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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Jessica is trying to get out of the house again. Her father is out getting ice cream, and she takes advantage. She makes a run for the door, but Kay jumps on her and will not let her out of the house.

Jessica is determined. Ivy couldn’t stop her leaving but Kay will do it. No matter what it takes. Kay has seen her father hurt by all this and she will not see him disappointed by coming home to find that his daughter is out running rampant again. It just isn’t fair to him. He has enough to worry about. Kay will help him as best as she can. She has even started dinner for her father and sister. By making a recipe that her mother used to cook, she hopes to bring back some of those happy feelings that the family used to share.

Fancy is in the pool very angry as Ned has tossed her into the pool and ruined her hair and her shoes. She only wears designer garments and accessories and is not happy with this at all. Worst of all, he doesn’t even seem sorry for what he has done to her. He should be helping her out of the pool, but he doesn’t do anything. She stands in the pool glaring at him as he sits with his friend Sandra and looks back at her smiling. Fancy feels used. She showed her hand letting the man know that she was interested in him and all the time he was just toying with her emotions. She made a grand gesture and saved this man from being killed and this is the way that he treats her?

Ned comes over to Fancy and stands over her joking about her situation and what a silly girl she is and looks like. She plays up to him smiling but inside she is seething. When he leans too closely over the end of the pool, she pulls him in with her. His clothes then get wet too and that makes her really smile. Problem is that he really doesn’t care that much about his clothes getting wet. Not like her. She is like a little child going on and on about her designer threads and hair. So what? He stands up in the pool, and they both face each other. She doesn't phase him one bit. Just when she thinks that his tricks have ended, he takes his hand and pushes her head done into the pool, under the water and holds it there for a moment. She jumps up gasping for breath.

Edna has been shopping again. The living room is littered with boxes and bags from fancy stores and shops. Edna hovers over her precious spoils having the time of her life. Finally after raising Beth on her own for all these years, she can finally enjoy something in life. MONEY! Beth is not happy when she enters with Marty and finds that there are items all over the house. Alistair wouldn’t be pleased at all if he could see this. He might already know. Edna has been warned by Alistair not to shop too much as that will bring suspicion to the house and where the money came from. Edna promised that she would behave, and Alistair warned her sternly that she was waling on thin ice. Edna was only scared for the moment. Edna has a present for Marty. That seems to calm Beth down some. She brings Marty to the couch to see what grandma has gotten for him. She shows him the new train that she has gotten for him. Marty loves it. Beth is pleased with it as well. Beth loves this time in her life. She can finally see the end of the tunnel. She has Marty, and soon she will gave Luis. She bounces the baby on her hip as she sings out loud that “Sheridan will never find out that I am her half-sister after the yarn that I told Luis.”

Luis has entered using the front door and he looks at Edna and all the things that are in the house in boxes. “What is going on here?” Edna is over by the couch taking out her things from their packages. The couch is totally covered with things. No one could sit if they tried. Edna hasn’t got any way to explain these things. Beth and Edna turn to the front door shocked at Luis being in the house. They were not expecting him. Usually Beth is glad to see him but she is a little put off by the way that he has suddenly appeared. What if Alistair was there? Luis has been getting used to coming over to Beth’s to see Marty, and that is probably why he didn’t knock before coming in the house. He is starting to feel like this is home. How long has he been standing there anyway? Beth is afraid to ask. They hope that he hasn’t heard anything that he shouldn’t have. It would really be bad getting busted at this stage of the game while things are going so well. Beth waits to see what happens next. They wait for him to say something more.

Tabitha is having fun again with the big blue pot and the secrets that it holds. Sheridan is running to her destruction. Tabitha plans to convince Sheridan to contact her friend Dottie about the results. Tabitha will see that Sheridan learns the truth about Marty and that will keep Luis and Sheridan apart forever. Endora is playing with her dolls and doing her magic. In the big blue pot, Tabitha sees that Sheridan is almost to the house now. She can hardly wait to get her hands on the girl. When she is done with Sheridan, there will be no turning back. The truth will definitely come out and Beth will be over and done with. Everyone will be miserable and that is just the way that Tabitha likes it. “Just a few more steps into my parlor, said the spider to the fly”. Tabitha continues to watch the woman head in her direction. Sheridan is making her way to Tabitha’s house, but she isn’t aware of it, and she doesn’t really care. Tabitha’s house is like a magnet calling her. As if on cue, the door to Tabitha’s house starts opening in anticipation of Sheridan entering soon. She should be on the front step at any time now. She moves quickly with purpose, but she doesn’t know it. It is timed perfectly. Tabitha will watch for Sheridan right up until she gets to the house. Then she will get rid of the big blue pot and slide into ‘good neighbor’ mode. When Sheridan gets to the door, she will simply enter without thinking twice. She has no choice in the matter. That is what is so great about magic. With magic, Tabitha can make any of these mere mortals do whatever it is that she desires. It is all magic that rules Sheridan at this moment, but Sheridan has no idea. Sheridan is in her trance as she makes her way to the witch’s house. Her eyes are glazed over and she doesn’t really focus on anything before her. She doesn’t have to. Her route has been chosen and she has been programmed to follow it. She can do this with her eyes closed, and if Tabitha had thought about it, she would have added that stipulation when she was setting this up. She doesn’t realize that she is going to the witch’s house. She doesn’t realize that she is going anywhere. She wanted to go somewhere but she had nowhere to go. She only knows the woman as Tabitha, the friendly old neighbor down the way. She has been drawn to Tabitha’s house by magic and couldn’t turn around and run if she wanted to. She sees the open door and enters as if she owns the place.

Once inside, Tabitha comes to her and zaps her out of her trance. Sheridan is momentarily startled to find herself in this woman’s house. Sheridan’s eyes stop looking through glassy eyes and she focuses on Tabitha who stands before her. Sheridan has no idea how she got to Tabitha’s house and is embarrassed at being there. Her mind must be playing tricks on her. She must have walked miles. She rubs her tired feet. Her feet are really sore. Tabitha doesn’t live that close to Sheridan, so Sheridan must have trod miles to get her and yet she remembers nothing of it. Tabitha asks if Sheridan has something on her mind. Maybe that is why she didn’t realize that she was making her way to Tabitha’s. Tabitha says that sometimes a person is so tired that they will do things without thinking about it. She is sure that this is what has happened. Sheridan doesn’t want to tell her private thoughts to Tabitha and she tries to leave, but Tabitha insists on her staying. Sheridan likes Tabitha but the woman unnerves her at times. Like now. Sheridan doesn’t feel that she can open up to Tabitha about her personal issues with Luis and seems uncomfortable.

Luis asks where all these purchased items came from on the couch. Thousands of dollars must have been spent on these things. Luis rifles through the things and can’t believe what he sees. Beth says that the things were bought with the money that Alistair gave her. Luis starts getting angry when he realizes that the cheque that Beth got from Alistair was cashed. She denies that she spent the money by cashing the cheque. She blames it on her mother. Edna gets angry when she hears what Beth says about her.

Ned and Fancy are in the pool talking. She is furious that he has treated her badly yet again. What is his problem anyway? Why isn’t he smitten with her like any other man would be? Her outfit and accessories are ruined because of his embarrassment of her. Her and her riches do not impress Ned. He knows that she would love nothing more than to make him do whatever she wishes but he will not be controlled like that by anyone. She is angry when he tells her that he doesn’t need someone like her in his life. She is nothing but a spoiled little rich girl in his eyes. He finds nothing of substance about her. She puts up her hand to slap him but he catches it and holds it in the air.

Kay sits on Jessica and will not get up until the girl spills about her behavior and why she acts the way that she does. She is going to make her sister stay if she has to tie the girl to a chair to keep her in the house. Jessica will not stop fighting. She has no respect for Kay. Why should she listen to her anyway? She is on her back on the kitchen floor now fighting to get free. Kay proves to be a formidable wrestler and she holds her sister easily pinning her to the floor. Jessica tries to move her body so that Kay will get off her but Kay is determined to stay on the little brat until she runs out of steam. She knows that her father has been trying to make things work for the family and she is going to help him to succeed in saving the little family that they have left. They are going to have a family dinner that night and she tells Jessica that she will sit and eat it with the family. Jessica is almost free now. Soon she will not have to listen to anymore of this crap. Kay sees that she is losing her hold on her wayward sister. She gets up and grabs a frying pan holding it over her sister’s head. The choice is hers now. Will she stay put or will she get a home run to the head? Jessica immediately stops her antics. Her sister means business. Kay means it. She will hurt her sister if she tries to get up. Jessica relaxes. Kay says that she and their father has been worrying about Jessica and she doesn’t care one lick about them. Jessica finds this rich. Her sister was the one that got pregnant from being wayward. What a life Kay has. Now she works in a cannery to make a living. Kay has to do that to make money and pay her bills. What is wrong with Jessica? Can’t she see that her sister loves her?

Fancy says that Ned is not a gentleman. He denies that he has bad manners. His mother taught him well. he tells Fancy that if she wants people to think that she is a lady, then she needs to stop throwing her drinks at people. He excuses himself. Sandra is waiting. Ned wades off and gets out of the pool leaving Fancy to stew in her juices. Sandra is waiting for him with a towel. Fancy watches the whole thing from the pool. Her floppy hat really is floppy seeing as it is soaking wet. She has been shunned by a man that she thought that she could have. Nothing is more hurtful to someone like her. She slams the surface of the water in anger.

Beth promises to make sure that her mother returns all the money that she supposedly took. She acts like she wants nothing to do with Alistair’s money.

She can see that Luis is not happy that the money has been spent. She wants him to see that she wouldn’t dare think of using the money. Edna refuses to do that. She says that the money is hers. Edna walks off angry. Beth turns to Luis and makes him sit with her on the couch to talk for a while. Beth sees that this is a rare opportunity for her to talk with the man and spend some quality time with him alone. Sheridan is nowhere to be seen and that is the way that Beth likes it. She tells Luis that they really are two peas in a pod. Beth says that she and he are two of a kind are really have a lot in common. Beth says that more and more she is thinking of putting her mother in a home. Edna is listening from the other room and she panics when she hears that Beth is thinking about putting her in a home to spend the rest of her days. Nothing worse could happen to Edna than that. Beth threatens her with that from time to time. Beth says that she really doesn’t think that she will be able to put her mother in a home after all. She knows that Luis doesn’t like it when she talks mean about her mother. She has already had a heart attack and a stroke. Truth is that she could go at any moment. Edna shudders at the idea of dying. Edna peeks into the room and gives Beth a dirty look for what she has said about her dear old mother. She has made her mother look very bad in order to impress Luis. It is true that Beth will do anything to impress this man and snag him. Luis doesn’t see this leer that Edna makes at Beth behind his back. He is none the wiser and that is the way that Beth likes him.

At Tabitha’s house, Sheridan is being grilled and urged into sharing her problems and thoughts. Sheridan is not comfortable with this at first. Tabitha picks up her tea and starts sipping. She is giving the impression that she and Sheridan are having tea and sharing as friends do. Sheridan tries to stay tightlipped, but Tabitha will not have that. She asks Sheridan is there is something troubling her. Maybe she has some decisions that she has to make that are difficult. Tabitha would love to help if she can. Sheridan looks at the woman in awe. How does she know to say just the right things?

Jessica asks her sister if she really loves her. Kay does. Jessica feels that her sister is just saying that to keep her in the house. Kay says that Jessica acts like she is 5 years old. Jessica says that she is only acting like Kay used to. Kay denies that.

Sandra massages Ned’s back and he asks her to rub his chest instead. She does as he asks and he rewards her with a kiss. That really steams Fancy’s boat. She knows that he is just doing that to get a rise out of her. Still she can’t draw her eyes away from them. The whole time Fancy is watching from the pool. She is still standing in it and watching every move that Ned makes. Ned thanks Sandra for drying him off and asks her if she wants to help him get dressed. She does. Sandra seems closer to Ned than Fancy could ever be. Ned and Sandra go over to their lounging chair where Fancy has left her purse and he picks up a towel and throws it at her in the pool. Her bag falls to the floor. She orders him to pick the bag up. He does and in the process he sees that there is an invitation in her purse to the casino and that she can bring a guest. A smile comes to her lips.

Tabitha and Sheridan are talking and the subject of the past comes to mind. Tabitha has been in Sheridan’s past for as long as she can remember. All the kids knew Tabitha in the neighborhood. She remembers from the past. Sheridan thinks back thoughtfully to the past. She remembers going to Tabitha’s for Halloween as a child.

She was Snow White on that occasion.

When she reaches out for a caramel apple it turns into a horrible thing with bugs and worms all over it. She screamed. Then the witch picked up one of the apples and ate from it. Sheridan was horrified. She runs off frightened. The memory frightens Sheridan and she looks to Tabitha like she may have seen a ghost. She stares pie-eyed at Tabitha.

Luis tells Beth that he had a fight with Sheridan and she has run off from him. He was trying to talk sense to her but she wouldn’t hear it, and now she has made it a huge mountain in their relationship. Luis thought that maybe Sheridan came to Beth’s house but that is not the case. Luis says that Sheridan still thinks that Marty is hers. Luis says that the DNA makes no difference. Sheridan thinks that the test was flawed. Luis says that he is trying to keep a practical head about this but if he finds out that Marty really belongs to Sheridan and someone has hidden that from him, he will kill that person. Beth knows that he is not kidding. He will do exactly as he says he will. Beth says that Luis should know that Marty is their son and not Sheridan’s. He was there when Beth took the test, so she sees no reason for him to doubt for a minute that Marty is hers. Luis says that Sheridan has an idea that she and Beth are sisters. Beth says that her father would roll over in his grave if he heard this conversation. Edna nearly falls down in the back hearing that Sheridan has stumbled on the truth. That was their biggest fear. If Sheridan had even taken the test with Beth and Marty, she would have known for sure what Beth and Edna know now. Beth says that what Sheridan says is nonsense. There is no way that she believes that she can be Sheridan’s sister.

Tabitha talks about Luis and Sheridan and how they are soul mates. She says that she knows that Sheridan believes that she and Luis were together in another life. Tabitha believes in reincarnation. In fact, Tabitha feels that she and Sheridan knew each other in another life. Sheridan says that may be true. She feels a connection to Tabitha. She is relaxed now.

Kay asks her sister why she is hell bent on destroying her life as well as the lives of those around her. Kay loves her sister and always has. Jessica is surprised by hearing this and doesn’t believe it for a moment. Kay used to take care of her sister when helping her mother out. She would give her sister a bath and change her diapers as well as many other things. Now Jessica turns on her sister and Kay hates that. What is wrong with her sister?

Ned reads the invitation to the casino again. Fancy came in useful again it seems. He knows where this casino is. The invitation if for later that night. The holder of the invitation can bring a guest. Interesting. The wheels in Ned’s mind start turning. Fancy sees that Ned is snooping. She gets out of the pool and demands that he give her back her bag. He denies that he was snooping. She grabs her bag from him telling him that she hopes that she never sees him again. She stomps off.

Sandra looks after Fancy as she makes her way out of the area. She is furious and probably a little embarrassed. She must know that people are staring at her. “She really is a piece of work. I hope that we never see her again.” Ned hasn’t any comment. He just stares after Fancy smiling. Someone it seems that he knows that he is going to see her again. He is sure of it.

Jessica is sick of her sister nagging her. She doesn’t want anyone’s advice. She says that she is fine and can take care of herself. She has been drenching and doing drugs as well as cutting herself are not ways of proving that one can take care of oneself. She even got a tattoo on her body. Jessica was so stoned when she got the tattoo that she didn’t even know that she was being tattooed. Jessica will not take anymore of her sister’s crap. Kay tells her that she has to.

In Vegas, Ned and Sandra arrive at the casino. He kept Fancy’s invitation and is using it get himself and his date in. They go to a table and sit at roulette.

A woman sees Ned entering and she gets on her cell phone right away. She recognizes this man and needs to alert the others. She warns her cohorts that the kid that caused some trouble the other day is here in the casino and that he needs to be watched. She goes over to Ned and starts a conversation. He can tell that she is working for the casino. She worries that he might be a cheater. Sandra is surprised to hear that Ned gambles. She gives him a very strange look. she wasn’t told that before. Ned admits it.

Mary who works for the casino says that Ned needs to behave and remember that they are always watching. She works for this casino but all the casinos in the area share information to keep all of them from getting cheated on by con men. Mary walks off and makes a call to her cohorts saying that Ned is probably okay and they shouldn’t worry about him after all.

Beth is having a great time bonding with Luis over his troubles with Sheridan. Beth suggests that Luis play with Marty for a while. That is a great idea. Luis goes over to the child and picks him up from the playpen. Now this makes him happy. Sheridan just gets Luis sad with her mood swings and ideas. Edna comes out of the back to join in the conversation. Things have lightened up since she was last in the room. She sees that Luis thinks that Marty is good looking and she remarks that Marty looks just like his mother. Beth doesn’t appreciate that. Luis has to admit that Marty does look like his mommy, but he can also see that Marty looks like Sheridan too. Beth takes the child and puts him in his chair with some cereal. Luis saying that he looks like Sheridan unnerves her. She offers to let Luis stay for a while. They could have a drink. Luis says that he has to go now. He has to find Sheridan.

Sheridan tells Tabitha that Luis isn’t really standing by her as she expected he would. She is living in crisis right now, and Luis is on some other wavelength, unable to relate to how she feels. Tabitha coyly says that if Luis cannot support Sheridan the way that she needs to be supported, then he can’t really love her now, can he? Sheridan pauses to think on that.

Kay raises the frying pan again. Jessica orders her to put that down. Kay makes her listen. She can’t have her sister acting the way that she has been. Jessica is going to die if she continues like this. She is gambling with her life and she will end up dead.

Ned is feeling lucky tonight. Sandra can see that he is doing very well so far. It is going to be a good night. He keeps paying roulette. Fancy shows up to enter the club. The doorman stops her. She knows that man and doesn’t like that he has stopped her from going in. She scrambles around in her purse for her invitation. “That is strange. Where is it?”

Sheridan tells how she will do anything to get Marty back to her. She feels like she has lost an arm.

Tabitha knows that she couldn’t live very long without her Endora. Sheridan has her head turned towards Tabitha. Endora sits behind her unseen.

Over at Beth’s house, Marty is in his chair and Beth and Luis are wrapped up in their chat, not noticing him. He sits alone by the window playing with his cereal.

Endora does her little twinkle. “Poof”. The babies are switched. Now Marty is at Tabitha’s house in the chair and Endora is in his chair over at Beth’s house. No one notices that the babies have been miraculously switched. Endora has really done it this time.

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