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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Whitney is singing at the Blue Note. She has been drinking and now she sings about her pain and if it will ever end. Fox watches her as she sings knowing that she means every word. At a nearby table Chad watches her as well. Whitney seems to be singing to Chad. He can’t help feeling sad as he listens and he turns his back to the stage. Theresa enters the club and sees that her friend is singing. She is sad about her baby too as her friend is but because she wanted to keep her and not give her away. Theresa remembers having to give the child to Ethan. She has come out to have a good time and she is going to do it. She idles up to the bar and orders a double Martini. Whitney’s song comes to a close. “Will you remember me…” The audience claps as she quickly leaves the stage. Once backstage, Whitney lets her sadness show.

Fox rushes to talk to his mother who is having an argument with Eve and Julian. They are telling his mother that she really isn’t the baby’s grandmother and therefore has no right to have visits with him. Fox asks what the reason is for her saying that. Does she know something that the rest of them don’t?

Katherine is with Martin and Alistair in the mausoleum over the dead body that Alistair has exposed to Katherine. She wants to know who the body is but Alistair wants her to figure this out herself.

Tabitha laughs with glee and drinks while Endora sits and watches. They are partying over the fact that Sheridan is on her way out of town. Luis and Sheridan will be broken up forever. In the big blue pot, Tabitha senses that a call is being placed to Sheridan. She eavesdrops on the message and hears a familiar voice. It is Dottie trying to get in touch with Sheridan to tell her of the real results of the tests. Tabitha doesn’t want Sheridan to get this news yet. It is too soon.

At the airport, Luis has told Sheridan that there was a message from Dottie. Sheridan feels that the call might be a ray of hope telling her that Marty is really hers. She looks at Luis’s face and sees that he is still skeptical. She decides to call Dottie later and talk to her. She has to go now. Luis watches helpless as Sheridan boards her flight. Luis thinks about following her but then realizes that this is useless. “Who am I kidding?” It is too late.

Tabitha watches all from the house with the big blue pot. She loves it. Sheridan is walking off and will be boarding the plane at any moment. They will be separated, she knows forever!

At the Blue Note, Theresa gets her drink. The bartender warns Theresa to eat while she drinks and not to think that the drink will make her problems go away. She tells that she has lost everything. Her baby and the man that she loves. Ethan was so cruel this night. Theresa hopes that she doesn’t run into Ethan as she isn’t sure what she would do. Ethan enters the Blue Note alone. Valerie warns Chad that he has to forget about having a relationship with Whitney. He really believes that he can raise the baby with Whitney platonically. Ethan shows up at Chad’s table. He got a call from Chad and has appeared. Chad tells how Fox tried to sabotage his work. There seems to be a lot of that lately. Ethan will help Chad with this. Fox demands that Julian and Eve explain why Ivy isn’t the baby’s grandmother. What did they mean by that?

Fox sees Whitney alone and he goes over to her. She wants to be left alone but he tells her that she needs to hear something. Fox takes Whitney over to his mother, father and Eve. Fox says that Julian and Eve are saying things that make it sound like Ivy isn’t the baby’s grandmother. Eve can’t stand this anymore. She says that she will tell exactly what she meant.

Luis watches a plane take off. He has no idea how he can fix things now. He couldn’t lie to her as that wouldn’t be love. It must be really over.

Tabitha laughs as she reads Luis’s thoughts. He is accepting that things are over with Sheridan. She starts dancing. The music fit for dancing the Can-Can plays as Tabitha kicks up her heels and Endora claps along to the music. At a nearby vent to Tabitha’s basement. A thin red smoky fog comes through to the living room like a baby’s burp. The spirits are indeed pleased. What a great moment for evil.

Chad has been trying not to lower himself to Fox’s level but he can’t let this happen. What should he do? Ethan knows of a similar situation where he is involved. Chad knows that he speaks of his problem with Theresa. Chad offers to help but Ethan will handle it. Chad sees that Ethan is somewhere else. They decide to talk more about Chad’s problem the next day. Chad wishes him luck. As Ethan is leaving the club, he sees Theresa having a drink by herself.

Fox demands that Eve tell why Ivy isn’t to be considered the baby’s grandmother. Eve decides to tell what she meant. She knows that the time has come. Julian tries to stop her but she is tired of walking on eggshells. Whitney holds her breath waiting to see what her mother is going to say. Eve tells Ivy that she has been a bad mother to her children and that is why she isn’t to be considered as a grandmother. When was the last time that she has spoken to her own daughters? Ivy can’t answer that. However, is Eve any better? She was drug-addicted and is now living in sin. Fox knows that his mother isn’t all that great, but at least she is trying. He and his mother will work together to get his son back. Fox and his mother leaves. Julian sees that Whitney has had a lot to drink. She feels like she needs more. Eve apologizes to Whitney for almost slipping up and telling the truth to Fox and Ivy. Whitney warns her that she will ruin lives with the secret that she knows. Eve heard her daughter singing and she is proud of her, but she has to know that she can’t bury her pain. Whitney begs to be left alone. Eve knows what she feels like. She felt the same way when she lost Chad. She thought that she was dead. The pain came out of her throat when she sang, just like it did for Whitney when she was singing. Eve reminds her that she can get her baby back if she wants.

Alistair is playing a little game with Martin and Katherine. There is a body in the coffin in the mausoleum and she wants to know who that person is. Alistair wants Katherine to guess who the person is. She was close to Katherine and Katherine loved her. Katherine can’t think who the body is. Alistair tells Katherine that if she only looks at the body’s hands she might recognize something that will tell her who the body is. Martin tells Katherine that she should leave right now with him and forget about this. She can’t do that.

Alistair reaches into the coffin and lifts the skeletal left hand of the body very slowly so as not to break the already brittle, dusty bones. Just the fact that he can even touch that thing shows what a horrible man Alistair must be. The smile never leaves his face. He has the same expression as when he makes himself a drink. As he raises the hand, something glistens on it. Katherine walks over to the body and looks at the dead hand. When she sees the ring on the corpse’s finger, recognition comes to her face immediately. The horror has been revealed.

Eve begs Whitney to tell the truth so that Chad will pity her and give her back the baby. Whitney excuses herself. She has to get ready for her next set. Whitney goes to the bar to get a drink and a man comes up to her offering to buy her one. He loved her singing. Whitney would love to have a drink with this man. Ivy sees Ethan and comes over. He explains that he had to see Chad for a moment. Ivy relives the moment when the child was awarded to Ethan and Gwen. Ethan stops her moment of glory. He doesn’t feel good about what he did. Ivy sees that Ethan is looking over to where Theresa is sitting and she warns Ethan that he has to stay away from that girl. Gwen is his future. He remembers how she couldn’t’ tear herself away from Sam all these years. The difference in her eyes is that Theresa is not innocent. Ivy wants him to remember what Theresa did to him when she destroyed his dreams. She had the nerve to tell the world that Ethan wasn’t a Crane and she alerted the media. No woman that loves a man would do a thing like that. What else is she capable of? Ivy and Ethan look over at Theresa and they see her returning her glass to the bar. The bartender was right about her not falling into the bottle to feel better. She doesn’t feel better now that she has had the drink in her. She is still sad and miserable without her baby. That wasn’t the solution. Ethan follows her to the front of the bar to have a word. He can feel the sadness radiating from her. “Theresa”. She turns and when she sees who is calling her, she pulls back and slaps his face hard.

Alistair asks Katherine to look closely at the ring on the bony finger. She recognizes it. She starts shouting ‘No!”

Luis has watched the planes fly off. “Goodbye Sheridan.” He almost waves at the plane through the window. He turns to leave the airport with his head down and his tail between his legs. He sees Sheridan standing behind him with her hands crossed. She has seen how sad he was thinking that she had left forever. He rushes to her. Sheridan! She says that she couldn’t leave. She couldn’t leave without knowing what it was that Dottie wanted to talk to her about. She takes out her phone from her purse to make the call. She doesn’t want Luis to get the wrong idea about this. She is still leaving as there is nothing else left there for her. She is there to find out about her son, not to make up with Luis. She would only wonder about the message for several more hours if she didn’t make the call now. She dials for her friend Dottie to see what the woman has to tell her that is so important.

Julian comes over to Fox to talk to him. He knows that pain that he must feel. Fox finds it funny that Julian was on Chad’s side all along and now he comes over to talk to him as if they are friends. They named his son Miles without his input at all. Fox only knows that he is the biological father of that child and he will not give up on him. Julian was a bad figure as a father. He was never there. He won’t even help Fox get his child now. Fox will never do what his father did to him. Julian was never there for him and Fox won’t let him be there now. Ethan knows that he deserved to get slapped by Theresa. She is crying now. He took her baby from her. She gets extremely angry and starts hitting Ethan telling him over and over that she hates him. She turns her back on him and cries. He comes to her and hugs her as she cries. He tells her that he is sorry.

Tabitha looks into the big blue pot and sees that Sheridan hasn’t left town at all. A phone starts ringing and rises out of the big blue pot for Tabitha. Tabitha picks up the receiver and listens in. It is Sheridan calling Dottie. “I got your message. Is it about the tests?” Dottie confirms that it is and she has the results with her, in front of her now.

Whitney returns to the stage where the crowd is waiting for her. She giggles very silly before singing. “Don’t think I’ve never been down this road… I took a wrong turn somewhere a long time back… I didn’t listen to my friends. All I see is nothing…” Eve finds it awful to see Whitney this way. She is on a hard road now that she has discovered drinking. She isn’t used to drinking but soon will be. Eve used to do the same thing. She might even get into drugs or worse. Julian too has his problems with his child pining for a child that isn’t even his. Chad and Valerie watch Whitney sing. Fox too watches Whitney while he sips his Martini. Whitney continues, “I only have myself to blame…”

Katherine understands what has happened here now. She recognizes the body because of the ring. How could this be kept from her all these years? That is the only thing that she wants to know. “Martin! You knew! All these years you knew! You said nothing!” Martin hangs his head in shame at the terrible secret that he has hidden from Katherine all these years.

Whitney sings songs that are about her life, but no one really knows the depth of the words. Ivy and Fox discuss getting his son back and then making Chad pay and pay and pay. The child is a Crane and he deserves to be a part of the Crane empire. Ivy will help. She wasn’t around in the past but she will do whatever it takes to make things right. She isn’t going to let Fox down.

Theresa is crying now at the front away from prying eyes. Gwen has her baby now because of what Ethan did to her. It really hurts. He tells her that he is sorry that he did all this. She turns to him.

Why is he sorry? He won. He got everything that he ever wanted. Now his life can be perfect. He denies that his life is perfect now. She has lost everything and he has it all. He denies that he has it all. “I don’t have you. I don’t have the woman that I truly love. I should be with you. I should be with Jane and Little Ethan too. God Theresa! I should be with you!” Theresa can’t believe her ears.

Alistair shouts at Katherine to look at the body that he says was hidden under the gazebo all these years. This is not a trick. It is all very real. Katherine suddenly feels like she can’t break now. She runs to the sliding stone walls but they don’t open. Alistair grabs her and takes her to the skeleton and tells her that she needs to look at the face of the corpse. “Look at that face. This is the face of the woman that Sheridan called mother.” Katherine looks at the body and then immediately falls to the ground fainting from the trauma of it all.

Tabitha listens to Dottie’s message to Sheridan. Dottie starts explaining things but she gets too technical. Sheridan stops her. “I don’t need all the mumbo jumbo right now. All I want to know is if Marty is my son.” Dottie smiles as she listens to her friend. Sheridan really needs to hear this news.

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