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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Kay tries to talk sense to her sister. She could get Aids or OD from the drugs that she has been doing. Jessica doesn’t care about how her father and mother feel. They both have other partners now so who cares. She is going to be like her parents and enjoy herself now. She will not let Kay stop her.

At the casino, Ned is winning like crazy. The gentleman is a winner. Sandra wishes Ned luck with his gambling. At the door, Fancy hasn’t got her invitation and can’t get in. she knows the man at the door, but he can’t let her in this time. If it were up to him, he would let her in but he has his orders. Fancy peeks over the bouncer’s shoulder and sees Ned in playing roulette. “How did that bum get it?”

Sheridan is spilling all to Tabitha. Tabitha asks like she is sympathizing with the woman. Tabitha says that she knows that Sheridan will do anything to have her child given back to her. AT the sound of those words. The babies are magically switched back to where they belong. Endora is back in her chair and out of Beth’s house and then Marty is back in his chair at Beth’s house.

Edna happened to be watching when the switch takes places and she sees for a minute that Marty was a girl, then poof, he is back! Luis and Beth are a little upset when Edna says that Marty is a girl. What is wrong with her? They look at Marty and he is just who he should be at that moment. Edna must be losing it. Beth tells Luis that she is a little worried about her mother thinking that Marty is a girl.

Tabitha plays up to Sheridan in such a way that Sheridan believes that Tabitha is a caring, trusting friend. Tabitha listens to Sheridan’s story and then tells her that Luis should have listened to her. She says that the only thing that Sheridan can do now is get her baby back. Finally someone agrees with Sheridan and understands her.

Jessica is at least talking rationally but she still sounds like she wants to destroy herself. Maybe she is trying to get Grace to come home and get Sam back. Jessica says that she doesn't want anyone around her father. She wants him left alone. Kay understands now. She wants Sam’s attention.

Fancy demands to know how Ned got an invitation to the party. She says that if he can get in, then she can surely get in. Fancy threatens to tell Omar and have the man’s job taken.

Mary comes to the door and sees that there is a problem. She is working security for the night. Fancy says that she can’t get in. Mary says that she works there and she had to show her invitation as well. Mary knows that the girl is famous, but there is no way that she can be let in. Mary says that if Fancy likes to gamble then she can go to some other casino. Mary has to go now. She has done her time for the night. She says goodnight and leaves the casino. She is confident that everything is under control. She thought that Ned might have turned out to be a troublemaker, but after talking to him, she sees that there is nothing to worry about. The others will watch him anyway. Fancy looked like she might be trouble, but she can be easily handled too. The bouncer says that Fancy will have to leave as she will not be getting in tonight. A gentleman comes to Fancy’s rescue. He bribes the bouncer and gets Fancy in. Fancy never thought of bribing the guy to get in. That is probably because she is rich and people are used to just giving her what she wants. Fancy will spend some time with this tall stranger, but first she needs to talk to someone. She walks off leaving the stranger alone. The bouncer comes inside the casino to talk to the stranger that has just gotten Fancy in the club. They are friends. The bouncer says that the man has just spent a bundle on that woman. The man is not worried. He will get the money back, one way or the other.

Tabitha feels that Sheridan has suffered enough. Sheridan has been losing her mind but how is she going to get her baby back? She gets up and sits at the table with her back to Tabitha and Endora. Endora smiles at mommy and does a little zap. Suddenly Marty is in her place and Endora is gone. Tabitha jumps back in terror. What as Endora done now? Sheridan is none the wiser. She has her back to Marty and Tabitha.

At Beth’s house, Edna calms herself saying that she just needs some glasses. Marty is in his pen sitting alone. Edna turns to give the boy a cookie, and after she hands it to him, he turns into a little girl. Edna jumps. Luis and Beth hear Edna talking to herself and they worry. Beth says that she does that all the time.

Kay is making dinner for her sister and father. Jessica is still giving her a hard time. She says that she refuses to eat dinner. Kay looks her dead in the face and tells her sister roughly that she will be eating dinner with the family tonight.

Ned is winning beyond his wildest dreams. He has just done it again. He is so happy that he turns to who he thinks is Sandra and kisses her madly and passionately. His eyes are closed as he kisses her. They kiss goes on longer than expected.

Ned hasn’t any idea but he is kissing Fancy. He probably wouldn’t be doing that if he knew who he was kissing, but he doesn’t. Sandra isn’t in her seat where she promised she would be all night. Fancy has somehow made her way into the set and has gotten Ned to kiss her again. Ned and Fancy are kissing and when it stops Ned is angry. Fancy says that she saw Sandra at the bar getting drinks. He said that he didn’t know that he was kissing her, or he wouldn’t have been doing that. She says that he is lying. She is his type; she is everyone’s type. She accuses him of stealing her invitation to come to the party, and he shows her his invitation denying that he did in fact have his own invitation. She asks if that is his invitation then why does it have her shade of lipstick on it. Ned hasn’t got an answer.

Sam is out by the pier rethinking his life again. Where is it that he went wrong?

Kay tries to force Jessica to eat. She will not do it. Kay wonders if there is a reason for that. Is it the drugs? Jessica says no. Kay forces Jessica into her seat before some food and Jessica picks up the bowl and throws it at the wall.

Tabitha knows that at any time Sheridan may turn around and see that Marty is in the room instead of Endora. She has to control that. How could she explain Marty suddenly being in the house? Sheridan already finds Tabitha a little strange. Tabitha rushes over to Sheridan and spills some of her drink on the woman. Sheridan gets up quickly and pays all her attention to the mess that has been made of her dress. While that is going on, Tabitha runs to Marty and picks him up running out of the room. She gets the child alone and she calls to Endora through that child trying to reach her own. She can hear Endora laughing inside the boy but she can’t see Endora.

Over at Beth’s house Edna is really losing it. She has seen Marty appear to her as a little girl again, and it is really unnerving her. The child in the playpen, and so Luis and Beth can’t readily see him, or her. Edna acts funny but refuses to tell Luis and Beth that the child that they think is a little boy is really a little girl.

They already think that she is crazy. Why should she let them think that again? She has to be wrong, but what if she isn’t? She has to get Luis out of the house. She pretends that she has a cough. She tells Luis that she wouldn’t want him to get it and so she ushers him out of the house. Beth watches upset that Luis is leaving. Once Luis is gone, Beth turns on her mother angry that she forced Luis out. Edna said that she had to. She tells Beth to go to the playpen and look at the baby. Beth goes over to the playpen, and her face drops in horror when she looks into the pen. Edna knows that Beth is staring down into the face of a little girl. Beth says that she has no idea what her mother is talking about. All she sees is a little boy covered with cookie crumbs. Beth lifts the baby out of the pen and Edna sees that she is in fact right. Beth is sure that Edna has been drinking again.

Tabitha has Endora in the other room and she chastises the little witch for having fun and games at a terrible time like this. Poof! Marty is back and Endora is gone. Tabitha is giggling as she makes her mother anxious. Sheridan suddenly comes into the room and finds that Marty is there. “What is Marty doing here?” Tabitha turns quietly in her direction and says nothing.

Kay and Jessica are still arguing. Kay is struggling to get control of her sister but Jessica will not give into her.

Sam is at the pier still thinking about this life that he has been living. Luis finds Sam and learns that he has been upset ever since he found Jessica with Spike at his club. He branded her with a tattoo like she was his property. Jessica will not listen to anything that he tells her. He is going to lose his daughter. He is frustrated.

Luis tries to calm the man down. Since Grace left town, things have been going down fast. Luis has his own problems. Sheridan won’t accept the DNA test. Luis wants to believe her but how do you argue with a DNA test. Sheridan will not listen to reason.

Ned denies that the invitation is hers. That could be anyone’s lipstick. He tells Fancy to bug off. While Ned is arguing with Fancy, the dealer has moved Ned’s chips all on to one black spot on the board. He is a part of the game and he doesn’t even know it. “YOU LOSE!” The dealer has spoken. He takes all of Ned’s chips off the table. Ned protests. He said that he didn’t make that bet with all of his chips. Tough! The game is played that way. Fancy laughs at finally getting one over on him. Ned is angry. He tells Fancy to get out of there. He tells her that she is bad luck. She laughs and laughs at him. Sandra returns to the table and sees that Ned has lost all of his chips.

Ned blames that on Fancy, and Fancy tells Sandra that he was kissing her and that is the reason that he lost control of his game. Sandra asks him if he kissed this woman. Ned admits it but he thought that it was her. Fancy says that she is going to get him thrown out of there. He wants to see her try.

Kay is alone and she can’t understand how she is going to be able to help the family when she has herself, a baby and a job to take care of too.

Jessica is in her room. She turns up the music. She is furious. She is not going to let her sister tell her what to do. She goes into her closet, and pulls out all her clothes.

Sam says that Sheridan just needs time to come around to the truth in time. Luis says that Sheridan is sounding wilder and wilder. Beth is upset and thought that things would have settled after the DNA tests. Luis has no idea what he is going to do. He knows that Sheridan isn’t going to give up on this until she has Marty.

Tabitha is standing before Marty and facing Sheridan. Sheridan can’t see Marty. Sheridan says that she didn’t know that Marty was going to be there. She wants to go to him. Tabitha turns around and hides the child from Sheridan with her body. She stoops and orders Endora to get back to the house now. Poof! The baby’s are switched. Tabitha picks up the child and shows her to Sheridan. “What was that you were saying about Marty?” Sheridan can see that Marty really isn’t there. Sheridan is so embarrassed she runs back to the living room. Tabitha turns to her child and thanks her for coming back home where she belongs. Tabitha brings the child with her into the living room. She continues to talk about the DNA test and how Luis thought that Sheridan was crazy Thinking that Beth was her sister. That would explain the test showing Beth as the mother.

Sheridan knows there was a mistake. Tabitha says that Sheridan should get Luis to do the test again. She says that calling Dottie and getting her to say that something was wrong with the test might be a way to get it done again. That way Luis will not think that Sheridan was the one the pushed for the test. Sheridan loves this idea. She jumps up and down with Tabitha as they laugh with glee.

Luis wishes that he and Sam had better luck in life. Sam knows that there are outside forces sometimes that affect people. He hates to say this but he thinks that it is the town. Strange things happen there. There might be a magnetic force here or something. Like when Sam’s house was sucked into the bowels of hell. There were strange things in the air. The town generates its own evil force. Maybe it was cursed. Luis hopes not. He has a hard enough time trying to be with Sheridan without the presence of an evil force.

Kay wishes that her father could be home now. She has left Maria at the house. She would like to check on her, but she can’t leave Jessica alone. She hopes that Jessica’s window has been nailed shut. She might try to sneak out again.

Jessica is ready to go out now. She has dressed and put on her makeup. She goes to the window and opens it. “So long big sister. I am out of here.” She climbs out the window.

Ned and Sandra blow off Fancy calling her bad luck. They walk off.

The man that got Fancy in the club comes over and remarks that he heard the way that Ned had been treating her and that wasn’t very nice. She says that she doesn't care. The man offers her a drink but she suggests that they get a whole bottle. She suddenly feels like partying.

Edna heads to the booze again. Beth tells her to stop. Her brain is frying. She can’t have things going wrong now. Not when she has to DNA that makes it look like she is Marty’s mother.

At Tabitha’s house, she watches with glee as Sheridan makes the call to her friend Dottie who lives out of town. She has a great plan this time to make Marty her son, and she is going to get Dottie to help her with it.

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