that Katherine was the one that destroyed Sheridan. She broke the woman’s psyche. Katherine knows that they can help Sheridan with this. She is their child after all.

Sheridan falls as she is running. Luis stops to pick her up. She is hurt but starts running immediately to get to Beth’s house.

Tabitha is still trying to push Beth in the right direction by telling her that she should take Marty for a walk, or out of town for a while. Tabitha says that Sheridan will need calming down. Beth likes that idea. She will take the baby away. That is her only hope. Beth leaves the room. Tabitha is getting everything that she wants.

Luis and Sheridan are still running as if their lives depend on getting to that baby. They feel a sense of urgency. Sheridan is running too fast. Luis stops her. She will not be stopped. They have to get to their child. “Oh my God”. Luis asks Sheridan what’s wrong. Her face gets suddenly sullen. She tells that she suddenly had a sinking feeling and she thinks that if they don’t get to Marty in time, they will never see him again.

Beth decides that she will move to New York and hide from Luis and Sheridan so that they don’t find out that she isn’t the baby’s mother. Tabitha sees that her work here is done. While Beth has her back turned, Tabitha zaps herself out of there. She will fly away home. Endora will help her mummy to navigate. Beth turns to thank Tabitha for helping her out but the woman is gone. She didn’t even say goodbye.

Luis and Sheridan are talking now. They take a short rest. “Endora!” Luis and Sheridan look up into the sky but see nothing. They thought that they just heard something but nothing is there. Sheridan is feeling really strange now. There is a really bad feeling in the pit of her stomach for her son.

Ethan has asked Rebecca and Gwen to lighten up on Theresa, but they refuse to do that. Rebecca is especially adamant.

Theresa is out at the waterfront alone where Ethan had left her. She thinks about the way that her life is going. Crash! Theresa hears a sound. “What was that?” She looks about but sees no one else around to have made the noise.

Tabitha has just crashed into some garbage cans. Endora was helping mommy fly home but things didn’t really work out. Tabitha looks over at the rail by the waterfront and sees Theresa sulking again by herself. If it isn’t one thing, it is another with that girl. Tabitha overhears Theresa admitting that things with Ethan are finally over for good. That must have been a hard pill for Theresa to swallow. Tabitha is smiling now. She was right on target with the losers in Harmony. Everything is coming up roses.

Ethan hates that Rebecca is so bent on refusing to be cooperative. He moves forward on Rebecca, but Gwen stops the argument. She will talk to her mother alone. Gwen takes her mother aside and asks her why she insists on causing friction. She knows that by being nice, they will look good in Ethan’s eyes, and eventually Theresa will cause trouble like she always does. Theresa is talking to herself looking into the water.

Tabitha comes to Theresa offering to help the girl, but Theresa says that no one can help her.  She admits that Ethan is the source of her sorrow once again. Tabitha assures her that it will never be over with Ethan. He is married to Gwen, but that is only now. Tabitha is sure that Theresa is the girl that has Ethan’s heart. Tabitha has seen many, many couples in love. Theresa loves hearing this. It is what she has always believed anyway. Tabitha says that being with Ethan in the future is fate. Theresa hugs the woman. Tabitha smiles but she is thinking that Theresa will be miserable and that is just the way that Tabitha wants things. Theresa only needs a hint of hope to continue thinking that things are going to work out with Ethan. Tabitha loves this.

Katherine will not take responsibility for Sheridan’s life being ruined. She knows that Alistair has a lot more to do with that than he is letting on. She is the daughter that both she and Alistair share. They should protect her. Why stop now?

Alistair remembers Sheridan as a child and how she felt about killing someone. Maybe there is a way that Alistair can keep this secret. He turns menacingly to Katherine.

Luis makes a plan for getting into Beth’s house and getting the baby. Sheridan listens. Luis is sorry that he never listened to Sheridan. She is fine now. Once they get Marty all will be forgiven.

Beth has Marty in the living room and she has everything packed and ready to go. The tot sits on the couch having no idea what exactly is going on. He is going to be kept from his mother and he has no idea of any of it. Beth will never let Sheridan take the baby from her, not ever. He isn’t really her son, but she loves him like one. Beth grabs some bags and then picks up Marty. They have to hurry and get out of there. “Time to go!”

Theresa asks Tabitha again if she really believes that Ethan will come to her. Tabitha says that she is sure of it. She refers to Gwen as awful. Tabitha gossips a bit telling that there were horrible stories about Rebecca and her family. Theresa heard some things and there has even been talk of donkeys. Rebecca’s family has really been around. Even in their past lives they were cheap and whorish.

Back in the 1600’s, they came on to the pilgrims. They were also particularly good at coming on to the soldiers in the civil war. It was a Hotchkiss that would disguise herself as a man to get in to be with President Lincoln. That was the only way that she could get in. There is a rumor that it was a Hotchkiss that gave the president tickets to the theatre that he used to frequent. The President wouldn’t even been seen in public with her. It was because of that a Hotchkiss wrote to John Wilkes Boothe, and well, you know the rest. Theresa loves these stories. Tabitha and she think a lot alike it seems.

Rebecca considers what her daughter has said to her and she tells Ethan that she will behave from now on where Theresa is concerned. Rebecca leaves to get more bourbon as there isn’t any in the room. Ethan somehow doubts that Rebecca will behave as she says that she will. Gwen will do her best to keep her mother in line. Ethan is glad to hear that. Gwen has to wonder what Ethan is up to. He is being much too nice to Theresa.

Luis and Sheridan go over the plan again. They are in front of Beth’s house. Sheridan just wants to get her son back to the cottage so that she can be along with him. Luis reminds her that Marty is their son. She is sorry to have left him out.

Beth is about to leave now. She hears thumping. Oh no! She almost forgot. Looks like grandma is awake after getting conked on the head with the cordless phone. Beth remembers that her mother is in the closet. She goes over there and opens the door.

Her mother rolls out. Beth removes the duct tape. Edna prays to the angels quickly. Beth tells her mother she is leaving with Marty. Edna knows that Beth will never get away with this and she knows that God will punish her for her evil deeds.

Outside the house, Luis and Sheridan climb the porch at Beth’s house. This is it.

Tabitha continues to tell how nasty Rebecca and Gwen are. Tabitha remembers when Theresa was blamed for the news leaking out about Ethan not being a Crane. Tabitha says that she never believed that Theresa did that. Theresa has been trying to find proof that Rebecca and Gwen set her up for that but she is sure that there is no way to learn the truth.

Rebecca is alone. She has the disk with the evidence of she and Gwen ruining Ethan’s life? Rebecca removes the disk from her bra and looks at it. Gwen enters the room and is very unhappy to find that her mother hasn’t destroyed the disk as she promised that she would.

Katherine knows that they have all made mistakes in their lives. Martin sees that Katherine is going to enter into some unhealthy deal with Alistair. He warns her and begs her not to agree to anything that Alistair might tell her to do. They have all made mistakes. She will suffer now to protect her daughter. She owes Sheridan that. If there is something that she can do that will get Alistair to keep Sheridan safe, she will do that. Katherine turns to Alistair. What is it? “What do you want me to do? I owe Sheridan and I will suffer if it means that she will be safe.” Alistair looks into Katherine’s face smiling. She is so weak.

Luis and Sheridan go over the plan one more time. He will enter first and then Sheridan can come in later. Sheridan runs to hide in the bushes.

Beth is holding Marty and shouting at her mother. She has to leave town now and she will never get to be with Luis. Beth has wasted enough time. She puts the duct tape over her mother’s mouth again. It is time to leave. Sheridan has positioned herself in the yard and is ready for the plan to go into action. She is very close now to getting her baby.

Theresa only guesses that Rebecca and Gwen are the ones that sent the information to the tabloid. There is no proof. Tabitha is sure that there is something left that could bring out the truth. Tabitha can see that Theresa isn’t the stuff that rocket scientists are made of. Think. Where would Rebecca and Gwen hide evidence that they were the ones that did this to Ethan? Theresa comes up with the answer. “The Crane mansion.”

Ethan comes in and overhears Rebecca and Gwen talking about the evidence of the tabloid leak.

Alistair tells Katherine that she will come back to him and resume her wifely duties. Martin struggles. “No!” He has no say in the matter. He will keep quiet but Katherine will have to come back to him.

At Beth’s house, she quickly hides her mother in the closet near the back of the house. Beth gets her bags and with Marty in her arms heads to the back door to make her escape. Beth jumps back in horror when she gets to the back door. She sees that Sheridan is at the back of the house.

Beth can’t go out that door. She will be caught for sure. Beth holds the baby tighter. “I am going to lose my son!” Beth turns and drags her bags on wheels, and the baby and heads to the front door. Sheridan can stay in the back all she wants cause Beth is going out the front. Beth gets to the front door and hears knocking. “Beth are you there?” It is Luis. Beth doesn’t go near the door. She is trapped. “They are going to take my son.

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