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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Alistair offers to tell Katherine the secret that she has been begging him about. Martin tells Katherine that she shouldnít listen to this. He orders Alistair to shut up. Alistair will only stop talking if Martin offers to tell Katherine the truth himself.

Fox is trying to delete files from Chadís computer but something is wrong. He has a woman friend with him and she warns Fox that he could get in trouble for doing this. Chad will suspect Fox of this but he will not be able to prove anything. The woman finds this to be pretty drastic. Fox feels that taking his son was drastic. He wants to make Chad broke so that the child will be taken from him.

At his apartment, Chad is getting ready to go out with Valerie. He is ready to go and see that files are being deleted from his computer. "Oh no." Valerie comes over to see what is wrong. She sees that Chadís files are being deleted. Chad has to stop this.

Whitney is having another drink. Liz sees her niece drinking again and she comes over to the girl and warns her not to get into drinking as that will lead to trouble. She would hate to see her niece in rehab in a few years.

Beth is wonderful with Marty. She really loves the child and Edna can see that. Mrs. Wallace could almost believe that Marty was Bethís real son with the way that the woman struts around with her. Beth puts the child in the pen and goes over to her mother. She grabs the remote and shuts off the television. She has something to say.

This old woman will never learn it seems. She orders her mother to stop talking about Sheridan really being Martyís mother or someone might overhear her. Marty is getting to the age now where he is picking up things that people say. There is knocking at the door. Beth answers to Sheridan who says that she is there about Marty.

Theresa is crying as she says goodbye to Jane and Ethan. He tells Theresa that she handled this right by giving the child up. Theresaís heart has been ripped out by giving up her little girl. Gwen bounces the child in her arms smiling as Theresa goes on and on about how this is killing her.

Valerie confirms that the files are being deleted and only one person could be doing this. Fox is the only one that would do this for many reasons. Valerie wants to stop the files from being deleted but it is too late. The files are all gone.

Whitney says that she is not her mother and that she is handling her problems well. She will not be counseled by Liz. Liz knows what Whitney has been through. Anyone would need help after dealing with all that. Whitney thinks back to the time when she realized that she was pregnant with her brotherís baby. Her aunt talks and talks but she still doesnít know what Whitney has been through exactly.

Beth gets her back up when Sheridan says that she is there about Marty. Sheridan says that Beth has her all wrong. She tells Beth that she has won. Sheridan canít prove that Marty is hers and so she is giving up the fight. She is leaving Harmony. Edna hears this news and hates it. She wants Sheridan to stay and learn the truth. Sheridan continues with Beth. The world might think that Beth is Martyís mother but she knows that they are the only two who really know the truth.

Dottie has run the tests again hoping that there is a chance that Sheridanís DNA might be a match for the baby. She increasingly thinks that she may get the results that she wants this time. She made the mistake of not testing Sheridan along with Beth and Marty. Sheridan was in such a rush that night. The phone rings, but Dottie doesnít hear it. She is too deep in her thoughts. The lab technician hands Dottie the phone. She learns that the results of Sheridanís tests have been done.

Pilar and Luis tell Theresa that she has done the right thing, and that she shouldnít worry as the custody is only temporary. She knows that Ethan will take care of her child. Luis wishes that he could trust Sheridan the way that she trusts Ethan. Ethan has to go now. It is getting late and the baby has to be put to bed in the new nursery. Theresa wants more assurance that she will get her child back, but she canít have it. There is nothing more that can be done to make her feel better. She has to trust now with everything in her. Ethan and Gwen walk to the door carrying Jane, and the pain is too hard to bear. "No. No. Donít do this. Ethan donít take my baby! I want my baby!"

Ethan and Gwen stop at the door to turn and look at Theresa. She tried to run to them to get Jane, but Pilar and Luis hold her back.

Katherine has to wonder why it is that Martin will not tell her what happened at the gazebo many years ago. Martin just wants her to walk away. Alistair laughs. Martin is very good at walking away from situations. He walked away from his children just as easily as he is trying to walk away now. Alistair wonders if Martin is afraid to tell Katherine the truth in case she walks away from him after hearing the truth.

Valerie canít believe that the files that Chad has been working on are gone. Chad says that he isnít worried. He has saved the files. He has a backup copy. Chad wants to go to the office now and let Fox know that his plan didnít work. Valerie wants to go out somewhere. They can deal with Fox the next day. Mrs. Willoughby who has offered to baby sit feels that they should just go out instead. Chad decides to follow her advice.

Whitney tells her aunt that singing again as made her feel alive again. She takes another sip of her drink. Liz begs Whitney not to turn to drugs to feel better. Whitney already says that the drinking helps her voice. She is already leaving towards it. Carol comes to Liz to get assistance with the activities of the club. There are cheques that have to be signed in the back. Liz already knows that this has to be dealt with. Liz must take care of this. She leaves Whitney for a while. Whitney knows that her aunt wants to help but she really has no idea what she is talking about here. Whitney has been through a lot more than the woman thinks. She had a baby fathered by her brother. Whitney canít live that down. Whitney picks up her glass and waves to the bartender now that her aunt is out of earshot. "Hit me again?" The man stands with his hand on his hip shaking his head at Whitney. He has been serving her drinks all night. It is a wonder she can still sit up straight.

Theresa wails for her child. Pilar and Luis hold her as Ethan and Gwen leave with the baby. Theresa is very upset. Luis offers to go and talk to Ethan before they get in the car to make sure that he will keep his promise. At the car, Luis stops Ethan and Gwen and makes them promise that they will let Theresa see her child whenever she wants. They promised that with Little Ethan, but they didnít do it.

Ethan gives his word. Jane is an innocent baby. Luis hopes that the feud with the families will be over now. Ethan reminds Luis that this is his daughter and that he will make sure that things go well. Luis has to go now. He needs to talk to Sheridan now. Gwen tells Luis that Sheridan has left. She didnít want to talk to Luis and she is leaving Harmony.

Sheridan is at Bethís home and she tells Beth that she knows that Beth is involved in her kidnapping and the theft of her child. Beth doesnít want to hear this. Sheridan will not go into this further. The damage has been done. Sheridan hasnít gotten the support of Luis like she expected and so this fight is over. "Please take care of my baby."

Dottie has gotten the results of the tests by phone. She listens to them with her mouth almost to the floor. She canít believe her ears. It is a miracle. She needs to get in touch with Sheridan right away. She will be definitely interested in this news. She can't believe this.

Sheridan is ready to go now. She has said all that she has come to say. Beth almost has the door closed when Edna jumps up asking Sheridan to come into the house to see Marty just one more time. Beth rolls her eyes at her mother but Edna doesnít stop. Beth says that canít happen right now. Whatever excuse she makes for Sheridan not being able to come in falls on deaf ears. Sheridan smiles at the invitation. She will only stay for a short time. Edna waves her in like she is parking a plane. Beth is furious. Sheridan comes in and heads to the child who is in his playpen. She picks him up and holds him just one more time. Edna goes to her daughter. She knows that Beth wanted to have the woman just run off into the night forever, but Edna didnít let Beth get what she wants this time. Beth disagrees. She has everything that she wants. She will have Marty, Sheridan will be gone soon and that will leave Luis wide open for the taking.

Whitney is alone with her thoughts at the bar. She remembers her baby and that little face. He was so perfect. The head of the band comes to Whitney telling her that they have to get ready for her to sing. Whitney gets up and starts walking to the back of the club to get ready. She stumbles. The man asks her if she is okay. He asks also how many drinks she has had. She says that she is fine and that he should just go ahead and get ready for the song she is going to sing. Fox and his lady friend enter the club and sit at the bar. They are going to celebrate deleting Chadís files. Chad and Valerie enter the club and they see Fox at the bar sitting and having a drink. Chad rushes over to him and grabs him by the scruff of the neck pulling him up off his barstool. Chad angrily asks what Fox was trying to do by trying to delete his files.

Theresa turns on her mother now. She finds that this is partly her fault. Theresa finds that her mother backed Gwen just because she is married. Theresa sees that her mother is only doing this because she is married and she wants to win her husband back from Katherine. Theresa feels that she has been isolated her. She feels her mother only cares about herself and used this situation to make herself feel better.

Katherine demands to know what the secret is about the gazebo. Katherine needs to know what this is all about. Martin stops begging her to find out the truth. She is the bravest woman that he has ever seen. Katherine walks from Martin and moves to Alistair. "What is it? Alistair what is the secret about the gazebo?"

Dottie is trying every number that she can to find Sheridan. She is nowhere to be found. Dottie has one more number that she can try.

Beth and Edna discuss Sheridan as they watch her with Marty. They whisper behind her about her leaving town. Beth is glad that Sheridan is leaving. That woman will never stop if they donít get her out of town. She will just never stop trying to get Marty from her. The phone rings. Beth answers, and it is someone asking for Sheridan. "Itís Dottie." Beth pauses. Edna comes up to Beth asking who is on the phone. She sees that her daughter is pausing too long after answering the phone and her curiosity is getting the best of her.

Chad tells Fox that he knows that the man tried to destroy his files. "What do you mean tried?" Chad says that the scheme didnít work. Fox asks where his baby is. Chad says that the child is with a sitter. Liz comes up to the group and orders them out of the club. Before they can leave, Whitney is introduced to the club. She comes out looking a little tipsy. She starts singing. Fox is mesmerized and he leans on the bar to watch her sing. Chad too canít take his eyes off her and moves to the bar beside Whitney to listen.

Whitney tries to sing, but her thoughts take over. She remembers the pregnancy test and all she has had to deal with in the past. Lying to Fox and keeping away from Chad. She canít continue singing. She starts the next line to the song, but she canít make it come out right. "Iím sorry. I canít do this. I canít". Then she is rushing off backstage. Fox and Chad run after her to see what they can do for her.

Dottie is on the phone telling Beth that she has to find Sheridan. The call waiting goes off. Beth clicks into the other call and it is Luis. He is looking for Sheridan. She says that she will call if she gets any word of her. Edna demands to know who was on the phone before. Beth says that it was a wrong number. Edna doesnít believe her. Sheridan sees that it is time to go now. Edna takes a picture off the table and hands it to Sheridan. Sheridan would like to take it but Beth gets in the way. Edna insists that she take the picture. Sheridan takes it and then quietly walks out the door. Beth rushes off behind Sheridan to confirm that the woman is really gone. She is. Beth comes back to the house and her mother is waiting for her. She tells Beth that she is really evil. Beth is sick of being called that. She takes the baby and puts him in another room. She returns to her mother and tells her that she is not the only one that is evil. Edna has had time to tell Sheridan the truth over and over again but she has never done it. She must be evil too. Beth has such a terrible tantrum that she picks up a glass vase and throws it to the floor in anger. She is tired of this.

Dottie has called everywhere now. Sheridan is nowhere to be found.

Gwen has the baby back in the mansion. She so happy to have the child back with her.

Whitney is in the back of the club. Both Chad and Fox are trying to talk to her but she doesn't want that. "Iím fine! Iím fine! Iím fine!"

Alistair will do as he is asked. Katherine wants to know the truth? Alistair will show her the truth. He starts walking. Katherine follows him. She turns to see what Martin is doing. He is watching her walk off, but then he starts following them too.

Pilar tries to talk sense to her daughter, but Theresa will not have it. She starts breaking things in the house to show her anger at her motherís disloyalty.

Over at Bethís house, she too is breaking things. Her mother angers her about all this evil that she accuses Beth of. Beth calms down. She sees that there isnít anything more to be angry about. Sheridan is gone. Marty and soon Luis will be hers.

Luis is at the cottage. He tries to find Sheridan but she isnít around. He goes to the phone. Maybe she has booked a flight somewhere. He checks. As Luis hangs up the phone, it rings. It is Dottie. Luis hasnít got time to talk to her right now. He offers to give Sheridan a message. Dottie says that she has important news for Sheridan and it involves Luis too, so he should talk to her. She realizes that she has been talking but no one has been answering her. She calls out to Luis. No one answers. Suddenly Ė dial tone.

Sheridan is in the park. She is sitting on a bench. She is staring down at the picture of her son. The son that she will never be able to claim as her own. There is nothing left for her. It is over. Her relationship with Luis and her chance to get her son back. She stands and walks out of the park carrying the picture of Marty will her.

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