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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Fancy hides to get away from her predator. She ends up in a room and gets in the bed. She finds out that Ned is in the bed. She jumps. She didn’t know anyone was there. Maybe it his lucky night after all. She doesn’t like the sound of that. She gets up to leave the room but stops at the doorway.

Fancy remembers that the man that she was being friendly with that night was trying to take advantage of her. Ned comes to Fancy at the doorway, asking her what is wrong.

Gwen sees that something is definitely wrong here. Did Ethan just say that he loved Theresa? Theresa wants Ethan to admit it to her too.

Tabitha is working hard over the big blue pot. She uses her hand gestures furiously as she weaves her evil web. She is trying to force Dottie into redoing the DNA tests to finally out Beth for the liar that she is. Dottie is overcome with an urge to redo the tests to see who Marty’s mother is. She isn’t sure why. Tabitha loves it. Soon it will be found out that Beth and Sheridan are half sisters and then the fun will really begin. Dottie is at work. She thinks to herself that maybe, just maybe she should redo the DNA tests.

Sheridan is in the cottage. She has a lot going on in her mind and wants to be alone.

Luis comes into the cottage to see Sheridan. He would like to mend fences with Sheridan. She is sorry but she can’t do this. She just can’t do this with him anymore. Luis feels that nothing has to end. Sheridan said before that she didn’t want to break up. Has that changed? Sheridan can’t go on like this. This means the world to her. Luis dismisses the possibility that Marty is alive and living with Beth and Sheridan can’t live like that.

Tabitha is still sending messages to Dottie’s mind to have her redo the DNA tests as the woman is stubborn as ever and doesn’t really think that anything is wrong with the tests. Dottie feels that she has already done the test, and that the possibility that Beth and Sheridan are sisters is a pipe dream that doesn’t need to be investigated. Tabitha is getting angry with this woman. She talks louder to her big blue pot trying to push Dottie into doing the tests, doing the tests again. “Prove that Sheridan has been right and that Luis has been wrong and she will never forgive him for not believing that Marty was her son. The truth is in the DNA.” Dottie is questioning her ability to have done the test right. Silly thinking. She always does the tests right. She dismisses the idea that she could have screwed up. Tabitha needs something else that will get to this woman and get her to move on the testing for Marty. She has a mind hard as rock and Tabitha is having trouble getting through to her. The subliminal messages should have pushed her to action by now. “Endora send mommy some juice!” Tabitha knows that she has to get the big guns out to deal with Dottie. Endora will have an idea on what to do. Poof! A giant megaphone appears in Tabitha’s hand. That is just what she needs! “Thanks Endora. Now go back to sleep you little dickens!” Tabitha turns to the big blue pot. She talks through the megaphone. “Dottie! Do the tests again.” Dottie hears that order this time. It is like her mind speaking to her. She can’t ignore that. She gets up and grabs the phone. She has to do these tests again.

Theresa waits for the inevitable. Ethan says nothing. Gwen tells Ethan to be truthful to her. She says that if Ethan wants to stay in the house with Theresa and Jane, then he is to do that and let her go on.

Ethan admits to having feelings for Theresa, but he says that he made a promise to Gwen and that he is going to keep it. He wants to be with Gwen. Theresa is crestfallen. She was so sure again that Ethan was going to choose her and not take their baby and she was wrong.

Ned sees that something really terrible is wrong with Fancy. She is shaking like a leaf. He puts his hands on her arms to warm her up. She will not admit to anything that has happened to her that night. She would hate for this idiot to think that he was right and that she was in trouble. He seems so tender and caring to her. She finally admits that the man that she had been with at the casino tried to hurt her. Ned knew it! She is such a terrible liar. Ned hugs Fancy and listens as she cries and tells him what happened to her. The man was chasing her and she was being cocky to him. Ned isn’t happy that he is right about her this time. She thanks him for not rubbing her face in this. Ned would like to go and get the man, but Fancy only wants it to be over. Fancy sees that Sandra is not around. Ned said that Sandra went off by herself to spend some times alone it seems. Fancy notices that he is living in a part of the hotel that isn’t finished yet. Ned admits that he is a squatter. He lives free off the hotel.

Ethan says that he has always loved and respected Gwen. Theresa feels that is only because Gwen was pregnant. That was why he married her. Ethan admits that was right. Ethan wanted to have a family and he still does. Gwen says that Ethan should have divorced her after he fond out that she couldn’t have a child for him. Ethan says no. He wants Gwen. He has always wanted her. Theresa says that is not true. She says that Ethan has wanted her and only her all along. Pilar is fed up with Theresa butting in and tells her daughter to be quiet.

Dottie talks to a technician about doing the test again. The man is not happy with the request. He is offended that this woman is so brazen with the facilities and the equipment that they have at the hospital. Tests like these are very expensive and take days to conduct. The woman just came in from nowhere and ordered the staff around and now she is doing it again. Dottie says that she is sorry but she will not rest until she is sure about the tests. She has to run them again.

Tabitha is pleased as punch seeing Dottie throw a little weight around. She didn’t even have to push the woman this time. She is such a perfectionist that she will do the tests on her own just because of a little doubt in her mind. Beth doesn’t have a chance this time. “That’s a girl!” Tabitha will soon have everything that she has wanted for centuries suddenly come through.

Sheridan loves Luis but love doesn’t make sense in this situation. Sheridan is not stupid. She knows that she shouldn’t think that Marty is hers because of the DNA tests. She loves Luis. She loves his smile, his face and his body, but most of all she loves this. He is smart and logical and he gets to the bottom of problems. She really loves his heart. It is loving and generous and he is never misled by it. To solve this problem, Luis will have to listen to his heart and gut. If Luis can’t do that, then they will never be able to move on from this. They just won’t be able to.

Tabitha watches Dottie as she discusses the DNA tests with the technician. Dottie is dealing with the problem directly now. She is moving full speed ahead and will prove what needs to be known about Marty and who his real mother is.

Luis and Sheridan says that no matter what, they have to get through this together. Sheridan can’t do that. Her son is missing. There is a hole in her heart where the boy should be. Luis tells her again that their son is dead. Sheridan says no. She has missed so much of Marty’s life as it is. She doesn’t want to do this to herself. She can hear her son calling to her, and she needs Luis’s help. If Luis can’t give up the facts, then he is not going to want to be with Sheridan anymore anyway.

Ned feels that now that he has told Fancy the truth about him, she won’t want to have anything to do with him anymore. He is positive that she is the kind of girl that only likes to hang with the rich guys. She says that she knew that he weren’t a millionaire anyway. Is he really penniless? Seems that he is. How does he live the way that he does? He lives the life of a rich man. He says that he does it by living the life his way. He asks Fancy if she is hungry. She could eat, but wants to know how he gets things free. He decides to order them scallops for dinner. He goes over to his laptop and puts on his earphones. “Room service? I would like to order dinner for 2 who want to know more about each other.” Fancy smiles as she watches this bad boy.

Ethan admits that he was drawn to Theresa as she is beautiful and pretty but she has another side. She has a side that sickens Ethan. She is showing it tonight. Gwen runs through Theresa’s crimes for her to remind her of what kind of person she is. That is why they were given Theresa’s baby. Theresa only wants Ethan to come back to her. Ethan finds Theresa unbalanced and manic. She is unstable, but Ethan and Gwen can raise Jane. Theresa thinks that she is the best thing for her child. Theresa finds that the slasher calling her terrible is funny. Theresa knows that she and Ethan are soul mates and that Gwen runs a distant, pathetic second. Gwen throws up her hands in dismay. She can’t win here. Theresa says that Gwen is using Jane to keep her marriage together and that is pathetic. Gwen warns Theresa to shut her mouth or she will be sorry she ever opened it. Ethan says that nothing that Theresa can say will make him love Gwen less. Theresa tries to get a rise out of Gwen, but Ethan isn’t interested in anything that Theresa thinks that she can do to them at this point. Theresa says that Ethan just admitted to loving her, so he can’t really give her all that she wants. Gwen knows what she wants, and Theresa is assuming too much. Theresa says that marriage means nothing if the couple doesn’t love each other.

Pilar disagrees. Marriage is sacred and what God puts together, no man, or woman should put asunder.

Ned has a robe on now over his jockey shorts. He looks more like a patron of the hotel than a squatter, but then again that is the plan. It is time to collect their dinner and not have to pay for it.

Ned takes Fancy out of his room, and into the hallway. They walk to room 1206 where Ned ordered the food to be delivered. Ned runs to the waiter who is wheeling the food to the door and about to knock. Ned is quick to sign for the food and tip the man generously. The waiter leaves. That is that. Dinner is served. Ned and Fancy head back to his room where they will eat like kings.

Sheridan is sure that Marty is her son, but if she can’t convince Luis of that, she will go mad. Staying with Luis will not be good for her in that case. She won’t be good to anyone then. Luis tries to make her sit down but Sheridan will not do it. She is wasting time when she could be with her son. She goes around in circles trying to figure this out. “Help me Luis. Help me get out of this maze.”

Dottie explains to her associate that when she ran the tests, she only tested the assumed mother. She says that the mistake was tat they didn’t test Sheridan. What if there is a reason why the tests came out that way? What if the girls are half-sisters? The tests would read the way that they did. That is a real stretch but they will find out.

Tabitha is at home dancing a jig, as the big blue pot has made her very, very happy. “Finally the truth will come out, and Luis and Sheridan’s happiness will be destroyed.”

Luis would like to help Sheridan but he can’t just take his son back from Beth for the purpose of another test. He knows that they can’t even question Beth again about this. Sheridan says that he could do this if he wanted to. Luis is sorry that he always thinks with his head and not his heart. Luis worked hard all his life. He had to lock away all his dreams and that may be why he is cut off from his heart. Luis thinks that this behavior of Sheridan’s has to do with her mother and how she treated her daughter. Sheridan will not listen to that.

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