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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Theresa holds her baby wondering if it is the last time. She remembers the judge ordering that she give her baby to Ethan and Gwen. Theresa is sure that Ethan will not come and separate the baby from her mother. Theresa knows that Ethan will be living with them before he takes this child from her.

Ethan and Gwen are in the nursery that has been set up. Gwen knows that she isn’t really Jane’s mother but she will love the child just as much. Gwen remembers when they almost had Little Ethan and then lost him to Theresa. Ethan doesn’t want to dredge all this up again. Gwen can see that Ethan is not comfortable with this. Gwen hopes that he hasn’t changed his mind.

In Vegas, Ned gambles at roulette. Fancy walks by him and ignores him. Ned catches up to Fancy and says that the would like to talk to her. Sandra has gone to bed and Ned is alone. Ned says that he has been watching the guy that got her into the club and he sees the man messing with her drink. He warns Fancy to stay away from the man.

Luis explains his problems with Sheridan and the DNA tests. Pilar thinks that maybe the tests were tampered with. Luis tells how Alistair gave Beth money to help break up he and Luis. Pilar is shocked. Beth and Luis have known each other since high school. They would have been married if it weren’t for Sheridan. Luis has no idea what to do. Theresa enters the room telling her brother that he should back up Sheridan and what she thinks or he will lose her forever.

Sheridan is at Tabitha’s house and she searches her phone to find Dottie’s number to get her to help get another test. Tabitha and Endora are watching Sheridan and Tabitha asks Endora to help Sheridan find the number quicker by putting her in a trance. Endora zaps the woman and suddenly Sheridan has found the number and has everything under control.

Fancy finds it funny that Ned is trying to help her. Ned says that he knows an old girlfriend of the guy that has been buying Fancy drinks. She says that he is a liar and bad at it. She thinks that he is just trying to make her dump another guy for her. She will not listen to him. She will have some fun tonight. Fancy walks off and rejoins her friend. She knows that Ned is watching them and she even pecks her new friend on the cheek to make Ned mad. In her mind, the man is just jealous and wants her to be with him now that Sandra has taken off and left him alone for the night. If he had treated her right in the first place, she might be on his arm now.

Ethan says that although they are taking Jane to live with them, Theresa should have a part in Jane’s life. Gwen agrees. If they include her, she will be more accepting. Ethan says that Theresa should have Jane overnight and they will get the child in the morning. The phone rings and it is an officer of the court who needs to see the household where the baby will be staying with Ethan and Gwen. She tries to book an appointment with them for the next morning. Ethan says that he hasn’t got the child with him but will be getting her in the morning. He is cautioned that the child should be with him starting tonight. The wants every order followed to a tee.

Theresa says that being in love has to do with what is in your heart and not what a DNA test shows. Theresa says to ignore facts and logic. He should be listening to and believing in Sheridan. If he can’t do this, then his relationship with Sheridan is dead.

Tabitha and Endora smile as Sheridan reaches her friend Dottie on the phone. They listen with glee on their faces as Sheridan describes why she is calling. Sheridan sounds funny as she talks to Dottie on the phone. Dottie finds that her friend sounds a little funny. Sheridan would like to talk to Dottie about the tests. Dottie says that she will find nothing different. Sheridan still would like to talk to the woman some more. Dottie will do this for an old friend. Dottie happens to be at the hospital in Harmony doing some work and she tells Sheridan to come over and visit with her. Sheridan is off to see her friend.

Tabitha and Endora rejoice at the thought that Luis and Sheridan will not be together for longer. Then Tabitha will finally get her place on the wall of Witches’ Infamy. She bounces up and down on the couch with the child in her lap at the prospect of what is to come. “Woo hoo!” Tabitha gets out the big blue pot and watches Sheridan making her way to the hospital.

Sheridan is slowly making her way through the park to get to the hospital to see Dottie. She will convince the woman that she needs the test done again and then get the woman to help her get Luis to allow the test again. This is her only chance. She walks strangely. She looks straight ahead and has a glassy look in her eyes. She doesn’t even look where she is going as she has been programmed to get to the hospital, and therefore will not fail. It is dark out, but Sheridan has no concern about that.

Suddenly, Tabitha sees that Katherine is in the park too. Tabitha worries. If she talks to Sheridan, the trance that Tabitha has her in will be broken. That will stop her from going to see Dottie and getting things done about the DNA tests. Tabitha has to fix this, but isn’t sure how. What is she to do?

Katherine does see her daughter in the park and watches her from afar. She seems to be acting strange.

Luis finds that Theresa is full of ideas but what she is unable to explain is that she is not with Ethan. Theresa is confident that she will have Ethan back. Luis says that Theresa’s ignoring the facts as they are have lost her baby and the man that she loves forever. Theresa can’t argue with that.

Ethan tells Gwen that the woman from the courthouse said that they should have Jane in the house with them tonight as the judge ordered. Gwen agrees with this. Ethan hates taking Jane from Theresa this way. Gwen will not hear anymore. Gwen worries that Theresa will take Jane out of the country if she gets the chance. She took Little Ethan out of the country twice. She might pull another trick with Jane. She needs to be stopped before they get their hands on Little Jane.

Ned is playing cards now at the casino party.

Fancy and her date are talking about Ned. The man wants to know what her deal is with the man. Fancy can’t take her eyes off him. Ned seems to be winning at the card games again. He is on a winning streak. Fancy comments on the cocky grin on Ned’s face. Who does he think that he is? The man with Fancy offers to teach Ned a lesson for Fancy. She would like that. She might even teach the man with her a thing or two. It is a deal.

Gwen is tired of Ethan defending Theresa again. She says that they have to go and get Jane. That was the order. Ethan hates this but he understands what Gwen is saying. He says that they should go and get Jane now.

Luis understands what Theresa is trying to say to him but he is a detective and works on facts. Sheridan has been feeling things that can’t be explained and Luis can’t accept that.

Tabitha sees Sheridan and her mother in the big blue pot. Katherine is trying to call to her daughter. Tabitha has to stop this or Luis and Sheridan will get back together. And that can’t happen. She is so close to ending their relationship.

Katherine tries to talk to her daughter but she acts strangely. Katherine worries that she might be sleepwalking again. She follows Sheridan and calls to her again. You have to be very careful not to startle sleepwalkers or they could hurt themselves. Katherine knows that Sheridan has been doing this from childhood. Sheridan comes out of her trance suddenly. She is surprised to find herself in the park talking to her mother, but she knows where she is going. Sheridan explains that she is on her way to the hospital to meet her friend and get help proving that Marty is hers. Katherine thought that all this was settled, but it isn’t. Now Luis is doubting her more than ever. She is angry and hurt. Katherine thinks that Sheridan should go to Luis and talk to him.

Tabitha hears the conversation that Katherine has with her daughter in the park. She is trying to get Sheridan to make things up with Luis. She shouts at the pot that Katherine is to go on and mind her own business. She is ruining everything. If Tabitha doesn’t make this work out to her advantage, the bosses in the basement will tear her apart. It has been years since Tabitha started working on splitting these two up. She has worked overtime but only death could part these two. At the uttering of this sentence, red smoke comes out of the basement through a vent nearby. A low rumbling growling sound is heard. Tabitha sees the smoke and shudders. Her bosses are capable of terrible things.

It is night in Vegas now. Fancy and her date continue to watch Ned at the card game. The man with Fancy decides that it is time to teach Ned a lesson. He leaves Fancy to go and talk to a friend. Fancy sees that her friend is a troublemaker but not for her, but for Ned.

Fancy’s friend goes to a cohort that works in the casino and gets him to agree to help with teaching Ned a lesson.

Ethan and Gwen are ready to go. Gwen is a little too happy about this. Ethan is not comfortable at all taking Jane from Theresa this way.

Luis tells Theresa that she is suffering because of her refusal to listen to reason. Pilar has to agree with this. Theresa says that in the end, she will be with Ethan, and that he should believe in Sheridan too. Luis does love Sheridan but he loves her differently. He looks at what is really there. He is willing to try again though. Maybe they could get things worked out after all. Luis promises to be more understanding.

Katherine finds it hard to think that Beth would work with Alistair to break up her daughter’s relationship. However, she will believe her daughter if Sheridan says that is the case.

Tabitha wants all this stopped. She wants Katherine to get out of there and let Sheridan get on her way. She continues to listen to the women talk.

Katherine tells her child that she has to be more understanding of Luis and how he has been trained to understand things. Sheridan doesn't care about that. She only knows that Marty is her son. Sheridan finds her mother to be very understanding about this. It is too bad that Luis never knew her this way. Katherine says that Sheridan just needs to get back to Luis now.

Tabitha is furious now. Katherine is screwing everything up. She needs to do something about this and fast. She asks Endora to give her a zap to help her with her next supernatural duty. Tabitha now leans into the pot after Endora zaps her and she whispers, very carefully so that only Sheridan will hear. “Sheridan go to the hospital. Find out the truth. Don’t talk to Katherine.”

In the park, Sheridan tunes her mother out. She is hearing something and she strains herself to hear what it is. It is whispering. “Sheridan. Go to the hospital. Find out the truth. Don’t talk to Katherine.” Sheridan immediately tunes her mother out. She gets the glassy look in her eyes again and starts walking forward with her head straight ahead. Katherine isn’t sure how to process this. What is going on with her daughter? She doesn’t call to Sheridan again. She lets her walk away this time.

Fancy’s friend is setting up Ned to get drained. He has trick cards that are going to make Ned a true loser. The two men joke about Fancy and what she will be doing later that night with one of them. The second man that works in the casino jokes that he would like a shot at Fancy. He is cautioned that she may have a few bruises thought. Fancy and her friend make their way to the card table where Ned is playing. The dealer is paid off and he takes the bad cards and uses them instead of the legit cards. Ned is surprised to look up and see Fancy standing beside him with the man that he warned was abusive. She will never learn it seems.

Ethan and Gwen are in the car and they make their way over to Theresa’s house for the baby.

In Theresa’s house, she is sure that things will work out in the end for she and Jane.

Outside the house, Ethan and Gwen have arrived in their car. Gwen can’t wait to get in there and get that child as her own. Ethan stops her. “We can’t do this. We can’t take Theresa’s baby.”

Katherine decides to talk to Sheridan again and stops her from leaving the park. She has a few words with her but Sheridan doesn’t respond.

As Tabitha watches in the big blue pot, she sees that now Luis is in the park as well. This is too much for her to bear. She will never get them apart, if they keep coming together like this. What is Tabitha to do now?

Luis sees Sheridan and runs up behind her as she is talking to her mother. Sheridan turns around. Luis is unhappy when he sees that Sheridan has been talking to Katherine of all people. He asks what she has been filling Sheridan’s head with just now. Sheridan was in her trance and comes out of it when she hears the harsh words that Luis uses with her mother. She will not have it. Katherine has been nothing but kind and trusting to Sheridan and she even influences Sheridan to take Luis back. She turns on Luis with a vengeance.

“You will not talk to my mother that way. She has been a great comfort to me. She isn’t like you who can’t believe anything that I say because you want to believe Beth. You leave my mother alone. Luis is shocked at the way that Sheridan has lashed out at him. She never cared about the way that Luis talked to her mother before. It has always been understood that he had a reason to hate the woman because of the way that she ran off with his father and ruined his family and his prospects for the future.

Ned and Fancy’s friend are playing cards and the man warns Ned that he better give up as there is no way that he can lose. The man with Fancy suggests that they play winner takes all. Ned thinks for a moment and then decides that he will play the game. To herself, Fancy thinks, “Sorry Ned, but you asked for this.”

Ethan feels that he should go into Theresa’s house alone and get the baby. Theresa will not make as much of a scene if Gwen is not there. She might make a scene anyway. Gwen doesn’t care how they do it. She just wants that baby.

Theresa is in the house and while holding the baby she sees Ethan coming to the house. Theresa calls for her mother and gives her the baby. They go into the back room. When Theresa lets Ethan in the house she rushes into his arms. “I knew that you would come for me. I love you so much.” Theresa has her arms around him and holds him for a long time.

Gwen watches form the car smiling. “He isn’t there because he is going to be with you Theresa.”

In the park, things are getting out of control. Sheridan is angry, but not angry enough.

Tabitha sees a great opportunity here. She makes a spell unlike no other.

At the feet of Sheridan, pink smoke rises. No one sees it. Sheridan suddenly gets angrier than ever. She points in Luis’s face telling him that she is sick of this. She will not be with a man that doesn’t believe in her. Tabitha jumps with glee. A love that has been running strong for eons is suddenly going to be over forever.

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