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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Katherine has just seen the dead body that Alistair has been hiding all these years. It is her sister Rachel. Alistair tells how Martin helped Alistair bury the body to hide it. Katherine doesn’t understand this at all. Martin is reluctant to answer questions but Alistair will be glad to do it now. Katherine is confused. Alistair wants her to understand the truth and how it destroyed someone that she loved all her life.

Rebecca and Gwen sit over a glass of champagne to celebrate everything that they have gotten lately. The baby and assurance that Ethan love Gwen more than that nasty Theresa. Gwen loves how Ethan has stood up for her in court and to Theresa. She loves especially that Ethan doesn't ever want to see Theresa again.

Ethan and Theresa are kissing and Ethan is having a hell of a time pulling himself away. He couldn’t help it but he has admitted that he loves her. He does though. He can’t do this. She assures him that he can, and she starts the passionate kissing all over again.

Beth is trying to smother her mother to death. The old bag made the mistake of threatening to tell the cops what Beth has been up to. Beth hated that Edna would do that to her and now she has no alternative but the do the woman in. She has the pillow over the old woman’s face and she holds it down. “Goodbye mommy dearest.

Tabitha tells Endora that she can hardly wait for the child to grow up and really enjoy doing bad things like her mummy does. Endora is slowly getting the feel of what it is like to be a witch but when she is older. Oh the fun that they will have. It is time to take a peek at Luis and Sheridan and their final moments together.

Luis and Sheridan are in the police car with the siren going. They have just gotten the best news ever. They are going to get Marty and take him from Beth. Sheridan knew that the boy was hers all alone. Sheridan can’t wait to confront Beth over this issue.

Katherine is still confused and turns to Martin for the answer to all this silliness. Martin begs Alistair not to do this to Katherine and to stop all this talk now. He knows that the news will be devastating. Martin makes a run at Alistair to shut him up, but Alistair has a backup plan. The heavy stone wall behind Alistair opens and one of Alistair’s henchmen enters and holds a gun on Martin and Katherine to keep them under control while Alistair talks.

Alistair has no idea why Katherine can’t hear the truth as Martin says. Martin says that this news will kill Katherine. He doesn’t understand why he would say a thing like that. Alistair doubts that Katherine is too fragile to deal with this. He knows his wife better than anyone and she can be tough when she wants to be. She is just like a cat. She needs to satisfy her curiosity. Katherine remembers that her sister died from drowning and that there was a funeral so this can’t be her, can it? Alistair reveals the truth. Rachel didn’t drown. She was murdered. The drowning idea was just a cover up. Katherine rushes for Alistair bent on killing the man. He holds Katherine telling her that he will tell her who killed her sister. Martin begs him not to do this. Why not? Alistair feels that now Katherine needs to know the truth as to who killed her sister.

Ethan pulls himself from Theresa’s kisses. This is wrong. He made a commitment to be loyal to Gwen. Theresa says that he made a mistake and that he can fix it. Ethan tells her that this is the mistake. He and Theresa are done and finished forever.

Gwen worries about the tabloid incident. If Ethan found out what Gwen did she has no idea what he will do. Rebecca gave her word that no one will find out what they did. Gwen can see that her mother wouldn’t ever hurt her by letting this out. Gwen feels that as long as they have destroyed the disk with the information on it, it can never be traced back to her. Rebecca’s eyes get big as saucers. “Mother! You did destroy the disk didn’t you?”

Beth is weaning her mother down. The woman can’t fight anymore. Beth has almost finished the woman off. She picks up the pillow and looks at Edna. “I’ll be darned.” It looks like Beth really did it. Beth hops on the couch and dances. “Ding dong. Wicked mother is gone.”

Tabitha and Endora think up a great idea to separate Luis and Sheridan forever. Endora has helped to make a wonderful idea. That is sure to work.

Luis and Sheridan are in the car driving to Beth’s house as fast as they can. They know the truth. Beth and Sheridan are half-sisters. Sheridan can’t wait to get to Beth’s house. She tells Luis to hurry up. He is going as fast as he can. Luis wonders if Sheridan hates him since she had been right about this all along. She will not talk about that now. She just wants to get to Beth’s house.

Endora and Tabitha get their ingredients together for the spell that they are going to conjure up. They are going to stop Luis and Sheridan dead in their tracks. Once they get this spell done. Sheridan will have to give up her son and she will lose Luis. “Oh Happy Day!”

Gwen demands that her mother look her in the eye and promise that she has gotten rid of all the evidence that could incriminate them with the tabloid fiasco. Rebecca admits that she kept a little momento of the scheme that they put in place. Gwen rolls her eyes. Gwen wonders where the hard copies of the information is. Rebecca is sure that no one will find out about the disk. She hid the disk in a safe in the house where no one will find it. Gwen can’t believe her mother’s stupidity. She demands that they go to the safe and get the information right now before someone finds it.

Theresa sees that all this interaction with Ethan means something. Ethan feels it means nothing. Theresa doesn’t care. She will not give up on him now.

Luis and Sheridan are in the car still making their way through town. He decides on a plan to get in the house. Luis will call over to Beth’s house and tell her that he would like to have time with Marty before he goes to sleep. That is a good idea. She never refuses Luis a visit if he asks.

Beth sees that she has made a terrible mistake killing her mother in her fit of rage. Maybe she was a little too hasty. She blames the killing on her mother. She should have treated her better. The phone rings. Luis is on the phone. He asks Beth if he could come over to see Marty. He says that there was a call in the area and he just wants to check up on them. Beth says that is fine. Beth gets off the phone and turns to her mother’s body on the couch. She has to find a way to hide the body. Even if she does though, the old woman would just stink up the place. Wait! She does that already.

Tabitha finds Beth to be a silly girl really. Always causing trouble it seems. She really is a lot more like her father than she thinks. Nevermind her, what are Luis and Sheridan doing?

Tabitha sees in the big blue pot that Luis and Sheridan are quickly making their way to Beth’s house. Tabitha needs to stop them. Nothing that she tries stops them in their quest. She will have to think up something else.

Theresa will not let Ethan take back what he has admitted to her. He can’t do anything about his love for her anyway. She has to accept it. He is a married man who will not break his wedding vows. Nothing will make him cheat again.

Rebecca takes Gwen to a room where the safe is. She will get the combination for the safe out of her bra that is where all her valuables are kept. She reaches in and pull out a small bottle of booze. She tries again and gets a long magician’s scarf. She tries again and that is the paper with the combination written on it. Rebecca opens the safe and sees that there is nothing in it. They are dead meat.

Beth tries to move her mother but the dead weight is too much for her to lift. Beth rushes out of the room for a moment. Edna sees that she is alone and she gets a bottle of booze off the coffee table and hides it behind her back. She gets back into position. Beth returns to the room with a blanket and lies it out beside Edna on the couch.

Tabitha and Edna watch as Alistair reveals his plan to Katherine.

Alistair knows that Katherine is dying to know who murdered her sister. She wants that person to pay dearly. Martin tells her not to say that. She asks Martin if he were the one that killed her. He denies that he was the one. Alistair can’t hold the information anymore. He tells Katherine that Sheridan was the one that killed Rachel.

Tabitha loves this. That was titillating. She needs a really good spell to get the job done with Luis and Sheridan.

Suddenly Endora makes a big pot appear out of nowhere. It looks like a soup pot. Smoke comes out of it and flies out the window to the streets. Endora claps with glee.

Over where Luis and Sheridan are, a fog suddenly appears from nowhere. They can’t see a thing now. Sheridan tells Luis to hurry up and not slow down. Luis will not do that. The both of them might get killed if she speeds without being able to see anything. Sheridan doesn't care about that. She has to get to her child and nothing else matters now. Luis shouts back. He can’t cause an accident when all they have to do is slow down a bit.

Tabitha is happy at the success of the fog. At least she has slowed Luis and Sheridan down a little bit. Maybe Beth will get smart and head out of town with Marty before they get there. She has some time to kill now, after killing her mother. “Cackle. Cackle.” Poor Sheridan. She thinks that she is going to be seeing her son tonight. She doesn't understand that getting her son back isn’t going to be as easy as she would like to think.

Gwen is furious. The contents of the safe are gone and Gwen knows that her marriage will be over if Ethan figures that she were in on ruining his life. Rebecca has a box in the safe, and she takes it out. There are pictures in the box of naked men but not necessarily the disk. They will check the box closely and if they find what they are looking for, they will burn it.

Theresa finds that Ethan isn’t being fare. Ethan feels that he is being fair. He made a vow to Gwen and he will not break his vow to her. Theresa can’t see how he can live with himself.

Tabitha and Endora decide that it is time to warn Beth what is coming. That will give her a chance to cover and make something up here. What a team they are.

Luis stops the car on the side of the road. He can’t drive in the fog. It is too dangerous. Sheridan is furious. She has been waiting for this moment and she can’t wait a minute longer. 2 minutes ago Luis apologized for not believing in her earlier. She wants him to prove that he is sorry by driving in the fog. Luis will not do it. He can’t see.

Tabitha knows that eventually the fog is going to lift and Luis and Sheridan will soon be on their way. She has managed to stop them for a while but that is all. They will be up and running in no time. She has to hurry. Tabitha rushes to the front door shouting out for Kay. She says that she is running out but will be back soon.

Beth is fixing the blanket on the floor to transport her dead mother elsewhere. Beth foolishly turns her back on the woman when… BOINK! Edna gives it to Beth, right in the back of the head with the vodka bottle. “Wasn’t expecting that now were you? Out she goes to never neverland. She plops down on the blanket as Edna does a happy dance on the couch about her.

Alistair has revealed the truth. Sheridan was the one that killed Rachel. Katherine remembers that Sheridan wasn’t even born when Rachel died. Alistair tells Katherine to ask Martin to tell her the truth. Katherine turns to him. Is this the truth?

Theresa can’t accept this. Ethan reminds her that fate is a dream but reality is different. He will be married to Gwen forever. Ethan sees that he couldn’t trust her anyway after what she did to him when she sent the email to the tabloid and ruined his life. Theresa denies that she did that. Ethan can’t even believe her now.

Rebecca and Gwen have found the evidence that there were seeking. They are now at the waterfront. Gwen tells her mother to just dump the papers and the disk in the water. Rebecca trips and the box opens with the papers flying all over the place. They have lost control of everything. Someone, anyone could find these things and trace them back to Gwen.

Edna panics. What if Beth gets up and tries to off her mother again. Edna prays to the angels for guidance. She gets on her knees and prays to the angels.

Suddenly, little angelic imps come flying out of the cabinet.

Tabitha is outside of Beth’s house and about to go in. One of the little angels comes out and jumps in front of her. Tabitha is not afraid of one of those little midgets. Suddenly another angel comes out. That causes Tabitha some concern.

When a third little imp comes out, she knows that she is in trouble.

Out on the road, Luis and Sheridan are having a terrible argument over his cautiousness with the fog. She doesn’t see why they couldn’t be moving along in the fog. Luis feels that a few minutes wouldn’t hurt their cause. Sheridan shouts at him that she has to get to her baby now!

All of a sudden, the fog lifts and visibility is clear once again from Harmony to forever. Sheridan can’t understand how the cloud lifted that quickly. It happened right before her eyes. Luis tells her to just get in the car so that they can head over to Beth’s and do what they’ve decided to do. He was right to stop he feels, and now they head off to Beth’s.

At the Crane mausoleum, Katherine decides that she can’t trust Alistair but she can trust Martin. She waits for him to answer her. He confirms that what Alistair has said is true. Alistair laughs. Katherine has always been a stickler for the truth and so Alistair predicts that now that Katherine knows the truth, the whole world will know too.

Rebecca and Gwen try to pick up as many papers are they can find. That is not enough. Gwen suddenly sees Ethan and Theresa together at the other end of the waterfront.

Gwen sees that some of the papers that her mother has lost control of have blown over there.

Ethan and Theresa are discussing why they can’t be together. Suddenly Theresa notices that there is paper blowing in their direction.

Rebecca and Gwen watch from afar and see with horror that Theresa has picked up one of the papers and seems to be reading it

Theresa reads the paper in her hand quietly. “Oh no.” Ethan wants to see what she has in her hands. He moves closer to her.

Edna is praying to the angels for all evil to go away.

The imps are all around Tabitha and they prevent her from entering the house.. She shouts in anger. She needs to get to Beth to make her protect herself from getting caught in a lie with the baby.

Luis and Sheridan are at it again. They are speeding towards Beth’s place with the siren going. Sheridan tells Luis to go even faster. Sheridan has a terrible feeling that if she doesn’t get her son tonight, she may never get him.

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