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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Fancy and Ned have been busted. She was pretending to massage a client. Both it was not a good enough plan. The guard catches them and holds them. The guard calls into his partner on his walkie-talkie and tells him that he has caught the poachers.

Katherine is in the park. She remembers Luis telling Katherine not to get involved with Sheridan. She would like to help but the only person that can tell him about Marty is Alistair.

Alistair is at home having a drink and knowing that Sheridan will be destroyed if she finds out much more.

Luis is trying to make his sister come out of the locked room. She is keeping her baby from Ethan and Gwen. Theresa hates that her brother can’t see her point of view. Luis is a police detective and he has to deal with proof and facts to come to a decision. That is why he and Sheridan fight so much now.

Pilar and Martin talk to Ethan about Theresa giving up the baby. Pilar is not happy that Ethan is taking the baby from them, but she knows that her daughter is only doing this because of love for Ethan and that should be a good thing. Ethan is only awarded temporary custody and he promises that he will not go for permanent custody.

Sheridan has decided that she has to leave town. Gwen listens and the story breaks her heart. She knows that Luis and Sheridan love each other dearly, and she always thought that nothing could come between them. It is too hard knowing that Marty is her son and not having him, but now Luis is not believing anything that she says about the matter. What does that say about their relationship? Sheridan sees no hope for she and Luis. As far as she is concerned, they are finished.

In the park, Katherine walks alone. She is looking for Alistair. His car is around.

Alistair in fact is watching Katherine on his surveillance camera. He sees her in the park. He listens as Katherine orders him to come to her. She knows that he is watching her somewhere. She taunts Alistair saying that he must be afraid of her. Alistair listens and watches. He is not afraid of her. She should be afraid of him. He knows that Katherine better watch it. Sheridan will find out the truth about her daughter. Martin knows what happened that night. That was the real reason that he left Harmony. Alistair thinks that it would be better for Katherine to go home. That would be better for her. From the monitor, Katherine’s voice can be heard ordering Alistair down to face her like a man. To him she is like a bag of bones that never learns.

Luis says that Theresa has to obey the Order as the judge has written it. She has to give that child up.

Theresa says that if Ethan wants to be with Jane, he will have to move into the house with her. Ethan comes around the corner and hears Luis talk to Theresa through the door. He sees that no progress has been made to get her out of the room. He should have the baby now, but things are quickly going from bad to worse. Theresa is afraid of giving over her child again to anyone. Luis warns that she may be giving in to permanent custody by acting like this. Luis turns from the door. Ethan tells Luis that he needs to believe that he will not take permanent custody of Jane.

Martin and Pilar are alone in the house, in the kitchen. He is there to help his family anyway that he can. He tried to talk sense to Theresa but she wouldn’t hear of it. He sees the look of worry on Pilar’s face and he wants to make things better. Having him there is wonderful. This means everything to her. She has a partner again. Someone to be strong for her. She has her husband back.

Gwen begs her friend not to leave town this way. She needs to see Luis and Sheridan work things out. She knows that Luis and Sheridan can get things back on track. Sheridan loves Luis but sometimes love is not enough. Luis and Sheridan have loved each other from the start. If they can’t make it, what does that say about her? Sheridan says that Ethan will not turn away from her ever. Gwen remembers quietly what she did to Ethan with her mother. They were the ones that ruined Ethan’s life with the information being leaked to the tabloids. That was so long ago, but her mother assured her that as long as they tell no one what they did, they will be safe. Theresa was thought to have been the one that did all this and Gwen let that happen. All this time, Ethan has been upset with Theresa over this. Sheridan feels that there is nothing that Gwen could do to make Ethan leave her. Gwen has been a true friend and Sheridan has known her only as a sweet girl all these years. She has seen Ethan’s determination to make a life with Gwen and she believes him when he says that he will do just that.

The guard makes Ned and Fancy wait with him for the other guard to come and help him transport these two prisoners. Ned and Fancy are going to be carted off to jail. Ned is lying on the stretcher naked with a towel around his butt. The guard eyes him like his is a bucket of Kentucky. Quickly the man catches himself and demands that Ned get his pants on. Ned says that his pants are in the closet. When the man goes to get Ned’s pants, Ned hops off the table and pushed the man into the closet, locking the door behind him. Fancy understands now. Ned is so clever to think up a trick like he did. He and Fancy run out before the next guard shows up. Ned throws his pants on as they run out.

Katherine goes to where the gazebo used to be. The ground has been leveled. She walks around the grounds. It is as if the gazebo had never existed. Martin and Katherine discussed the gazebo once before. He knew what happened at the gazebo. Alistair has been hiding something.

Alistair watches Katherine on his monitors and he knows that she is trying to pry into his secrets. He takes out his gun. He will do anything to protect his little secret. Including murder. He points his gun at the monitor where Katherine is walking none the wiser.

Ned and Fancy run through the halls of the hotel, trying to find a way to escape. Fancy is not used to this stuff but she likes it. They hear voices and start running again. Ned totes a bottle of champagne that they have picked up along the way. They hear more voices. Ned finds an empty room and they enter. Ned keeps a lookout for the guards through the door. Fancy goes to the bed. She loves the suites in this hotel. They have hit the jackpot. Ned looks over. He sees Fancy holding a briefcase full of money.

Katherine is slowly trying to piece things together. She knows that if she works hard enough she will be able to find the answers that she needs to solve this puzzle. Martin knows something but all he does when she asks about things is tell her to forget about anything being wrong and to get on with her life. She remembers Sheridan acting as if she had killed her mother when they first got to know each other again. Katherine can’t figure this out. Martin told her that he couldn’t tell the truth to Katherine about any of this because it would hurt Sheridan.

Alistair has come out of his house and he slowly makes his way to Katherine in the park. At first he is just a shadow. She is asking questions of herself when Alistair reveals that he is there. He has heard her questions. He says that Katherine has made her child a wreck. He says that Sheridan is a raving lunatic now and thinks that Marty is her baby. Katherine is tired of being controlled by Alistair.

She hates the things that Alistair has done to the families in Harmony. Katherine is going to see to it that Sheridan has a happy life. Katherine will find out the truth and that is where Alistair comes in. Katherine will make him tell why the gazebo was built in the first place, why it was torn down and why Sheridan thinks that she had killed her mother.

Theresa is having a moment of quiet. She fantasizes that Ethan comes to her and tells her that he has left Gwen and that the only woman that he loves is her. He would say that he sent Gwen home alone. She would throw herself at him and they would hug. They would walk over to Jane and the baby will coo up at her parents. Ethan would promise to be a family with Theresa and the kids. Theresa looks down on her baby smiling. “That is the way that it is going to be sweetheart. Daddy is coming back to us.”

Ethan sees that Theresa is determined to keep Jane at any cost. He really doesn’t want to do anything else to upset her. He is torn. Gwen is getting frustrated. Gwen finds this typical of Theresa. Theresa tricked and lied in the past and now she thinks that she is the victim. Gwen is getting out of control. Sheridan calms her down. Luis comes up behind them. He hears the thinks that Sheridan has been saying. Gwen is her friend. Why isn’t see backing her up on this? He hates that Sheridan is siding with Theresa. He finds no logical reason for it. This is just like Sheridan going against him and siding with her mother on things. Luis finds her disloyal at this time. Is this payback for him not believing that Marty is her son? Luis demands an answer from Sheridan.

She calls him a fool. She can’t talk to him like this. She can ask him about loyalty too. She had an issue and Luis didn’t believe her, but when it is time for Luis to have her believe in something she has to do it. Pilar is upset at the way that these two bicker. She hangs her head in shame at the way the lovers fight. Sheridan says that her mother at least believes in her and listens to her unlike the man that is supposed to be the love of her life. She supports her daughter and Luis can’t do the same. Martin hears the mention of Katherine and he interrupts Luis and Sheridan to ask about Katherine. Katherine hasn’t been answering his calls. Pilar is shocked to hear that Martin has been calling Katherine. Luis is furious with the man now.

“You have been talking to Katherine and all the time pretending that you want to be back with the family?”

Katherine demands answers. She knows that Alistair has removed the gazebo on the grounds for some reason. Maybe something was buried there. Alistair challenges Katherine to ask Martin if something was buried there. Katherine says that Martin has been keeping quiet to protect her. Alistair feels that maybe Martin is not telling the truth because there is another reason besides trying to protect her. Katherine says that this secret is coming out. “I want the truth! Dammit! I want the truth.”

In Vegas, Fancy and Ned look over the hundreds of thousands of dollars in the briefcase. She feels that they should take the money and do something fun with it. Ned says that they can’t take the money as it isn’t theirs. Fancy decides then that if they can’t spend the money, then they should enjoy it. Fancy heads to the bed and throws it all on the bed. She jumps on the bed with the money and rolls around. Ned smiles at her, but tells her to put the money back so they can get out of there. Fancy is sure that the money was won at poker somewhere in town. Ned shows Fancy a gun that he has found. “Do you think that the person won this too?” Ned definitely knows that it is time for them to get going.

Martin is not happy upsetting his family, but he has to know more about Katherine and how she is doing. His family watches as he ignores the situation with Theresa, and the upset that Luis is experiencing to ask about Katherine again. Sheridan knows that she has made a mistake bringing up hr mother. Sheridan tells that Katherine has been having a time by herself and has been spending a lot of time alone. Martin worries about her. He will go and see her. As he is leaving, Pilar stops him. She sees that he is not really committed to the family as he said that he was. Pilar orders him out and tells him to go to his mistress. She walks from him. Martin tries to follow her, but Luis gets in the way. Martin knows better than to go up against his son and he leaves. Pilar storms from the room. She has been let down again. Her marriage is in ruins again.

Luis turns to Sheridan. “And this is the woman that you are breaking up with me over? After all the pain that she has put my family through?” He walks out too. Gwen goes to her friend to comfort her. Sheridan is feeling very badly right now.

Ned knows that they have to get out of there. He goes to the bed and starts putting the money back in the suitcase. Fancy fantasizes about who the person is that owns the money. Maybe he is a bank robber, or a hit man. Fancy suddenly draws her breath in quickly.

Ned follows her eyes and sees that on the other side of the bed, there is a man lying dead on the floor. Ned can see that they are really in big trouble this time.

Ethan and Gwen discuss the situation with Theresa. Ethan says that Gwen has to hold some responsibility for things going wrong with Theresa. Ethan hopes that one-day they can all live in peace.

Theresa talks to her baby as she thinks about Gwen stealing Ethan from her. She will not let Gwen win. Never.

Alistair refuses to answer any questions that Katherine may have. She hates the man. Alistair tells Katherine that if she continues the way that she has been, she will not be allowed to be president of his fan club. He has had enough. “Goodnight Katherine.” He turns to walk from her. Katherine sees some really big rocks I the corner of the garden. She stares at them. What if…she were… to pick a rock up and come up behind him as he is lighting his cigar? She could whack him in the head, and once he has fallen, she would straddle his body and smash his head over and over. “Rest in pieces!” Katherine is smiling when she comes out of those thoughts of killing Alistair. She also has a rock in her hands. She has her back to Alistair. He has stopped walking to light his cigar. Alistair turns and starts walking back to Katherine. She doesn’t move.

Luis and Pilar are out in the backyard talking about how terrible it is what Martin has done to them this night. Sheridan comes out to the backyard. When Pilar sees her, she reenters the house. Sheridan goes to Luis and tells him that she has made a decision. She will be leaving Harmony tonight. Luis suddenly isn’t very angry anymore. She has been saying that she wanted to leave but he never thought that she would make a move this soon. Where would she go? She wants to return to Paris and that is where she will be. He says that is too far. When will she be back? She may never be back.

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