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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Liz is angry with Fox and Chad for upsetting Whitney. She orders them out of her club. Fox thinks that he should stay, and so does Chad. Fox calls Chad sick. He thinks that Chad just wants to be with his sister and he finds that sick.

Dottie is puzzled. Sheridan was the one that asked her to run the tests again and she has done that. Now Sheridan is nowhere to be found.

Luis is in the car and he is trying to get to the airport to find Sheridan before she leaves forever.

Sheridan arrives at the cottage. She has the picture of Luis and Marty with her. She calls out for Luis. When she sees that he is not there, she takes advantage of her opportunity to pack and get out of town.

Beth and Edna argue over Sheridan and the way that she has been treated on the way out of town. Edna likes Sheridan and still would like to see her with her child. Beth would like her mother to support her for once in this and be happy for her getting something in life finally. Beth is trying to savor the moment of triumph but Edna will not let her be. Edna wants Beth to remember that she got the things that she did through evil doing. Beth is going to get Alistair to get her a nice house far from her mother. Edna fears being left alone.

Alistair is leading Katherine and Martin to the answer of the questions that Katherine has been asking. She has been really curious about the gazebo and why is has been moved from where it was years ago. Martin knows about this. Martin stops Katherine telling her that she doesn’t want to know these answers that she wants. He is sure that this could make her lose her mind.

Ned and Fancy have found a dead man in a suite in the hotel while trying to hide from the security guards. They have to get out of the room but they have to hide from the guards as well. Right now the room is the best bet. Ned wonders if the man is really dead. He goes back to the body and moves it a little with his foot. The man groans and tries to get up. Fancy panics and jumps into Ned’s arms. Ned tells Fancy to chill. The body just moved because rigor mortis is setting in. The man’s back muscles just contracted. It is just a sound that dead bodies make. Ned knows a lot of dead bodies. He used to be pre-med. Fancy likes that. He could make a lot of money doing that. Fancy tells about how her mother benefits from knowing doctors. Ned wants to talk about the body again. Ned goes over to the man and they see that the man is the guy that Fancy was with at the casino earlier that night. Fancy could be the number one suspect in this guy’s murder.

Liz stops Fox and Chad from fighting by getting in between them. They have made a basket case of Whitney and that is spoiling Liz’s show. She has a business to run, and these two are spoiling it. She begs the men to leave Whitney alone. Fox wants to check on her but Chad offers as well. Liz decides to check on the girl herself. She orders both men to leave. She walks off. Fox refuses to leave and so does Chad. They both are concerned for Whitney, and they will be there if she needs them. Fox looks at Chad with contempt. The men look at each other like they would like to kill the other. Both feel that they have a right to be there. Liz goes to her niece who is sitting alone in her dressing room thinking quietly. Whitney thinks back to praying and asking for help with the pregnancy after she found out the ugly truth. She was kneeling before a religious statue asking for guidance. She did everything that she could to deal with the birth of her son but it is clear that she is terribly affected. She hasn’t been able to rid herself of the guilt of bringing that child into the world and not being able to tell the man that she loved about him. She has bonded with the child now and yet she can’t raise him. She tells her aunt that she will never be alright again. She can’t reveal why she feels this way. She is not alright. She cries as she hugs her aunt.

Luis continues to drive his car as fast as he can. He hopes that he will be able to find Sheridan before she leaves Harmony and he forever.

Sheridan is home packing her things. She packs the picture of Luis and Marty with her things. They will be forever in her heart and soul.

Edna can’t believe that Beth would try to leave her alone in her old age. Beth would do it in a minute. Edna reminds Beth that she was the one that raised her. Beth hasn’t got fond memories like that. She remembers her mother trying to sell her to a couple when she was little. Beth will be out of town as soon as she gets her money from Alistair. Edna calls to the angels to listen to her daughter and the way that she treats her mother. Beth always had to work. Her mother never did anything for her. She didn’t even see fit to tell that Beth was the daughter of Alistair Crane. Edna even left Beth alone while she went out with men. Beth is going to get some money and start living the good life.

Katherine and Martin are following Alistair to learn the truth. Martin says that this secret is why Luis and Sheridan have been having a hard time being together and why Harmony has no peace. Alistair confirms that this is the truth. Katherine wants to get to the meat of the matter. They are almost at their destination. Alistair leads the duo through the park to an area where flowers are in bloom. Katherine looks down at the tombstone. It has her name on it. Alistair put that there so that the kids could visit with their mother without going into the mausoleum. Alistair is horrible for making Sheridan think that her mother was dead all these years. Alistair has more to show Katherine and it is horrible. Katherine is scared but she has to find out what the news is that has been hidden all this time. She knows that this will make Sheridan feel better. Katherine will have to face the demons. She has no choice. Martin reluctantly follows her as he can’t leave her alone to find out this ugly truth. Alistair stops walking when he gets to the mausoleum. “We are here.” Katherine doesn’t understand yet, but she will. Katherine wanted the truth, and this is it. Alistair turns to Katherine with a key in his hand. He opens the door to the mausoleum as Katherine and Martin watch him. The door creaks loudly as he pushes it open. Alistair looks back at Katherine. I almost feel sorry for you. Alistair enters first. Katherine and Martin follow him into the great beyond.

The music is playing at the Blue Note. Fox tells Chad that he has to stop badgering Whitney. Fox will not back off. He is not as sick as Chad is he finds. Chad tells Fox to go back to being a player with his bimbo that he was sitting with at the club. Chad threatens to get evidence to bust Fox for trying to delete the files.  Fox’s friend and Valerie come over and separate the men, taking them to different parts of the club. Liz offers to help in any way that she can, but Whitney knows that there is nothing that can be done. Liz reminds Whitney that drinking will not help. Whitney tried to things her aunt’s way but she didn’t get relief. Everyone is different, but all that Liz asks is that Whitney not let this drinking drag her down like it did her mother. Singing seems to help Whitney feel better. Liz tries not to come on strong but she has to make a point here.

Whitney knows that Liz is only trying to help. Whitney would like to sing. That helps a lot. She would like to sing right now. Liz will set things up by starting the intro. Liz leaves. Whitney is alone and she looks at a bottle of booze that has been left in her room. She pours herself a glass of courage and downs it. That seems to work. She pours another and takes that out to the stage with her. “Ladies and gentlemen. Miss Whitney Russell.” Whitney has been introduced and she comes to the stage with her drink in her hand. Whitney goes on stage and she thanks the crowd for waiting for her. The music starts and she is great. As Whitney sings, Liz calls Eve. She leaves a message for the doctor telling her that Whitney is in trouble and that she really needs her mother. Liz knows that the trouble is only starting now. Whitney is on a slippery slope and she is rolling downhill fast.

Fancy wants to get out of the suite with the dead man in it and fast. Ned tells her that they have left their fingerprints in the room and they will have to clean that off first before leaving or it will only be a matter of time before they are caught and charged with this guy’s murder. Fancy understands that. Ned grabs a cloth and heads to the door to clean off their prints. He moves quickly so that they can get the hell out of there. Fancy goes to get the gun that belonged to the man asking how she should clean it. She is holding it by the fingertips. Ned turns to her asking her to be careful with that gun as it may be loaded and therefore dangerous. At that moment, she drops the gun and a bullet goes flying from it in Ned’s direction. Ned does a flying leap away from the door. He is lying on the carpet now. Fancy isn’t sure if she has killed him or not. She waits.

Luis is determined to find Sheridan and tell her that he is wrong and that he should have trusted her. Where can she be?

Sheridan is all packed now. She goes to her bedroom door. She looks back. She sees a picture in her mind of she and Luis making sweet love in that bed. She has to go. She live with this between them. She opens the door and leaves. As Sheridan closes the door to her room, the phone rings. Dottie leaves a message. “I have news about Marty. Incredible news.”

Edna watches as Beth ignores her pleas to go with her wherever she goes. Who is going to look after Edna? Beth has no idea. Edna reminds Beth that she can’t spend any money as Alistair warned them not to do that. That will make Luis suspicious. He will think that she kept the money that Alistair offered her. Beth sees that she can’t leave. She has to get her hands on this money and make it seem now like it didn’t come from Alistair.

Alistair has Martin and Katherine in the family mausoleum. It is the last resting-place of Alistair’s ancestors. It is very cold in there. Martin blows on Katherine’s fingers. Alistair gives Katherine a chance to turn back and forget about this. Katherine will not leave. She wants to know the truth. Alistair offers to show her the truth instead of telling her about it. Alistair moves to the wall and turns an ornament there. He holds the torch over the black hole that opens up in the wall so that she can see in. Alistair is crudely smiling, but Martin is very concerned. He looks at Katherine’s face to read her. She still wants the truth but she is a little afraid as well.

Whitney is singing her butt off. “Poison in the well… I’m sick way down inside”. The song is over. The audience loves it. Whitney stops and takes a drink. She comes back to the mic and starts singing again. “Sometimes I can hear you…” Her voice starts cracking. Liz can see that Whitney is about to crack. She sounds just like her mother.

Liz leaves another message for Eve. “Your daughter needs you.”

Fancy goes to Ned and apologizes. He doesn’t move. “Please wake up. Wake up and speak to me.” She touches him and finds blood on her hands. “Please don’t leave me alone. Ned!” Suddenly Ned wakes and grabs her head pulling her to him for a long surprising kiss.

Luis made his way back to the cottage calling for Sheridan. She should be back by now. He sees that the photos are gone. Sheridan was there. He runs to her closet. Her clothes are gone. He feels that she must be on her way to the airport now. He will get to her before she goes to Paris.

Sheridan buys her ticket. There is no other way. She sits and waits for her plane.

Edna talks to Marty as Beth paces. Beth is thinking of a way to get some money from Alistair without anyone being suspicious. Suddenly she gets it. She will say that she won the lottery. Alistair owns everything. Beth is going to be on easy street for the rest of he life. Edna knows that Marty is getting stuck with Beth but she hopes that one day Marty will realizes that Sheridan loves him very much. Beth is off in the room dancing. She has figured it out. “Touchdown!”

Whitney finishes her set and leaves the stage. She goes to the bar and orders another drink but this time a double. Liz hears Whitney ordering another drink. The girl is making the same mistake that her mother made. Whitney is angry. She is a big girl, and can do what she wants. Chad knew that something was up with Whitney on the stage. He and Valerie see that she has been drinking a lot. Valerie asks Chad to respect Whitney’s wishes and leave her alone. Fox sees that Whitney has ordered her 3rd drink. The woman with him is angry that they never did get to celebrate tonight like they planned. He apologizes. She is fine. She will do his best to hold his attention from Whitney. She rubs his leg.

Fancy is angry that Ned made her think that he was dead. He gets up off the floor. She grazed his head and that was where the blood came from. It is a good thing that he dove for cover. She offers to wipe the prints off the gun again, but Ned decides to do that himself. Fancy heads to the bed to pick up the money. She starts packing the money into the briefcase where it came from. There is a noise at the door. Someone is using their key to enter. Ned and Fancy freeze and turn to the door.

Alistair enters the tunnel in the mausoleum. He calls for Katherine to follow him. She does. Martin warns Katherine to stop here. This has gone on long enough. Suddenly the door that they have just entered closes behind them. Alistair calls them forward. There is a body. Katherine is sure that this was the body that was buried by the gazebo. Alistair asks Martin to help him with this lid on the crypt. Martin says no. He doesn’t want Katherine to see what is In there. Katherine has to see what is in there. This is for all their sakes. She pleads with Martin. He relents. “God forgive me for what I am about to do.” Martin moves over to Alistair and gets ready to help open the crypt. Katherine holds the torch so that the men can use both their hands to move the heavy lid off the crypt. The lid is off now. Alistair calls Katherine forward to see what is in the coffin. He warns that everything before and after this moment will be forever changed. Katherine makes her way slowly to the coffin to have a look inside. Something tells her that she should run, but she can’t. She gets to the coffin and slowly leans to peer inside.


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