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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Ethan and Gwen are discussing calling the police. Ethan really has no choice anymore. Pilar pleads with her daughter to give the child to Ethan and Gwen. She has no choice.

Theresa says that she has a choice in this matter and she chooses not to give up her child. Theresa is forgetting that Ethan is the baby’s father, and has a right to the child as well. The judge will throw Theresa in jail for this. She is sure that Ethan will not call the police on her. Martin returns to the door and says that Ethan is calling the police right now.

Sheridan wants Luis to see the truth but he canít. She is dealing with the truth here. She has to accept that society will not give her child, but she canít accept that Luis will not believe in her. Luis says that he cannot believe a lie. She accepts that but she still has to leave town for a while. Luis begs her to leave. He is sure that they can work this out. Tabitha is watching in the big blue pot. She sees the misery that Luis and Sheridan are feeling at realizing that they can never be. She knows that there is no chance for Luis and Sheridan to get together again. It is over. She laughs.

Theresa feels that Ethan would never call the police on her. She is sure that her father is lying. Pilar says that her father is not lying. Theresa isn’t going to give up. She has to though. Martin tells her that she will go to jail if she keeps this up. Theresa doesn’t care. She will not give up her daughter and that is that. Pilar remembers that Theresa did this before, but then Ethan was on her side and now he is not. Theresa is headstrong and romantic and that is a dangerous combination. Martin can see that Pilar had a lot on her plate. She has done a great job. Martin can see that things weren’t easy. Martin is sorry. He can’t make up for the years that he was gone, but he is here now. Pilar hopes that this is the case.

Sheridan asks Luis if he thinks that they can get through something like this. He has to be crazy. They are two strong-minded people who have differing views and will not give them up for the other. They used to think that they could get through anything, but this is proving that they are not as solid as they thought. They are more passionate than ever. Passion alone isn’t enough anymore. Sheridan realizes that all that they have is passion and that doesn’t make for strong love.

Tabitha knows that Sheridan is right now. The final snap, crackle and pop when Sheridan is revealed as the baby’s mother. Sheridan asks Luis again if he can trust her enough to believe that Marty is their son. They keep coming to the same point in their argument and then they can’t work things out. Sheridan has asked Luis this question a thousand times. She hopes in her heart that his answer will be different but it never it. He has to believe in her or this relationship will never work. His phone rings. He takes his time answering as he doesn’t want Sheridan to think that he is not giving her his full attention.

Luis answers to Ethan who sounds frantic. He tells that there is s situation with Theresa at the house. They have custody, but Theresa has locked herself in her room the same way that she did with Little Ethan, and she will not give Jane to him. Ethan has tried to talk to Theresa but she will not listen. Ethan was going to call the police, but instead he is appealing to Luis as a brother and family member to Theresa. Luis says that he can’t help with this right now. Sheridan wants to know what is happening with the call. Luis tells her that Theresa is holding the baby from Ethan and Gwen. Sheridan tells him that they have to go over and help with that. They will talk about their relationship later. Luis goes back to his phone call. He tells Ethan that he and Sheridan will be there to talk to Theresa as soon as possible. Sheridan turns her head from Luis. She isn’t sure that she can promise that things will be better when she talks to Luis later about this.

Martin is being asked if he can be counted on for the long haul. Martin assures Pilar that he is back to stay. He wants to rebuild the marriage and have them all be close again. It will not be easy but he will fix things for everyone. Pilar thanks him and then takes him in her arms. This means everything to her.

Ned and Fancy have been running from the security of the hotel, and they seem to have gotten away. They stop for a moment so that she can get her shoes on. They have a moment where they are way too close and they almost kiss. Ned tells her that they have to keep running the security may be on to them at any minute. They run for a while, and then stop again. She loves this. She never got to play games as a child. He knows that nothing will happen to her because she is filthy rich, but he will go to jail. ‘Hey!” The guards are catching up. Ned has an idea and he leads Fancy to a room that he finds empty. He throws everything off the bed and he and Fancy get in the bed and pretend to be mannequins. The room is a showroom that the hotel has. The guards are walking fast now. They have no idea where the couple has run off too. No matter. They will be found. There are patrons of the hotel walking through the halls but they are not who the guards are looking for. Suddenly, the pair of guards point to the showroom. They see what seem to be mannequins in the room. They are positioned as if they are kissing. This peaks the interest of one of the guards and they both enter the room. Ned whispers very closely to Fancy that she is to stay very still and not move no matter what.

The guards think that they see the mannequins moving but maybe they are not mannequins and they are real. It is hard to tell really. They soon realize that they are not looking at the mannequins but at real celebrities that are staying in the hotel. All the gossip in the papers is about those two. They are standing nearby and are kissing. They decide that they have to get going so that they catch the poachers in the hotel. The thief has been stealing from the hotel and the guests and has to be stopped. The guards run off to catch the culprits. Ned is actually kissing Fancy now. He did it to make them look real as mannequins. They have escaped the guards. Fancy likes the way that he kisses. A staff member of the hotel who is responsible for the mannequin display comes out of the back and is shocked to see the mannequins moving. She had no idea that the mannequins were going to be real for this display. What a wonderful idea. Ned and Fancy sees that she is no one to be afraid of, so they take her finding them lightly. Ned and Fancy make small talk with the woman and then they turn and run in the other direction than the one that the guards have taken.

At Pilar’s house, Ethan and Gwen discuss hope that Luis will be able to help with this. Luis and Sheridan show up to help with the problem of getting Theresa out of there. Pilar and Martin enter the room as well. She is so glad that Ethan called Luis first.

Sheridan goes to Gwen and says that she wishes that she could help with this. Gwen says that Theresa has been pushing Ethan to do things that he really doesn’t want to do. Sheridan knows that Ethan didn’t want to go after the baby, but he did that for Gwen.

Ethan hates that he has to do this. His heart is torn is seems right down the middle. Theresa puts her baby to bed in the crib. The child is tired now and needs to have some rest. She assures her child that nothing will get between them. Knocking at the door. Theresa tells whoever it is that she will not give up her baby. Luis says that he is here to help her with this. Theresa is like a child now. Her big brother is there and she knows that he only wants the best for her and her child. He tells her to open the door and he will take care of the rest.

In Vegas, Ned and Fancy stop running. Ned needs to have a plan. Fancy is having fun. Ned knows better. He will do time. They can’t leave as there are security cameras at every entrance. They hear a two-wave radio. They guards have split up. Ned and Fancy run around the corner and listen to the conversation. The other guard it seems has taken this opportunity to eat in a restaurant saying that he was looking for the thieves there. Ned has to figure out a plan. He grabs Fancy’s hand and leads her into a room. Ned looks around and sees that they are trapped. Fancy has an idea. She tells Ned to take off his clothes and she will take it from there. Ned starts stripping.

Martin can see that Theresa is a fighter. Pilar understands her daughter’s fight for her child. She would fight to the end to save her child. Ethan sees that Theresa has been vindictive and cruel and increasingly he is seeing that Jane needs to be with him. Sheridan can see that Ethan is hurting. She sees that he is still in love with Theresa. She knew that he loved her for a long time. Although he is with Gwen now, a part of him still loves Theresa. It is tearing him apart, but Theresa has hurt him and Gwen. She had been tricking all along and that has led up to this moment right now. Ethan thinks that this is going to lead to more problems and it looks like the fighting is never going to stop.

Tabitha knows that the fighting is never going to stop. She is eating popcorn now and she chuckles at the thought that Ethan is soon going to find out that Gwen and her mother had sent the ugly info to the tabloids and ruined his life. Tabitha has had enough talking about that. She was to give Sheridan a heads up in what to do next. She shouts into the big blue pot that Sheridan is to go and see how Luis is doing with Theresa. Sheridan is talking to Ethan but she suddenly has the urge to go and see what Luis is doing. Luis is talking to Theresa and trying to convince Theresa to open the door and give up the child. Theresa is furious. Luis is supposed to be her brother and he is supposed to be on her side. Luis tells her that Ethan is going to have to do more too her to get her to obey the law. Luis sees that his sister is going to lose this battle. Theresa sees that Luis is so good at giving advice but he is terrible at taking it.

Sheridan has come into the hall now and she listens while hidden to the conversation that Theresa as with her brother. Luis tells Theresa that he tried to use Theresa’s advice and listen to Sheridan with his heart, but he couldn’t pretend that the DNA test didn’t exist. To him that makes all the difference. Theresa doesn’t think like him. He can’t relate to the things that he has done. She understands Sheridan. She warned her brother that he would lose the woman if he didn’t show his support of her heart. He tried but it didn’t work for him. She will not let Jane go just because it seems that she has to. Tabitha knows that Sheridan is listening to everything that Luis has to say to his sister. She knows that Sheridan will be hurt by the stance that Luis has taken on the situation with his sister and her child. She finds him to be a cold heartless person. She can see her behind the corner in the hall via the big blue pot. She knows that after what she has heard, it will all be over now. Sheridan goes to the living room and tells all that Luis hasn’t been able to get Theresa out of the room yet. She is a little disturbed at what she heard him say to Theresa but she keeps that to herself.

Sheridan mentions that she understands what it is like to lose a baby. Gwen hates that her friend is sympathizing with the enemy. Gwen runs down the list of things that Theresa has done to her. She also reminds everyone that she has lost two children over fighting with Theresa. Martin feels that there is nothing that he can do to help anymore. Theresa wouldn’t listen to him, so he feels that he should just go.Luis talks to Theresa some more through the door. She remembers being declared an unfit mother and her son was given to the Cranes. Luis reminds her that she got her son back. Her point is that she never should have lost the child to begin with. This time she is not going to give up the child to anyone. Not now, not ever.

Ned is in his skivvies now, and Fancy is having a hard time concentrating looking at him this way. They move into position. After all they are in the massage room. Ned gets on his face and on the table and Fancy massages him. The guard comes into the room and sees that a man is getting a massage. He apologizes for intruding. Suddenly he sees Fancy’s fancy shoes. “Your shoes! I would recognize those anywhere. You have been the one ripping off the hotel.”

Luis is losing his argument with his sister. This is all because she wants Ethan to come back to her and she believes in the end she will have her man. Luis sees that something is wrong with his sister. He sees that Theresa wasn’t to have a future with Ethan like she thinks. This is the difference with she and Luis. He can’t see even for a minute that she is going to be with Ethan. She tells him that he is the same way with Sheridan and thinks that they will never be together. Those that follow their hearts always get what they want. Luis doesn’t see her to be in a very good position after following her heart. She says that at least she is fighting for something. Luis will not even do that.

Tabitha finds that Theresa speaks a lot of truth. However, it is too little, too much and too late. Gwen goes to Sheridan calmer now and asks about her test results and the feeling that she is Marty’s mother. Gwen knows that Sheridan has no proof.

Sheridan has made a decision. She has a hole in the centre of the love that she had with Luis and he will not take the leap of faith to believe in her. Sheridan will be leaving Harmony. She was going to leave in a little while, but she has changed her mind and will be leaving Harmony and Luis this night, for good.

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