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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Theresa is reading from a piece of paper that has blown her way while she is talking to Ethan. Ethan sees the shocked look on Theresa’s face. “You are not going to believe what Gwen did.

Rebecca and Gwen are watching Ethan and Theresa at the waterfront and they know that there secret is out of the bag. Theresa has to know now that Gwen set up the tabloid fiasco.

Alistair taunts Katherine with the new truth that she has learned. Will the truth set her free?

Katherine is praying on her knees to the angels.

Her prayers are having more impact than she thinks.

Outside the house, Tabitha is trying to get to Beth in the house. She is trying to warn Beth that Luis and Sheridan are on their way to get Marty. The angels encircle Tabitha and prevent her from going into the house.

On the streets, Luis and Sheridan breeze through town as fast as they can go to get their child. Sheridan is focused on getting her child and that is all. She can’t deal with any of Luis’s other issues. Luis sees that he was wrong in not believing her when she told him what was true all along, but Sheridan is not in a forgiving mood right now. She only wants to get her hands on Marty.

Katherine isn’t sure what is real anymore. Alistair points to her dead sister’s body. “This is real. This is Rachel.” Katherine remembers that Alistair was in shock back then. Martin knows the truth and he tells it. Alistair came on to Rachel and later she dumped him and he never got over it. Alistair orders the man to shut up but Martin will not now. Alistair was angry with Rachel for dumping him.

Rachel wanted to warn Katherine about getting together with Alistair but he kidnapped the woman and kept her for years hidden away. Katherine went against Alistair and he let her off the hook but with Rachel he took another action.

Katherine can’t believe that Martin knows so much about this. How could she have spent so much time with the man and not know him. It is like he has been lying to her. Martin knew the truth but Alistair threatened to kill his whole family.

Katherine understands. Rachel knew that Alistair was a monster all along. Alistair really believes that Rachel loved him and only needed time to realize it.

Katherine looks at the rotted corpse and she apologizes for not knowing what happened to her dear sister.

Katherine sees now that Alistair has always been a monster. She will kill him for what he has done to her sister. “I will kill you!” She marches up to him and slaps him hard on the face.

Gwen turns on her mother. Why didn’t she destroy the evidence when she was told to? Rebecca promises Gwen that she will not lose her husband. She tells Gwen to follow her.

Gwen follows her mother over to Ethan and Theresa. Rebecca demands to have the piece of paper that she has in her hand. Theresa will not give this up. She has been waiting for something to get on Gwen and her mother for so long and now she has the mother load.

Edna is praying on her knees with her eyes closed to the angels. She is before her blessed little figures in the cabinet believing that they are symbols of good and that they will come to her aid when she needs them to. Beth has tried to kill her just now and Edna is afraid that the girl will wake up and try to do her mother in again.

They are hard at work and she doesn’t even know it. Edna just prays believing that it will work, but she really has no idea how well and how strong her prayers are.

Tabitha is still fighting the angels outside the house. They are small but together they are a force to be reckoned with. Tabitha is feeling very weak. She is almost transparent. The forces of good are working on her and slowly making her disappear. Someone must be praying. That has to be stopped. She needs help.

Maybe Endora can help her. “Endora! Endora! You have to find out who is praying against me and stop them. Otherwise we will never push Luis and Sheridan apart!”

Back at home, Endora is in her crib and she hears her mother’s voice begging for her help. “I’m on it Mother!” Endora thinks as loudly as she can so that her mother can hear her.

Rebecca demands to have the piece of paper that Theresa has in her hand. Theresa will not give it up. Rebecca moves to get it. Theresa sees that the papers are very important and will get her daughter back to her.

Ethan grabs the paper and asks Gwen if she knew about this. Gwen offers to explain but Ethan will not hear it.

Gwen starts apologizing but her mother tells her to stop. Gwen can’t hide this anymore. Rebecca was the one that caused all of this to happen. She was supposed to have destroyed this evidence.

Katherine gets hysterical. She attacks Alistair but he pushes her into a wall and she falls to her knees.

Katherine will not believe that Sheridan did this. It is too late though.

Alistair and Martin told her to drop this but he wouldn’t do it.

Alistair was angry with Rachel. She never was happy. She always wanted him to be more romantic. She wanted him to spend time with her friends. She wanted him to do more for people. Alistair found the woman unbearable. She always complained about him. He begged Rachel to marry him but Rachel never did that. She wouldn’t leave well enough alone and now she is dead because Sheridan killed her.

Sheridan tells Luis to hurry. They have to get Marty.

They see that the road is closed. It s like a conspiracy to stop them from getting their child.

Luis has always thought that Harmony was evil. Something is trying to keep them apart.

Tabitha has almost disappeared now. She needs help. “Endora! Help!”

Endora in her little crib, alone in the room does a couple of whammy move. When she is finished, things are on track again.

Beth is in a trance. She has been awakened by Endora’s magic. She gets up like a robot. “Have to stop mother praying… Have to stop mother praying…”

Endora knows that she has done what she set out to do and she bounces up and down in her crib with glee at the results.

Rebecca tells Theresa that the papers that she has are not going to get her the baby.

Gwen wonders now what is on the paper? She grabs it to have a look.

It is a picture of a donkey and some guy named Ramón.

Gwen takes her mother to the side and ask here if this smut is all that Rebecca has in her possession. Rebecca promises her daughter that there is nothing else to be found.

Alistair tells how Sheridan killed her aunt. Rachel got out of her prison and decided to teach Alistair a lesson.

Rachel got into the mansion and she threatened to kill Alistair. He was fighting her off and then Sheridan came to her father’s defense.

Katherine doesn’t believe that.

Alistair says that Sheridan did just that. She even remembered it. That is why she thought that she stabbed her mother. She was just a little girl. She used a letter opener and thrust it into Rachel over and over again.

Rachel was dead then. Katherine wants to cry again.

That is the truth Sheridan is a murderer.

Tabitha is hardly visible now.

Endora is jumping with excitement of Beth stopping the prayer.

Inside the house, Beth comes up behind her mother and then goes to the desk to get the cordless phone. She comes up behind her mother.

Edna feels like someone is behind her. She turns to find Beth with the cordless phone in her hand, ready to strike.

Bang! Edna gets it right in the head and is immediately knocked out.

Endora continues to bounce. She has done it. She has saved her mother.

Immediately, outside, the angels vanish, and Tabitha soon becomes fully visible again. She thanks her daughter for saving her life.

She talks to her daughter through a picture that is in the room where Endora is. Endora can see her mother’s image as if she had been looking into the big blue pot. She smiles to see that her mother is safe.

Tabitha has another job for Endora. She wants her to figure out some way to stop Luis and Sheridan from getting to the house. Tabitha needs time to get to Beth and give her a chance to get away with Marty.

Endora thinks to herself. “How can I do this?”

Suddenly, the child is at it again. She waves her hands and zaps light from her eyes and fingers to put the next spell into play.

In the car where Luis and Sheridan are riding to Beth’s house, some dark and gloomy figures appear in the back seat of the police cruiser.

They are bats. Soon they are flying all through the car. In the front seat and in the back seat all around.

Sheridan is screaming and waving her hands trying to fight the things off of her.

Luis finds it very difficult to drive and fight these horrible creatures as well.

Katherine is losing it. Martin tells her to be strong.

Alistair knows that being strong will be of no use. Sheridan did this.

After she killed Rachel she thought that she had killed her mother. “Can you imagine a little child thinking that she killed her own mother. That would explain why she is so fragile.”

Martin can’t hold back and shouts at Alistair to stop but Alistair’s henchman holds Martin in check.

Alistair thinks of the way that Katherine ran off with the help and hurt her daughter. It is not Alistair’s fault but hers.

Out on the road. The car has crashed.

Both Luis and Sheridan are knocked out cold.

The windshield has been broken and the bats file out of the car flying off. One by one.

Luis is the first to come too. He tries to wake Sheridan.

She comes too. What happened? What happened with the bats?

Sheridan only knows that she has to get to Marty.

She tries to get out on her side of the car but the door is stuck.

Luis gets out on his side and Sheridan crawls out behind him.

Luis offers to call for back up but Sheridan will not wait.

She is going to run and not walk to get her son.

Sheridan takes off. Luis sees that he has no choice but to follow her.

Beth comes out of her trance. She sees that her mother is knocked out.

She suddenly remembers that Luis is coming.

Beth has to find a way to hide her mother until Luis is gone.

Beth gets some duct tape and ties her mother’s hands together and tapes her mouth shut.

She then picks up to body to put it in the hall closet.

Tabitha is on her way. She has to get to Beth.

Luis and Sheridan are making their way to Beth’s house. Sheridan is getting weak but she still trudges on.

Tabitha is slowly making her way.

Sheridan runs thinking that she has to get her child back.

Beth has her mother safely in the closet.

Now it is time to focus on Luis.

Soon she will be making a family with that man.

There is someone at the door.

Beth runs to it thinking that it is Luis. She opens the door. “My God. What are you doing here?”

Katherine understands now why Sheridan thought that she had killed her mother. She thought that she had stabbed her mother but she had stabbed her aunt.

Martin tells how he wanted to spare Katherine the news so that she wouldn’t ever know.

Alistair knows that everyone will know now that Sheridan is a murderer.

Rebecca tells Ethan to take Gwen to the mansion. Jane is waiting for them. Rebecca knows that she is hurting Theresa with her words.

Theresa knows that she will get her child back.

Gwen doubts it.

The women are about to fight but Ethan stops it.

Theresa is disgusted with Gwen. She fights Theresa to get her child and then she leaves her with the nanny to come out and help her mother dispose of her porn.

Theresa leaves them to go elsewhere.

Rebecca tells Ethan and Gwen to go ahead home. She will stay and make sure that the papers are collected. Ethan goes ahead.

Gwen warns her mother that she had better make sure that there is no damning evidence left. She walks off after Ethan

Rebecca picks up all the papers that she finds and then tosses them over the rail to the water. She feels that she has done all that she needs to.

“Rebecca!” Is this disk something that you were looking for? Theresa hasn’t left at all. She has found something that Rebecca has missed. Theresa has to wonder what is on this disk.

Tabitha lets herself into the house. She says that Marty and Endora have a play date. Beth doesn’t remember anything like that.

Where is Endora anyway?

Tabitha says that she has forgotten the child.

Beth has no time for this. She tries to get Tabitha out of there. Tabitha will leave but first she would like to talk to the woman about something important.

Outside, Luis and Sheridan are slowly making their way to Beth’s house. Sheridan feels an urgency. They press on running past houses, making their way to Beth’s house.

Theresa is still demanding to know what is on he disk that she has in her hand.

Rebecca denies that the disk has anything to do with her. She grabs the disk and walks off.

Rebecca puts the disk in her bra. She will not destroy it although she has promised her daughter that she would. She has a feeling that the disk will come in handy later on. She jut needs a good place to hide it. She walks off.

Theresa watches Rebecca as she walks off. She wonders what Rebecca is up to.

Alistair could keep this news about Sheridan a secret but he won’t. He wants Alistair to see that Katherine has made her life worse. In addition, her meddling will destroy the dream that Sheridan has of having a dream with Luis and Marty. Sheridan will go to prison and no one will be able to do anything about that.

Luis and Sheridan stop for a rest. Sheridan can’t stop now. “Come on!” They start running again.

Tabitha talks about some gossip that she knows. She got it from a nurse from the DNA lab.

Beth is suddenly interested.

Tabitha tells that Sheridan had her blood tested against Marty’s, and it turns out that Sheridan is really Marty’s mother. Tabitha knows that Sheridan and Luis are on their way to see Beth now.

Beth had no idea that Sheridan would be coming over too.

Tabitha says that this is all absurd. “Everyone knows that Marty is really Beth’s child. Right?”

Inside, Beth is panicking. “What am I going to do?”

Tabitha has to figure out a way to get Beth to see that she has to leave now before it is too late.

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