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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Fancy likes what she has been seeing of Ned lately. He is a gentleman after all.

Sam asks Kay if she had a nice evening with Jessica. He had to leave for a while to get some dessert for the wonderful dinner that Katherine was making for the three of the. Kay reports that she ate dinner alone. Jessica wasn’t in the mood it seems. She went up to her room to be alone. Sam has brought ice cream for Jessica and he heads to the stairs to bring her down for some. Kay grabs his arm as he is leaving. Sam can see that something is wrong here. No one knows it yet, but Jessica has climbed out the window and is long gone.

Tabitha is looking in the big blue pot to see what Luis and Sheridan are up to. She loves what she has accomplished. She has gotten Dottie to do her tests over again. She will make sure that Beth is found out to be Sheridan’s sister. Luis and Sheridan will be finished forever.

Luis can’t believe his ears. Sheridan is leaving him. Sheridan has lost her son and she can’t bear to see him with Beth. Sheridan wants to run off on her own. Luis offers to get time off from work and come with her but she doesn’t want that. She wants to leave alone. Tabitha wrings her hands in anticipation of the ending of Luis and Sheridan. Sheridan is telling Luis that she has to figure things out for herself here. Luis doesn’t understand. He loves this woman with all of his heart and he is connected to her. HE wants to be with her if she leaves.

Sam sees that the kitchen is a mess. Who was having a food fight? Kay tells that Jessica was eavesdropping earlier and she heard that Kay and Sam loved her. Kay had to tackle Jessica to keep he in the house. Kay is fine but she had to hold the heavy frying pan over Jessica’s head to keep her in the house. When Kay tried to feed Jessica dinner, she threw the bowl. Sam wonders where he went wrong here.

Ned gets back on his computer and orders strawberries and chocolate with whipped cream. Fancy smiles as she listens to him order more delights. Fancy heads to what she thinks is the bathroom. Ned tells her that he hasn’t got water hooked up there. The truth is that he takes a shower in other people’s rooms. When he gets caught it is usually by a woman and he flirts his way out of it, saying that he thought that he was in his own room. Ned manages to get along.

Gwen and Ethan are outside Theresa’s room trying to get in. Ethan is getting frustrated with this. This is the reason that Ethan thinks that Theresa shouldn’t have her child at times. If she didn’t do things like this, they would all get along better. Theresa has locked herself in there and will not come out and give up the baby.

Pilar comes to Ethan and Gwen and tells them that she is sorry but she hasn’t been able to find the spare key to Theresa’s room. She too agrees that Theresa is out of control in this matter, and has to be stopped. This is her fault for not compromising and behaving properly. She has brought this on herself. She stands by to see what Ethan and Gwen are going to do next. Theresa shouts again that Ethan is to get away from her and Jane. She wants him out of the house now. She will not give up her child. She believed that he loved her and that he wouldn’t ever do a thing like this but now that she sees that he would, she will not give up her baby. What are they going to do now? How can they get in? Gwen turns to a corner in the hall and sees a bat sitting upright. She knows what they have to do. They are going to have to beat the door down. Ethan stops Gwen from beating the door down with a bat. He gingerly takes it out of Gwen’s hands. She just got freed from jail, and she last thing that she needs in her hands while in Theresa’s house is a bat. She might scare the baby. Ethan will just have to jimmy the lock. Ethan and Gwen hear funny noises in the room behind the door. Theresa is up to something but what? It sounds like she is moving furniture. Theresa is moving furniture by the door so that Ethan and Gwen can’t get in. Ethan shouts at Theresa, asking her what she is doing. She tells him to never mind. She is not giving up her baby.

Martin comes by to see Pilar. He wants to make things right between them. He saw that she was looking for something. She tells how Theresa lost custody of her baby temporarily. Martin finds that hard to believe that Theresa allowed this to happen. Pilar was very disappointed in Theresa. Theresa has to give up the baby but she will not do it and she has locked herself in her room. They have to find the screwdriver to get the door open. They both start searching for the screwdriver. Pilar thanks the man for helping. It is times like these when he could really help.

Tabitha loves it. The life that Luis has known will be over. Sheridan has been begging the man for weeks to listen to her and get her baby back. Now Sheridan feels betrayed and that Luis has turned his back on her.

Poof! The spirits send a puff of smoke Tabitha’s way. She is grateful to be finally getting the respect that she deserves. She decides to have a martini. No one really makes them as well as Timmy did though.

Luis tries to talk sense to Sheridan but he can’t get through to her. He can’t see them breaking up. That is not what they do. They belong together. They always get back together and save their relationship. Sheridan says that they are not going to get back together this time. This time one of them is the one getting in the way of their love, and not something outside of their love.

At the Bennetts', Sam wonders why Jessica is so angry with him all the time. He would like to go upstairs, but Kay tells him that he should let Jessica stew in her juices for a while. She makes him sit so that she can bring him something to eat. She worked on this dinner. He has been a great dad and has been there for all of his kids functions. Kay has a very good memory. Sam was still gone for a lot of functions as well. Grace was the one that attended everything.

She even ran a B&B and a craft store at the same time. Kay thinks that her dad is terrific. That makes Sam feel really good. Kay is the one that made her father miserable. She dropped out of college and got pregnant, but Sam doesn’t care. She was in a rough spot. Kay is better now all the way around and Sam hopes that Jessica will get better too. Noah is great. He is working on his Masters now. He may get a Ph.D. He will be the first Bennett if he can pull this off. It is a good thing that there are no problems with that kid.

In Vegas, Ned and Fancy are sitting down to wine and delicacies again. Ned is a little self-serving but Fancy likes his way of life. Ned sees that Vegas is set up to make money, and by Ned taking a little food here and there, he evens things out. He can do this forever. He feels that he will never get caught.

The security in the hotel gets a call. There are problems with the accounting. Something funny is happening with the room charges. Things are all computerized. Someone might be hacking into the system and stealing things from the 12th floor. The security men turn their cameras to the 12th floor to watch for anything funny going on.

Tabitha is drinking her Martini and thinking about Timmy. She can hardly wait for Luis and Sheridan to break up for good. The house starts shaking. Tabitha instinctively knows that it is Timmy from heaven. She knows that she is doing a bad thing by separating Luis and Sheridan, but she would hope that he would understand. The room shakes again.

Luis and Sheridan are having a big fight over the same thing. This is driving Sheridan crazy. It is the same argument they keep having repeatedly. Luis still pleads his case, but Sheridan will have none of it. He keeps asking her the same thing but she can’t answer him and she refuses to try to make sense of his understanding of things. The DNA tests mean nothing to her. She knows that Marty is hers! That is all that there is to it. If he can’t believe in her and get her son back for her then they have nothing! Absolutely nothing!

Tabitha tries to make Timmy understand that she isn’t the only one that has caused Luis and Sheridan to split. Beth had a large part to play in this. Timmy appears to Tabitha as a beam of light on the floor.

Sheridan says that Luis has hurt their love more than anything else has. She doesn't believe that their love affair is meant to be. Luis remembers the vows that they took together. They were in a horse drawn carriage, and they were so happy then, The marriage was a fantasy and they just said vows. They are not really married. Luis feels that they are married.

Theresa is stacking the furniture against the door. The baby cries. She tells the child that mommy will be her always. Ethan can see that Theresa is getting increasingly irrational. Martin comes with something to open the door. Ethan takes the screwdriver and tries to open the door. Theresa tells that will not work as she has barricaded herself in. Gwen thinks that this is stupid. Theresa has crossed the line and they should get the authorities involved at this point. They should just go over to her window from the outside and break in. Ethan will not do that. It will scare the child too much. Ethan feels that he has to call Social Services now. He has no choice.  Theresa can hear them. She says that Ethan will not do this. She knows that. Ethan says that he has no choice in this matter. Theresa is either going to give that child to he and Gwen or to the police. Theresa will have none of it. Never! Never! Never! Gwen says that Theresa is over the edge. What if she hurts the child? Martin would like to talk to Theresa. She might be still angry with him but he will try anyway. Martin knocks on the door. Theresa says that she doesn’t want to talk to him right now. Martin says that he might be able to help with this. He will make sure that he is there to help her get her permanent custody. Courts love when the entire family comes forward for a child. Theresa says that she will not listen to him. She is sure that Gwen will never stop. She orders her father to go away. Gwen comes to the door next. She tells Theresa that she didn’t press charges when she stole the embryos, and when she did the other things that she did. Theresa says that if Gwen wants to have peace she will have to leave Jane where she is. Ethan says that this has gone on long enough. He will make it stop now.

Tabitha is still trying to reason with her visiting beam of light. Timmy is not happy with his princess. Tabitha sees Theresa in the big blue pot. The girl is at wits end. Tim-Tim breaks a vase in the house to show his displeasure in her. She orders him home and she hopes that he will come back another time to see her. She still cares for him. Timmy leaves in a horrible whirling gust of wind.

Sheridan has laid it all out. She has to move on. She has to go. Luis will not be able to stop her.

Ned would like to get dressed now. He makes Fancy turn her back so that he can drop his towel. Fancy goes to the couch and touches up her makeup. She turns her compact mirror in a direction that will let her see Ned, hopefully naked, but she is too late. He has his pants on. Soon he is ready. They sneak out into the hall and find a tray with goodies on it. Bingo! Security is watching. They have caught themselves a mystery thief. The officers head to the 12th floor to catch the culprits.

Sam tells Kay again that he is proud of her. He was worried about her growing up, but now that is over. Kay has a ways to grow with her growing up, but she will be alright. Kay offers her help to her father when it comes to helping with Jessica. Sam feels that he should call Jessica’s brother. Sam makes a call to Noah, but no one is answering. Sam figures that the boy is in the library studying. He will leave a message. Sam makes a call to Noah’s school and introduces himself. He says that Ned is studying there. The Dean doesn’t seem to know who that person is. Still he will check. Sam says that there is some problem. Kay wonders what could be wrong. The school isn’t that big. People should know who he is. The Dean returns to the school and tells Sam that there must have been some mistake as there is no student there by the name of Noah Bennett. Sam knows that there has to be a mistake. He gets letters from his son. He feels that the mistake must be from the dean’s end. The dean is sure that this isn’t a mistake. Noah hasn’t been with the school since 2003. Sam worries now. What happened to my son?

Ned feeds Fancy food right in the hall off the food tray for the other guests. “Hey you!” Ned and Fancy realize that it is checkout time. They start running down the hall at full speed while the security officers follow.

Pilar tells Theresa that she has to come out of the room now with the baby. Ethan is at the point where he will call the police. Theresa can’t believe that Ethan is going to call the police. Ethan and Gwen have gone into another room and still he can’t call the police. Gwen says that has no problem calling the police when she is ready. They have to do this. Ethan can see that she is right.

Sheridan says that Luis can’t have anymore chances. The son that they had is alive and well. Suddenly a baby is crying, but only Sheridan hears it. Luis hears nothing. She listens again. She can hear a baby crying in pain. Luis looks around the room. He sees and hears nothing. Tabitha is smiling. She is the cause of the baby’s crying that Sheridan hears. Sheridan says that Luis is playing with her. He has to be able to hear that. Luis hears nothing. Sheridan is holding her head now. “Can’t you hear that?” Tabitha smiles down into the big blue pot as she periodically opens her mouth to let out another cry that sounds like a toddler who isn’t very happy. Sheridan is holding her ears now. She has to get out of there or she will go mad.

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