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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Fox is with a woman that he used to have a brief affair with. They are in the Crane building but his mind is on something else. She notices that. He tells that he is thinking of his biggest rival and how he can undermine him.

Valerie is over at Chad’s home with he and the baby. Chad wishes that Whitney would want her son a little bit. Valerie wishes that he would see that Whitney is over with the child now.

Whitney shows up at the Blue Note. Liz is there to greet her. She wants Whitney to sing at the club and Whitney wants to do that. Whitney would like her singing in the club to be a secret from her dad. Liz offers to make TC understand that Whitney is singing and nothing else.

A server comes up to Liz with pictures of her sister’s baby. Liz loves the pictures. Whitney listens quietly. She remembers the first time that she laid eyes on her own child. He was perfect. Liz sees that Whitney is affected by the discussion about the baby. “What is wrong?”

Katherine has a huge rock in her hand and she threatens to hit Alistair with the rock. He has no fear in his heart of her. She has always been someone that he could push around, and he is sure that he can still do that. She wouldn’t dare try to hurt him. She should know what a terrible person he can be when he is angry. She raises the rock over her head and is about to strike the man, but Martin appears. He has gotten there just in time. Katherine seems like she was going to go through with this. Alistair must have really pushed her too far this time. Katherine is a good and sweet person and only someone as evil as Alistair could have driven her to lengths as far as this. He takes the rock from Katherine knowing that she can’t kill Alistair, but that he can. He knew that something was wrong with Katherine when he heard Sheridan talking about her earlier, but he never thought that he would find Katherine ready to kill the man.

Pilar is still with Ethan and Gwen in her house. They are trying to get Theresa out of the room so that they can get their hands on Jane and take her out of there. Gwen remembers that the social worker is coming over to the mansion to see Jane, and so they have to hurry up with this. Ethan sees that Theresa hasn’t given them much choices now. Theresa is in the room still. Things are very quiet now. She is locked in with her baby and she talks to the child. She has no idea how long she will be able to stay there without the police coming in, but she will hope for the best anyway. She will not give the child up.

Luis and Sheridan are talking about her leaving town to live in Paris where she lived before. She wants to go away alone. She seems to be giving up on them. She can’t save them anymore. She has given him a choice and he has chosen the wrong option. He can’t be with her if she can’t support her. She is leaving and she may never come back.

Valerie looks at the work that Chad has been doing and it is great. She taps on his laptop looking at the excellent report that he has put together. He is doing a wonderful job while taking care of the baby at the same time. Chad smiles at her praise of him. Valerie offers to upload Chad’s work to his office computer to help him out. Chad thanks her for that. He is busy with the child in his hands feeding him.

Fox takes his lady friend with him into an office. She is turned on by his thirst for revenge. To her, that is sexy. They hear a beeping noise coming from an office. It is coming from Chad’s office. Fox heads over there with the woman. Fox looks at Chad’s office equipment. The woman sees a picture of Chad with the baby on the desk. She says that the baby is cute and looks like Chad. Fox gets angry. “That is my son. He looks like me. He is my son”.

Liz knows that Whitney is going through a terrible time, but Whitney will have to put all of this behind her now. She knows that everyone trying to adopt her baby hurt her and made things difficult. Whitney really wanted the child to go to a good home and have two parents. Not one. Liz understands what it is to make bad decisions sometimes. Eve made some bad decisions and that ruined her life. If Whitney lets this control her, then Whitney might get caught up in drugs and drinking like her mother.

Pilar knows that something has to be done now to get Theresa out of the room. They have tried everything. Pilar offers to get Luis again. She wants all of this to be over so that Theresa will start healing.

Gwen is sorry that this is painful for Pilar. Ethan thinks to himself that he is sorry too that he has to do this to Theresa. He would say this aloud, but that would only anger Gwen again and that serves no purpose here.

Theresa looks at her child. She can’t let her go. Even if there was a shred of something in her that tells her that she has to obey the law, she still can’t do it. She will sit with her child locked up as long as she can. If that means keeping her longer, she will do it.

Luis tells Sheridan that she can’t leave. He loves her with all his heart. He is sorry for being angry with Katherine. Sheridan knows that Luis hates her mother and that Sheridan sides with people that he doesn’t agree with. This always brings them back to the same argument. He says that he loves Sheridan but where is the proof? Luis wants her to admit that she knows that he loves her. She says that she doesn't know that he loves her and that is why she has to say goodbye to him.

Alistair knows that Martin and Katherine couldn't kill him if they wanted to. Alistair knows that the two are too good and sweet to do such a thing. Their precious religions stop them from doing what they really want to do, and that is laughable to Alistair. Martin would gladly give up heaven to see Alistair dead. Alistair can’t believe that Katherine gave him up for this yo-yo. She was his thing to possess, even if Martin doesn’t see things that way. Alistair can be cruel beyond their wildest dreams if he wanted to be. Martin promises that he will not let Alistair be cruel to anyone again as he is going to kill the man. He lunges for him.

Luis and Sheridan are talking but Luis can’t make headway with Sheridan. The conversation seems to be going nowhere. Luis sees that he is losing this battle and fast. Ethan and Gwen come out to the backyard and ask Luis to go and talk to his sister again. He reenters the house. Gwen goes to her friend, hoping that things have been patched up. Sheridan shakes her head. She is more determined than ever to leave now. There is nothing that can be done here.

Fox tells the woman that he is the father of the baby in the picture with Chad. The woman doesn’t understand how this could be. The baby is African-American. That is true but it makes sense to her when Fox reveals that the mother is African-American too. Fox explains that Chad and Whitney are brother and sister. The woman remembers reading about this. Fox explains that the baby’s mother thought that it would be a better idea to give up the child and then the brother adopted the child. Fox needs to get rid of the Chad and get the child back. An idea comes to Fox. He knows how to get rid of Chad.

Chad sits at his laptop and watches as the files are uploaded to his office computer. Valerie knows about the rivalry between Chad and Fox and she worries about that. Fox will do anything to discredit Chad. Chad will look out. This is all about getting his son back, and Chad will not give the child back. Valerie asks if this is about getting Whitney back. Chad admits that this is all about getting Whitney back in his life.

Whitney has just sung a tune to the crowd at Liz’s club. The crowd loves her and her singing. Liz promises the crowd that Whitney will be back later. Liz goes to Carol the server and asks her to cover a shift the next day. The woman is glad to help. She apologizes for upsetting Whitney with the baby pictures earlier. Liz says that an apology is not necessary. Whitney goes to the bar. There is a drink waiting for her. She didn’t order anything. The bartender tells her that the fans have been buying drinks for her. Whitney remembers her aunt telling her not to get caught up in the drinking and drugging that goes on around bars, or she will end up like her mother.

Luis goes back to the door to talk to his sister who is locked in the room. He tells Theresa that she was right about Sheridan and the way that he should have handled things with her. He couldn’t trust in Sheridan and so he wants Theresa to show him that she can trust in the person that she says she loves. He wants her to open the door, give up the baby, and trust that Ethan will not make the custody order permanent. That was very smart. Theresa can see that her brother has used her own argument against her. How can she refuse his request of her?

Valerie tries to make Chad see sense. He shouldn’t be trying to have a close relationship with his sister. He didn’t mean that he wants to have sex with her, he just wants to be close with her. Someone knocks at the door. Chad answers to Mrs. Willoughby. She is the worker on Chad’s case. She says that she sees that there is a problem.

Alistair and Martin have been scuffling and wrestling in the yard. Martin is determined to kill the man. Katherine shouts at Martin to stop this. This is going to turn back badly on Martin for sure. Martin stops fighting. Alistair smiles. He asks Martin if he remembers where they are right now. They are at the gazebo. Martin didn’t recognize the area. He tells Katherine that they have to go now. Katherine wants to know what is so special about the gazebo. Martin says that they must go.

Alistair stops them. He offers to tell them everything. Everything that they want to know about the gazebo.

Gwen tries to make her friend change her mind about leaving but Sheridan can’t. She is crying pitifully now. It is too painful for her to stay there knowing that she has lost Luis and that she can’t have her child.

Luis continues to talk to Theresa through the locked door. If she trusts Ethan, then this is not to be an issue. He knows that Theresa believes in this more than anyone in the world. She has to come out now. Does she trust Ethan enough? No one answers. “Theresa?” Luis hears something. It is furniture moving. The door opens and Theresa comes out of the room holding Jane in her arms. She has been humbled. She is crying. She is walking slowly as she heads to her brother with the child that she loves so dearly.

Whitney is having her drink. She hears women talking. It is the staff of the club looking at pictures of Carol’s sister’s baby. The bartender takes the pictures for safekeeping while the ladies serve and he puts them down in front of Whitney unintentionally. Whitney looks at the baby picture on top without touching it. She remembers looking at her own baby. He is a beautiful baby and more beautiful than this child before her.

Mrs. Willoughby looks around the apartment and sees that Chad is doing well with the baby. The problem that she sees is that Chad has still been working and that is very hard to do when raising a baby. Mrs. Willoughby offers to stay with the baby while Chad and Valerie go out for the evening. Chad feels that the couldn’t possibly do that. Valerie feels that is a great idea. Mrs. Willoughby will watch the child and the files will be updated while they are out.

Fox has been at Chad’s computer. As the files come in from Chad’s house, Fox deletes them. The woman with him feels that he isn’t doing something that is right. Fox finds that stealing his baby wasn’t right.

Luis says that he will follow Theresa’s example and follow Sheridan no matter what. Now that he has spoken to Sheridan and she has indicated that she would like to leave, Luis sees what is really important in his life. Theresa will trust in Ethan not to take her child permanently. Luis leaves to get Ethan and Gwen. Theresa holds her child and coos to her as she waits for Ethan and Gwen to come for her and take her away. The only thing that allows her to do this is her belief in fate. Even at that point, it occurs to Theresa that she might not be doing the right thing, but Luis was right. If she is going to be angry with Luis for not trusting Sheridan with everything in him, then she should be able to do the right thing herself.

Luis tells the group in the living room that Theresa is ready to give up her baby now. The impossible has been done. He is smiling as Theresa has stepped up to the plate and practiced what she preached. Something about what she did has brought peace to his soul. He will try with Sheridan again. Ethan runs out to the yard to get Gwen. Pilar is curious to know what it was that got Theresa out of the bedroom after all this time. Luis tells how he promised that he would listen to Sheridan and trust in her as Theresa trusts Ethan. Theresa seemed to respond to that. Out in the yard, Gwen says her goodbye to Sheridan her dearest friend. She will miss this woman. Sheridan has to go now. Ethan comes out of the house to the ladies to tell that Theresa has come out of the room now and is ready to give up the baby. Gwen can’t believe her ears. Everything is working out. Ethan and Gwen rush back into the house. Sheridan watches them and hopes that her friend will be as happy as she wishes that she could be in her life, with her baby. Sheridan leaves. In the house, Ethan and Gwen go to Theresa and Jane. Theresa is falling apart crying. This is too hard for her. The baby senses that something is wrong and starts making a fuss. Theresa asks Ethan take the child so that she doesn’t sense that something is wrong.

Gwen is smiling from ear to ear. She finally has what she wants. They have Jane. Theresa’s heart is breaking now. The pain is deeper than she ever thought that it would be.

Alistair is ready to tell what happened the night so long ago at the gazebo. For years people have been going on and on about the incident thinking that Alistair has done something horrible, but never being able to figure out what. Martin knows more than he is letting on about this, but he doesn’t want to have Katherine hear about it, or discuss it with Alistair. Martin warns Alistair to shut up about the issue. He has a murderous look in his eye. Alistair is not afraid. Martin is the one that seems afraid. Alistair says that Martin has been a bad boy keeping secrets from Katherine all these years while pretending to be an up front boyfriend. Martin slaps him for saying this. Katherine stops the fighting by getting between the two. She knows that if she allows these two to fight then one of them will not get up. Alistair has been asked a question and now he will answer it.

Mrs. Willoughby offers to baby sit and will not accept ‘No’ for an answer. She will be fine with the child while Chad and Valerie go out. She can see that they need some time together. Valerie is glad for the offer, and who better to watch the child than someone from the adoption agency? Chad is reluctant but sees that there is no reason to stay. He tells the child that daddy will be back in a little while.

Fox has done it. This will screw Chad up royally for a good while with Crane Industries. He has deleted all the files that Chad has sent in. There were a lot of files. Fox knows that Chad must have worked on those files for a dog’s age to get them just right. Too bad. Now that the deletion on the office computer ahs been accomplished, Fox will delete the files on Chad’s computer at home. As long as no one see what he is doing on that computer and stops the command, Fox will delete the files there are well so that they will be totally unrecoverable.

Liz comes to Whitney hoping that she took heed to what she was told earlier about the drinking. Whitney hasn’t shown any signs of that happening but it could happen, and fast. Whitney assures her aunt that she will take care of herself. The last thing that she would like to do is end up acting like her other did so long ago. Carol comes over to Liz telling her that there is someone rowdy in the club who needs to be dealt with. She is the head server, but at times patrons can prove to be difficult to handle. Liz rushes off to help the staff with this problem. She will be back to talk to Whitney later but now she has to get to work. Whitney understands. The bartender comes to Whitney asking if she would like another drink now that she has finished the one that he had given her before. She looks at him not sure what to say after her aunt’s little pearl of wisdom. The bartender waits patiently for her answer. It is on the house. All the drinks that she has had this night were on the house. She must be some singer. Someone else has bought another drink for her now. Whitney says no. She is fine. She hopes that she doesn’t offend anyone by refusing to take the drink. Whitney looks down at the pictures and sees the baby’s image staring back at her. “Wait! I will have another drink. Make it a Vodka!” The bartender moves into action and the drink is before her in no time. Whitney picks up the drink and downs half of it in one smooth gulp. The picture before her is hard to look at. It isn’t of her baby but it is of a baby and it reminds her of her own child. She made her promise to her aunt that she wouldn’t drink too much, or get into drugs but one more drink won’t hurt. It seems to dull the pain somehow. She is sure that she has control though. She won’t let anything get out of hand.

At the Lopez-Fitzgeralds home Theresa is crying over having to give her child up to her enemy. The only reason that she is doing it is to show her trust in Ethan. She believes that he will not hurt her in spite of the things that he did to her in court.

Sheridan is outside the house. She peers at Luis curiously. She will be looking at him like this for the last time. She can only see a bit of him through the window in the door. She loves him so much but it can never be.

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