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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Ned is in Fancy’s room and it is a mess but at least she paid for it. Since Fancy took the dead man’s money, they have been in real danger. Ned knows that the mobsters are going to come after them. The man who killed the dead man in his suite knows that Ned and Fancy took his money and when they get caught, they are going to be dead. They have to get out of Vegas. Out in the hallways of the hotel, the killer is looking for Ned and Fancy. When he finds them he is going to kill them.

Whitney is singing again at the Blue Note. She had another set. Fox watches quietly. Chad sits elsewhere and watches quietly too. Fox’s friend from the office returns to him. She sees that he has been having a bad night. He tells her how his family and friends are all acting crazy now.

Ethan has just admitted to Theresa that he really loves her and that he should be with her and the kids. Theresa stops crying. She knows that it is not too late and that they can be a family again. She hugs him.

Beth and Edna are discussing Edna getting sent away to a nursing home. Beth is angry with her mother for the way that she has not been supportive. Beth is having a drink. She is celebrating Sheridan being on the next plane out of town. Now that Sheridan is gone, Beth knows that Alistair will reward her for her actions in helping him get rid of Sheridan. She will move to a big house and she will not take her mother with her.

Tabitha is upset that Sheridan hasn’t gotten on the plane as she had planned. She pushed Sheridan too soon and now Luis and Sheridan are together getting news about the DNA results from Dottie.

Luis and Sheridan are at the airport. Sheridan has called Dottie at the hospital. Dottie has been trying to reach Sheridan all night to tell her the news about the testing results that she has gotten. Sheridan was about to get on the plane but then changed her mind at the last minute deciding that she needed to hear what Dottie had to say first. Luis stands by now as Sheridan makes her call to Dottie. Dottie starts with her mumbo jumbo, but Sheridan can’t listen to all that. She only wants to know what the results are. Is she Marty’s mother or not? Suddenly, Sheridan is silent. Her hand with the phone drops to her side. “I can't believe it.” Luis waits patiently to hear what the verdict is here.

Theresa is thrilled that Ethan has proclaimed his love for her. She has everything figured out now. She thinks that Ethan is going to move in with her that very night. Luis tells her no. He is married to Gwen and he can’t break his word. Gwen doesn’t deserve that. Theresa asks him about her as opposed to Gwen. He knows that they want to be together but he tells her that can’t be. She sees no reason for them not to be together. He wants her to promise that they will work together and raise the child, but not live together. The child has to know that she was loving parents. Ethan reminds her that child was made in love. Theresa reminds him that he didn’t know what was happening that night, or did he?

Beth tells her mother again that she will be going to the nursing home and if she doesn't behave there then she will have to go to the state home with the cockroaches and live out the rest of her miserable life. Edna has a vision of herself strapped to a bed in some state hospital with the giant roaches getting closer and closer to her. She would be screaming bloody murder but n one would save her. Edna isn’t going to go down that easy. Beth hasn’t got all the power here like she thinks. She tells Beth that she is going to be in charge here. She knows all of Beth’s secrets and she will tell them all too. She orders Beth into the kitchen to get her some grapes and peel them too.

Sheridan turns to Luis. She is crying. She can’t talk to Dottie right now. She hands the phone to Luis. Luis talks to Dottie. He assumes what he has always thought. He thinks that Sheridan has been disappointed again. He hears Dottie talking and then he asks her to repeat what she has just told him again. He looks at Sheridan in amazement. Marty is in fact Sheridan’s baby. He looks at her. She is smiling at him now. Sheridan was right all along.

Ned and Fancy decide that they need to lay low for a while. He will go home. Mobsters would never find him there. Fancy asks where home is. Ned says that they have to go there separate ways when they get out of the hotel. Ned orders Fancy to get packed as they have to get to the airport. They can’t see each other again after what happened.

Whitney is still singing. The room is silent as she croons. Valerie notices that Whitney is singing a love song. Chad knows. It must be the booze. “Maybe if I find piece of mind…” As Whitney sings, she remembers making love to Chad, and the many times that it was right for them to be together. Then everything went horribly wrong. “You were the reason, I could make it through the day.” Chad can sense that this song if for him for some reason. He knows that she is thinking about the past and the way that things could have been. Fox’s lady friend can see that Fox is hurting, and that he still loves Whitney with everything in him. He denies that he loves Whitney still. She gave their son away and that ended everything for him. Fox takes his drink and moves from the table for a while. His friend understands that he feels like he is under the spotlight. He is deeper than she thought that he would be. It is sad really. His friend remarks that she hasn’t ever seen someone so in love as Fox is with Whitney. Ethan tells how he can tell Gwen apart from Theresa easily. They only made love one other time at the beach before Jane was conceived. He knew when Jane was being conceived that he was with Theresa. He was trying to fool himself. He would have given anything to be able to steal one more night. Just one more night with her.

Ned has changed and sneaks into the hall to get his stuff. He returns to the room with a small bag. Fancy has several pieces of luggage and she can’t even close some of them. Ned tells her that she can’t take all these things with her. Fancy wants her things but Ned tells her that she has to get rid of some things. She decides that she definitely wants to take the money with her. Ned says that she can’t take it because if she gets caught with it, she will be over. Ned will arrange for cabs to come and get them. She will not be seen in a cab. She wants a limo. Ned explains that she has to blend in with everyone else. They will take their separate cabs and go wherever they wish. They will not say where they are going. He reminds her again to blend in and not be too conspicuous. Before he leaves he tells her to be careful as she may be killed.

Theresa can’t deal with this. She finds Ethan crueler than ever when he tells her that they belong together but it isn’t going to happen. Ethan is sorry for that. Whitney comes to the front of the club and finds her friend upset. Theresa thought that she was going to have a good night but she was wrong. She leaves. Ethan starts following her but Whitney holds him back. Whitney lets him have it with 2 barrels. Theresa isn’t innocent in this but she is going through hell. Theresa can’t understand how Ethan has done the things that he has done lately. Ethan admits that he told Theresa that he loved her. Whitney really hates him now. Ethan was only being honest. If Whitney hears another person talk about honesty, she is going to freak out.

She knows what Theresa is feeling now. She loves Chad and he loves her but they are siblings. He seems to be feeling the same for Whitney but that is just making things harder all the way around.

Beth can’t believe what her mother is saying. She would really fink on Beth to the police? Edna says that is exactly how it is going to be. Since Beth can’t live like that, she will just have to kill her mother. She lunges at the woman.

Luis needs more information on why Sheridan is now the mother of Marty. Dottie tells him that she did the tests wrong the first time. She says that she should have tested everyone. Even still though, how could Beth appear to have been the mother?

Tabitha is listening in. She doesn’t want that part of the story coming out now. She grabs some cellophane paper and crumples it into the phone to distort what Dottie is about to say next.

Luis tries to hear Dottie answer his questions but all he hears is static. He hangs up. He will talk more in depth with Dottie later. He wants to talk to Sheridan now. Luis turns to a smiling Sheridan. She is smiling from ear to ear. “Marty is really my baby”. Luis loves that she is happy again. They smile at each other as they think about what that really means for them.

In Vegas, all is hustling and bustling. Ned has made it outside of the hotel and he holds a newspaper in front of his face to hide. Fancy comes out of the hotel next. She is dressed as outlandishly as possible and she has a bellboy carrying her things for her. She has more up at the room, but will send for that. Ned asks Fancy for the money. She gives it to him. He has to find something to do with this money. He turns a see 2 nuns begging money for orphans. He walks over to them and gives them money; in fact Ned gives the nuns the whole bag of money. They are blessed. The killer gets a cohort to help him search for the man and woman that stole his money. They have to get these people and make sure that they never talk.

Ethan bids goodbye to Whitney when Chad arrives. Once alone, Chad tells how he knew that Whitney was singing to him that night. He can see that she still feels the same for him. They have a love that was strong and perfect. That love only comes once in a lifetime.

He knows that the love that they had can’t just disappear. It was do strong. Every time that he sees Miles, he thinks of Whitney. Just knowing that Whitney still loves him is enough for him. They put their foreheads together. Fox arrives and see them entirely too close to one another.

“My God! You two are brother and sister for God’s sake.”

Sheridan finally has her proof that Beth has been lying to her all along about Marty. She knows now that the rest of what she thought of Beth has to be true. She must have also kidnapped Sheridan and kept her in the basement. Luis isn’t ready to jump that far ahead with things. Right now he just needs to deal with the news that Sheridan is Marty’s mother and how to get him to her. Still, what happened to Beth’s baby? They have to get Marty away from Beth. She is crazy.

Tabitha is not happy with the development of this story. She watches using the big blue pot and see that Sheridan is soon going to make her way to Beth’s house. Tabitha says that isn’t to happen now. The spirits in the basement growl in agreement with her. Luis and Sheridan and Sheridan’s love must be stopped at all costs. They thought that Sheridan would be on her way to Paris but now she is back. There seems to be a chance that she and Luis might get back together. She has to think of a way to stop Sheridan from going there and confronting Beth.

The thugs are looking outside for Ned and Fancy. They must have gotten out of the hotel somehow. Ned follows Fancy back to the nuns. Fancy asks for the money back. The nuns decide that it is time to leave as things are getting strange for them. The nuns run off. Fancy is upset that she gave up all that money. She has money herself, but she wanted the extra money anyway. Ned and Fancy have to say goodbye now.

Her face gets immediately sad. The moment is sad. He will leave first and then she will leave a moment or two later. He has never met anyone like Fancy before. She is something else. Then he walks off. Fancy looks down at her dog in sadness. It is time to go bye-bye. She walks off. The two thugs come out of the hotel as Fancy is walking off to find a safe place to lie low for a while. They have not been able to find the [people that they were looking for.

Theresa is at the waterfront. She thinks about her life and how it isn’t fair. She turns to walk away from there. Ethan is suddenly before her. He has followed her from the club. He is in her way. She shakes her head at him and looks into his eyes. Ethan is at a loss for words.

In Vegas, outside of the hotel the thugs realize that they have been given the slip. The boss will be upset if they don’t find that money. The killer did get a good look at the culprits and he will know them on sight. Ned has caught his plane. He is heading home. He sits in his seat and sets about putting his bags away. While Ned has his head turned, Fancy gets on the plane with her dog in a carrying bag. She talks to him.

She is only there to get to first class where she really belongs. She walks up the aisle. After Fancy is gone, Ned straightens up again. He doesn't see Fancy, or know that she is on the same plane.

Fox is angry with Chad and Whitney. He found them in an embrace and it disgusted him. Fox demands an explanation.

Beth and Edna are fighting in the house. Beth is trying to kill her mother. Edna fights for her life. Finally, Beth gets the pillow over her mother’s face and she holds it there as Edna kicks with everything in her.

Ethan is weak now. He can’t fight the feelings that he has for Theresa and knowing that he has hurt her is tearing him apart. Theresa can see that he really loves her and the two end up kissing.

Luis and Sheridan talk for a brief moment but both then realize that getting Marty is the first concern. They both turn and run out of the airport to get their son.

Tabitha is not happy with this at all. She has to do something to delay this. Tabitha gets an idea. It is an idea that will make Luis look very, very bad indeed.

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