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Passions Update Friday 6/3/05--Canada; Monday 6/6/05

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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Luis calls the airport as he heads over there. He asks if Sheridan is booked for any flights to France. He has to get to her before she leaves.

Sheridan is waiting for her plane at the airport. She has to leave all the people that she loves. Luis, Julian, her mother and Marty. She takes Marty’s picture out of her purse. She is going to miss that child. If she could have proven that he were her son, that would have changed everything. She needs hard evidence and she doesn’t have that. Luis doesn’t even believe her and she can’t stand it. If only that test had proven that she were Marty’s mother, that would have changed everything.

Dottie leaves more messages for Sheridan about her test and the truth about it. She begs for Sheridan to call her.

Beth is on cloud nine. She has everything that she wants.

Liz watches Whitney as she drinks herself into oblivion. Chad watches Whitney drink and is tempted to go over there, but Valerie stops him. The woman that is with Fox offers to help him forget about Whitney. She could make love to him but he is not in the mood for that now.

Eve and Julian are at the Blue Note now. Liz tells them that Whitney has been drinking. They look over at her and see that she is doing exactly what Eve did to ruin her life years ago.

Ned and Fancy are fixing up the dead man’s room before they leave. Someone is coming into the room. What are they going to do? A man enters the dead man’s suite and looks around before heading towards the bed.

Katherine tells Martin that she has to know the truth about Alistair’s secret. She believes that this will be a good thing. Martin agrees to help Alistair remove the lid on the coffin. Alistair has Katherine hold the torch so that he and Martin can removed the lid from the coffin. They start to push. The heavy stone lid is removed. The contents are revealed. Alistair tells Katherine to go ahead and look into the coffin. Alistair tells her that what happens after she sees the contents of the coffin will forever change everything. Katherine moves up to the coffin and looks in gingerly. She screams in terror at what she sees inside. She is so afraid of the sight that she drops the torch that she has been holding. Inside the coffin is the decomposed body of someone. The figure barely has any clothes left on its bones. It is the only source of light for them. The light dims while she gathers her thoughts. Alistair has no sympathy for Katherine and her cries of horror. She wanted to see this. It was her choice. That is the secret. That is the reason why Martin left town and why Sheridan thinks that she killed her mother. The dead woman was blond like Katherine used to be. She was the one that was buried under the gazebo. Martin was the one that buried the body. He admits to it. Katherine has many questions. Who is that woman? Martin doesn't want that answered. Alistair says that Katherine was the one that asked for this. Alistair would like to tell her the rest of the story here.

Whitney is drinking all by herself at the bar. Eve blames Liz for bringing Whitney there to sing. That has exposed her to alcohol and now she seems hooked to it. That is why she is drinking. Liz only offered her a job because she needed it. Liz begged the woman to stop drinking but she wouldn’t. Liz was told to back off. That is why she called Eve to help with this. TC has walked into the club and he hears what is going on. He has only caught the last couple of sentences of the argument.

Liz tells Eve that she seems not to care about her daughter. Eve slaps her hard in the face. TC comes forward demanding to know how dare Eve slaps Liz in the face like that? He hasn’t heard the whole conversation but he has heard enough to know that Liz isn’t the one to be blamed for anything going on.

That man that has gone into the dead man’s suite sees that the room is a mess. He figures that the man is somewhere around. This person who has entered the suite has been partying hard by himself in the hotel. He has been drinking and carousing and he is feeling very tired and ill from drinking. He goes over to the bed and plops himself down on it.

Underneath the bed, Ned and Fancy are being very quiet. They know that this guy is probably dangerous too judging from the gun and briefcase of money that the dead man had in his possession. They are careful to stay very quiet so that they will not be found out.

Luis puts on the sirens now. He will not lose Sheridan now.

Beth tells Marty to play with his toys in his pen so she can go and tend to other things. Beth plans to move out and leave her mother high and dry in the house by herself. She will get a new house and she will live alone with Marty and all that beautiful money that Alistair is going to give her. Edina laughs not believing that Alistair will give her anything. Beth reminds her mother that Alistair has the hots for her. She will not sleep with him, but she will lead him on. She will take care of her mother but will not live with her. She will send the woman cases of cat food to eat while she is alone. She might even spring for some hired help and not an ape this time. Edna says that Precious was a fine helper. They were close, like sisters. Sisters that wore diapers. Beth knows that she will have diamonds and designer clothes. She can see it now. She will come into the Crane mansion which will be hers when Alistair sells it to her. She will have the best view of Harmony from there. She will be dressed in fancy bright colored gowns. Her mother will be banging on the door to get in, complaining about the hired help stealing her cat food. Beth wouldn’t care. She would leave her mother out on the grounds. Once inside, Beth would summon the attack dogs and have them chase her mother off the grounds.

Luis would come home with Marty and the both of them would be dressed in tuxedoes. He would love her more than life itself. She would be so grateful that things worked out for them. He would be totally into Beth for being there for her. He would think that they are rich because she won the lottery. He wouldn’t care about that tramp Sheridan one bit. Beth is gonna love that when that day comes. She will make sure that he never misses Sheridan.

Sheridan is still waiting for her plane to board. She is a little restless just sitting. She walks off to another area to wait. Another woman that shows up sits in her seat. She has blonde hair and the same color suit on that Sheridan does. Luis enters the area and walks by the woman that looks like Sheridan. He goes to the reservation person. He asks if he can see the guest list but the woman will not show it to him, even though he is a police officer. He hasn’t got the right authorization to force her to show it to him. The woman does remember a woman waiting in the waiting area for a flight out. Maybe that is who Luis is looking for. He asks where the area is. He will check that out. He turns to the seats behind him but no one is there. The reservation person says that the woman was just there.

The man in the bed drops his shoes on the floor. They end up in front of Ned and Fancy’s faces. His feet stink. The man on the bed looks over at the dead body on the side of the bed. He sees that the position of the body has changed. He ought to know. He killed the guy. What is going on here anyway? Something is definitely wrong. There is knocking on the door. The man goes running to the door with his gun in his hand. It is the maid trying to get in to clean up a bit. The man wants her out of there but she is slow and difficult to take direction from him. She asks if he needs extra towels. He says no, but she goes in there anyway. He follows her in there.

TC defends Liz to the fullest. He finds that Eve is probably the one to blame for all this happening when he gets the full story. Ivy sees Whitney drinking alone and she goes to talk to her.

She learns that they are both having a bad night. Ivy sees that Whitney is having a lot of drinks and warns her about that. Whitney snaps at her thanking her for the advice. Fox sees that his mother is with Whitney. He gets up to go over there now. Chad sees Fox going over to Whitney now that his mother is there. He has to go there too.

Alistair has more to tell. Martin says that it is time to go. Katherine wants to know who the woman in the coffin is. Alistair says that Katherine knows who it is. Katherine demands to know the name of the person in the coffin. “Tell me who it is!”

Beth is sure that she is going to be rich, but Edna knows better. Beth knows that Alistair will feel guilty for the way that he has treated his daughter all her life. Beth will provide for her mother but she will not let her mother live In the mansion with she and Luis. Beth wants space to have more children with Luis. Beth thinks about it. They will make made passionate love and he will want her like he has never wanted Sheridan before. She will tear his clothes off. He will comment on the feel of her skin, and then take her to paradise. Beth falls on the couch in anticipation of what is sure to come once Sheridan is out of their lives.

Sheridan returns to the waiting area and sees Luis talking to the reservations person. “Oh no!” The reservations person sees Sheridan has returned to the area and she tells Luis that the woman that she saw earlier in the waiting area has returned. She points behind him at someone. Sheridan has been found out, but she really doesn’t want to talk to Luis anymore. She is sad to leave him but she has decided that this has to be. She turns and starts running out of the area, but Luis follows her. He catches up to her and hugs her closely to him. “Oh Sheridan I love you. Please don’t go. I need you.” Sheridan isn’t thrilled at seeing him. She says nothing.

Alistair wants Katherine to take a closer look at the body in the coffin. The features are a lot different, but he can still see the similarity to how the woman looked. Alistair asks Katherine again if she knows who the woman is in the coffin. Just think. Katherine turns to Martin. “Tell me who this is.” Martin will not tell her. This is too painful to her and it will only get worse. He tries to pull her out of there but she fights him. How can she ignore this? This poor woman came to a horrible end and that will be with her forever. Katherine demands that one of them tell her who is in the coffin.

Fox comes over to Whitney and Ivy and he demands to know what his mother is doing there. Ivy says that she was just a little bored and came to the club. Fox tells Whitney that she is freaking people out by the way that she is acting. She leaves to get ready for her next set. Fox asks Ivy about what was set to upset Whitney. Ivy says that she brought up the woman’s drinking and she didn’t like that. Ivy says that it might have been better that the child was given up for adoption. Eve, Julian come over to Ivy saying that it isn’t good that Whitney has given up her son. She is a good person. Ivy feels that she has a say in this as she is the child’s grandmother.

Chad corrects that statement and says that she is not the baby’s grandmother anymore. He tells her that if she wants to see the child she will have to get a lawyer. Fox leaves to get ready for Whitney’s next set. He goes back to Carla.

Ivy turns to Eve knowing that she must sympathize with her over not being able to see the child. She is the child’s grandmother too. Eve says that Chad is the child’s father now and that they have to listen to what he says about the child.

The maid has a big mouth and doesn’t take the hint to shut it. She talks and talks and finally the man in the dead man’s suite shuts the door in her face as she is talking. Someone strange is going on here. The room looks like someone has been going through it and his money is now missing. He runs to the bathroom and can’t find it there. Maybe someone is under the bed. The man gets his gun and shoots 3 times without looking. Whoever is under there is dead now. The maid is in the hall now pushing her cart to the next suite. It sure if heavy. She gets to the next suite. “Let’s see what those pigs have left for me now. She enters the new suite. Ned and Fancy come out from their hiding place under the housekeeping cart. Ned sees that they have left the champagne bottle in the suite. Fancy forgot about that because she was concentrating on the briefcase of money instead.

She shows it to Ned. He is furious with her for this. They could get killed for having that. “Hey! Give me back my money.” Ned and Fancy turn to the man. Fancy takes off with the briefcase. Ned tells the man that he will do as he is told. Ned looks behind the man coming at him and shouts that the cops are coming. The man turns and sees nothing behind him. When he turns around, Ned has pushed the maid’s cart at the man and he falls into it. Ned runs off.

The maid comes out of the suite and finds the man in her cart. “What is your problem anyway?”

Liz and Eve argue over what rights Ivy has to Whitney’s child. She demands to have the same rights that Eve does, but Eve reminds her that the child has been adopted and isn’t her grandson anymore.

Alistair is torturing Katherine by not telling her who is in the coffin. “Think Katherine. Think!” He wants her to figure this out on her own.

Beth is looking through the real estate section of the paper. Edna finds that Beth is taking a long shot thinking that she can get everything that she wants now. There is knocking at the door.  Beth whispers to her mother that her secret is safe and no one will find out that she is Alistair’s sister.

Dottie leaves a message for Sheridan. She has proof that there is something to be looked at again with the tests. Things are different this time. Dottie needs to discuss this soon.

Luis and Sheridan are arguing. She is determined to do. It is over for her. Luis stops her by telling her that Dottie called her. Sheridan is very interested in that. Luis didn’t get a message for Sheridan. Sheridan sees that she has to talk to the woman right away. Maybe she can prove finally that Marty is her son.

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