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By Boo
Pictures by Amanda

Lopez-Fitzgerald Cottage:

Outside in the car, Gwen waits patiently for Ethan to get Jane and come back out. She sees Theresa welcome Ethan in and thinks it is a good sign. Theresa is extremely happy to see Ethan there. She is convinced that he is there because he has decided to live with her and their children. She knows that he wouldn’t take Jane away from her. She goes on and on about how happy she is and how Pilar and Luis always tell her that she is wrong. Pilar tries to get her to let Ethan get a word in, but Theresa goes on and on. Finally Pilar manages to calm Theresa down and Ethan is able to tell her that he is there to pick Jane up and take her back to the mansion. At first Theresa doesn’t believe him. She knows that Ethan really loves her. Ethan tells her that he is married to Gwen and he vowed to stay with her until death, he won’t break that vow. Theresa begs him not take Jane. She just doesn’t understand how he can do that to her. Pilar tries to calm Theresa down again as she is working herself into hysterics again. Gwen gets tired of waiting in the car and comes inside to see what is taking so long. Theresa immediately calls her a bitch and tries to get a hold of her so she can choke her. Ethan and Pilar pull the two women apart. This new outburst of Theresa’s prompts Gwen and Ethan to tell Theresa that she now will have to have supervised visits with Jane. Theresa is desperate now and tells Gwen that all of this is a result of Ethan’s guilt. At first Gwen thinks Theresa is crazy talking like that, but soon starts to listen to her. Theresa explains that Ethan’s guilt has caused him to make choices that he shouldn’t have made. He was going to marry Theresa until he found out that Gwen was pregnant with his child. His guilt and sense of responsibility caused him to marry Gwen instead. If he had married Theresa like he was going to in the first place, Sarah would still be alive. Ethan’s guilt over that is what keeps him with Gwen. She tells Gwen that Ethan really loves her, and that when he makes love to Gwen, it is really Theresa he is thinking about. Ethan doesn’t correct Theresa and Gwen grows suspicious.

She asks her husband if that is true. Does he really think of Theresa when he is with her?

Las Vegas:

Ned is playing poker with the man that helped Fancy, with Fancy watching the game closely. The man tells Ned that he wants to make it a ‘winner takes all’ hand, indicating that Fancy is part of the ‘all’. Ned agrees to the bet and puts all his chips in the pot. Another man thinks how handy these marked cards have come in. After the hand is dealt, the man with Fancy decides he wants a drink before the cards are shown. When he goes to get the drink, Ned pleads with Fancy to get away from this man. He knows the man likes to hit women. Fancy thinks he is just jealous and tells him that she can take care of herself. The man and his friend talk at the bar about the marked cards. They know that Ned has two pair, kings over fours. They also know that Fancy’s man has a full house and will win the hand. The second man asks the first man to save a little of Fancy for him. The first man tells his friend that there may not be much left of Fancy to save. He returns to the table and calls for the hands to be shown.

Fancy tries to talk the man into not taking ‘everything’ from Ned, but the man reminds her that she asked him to teach Ned a lesson and that is what he is going to do. When the hands are revealed, Ned realizes that he has lost everything. The man gloats a little and asks Fancy to come back to his room and help him count his winnings. When the pair start to leave, Ned tries to stop them and tells the man to leave Fancy out of it. When the man gets lippy with Ned, Ned lunges at him.

Two security guards come in and haul Ned off the premises. Fancy and the man head up to his room. When they get to the room, the man pours Fancy a drink. She tries to turn it down but the man insists that she drink up. Fancy asks the man what his name is. He tells her that is a ‘need to know basis’ question. Fancy thinks that since she is in his room, that gives her a right to think. He tells her not to worry about it and get busy drinking. Fancy doesn’t like his attitude and starts to leave. The man will have none of that though. She has been promising him all night that she would teach him new tricks if he taught Ned a lesson. He wants to learn those new tricks now! He tells her that if she won’t give it to him, he will take it. Fancy screams for help and the man tells her that no one can hear her, it excites him when she screams. Fancy fights with him a little and then grabs one of the glasses and smashes it over his head. She runs out of the room, leaving her purse behind. When the elevator doesn’t come quick enough, she runs through the halls yelling for help with the man in close pursuit. She gets far enough ahead of him to be able to slip unnoticed into an unlocked room. It looks like a room that is being remodeled as there is plastic over all the furniture. The man is yelling that he will find her and calling her a slut in the hall as Fancy leans against the door and holds her breath. She is sorry that she didn’t listen to Ned’s warnings and vows to thank him for trying to warn her if she ever gets out of this. The man gets a call on his cell phone just as he is reaching for the door that hides Fancy. The person on the phone convinces him to make other plans. He yells out that he will find Fancy again one day, and he will rip her pretty face apart. Fancy decides to stay hidden in the room for a bit longer just to be safe. She starts to explore the room a little bit, but is still a bit freaked out. She backs into a bed and trips and falls on it. Ned rolls over and tells her that maybe it is his lucky night after all.

Tabitha’s house:

Tabitha is still watching Sheridan, Luis, and Katherine in the park. The demon’s in the basement are restless and want Tabitha to hurry and split Luis and Sheridan up. Tabitha is happy to see that her ‘anger’ spell is working on Sheridan. Endora is having a hard time paying attention to her mother today. Tabitha gets a bit frustrated when she sees that Luis and Sheridan are not actually breaking up yet. She pleads with Endora to give her a bit of help again, but Endora is sawing logs. Tabitha decides that it is up to her and sites an incantation and attempts to put Sheridan back into a trance.

As she casts the spell, the words ‘DNA, Dottie, and truth’ float up out of the cauldron in red smoke.

In the park:

Sheridan is still very angry at Luis for not trusting in her. She just doesn’t understand how he can say that he loves her and not believe in her.

Luis is a cop through and through though. He tells her that he wants to believe her, but all the hard evidence says that Beth is Marty’s mother. Sheridan questions what they are doing together if he can’t believe in her. Luis can’t believe that she wants to call things off because of this one little thing. Sheridan can’t believe that he is calling it a ‘little’ thing. Luis reminds her that they have been through a lot worse. He tells her that he feels like something is going on, it is like there is an evil force keeping them apart. (Tabitha gets a good chuckle out of that statement.) Sheridan can’t believe that Luis is trying to blame their troubles on everyone else instead of taking on the responsibility that it is all his fault they are breaking up.

Katherine has listened quietly from the sideline until now. She tells her daughter that she sometimes believes that Alistair is the devil himself. Luis doesn’t appreciate Katherine butting in again. Sheridan tells her mother that she believes that Alistair is in on this with Beth, but the problem still lies with Luis not believing her.

Suddenly, Sheridan goes back into the trance as Tabitha’s spell works again. She hears Tabitha tell her to check the DNA again. The truth is in the DNA. Sheridan gets up and slowly walks off repeating those words. Luis and Katherine are shocked at her behavior. Katherine tells Luis that she is worried about Sheridan. Luis turns on Katherine and tells her that if she is worried about her daughter, she should leave her alone. Again, he blames Katherine for all their worries. Katherine tells him that she does want him and her daughter to be happy. Luis doesn’t believe her and just tells her to stay away from Sheridan before he storms off.

DNA Lab:

Tabitha continues to watch, celebrating her victory without Endora’s help. Sheridan, still in her trance, walks into the DNA lab still repeating the same phrase. Dottie sees her friend and becomes alarmed at her behavior. She tells Sheridan again that she ran the test herself and Beth is Marty’s mother. She offers to get Sheridan some help.

Suddenly, Sheridan snaps out of the trance and is surprised to see she is in the lab. She is a bit shook up over losing time again but tries to cover. She apologizes for her behavior saying that she thinks she is losing her mind again. Dottie is concerned about her friend. Sheridan mentions that she even thought that Beth was her half-sister at one point before running out of the lab in pure embarrassment. Dottie starts to go after her, but then stops to think about what Sheridan just told her.

(Tabitha helps things a long with a suggestion for Dottie to check it out.) Dottie is curious now, and decides to check the DNA to see if Beth and Sheridan really are half-sisters. She goes to the computer and starts to pull the information up. In the hall, Sheridan collapses against the wall and cries. She has lost everything, her son and now Luis. At home, Tabitha rejoices that soon Sheridan and Luis will be history. When Sheridan has her proof that she is Marty’s mother, she will never forgive Luis for not believing in her.

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